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2020 Campaign Debates

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Presidential Debates


First Presidential Debate, Sept 29, 2020


[Second Debate Cancelled due to Trump having coronavirus]

NBC Townhall with President Trump, Oct 15, 2020

NBC Townhall with President Trump Transcript Oct 15, 2020

Oct 16, 2020, Critics pan NBC Townhall, Savannah Guthrie for 'debating' Trump, ABC for giving 'softballs' to Biden, Fox News

Oct 16, 2020, A Combative Trump and a Deliberative Biden Spar From Afar at Town Halls, New York TImes

Oct 16, 2020, Highlights and Key Moments from Trump and Biden Town Halls, New York Times

Oct 15, 2020, Video of Joe Biden Townhall in Philadelphia Moderated by ABC News George Stephanopoulis

Oct 16, 2020, Biden townhall questioners included former Obama speechwriter and wife of Pennsylvania Democrat: report, Washington Examiner

Oct 16, 2020, Six Topics for Final Presidential Debate Revealed, Washington Examiner

Oct 22, 2020, Final Presidential Debate Video

Vice Presidential Debate

Vice Presidential Debate, Oct 7, 2020

Oct 8, 2020, Six Highlights from the Pence-Harris Debate, Daily Signal

Virginia Senate Debates

Daniel Gade and Mark Warner, Sept 23, 2020

Daniel Gade and Mark Warner, Norfolk State University, Oct 3, 2020

Daniel Gade and Mark Warner, Oct 13, 2020

Oct 13, 2020, Warner and Gade Spar on Health Care in Final Debate, Richmond TImes-Dispatch

Virginia Sixth Congressional District Debate

Ben Cline (R-VA6) Debates Democrat Challenger Nicholas Betts, Harrisonburg Rotary Club and Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce Virtual Event, Sept 14, 2020

Fact Checks and Resources on Issues Raised in the Debates

Latest News

From the Final Debate on October 22, 2020:


Biden on Economy and Taxes:

On the Biden-Harris Health Plan:

Six Highlights from First Trump-Biden Debate

On Joe Biden's Claim that Donald Trump Has Not Condemned White Supremacists: False

On Joe Biden's Claim that President Trump did not respond effectively to the coronavirus pandemic threat:


On policing:

On Joe Biden's Claim that President Trump has only helped the rich and not helped the working people of America

On the Significance of Trump's Foreign Policy Accomplishments

On Joe Biden's Claim that President Trump's Executive Orders Don't Mean Anything:

Here are some examples. You read and decide:

On Donald Trump's Claim That Potential for Voter Fraud is High​ and Joe Biden's Claim that There is not:

On absentee and mail-in ballots:


On Accusations that President Trump Dismissed Traumatic Brain Injuries from Iranian Missile Attack on US Troops January 8, 2020:

On Kamala Harris' Comments on President Abraham Lincoln and the Supreme Court Vacancy:

On Biden's Experience as Vice President:

Biden on the Campaign Trail:


Note: If a web link is broken, you can search for it as well as read the many other substantive orders that show  how President Trump how thoroughly President Trump has been taking care of the American people's business on the White House website:

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