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Elections 2021 and Beyond 

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2021 Elections

Republican Statewide Party Nominating Convention: Voting for Republican nominees for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general took place on May 8, 2021 at 34 locations across Virginia. There was no statewide Republican primary in June 2021. Local primaries for Republican Candidates occurred in some jurisdictions.

More than 50 volunteers from Rockingham who helped conduct the Republican statewide convention at the Verona voting location where almost 1,400 voted on Saturday May 8, 2021. There were 471 voters from Rockingham who took part. Statewide there was more than 53,000 registered delegates of whom more than 30,000 participated across the state. This was the largest state political convention ever held in Virginia or the United States..

The Republican Party of Virginia announced Monday evening, May 10, 2021, that businessman Glenn Youngkin had won the Republican nomination for Governor. Glenn Youngkin had the lead throughout the day of counting using the ranked choice method. Pete Snyder conceded late in the evening.

The Republican Party of Virginia announced Tuesday evening, May 11, 2021, that businesswoman and former delegate Winsome Sears had won the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor using the ranked choice method. She also had led through the ballot counting from the first ballot.

The Republican Party of Virginia announced early Monday Morning, May 10, 2021 that Delegate Jason Miyares of Virginia Beach had won the Republican nomination for Attorney General with 52 percent of the vote using the ranked choice method. Similar to the other races, Miyares had led in the ballot counting from the first ballot.

2021 General Election Candidates (Early Voting Starts Friday, September 17 and will continue weekdays from 8-4, and the last two Saturdays of October (23 and 30) from 8-4 (Note: these dates and hours are for Rockingham County, each jurisdiction is allowed to set its own hours and how many Saturdays, if any), with the General Election Day on November 2, 2021. The City of Harrisonburg is open for voting from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday at City Hall:

  • Statewide races: Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General (4-year terms, governor cannot hold consecutive terms) Republican Nominees: Glenn Youngkin (Governor), Jason Miyares (Attorney General)

  • Virginia House of Delegates (all seats 2-year terms) Todd Gilbert (15th), Chris Runion (25th), Tony Wilt (26th), Robert Bell (58th)

  • Rockingham County Board of Supervisors

    • District 1 (Incumbent from 2020 general election)

    • District 3 (Republican Rick Chandler, Incumbent)

  • Rockingham County School Board

    • Districts 1 (Jackie Lohr, Incumbent)  [Running for Reelection]

    • District 3  (Renee Reed, Incumbent) [Incumbent not running for reelection, Matt Cross endorsed by Rockingham GOP,  Republican Hilary Davies Irons also running]

  • Town Election: Broadway

Click here for the 2021 Virginia Family Foundation Voter Guide.

Official Virginia Election Resources

Virginia Statewide Republican Candidate Election News

Watch First 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial Debate, September 16, 2021

Click HERE to watch the Second Gubernatorial Debate, September 28, 2021.

Youngkin Videos

     October 13, 2021 Stand Up For Parents

Youngkin Campaign Fact Sheets

    Fact Check: Youngkin's Carlyle Named a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ People 2 Years in a Row

    Fact Check: Glenn Youngkin Will Add 400,000 Jobs and 10,000 Startup

    Fact Check: Youngkin Will Cut Taxes on Military Retirement Pay

    Fact Check: Youngkin's Education Budget Will Be the Biggest in Virginia History

    Fact Check: Youngkin Will End Grocery Tax and Cut the Cost of Living for Families

Republican Nominee for Governor of Virginia

Glenn Youngkin, Businessman

Glenn Youngkin is a homegrown Virginian who grew up in Richmond and Virginia Beach. As his father changed jobs, Glenn learned that moving around didn’t equal moving up – nothing was handed to him. From his first job washing dishes and frying eggs at a diner in Virginia Beach, Glenn embraced hard work and responsibility to help his family when his father lost his job. His determination to succeed earned him multiple high school basketball honors in Virginia and an athletic scholarship to college.

After earning an engineering degree at Rice University and his MBA, Glenn and his wife Suzanne moved to northern Virginia. Glenn landed a job at The Carlyle Group, where he spent the next 25 years. Working his way to the top of the company, Glenn played a key role in building Carlyle into one of the leading investment firms in the world. His efforts have helped fund the retirements of teachers, police officers, firefighters and other front line public servants and supported hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

Married for 26 years to his wife Suzanne, Glenn is a dedicated father of four children. Their family journey has been and continues to be guided by their faith.

From his life experiences, Glenn has developed the skills and character to lead Virginia with humility and courage. He has the know-how to get Virginia moving again and rebuild it into the best place to live, work and raise a family in America.

Other Republican Candidates Who Ran in 2021

    Amanda Chase  

    M. Kirkland "Kirk" Cox

    Peter Doran

    Octavia Johnson

    Sergio de la Pena

    Pete Snyder

The following candidates did not qualify as candidates for the Republican nomination for governor:

      Paul Davis

      Merle T. Rutledge, Jr.

      Kurt Santini

Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia

Winsome Sears -Former Delegate,  First African American Republican, immigrant and female veteran elected to the Virginia House of Delegates



Announcement video:

Winsome was born in Jamaica and is a mother, wife, and a proud United States Marine.  She was also a hard-charging Vice President of the Virginia State Board of Education and she served her community as a men's prison ministry leader and women's homeless shelter director. Winsome received presidential appointments to the U.S. Census Bureau where she co-chaired the African American Committee and the Advisory Committee on Women Veterans to the Secretary of Veteran Affairs. Winsome was elected to a majority Black legislative district as a Republican – a feat that no other Republican in Virginia has been able to accomplish since 1865. Consequently, Winsome also became the first (and still only) Black Republican woman, the first female veteran, and the first immigrant elected to the Virginia House of Delegates.


Other Republican Candidates Who Ran in 2021:

      Puneet Ahluwahlia  

      Lance Allen

      Glenn R. Davis, Jr.

      Tim Hugo

      Maeve Rigler

Republican Nominee for Attorney General of Virginia

Jason Miyares - Delegate from Virginia Beach, former prosecutor


Delegate Jason Miyares is an example of President Ronald Reagan’s "Shining City upon a Hill." His story begins with his mother, Miriam Maria Miyares, who fled communist Cuba in 1965 with the clothes on her back and no idea from where her next meal would come. She legally immigrated to the United States and instilled in her three sons a passionate love of the freedom and democracy of America. Miyares grew up in Virginia Beach, attending local public schools and growing up in a middle-class household that emphasized the values of hard work, love of country, and service above self. Above all, his mother’s story of losing everything she owned to the horrors of socialism taught Jason Miyares firsthand the truth of Ronald Reagan’s maxim that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction… it must be fought for, protected and handed on…..”

That truth animates Jason Miyares’ service as a prosecutor, leader and Delegate.​


In November of 2015, he won the open seat to the 82nd District for the House of Delegates by the widest margin in the district's history while becoming the first Cuban-American ever elected to the Virginia General Assembly. In the House of Delegates, Miyares has been a conservative voice in Richmond, standing up against the Defund the Police movement and proudly standing with our law enforcement community. He serves on the General Laws, Courts of Justice and Transportation Committees, where he has worked to build smarter, more accountable government working on transparency and regulatory reform. Recognized as a “Champion of Free Enterprise” by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, Delegate Miyares has consistently opposed higher taxes and regulations that make it hard for small business owners to expand and thrive. In 2019, Miyares advanced landmark legislation that makes it easier for small business owners to provide childcare services as a benefit to their employees. A former prosecutor (Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney) for the City of Virginia Beach, Miyares worked to keep our most violent criminals off our streets and our families safe. Jason Miyares has brought commonsense conservative leadership and accountability to Richmond while fighting for fiscal discipline and government transparency.

Other 2021 Candidates Who Ran for the Republican Nomination for Attorney General:

   Leslie Haley

   Chuck Smith

   Jack White 

For more information see Wikipedia article on Virginia 2021 statewide declared and potential candidates.

What Lies Ahead Beyond 2021 in Virginia and Rockingham Elections

2022 Election

June 14 - Primary (if requested by political party)

Nov 8 - General Election

  • U.S. Senator

  • U.S. House of Representatives

  • Town Elections: Bridgewater, Dayton, Elkton, Grottoes, Mount Crawford, and Timberville

2023 Election

June 13 - Primary (if requested by political party)

November 7 - General Election:

  • Virginia Senate (seats with expiring 4-yr terms)

  • Virginia House of Delegates (all seats 2 yr terms)

  • Constitutional Offices:

    • Circuit Court Clerk (8 year term)​ (Republican Chaz Haywood, Incumbent)

    • Commonwealth's Attorney (4-yr term)(Republican Marsha Garst, Incumbent)

    • Commissioner of Revenue  (4-yr term)(Republican Lowell Barb, Incumbent)

    • Rockingham County Sheriff (4-yr term)(Republican Bryan Hutcheson, Incumbent)

    • Rockingham County Treasurer (4-yr term) (Republican L. Todd Garber, Incumbent)

    • Rockingham County Board of Supervisors (4-yr terms)

      • Districts 2 (Independent Sallie Wolfe-Garrison Incumbent)

      • District 4 (Republican William "Billy" Kyger Incumbent)

      • District 5 (Democrat Michael A. Breeden Incumbent)

    • Rockingham County School Board (4-yr terms)

      • District 2 (Lowell Fulk Incumbent)

      • District 4 (Charlette McQuilkin Incumbent)

      • District 5 (Dan Breeden Incumbent)

    • Soil and Water Directors

  • Town Elections: Broadway​

                            Source: Rockingham County Voter Registrar, 540-564-3055

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