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2021 Virginia Candidate Events, Literature, and News

Statewide Republican Candidate Events and News

Suzanne Youngkin Speaks to Republican Women in Harrisonburg.

What the Opposition is Doing - Democratic Candidate News

Remember Who Terry McAuliffe Is . . .

"I'm the guy who wrestles alligators, jumps out of planes and falls through burning buildings. I am known out there," - Terry McAuliffe describing himself during a 1997 Senate hearing on campaign finance corruption. Quoted in Wall Street Journal, October 1, 1999


"With less fanfare, he [Terry McAuliffe] also makes big money for himself, in a particularly Washington way." - Wall Street Journal, "Clinton Fund-raiser McAuliffe Cashed in on Labor Connection, October 1, 1999 

"He has emerged as a key, but enigmatic, figure in two -overlapping federal investigations: the broadening inquiry into illegal fundraising on the part of the Teamster union conducted by the United States Attorney in New York and the Justice Department investigation into alleged 1995-1996 Democratic presidential fund-raising abuses." - "Scrutiny Attends Fund-raiser's Ascent," Washington Post, January 12, 1998

Youngkin Campaign launches "All Talk Terry" Video Series:


     To Watch the First Video: Click Here

     To Watch the Second Video: Click Here

     To Watch the Third Video: Click Here

     To Watch the Fourth Video: Click Here

     Video - Two-Faced Terry Ad

     Video - Terry McAuliffe and Stacey Abrams Have A Long History of Claiming Elections were Stolen

     Video - Terry McAuliffe Campaigns with 'Defund the Police' Stacey Abrams, Keisha Lance Bottoms

     Video - 7 Times McAuliffe Confirms Parents Should Have No Say in Their Child's Education

Youngkin Fact Checks on McAuliffe's Record

       Fact Check: Crime Increased Under McAuliffe's Policies

       Fact Check: McAuliffe Supports Repealing the Right to Work

       Fact Check: McAuliffe Failed to Keep His Promises to Teachers

       Fact Check: McAuliffe is a Pro-Abortion Extremist

       Fact Check: Under McAuliffe's Policies Virginia Fell Behind Its Competitors

       Fact Check: McAuliffe Opposes Giving Parents and Students More Choices

       Fact Check: McAuliffe's Education Policies Have Been Disastrous for Students

       Fact Check: McAuliffe Is Still An Investor in Carlyle, Where Youngkin was CEO

       Fact Check: McAuliffe Is All Talk And No Action on Broadband

       Fact Check: Terry McAuliffe's Mountain of Lies

       Fact Check: McAuliffe is Lying About His Budget Record

       Fact Check: McAuliffe Is the Only Candidate for Governor Who Claims Elections Were Stolen

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