Elections 2021 and Beyond 

2021 Elections

Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee voted to hold an unassembled (drive through) state convention in 2021 to choose statewide office nominees at its meeting on Saturday, December 5, 2020. The date of the convention, locations, hours, and other details are forthcoming.



TBA, 2021- Republican Unassembled (Drive Through) State Convention (Gov ernor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General)

June 8, 2021- Primary (if requested by political party)

Nov 9, 2021 - General Election:

  • Statewide races: Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General (4-year terms, governor cannot hold consecutive terms)

  • Virginia House of Delegates (all seats 2-year terms)

  • Rockingham County Board of Supervisors

    • District 1 (Incumbent from 2020 general election)

    • District 3 (Republican Rick Chandler, Incumbent)

  • Rockingham County School Board

    • Districts 1 (Jackie Lohr, Incumbent)

    • District 3  (Renee Reed, Incumbent)

  • Town Election: Broadway

Declared Republican Candidates for Governor of Virginia


Amanda Chase announced that she would run as an independent but has decided to continue running as a Republican.

Amanda Chase - Virginia Senator from Midlothian (Chesterfield County), representing the 11th Senate District

Website: http://www.ChaseforVA.com

Email: campaign@chaseforva.com

Instagram: @ amandachase11

twitter: https://twitter.com/a_chase11

M. Kirkland "Kirk" Cox - Delegate Virginia House of Delegates (R-40, Colonial Heights, Part of Chesterfield County), elected to the House of Delegates in 1990, former speaker of the House of Delegates

Website: kirkcox.com

Kirk Cox is a retired public school teacher, coach, and proven conservative winner. He holds the bluest seat of any Republican in the Virginia General Assembly, has a 30-year track record of defending and advancing conservative principles like the Second Amendment and the cause of life. He’s running for Governor to fight back against liberal overreach, and lead Virginia forward to the future we deserve.

Kirk rose through the ranks becoming Majority Whip, Majority Leader, and eventually Speaker of the House of Delegates. During his time as Speaker, Virginia cut taxes by $1.2 billion, froze tuition at colleges and universities for the first time in 20 years, eliminated all state funding for Planned Parenthood, and held back far-left proposals on gun control and abortion. While Kirk was Speaker, Democrats introduced legislation to make abortion legal up until the moment of birth. Kirk spoke passionately on the floor of the House of Delegates and the bill was defeated under his leadership. Democrats also tried to pass strict gun control measures, all of which were defeated by Kirk and the Republican House of Delegates he led.

Kurt Santini - Forest Resident, Veteran


Kurt grew up in a low income diverse family and for a time at about 10 years old lived with grandparents due to family circumstances. He moved out on his own at 15 years old. He worked and attended high school at the same time. He eventually decided to drop out of school to work 2 jobs in order to support himself. He found purpose and pride in being a blue collar worker.   


At 19, Kurt earned his GED and then joined the Army at the age of 20. He member of 1/75th Army Ranger special operations unit when inn 2000, a parachute malfunction caused a severe spinal cord injury that left him medically unfit for duty and disabled.  It is thought that he fell more than 00 100 feet. Too broken to be fixed, he received an honorable medical discharge and began his 18 year struggle with the VA healthcare system. For eighteen years Kurt went back and forth with VA doctors, until he was connected with Operation Backbone. In October of 2018 he received the life changing surgery he and his family had been so desperately praying for. Although the results were expected to reduce his pain from a 10 to a 7, at best, Kurt woke up from surgery absolutely pain free


He has joined the race for Governor of Virginia because he wants to put his life experiences to good use for the people of Virginia and to restore the constitutional rights he served for.

Pete Snyder - Entrepreneur. Social Marketing Expert, Founded Virginia 30-day Fund

Pete Snyder is planning to announce a run for Virginia Governor in January 2021.

Pete Snyder is an American entrepreneur and marketing executive who is best known as the founder and former chief executive officer of New Media Strategies (NMS), a social media marketing agency that he started in 1999.  Snyder stepped down as CEO of NMS in 2011 and founded the angel investment firm Disruptor Capital in 2012. Snyder was the chairman of the 2012 Virginia Victory Campaign and ran for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in the 2013 United States elections where he failed to win the Republican nomination. Snyder declined to run for the Republican nomination for governor in 2017, instead chairing the Virginia gubernatorial campaign of Ed Gillespie.

More information about Pete Snyder 

Puneet Ahluwalia





Puneet Ahluwalia is a Northern Virginia businessman. As a member of the Sikh faith, a religious minority, he founded a human rights organization to help those experiencing religious persecution.  Recently his organization helped rescue a Christian pastor in Pakistan. He has been active in the Republican Party of Virginia for a number of years.


Sergio de la Pena


Former Trump Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Western Hemishere and retired U.S. Army Colonel. When Sergio immigrated legally, he learned English and assimilated. He supports building a wall to stop illegal immigration, and making English the official language. Sergio would eliminate taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants in Virginia like in-state college tuition and drivers licenses for illegals. Sergio supports fully funding police and law enforcement and arresting and prosecuting violent criminals, looters, and rioters.

Declared Republican Candidates for Lt. Governor of Virginia

Lance Allen - Strategic Intelligence Professional, U.S. Air Force veteran, father, and conservative Republican

Website: http://www.LanceforVA.com/

Email: info@lanceforva.com

Instagram: @LanceforVA

Lance Allen is the director of strategic engagement at a large national security and technology firm in Northern Virginia.  He served 10 years in the U.S. Air Force, providing actionable intelligence to policy and tactical decision-makers in areas of counterterrorism and homeland defense. He lives in Fauquier County, Virginia.

Glenn R. Davis, Jr. - Business owner, Delegate, 84th District representing part of Virginia Beach)

Email: delgdavis@glennrdavis.com

Bio: Glenn Davis has more than 19 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business executive. In the Virginia General Assembly, Glenn is one of Virginia's leading advocates for economic Development, regulatory and tax reform, and helping grow Virginia's small businesses. He is also a a leader in affordable health care and patients rights. Prior to serving in the House of Delegates, Glenn was twice elected to the Virginia Beach City Council in 2008 and 2012.

Tim Hugo - Former Delegate Virginia House of Delegates (R-40, part of Fairfax and Prince William)

Website: www.timhugo.com

Email: campaign@timhugo.com


Elected to the Virginia General Assembly in 2002, Former Delegate Tim Hugo rose be the third-ranking member of the House of Delegates. Tim describes himself as consistent conservative.  In 2019, he sponsored and helped pass a $500 million tax cut.  For 17 years, he defended the Second Amendment, voted to protect life, and worked to foster Virginia's #1 ranking for business.  As Lt. Governor, Tim would like to position Virginia for a 21st Century economy, bring about a strong economic recovery from COVID-19 pandemic, defend your Constitutional rights, hold the line on additional tax increases, and stand up for the the men and women of law enforcement.

Declared Candidates for Attorney General of Virginia

Chuck Smith - Attorney, Virginia Beach

Website: www.chucksmith4ag.com

Chuck has been practicing law for more than 40 years. He served in the Marine Corps from 1970 to 1972. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in political science (1975) and a law degree (1978) from North Carolina Central University.  He was commissioned as a Navy JAG Office in 1979, serving 26 years as a prosecutor, defense counsel, administrative discharge officer, and a special assignment as a special assistant to a U.S. Attorney. He served as chairman of the Virginia Beach Republican Party from 2006 to 2008.  He is fluent in Spanish.

Jason Miyares - Del. Virginia Beach, former prosecutor

Website: www.JasonMiyares.com

Delegate Jason Miyares is an example of President Ronald Reagan’s "Shining City upon a Hill." His story begins with his mother, Miriam Maria Miyares, who fled communist Cuba in 1965 with the clothes on her back and no idea from where her next meal would come. She legally immigrated to the United States and instilled in her three sons a passionate love of the freedom and democracy of America. Miyares grew up in Virginia Beach, attending local public schools and growing up in a middle-class household that emphasized the values of hard work, love of country, and service above self. Above all, his mother’s story of losing everything she owned to the horrors of socialism taught Jason Miyares firsthand the truth of Ronald Reagan’s maxim that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction… it must be fought for, protected and handed on…..”

That truth animates Jason Miyares’ service as a prosecutor, leader and Delegate.​


In November of 2015, he won the open seat to the 82nd District for the House of Delegates by the widest margin in the district's history while becoming the first Cuban-American ever elected to the Virginia General Assembly. In the House of Delegates, Miyares has been a conservative voice in Richmond, standing up against the Defund the Police movement and proudly standing with our law enforcement community. He serves on the General Laws, Courts of Justice and Transportation Committees, where he has worked to build smarter, more accountable government working on transparency and regulatory reform. Recognized as a “Champion of Free Enterprise” by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, Delegate Miyares has consistently opposed higher taxes and regulations that make it hard for small business owners to expand and thrive. In 2019, Miyares advanced landmark legislation that makes it easier for small business owners to provide childcare services as a benefit to their employees. A former prosecutor (Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney) for the City of Virginia Beach, Miyares worked to keep our most violent criminals off our streets and our families safe. Jason Miyares has brought commonsense conservative leadership and accountability to Richmond while fighting for fiscal discipline and government transparency.

For more information see Wikipedia article on Virginia 2021 statewide declared and potential candidates.

What Lies Ahead Beyond 2021 in Virginia and Rockingham Elections

2022 Election

June 14 - Primary (if requested by political party)

Nov 8 - General Election

  • U.S. Senator

  • U.S. House of Representatives

  • Town Elections: Bridgewater, Dayton, Elkton, Grottoes, Mount Crawford, and Timberville

2023 Election

June 13 - Primary (if requested by political party)

November 7 - General Election:

  • Virginia Senate (seats with expiring 4-yr terms)

  • Virginia House of Delegates (all seats 2 yr terms)

  • Constitutional Offices:

    • Circuit Court Clerk (8 year term)​ (Republican Chaz Haywood, Incumbent)

    • Commonwealth's Attorney (4-yr term)(Republican Marsha Garst, Incumbent)

    • Commissioner of Revenue  (4-yr term)(Republican Lowell Barb, Incumbent)

    • Rockingham County Sheriff (4-yr term)(Republican Bryan Hutcheson, Incumbent)

    • Rockingham County Treasurer (4-yr term) (Republican L. Todd Garber, Incumbent)

    • Rockingham County Board of Supervisors (4-yr terms)

      • Districts 2 (Independent Sallie Wolfe-Garrison Incumbent)

      • District 4 (Republican William "Billy" Kyger Incumbent)

      • District 5 (Democrat Michael A. Breeden Incumbent)

    • Rockingham County School Board (4-yr terms)

      • District 2 (Lowell Fulk Incumbent)

      • District 4 (Charlette McQuilkin Incumbent)

      • District 5 (Dan Breeden Incumbent)

    • Soil and Water Directors

  • Town Elections: Broadway​

                            Source: Rockingham County Voter Registrar, 540-564-3055

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