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The Biden Presidency Year 3
& The Republican Response

Here's How the Biden Administration Started 2023:  In 2022, the Federal Government collected $15,098 per person in revenue — nearly double what it was 40 years ago after adjusting for inflation. While the numbers vary by person, these averages provide some context to the $5.03 trillion the government collected in 2022. Federal revenue overall increased by 14.3 percent.. (Source: 2023 State of the Union in Numbers,

The Third Year

June 2, 2023, FBI Waves the White Flag, Will Bring Biden Bribery Memo for Lawmakers to See, Western Journal

May 30, 2023, 'We Have No Plan': United States and United kingdom Struggle to Combat Chinese Influence, Officials Say, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 27, 2023, 'Unethical': Trump Press Secretaries Bash LA Times For Giving Biden White House 'Questions in Advance', Daily Caller

Apr 26, 2023, 'Not Normal': Biden Turns White House into Housing Option for Extended Family, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 25, 2023, South American Partners Turning Away from US and Toward China and Iran, Daily Signal

Apr 20, 2023, Biden's Tax Return Was Just Released - And The Catholic Church Won't Be Thrilled, Western Journal

Apr 17, 2023, Guess Who's Behind the 51 Intel Officials Letter Dismissing Hunter Biden's Laptop?, Truth Press

[Obama-era CIA Officials Mike Morrell and Nick Shapiro coordinated how the the story was presented to legacy media. There is now a documented connection with the Biden Campaign.]

Apr 14, 2023, Disingenuous Department of Interior Public Lands Rule Will Jeopardize Access to BLM 's Public Lands, RVTravel

Apr 14, 2023, Nineteen Times Democrats and DOJ Deliberately Politicized Law Enforcement, The Federalist

Apr 14, 2023, FBI Reveals How It Tracked Down the Classified Leak Suspect. Truth Press

Apr 14, 2023, New Pentagon Leaker Update - And The White House Is Facing an Eye-opening Accusation, PJ Newsletter

Apr 11, 2023, Leaked Docs: NSC Was Concerned Biden Would Blow Ukraine War Plans With Call to South Korea, Daily Caller

Apr 10, 2023, 'Complete Transformation': New EPA Rule Would Force Automakers to Ditch Gas, Sell Electric Vehicles, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 10, 2023, Biden Signs Republican-led Bill Ending Covid-19 Emergency, Daily Caller

Apr 10, 2023, 'No!': Reporters Fact-Check Jean-Pierre As She Insists Biden Takes Unprecedented Number of Questions, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 6, 2023, National Institute of Standards Forces Race and Gender Speech Codes on Scientists, American Greatness

Mar 31, 2023, Biden's DOD Department of Defense Denies Drag Shows on Bases Even When Confronted With Undeniable Evidence, The Federalist

Mar 23, 2023, DOJ Tries to Stonewall Records Request on FBI Informant Embedded on Defense Team, Daily Caller

Mar 23, 2023, Inflation Reduction? Dems' Climate Spending Spree Cost $1.2 Trillion, Analysts Say, Daily Caller

Mar 21, 2023, Fetterman Sends Senate Into Chaos - No Full Chamber in 7 Months, PJ Newsletter

[Democrats unable to move confirmations and legislation without full chamber]

Mar 9, 2023, Biden Defense Official Colin Kahl Leaked Classified Information about Trump-Era Chinese Balloons to Deflect Criticism of Biden Admin, Senators Say, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 4, 2023, White House Condemns Tennessee Governor for Signing Bills that Ban Drag Shows, Sex-Change Operations for Minors, Star News Network

Mar 4, 2023, Agent Reveals That FBI Created 'Threat Tag' to Target Pro-Life Protestors, America News Nation

Mar 3, 2023, Chinese Gang Stole Identities of 3,000 Texans of Asian Descent for Illegal Immigrants in Data Fraud Scheme, Truth Press

Mar 3, 2023, Number of Illegal Migrants Evading Arrest Exploded by 900% on Northern Border, Daily Caller

Mar 3, 2023, Biden's FAA Nominee Phil Washington Can't Answer a Single Question About Aviation, Truth Press

Mar 3, 2023, Democrats Furious At Biden's Decision to Give GOP a Big Win on Crime Bill, Truth Press

[The Crime Bill eliminates D.C. lenient sentencing and other practices instituted by the D.C. Government. GOP lawmakers want to reduce growing DC crime.]

Mar 2, 2023, Lawmakers Mum As Ticketmaster Doles Out Tickets for Farrakhan Chicago Hate Rally, Washington Free Beacon

[Farrakhan assailed stranglehold Jews have on government]

Mar 1, 2023, Biden Judicial Nominee Michael Delany on the Ropes, Washington Free Beacon

[Nomination in peril as parents of sexual assault victim speak out]

Mar 1, 2023, AG Garland Claims He Doesn't Know If His Justice Department Charged Protestors Outside Justice's Homes, Daily Signal


Mar 1, 2023, DHS Flouts Law on Student Visas, and DC Circuit Judges Yawn, Daily Signal

[Administrative bureaucracy created rule without Congressional approval]

Feb 24, 2023, Biden 2nd Circuit Appeals Court Judicial Nom Maria Aroujo Kahn Argued for Outlawing Offensive Speech, Suggested Microaggressions Can Kill You, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 23, 2023, National Archives Fires Security Officer Who Ordered Students to Remove Pro-Life Apparel, Daily Signal

Feb 18, 2023, Train Wreck: All the Transportation Scandal's on Buttigieg's Watch, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 13, 2023, Biden Classified Doc Investigation Rocked by Major Update - IInsider Emails Show Joe's Lawyers Were Quietly Coordinating with the Archives, PJ Media

Feb 13, 2023, U.S. Shoots Down 4th Object Flying Near Sensitive Military Sites, Truth Press

Feb 10, 2023, Biden's Communications Director Kate Bedingfield Quits, Daily Caller

Feb 10, 2023, Biden's Bill from 1975 Comes Back to Haunt Him - There is Even Video of Him Doubling Down on It, Western Journal 

[Biden accused Republicans on wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare which McCarthy said were off the table.]

Feb 10, 2023, Biden Press Secretary Gets Cornered on Camera, Liberty Revolution

[Newsmax' James Rosen asks how White House chooses which victim's families they contact. VP Harris visited Tyre Nichols but not murdered Pennsylania Police Chief John McIntire]

Feb 9, 2023, Disinformation Inc: State Department Bankrolls Group Secretly Blacklisting Conservative Media, Washington Examiner

[A British Organization The Global Disinformation Index with two U.S.-affiliated organizations is feeding information to ad organizations and corporate companies.]

Feb 9, 2023, Biden Appointed Member Dominic Ng Of Alleged Chinese Front Group to Rep US Business in China, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 9, 2023, Jill Biden Loses it in White House Video - At SOTU After Party FLOTUS Rages over Lack of Alcohol, PJ Media 

Feb 8, 2023, Trial Balloon: Biden Preview Reelection Campaign in One-Sided Bipartisan Appeal, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 7, 2023, Biden Keeps Making Claims About the Economy Which Are Not True, Daily Signal

Feb 7, 2023, WH Gets Caught Telling Whoppers About Chinese Balloons, Can't Keep Story Straight, Red State 

Feb 2, 2023, National Archives Says It Was 'Ordered' to Keep Biden's Classified Documents Hidden from Public, Truth Press

Feb 2, 2023, Biden's Handwritten Notes Part of Classified Documents Probe, Associated Press

Jan 26, 2023, Biden District Court Nominee Charnell Marie Bjelkengren Stumped By Most Basic Questions About the Constitution, Daily Wire

Jan 20, 2023, FAA Reveals More Details on System Outage That Grounded Flights Nationwide, Daily Wire

Jan 20, 2023, FAA: Outage Caused by Contract Workers Unintentionally Deleting Files, Axios

Jan 16, 2023, Biden Documents: Four Unanswered Questions in Classified Materials Saga, Washington Examiner

Dec 30, 2022, Five Crises That Could Define Biden's 2023, Washington Examiner

  • Migrant surge at the southern border

  • Recession

  • Supreme court blocking student loan debt forgiveness

  • Protracted war Between Russian and Ukraine

  • Rising socialism abroad


The Republican Response and Public Response

June 7, 2023, Former US AG Bill Barr Debunks False Information That A Top Dem Spread About FBI Memo,  Truth Press

June 2, 2023, Supreme Court Strike Major New Blow Against Unions, American News Nation

June 2, 2023, Migrant Kids Are Being Trafficked as Child Labor Under the Biden Administration: Report, American Liberty

June 1, 2023, 14 GOP Governors Pledge National Guard Troops and Resources to Texas to Secure Southern Border, Daily Signal

May 31, 2023, Rep. James Comer Doubles Down on Threat to Hold FBI Director Accountable After Phone Call, Daily Caller

May 28, 2023, Nearly One Year After Dobbs, Half of the Country Now Bans Abortions After 12 Weeks, Daily Caller

Apr 28, 2023, Biden-Garland Lawsuit Against Tennessee Ban on Transgender Procedures for Kids is Baseless, Legal Scholars Say, Daily Signal

Apr 27, 2023, Federal Appeals Court Delivers A Major Blow to Biden Administration - Restores a Critical Constitutional Right, PJ Newsletter

[AFT Bumpstock ban ruled ambiguous reversing a lower court ruling upholding the ban]

Apr 27, 2023, Texas State Troopers Deployed by Gov Abbot Stopped 8, 721 Human Smugglers, Washington Examiner

Apr 11, 2023, Poll: Nearly Half of Americans Say It is Unlikely Their Next Car Will Be an Electric Vehicle, CNBC

Apr 2023, Pentagon Promotions Getting Blocked?, American Greatness

Apr 3, 2023, GOP Lawmakers Move to Defund Law the Biden DOJ Weaponized Against Pro-Lifers, Daily Signal

Mar 3, 2023, Local AFGE 2505 Union Says Biden Administration Violated Labor Rules with New Social Security Administration Transgender Policy, Daily Wire

Mar 3, 2023, FBI Shielded Identities of Undercover Assets Who May Have Been in the Capitol on Jan 6, Whistleblower Says, Truth Press

Mar 3, 2023,  If FDA Won't Combat Crisis, This Democrat and This Republican Will, Fox News

[Democrat Senator Joe Manchin and Republican Mike Braun]

Mar 3, 2023, IRS Relying on Obsolete Technology to Prevent Identity Theft, American Liberty

Mar 3, 2023, Pinal County Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb reveals What Illegals Say to Officials After Crossing Border, Western Journal

[Sheriff Lamb said illegal immigrants say they came "Because Biden said we could"]

Mar 2, 2023, Australian Experts Contradict US on China, Say US Can't Win Taiwan War, American Liberty

Feb 25, 2023, Wisconsin Dairy, Farm Groups Unhappy with Proposed FDA Milk Guidance, Star News Network

Feb 14, 2023, Ohio Senator JD Vance Raises Key Question About Ohio Train Derailment, Truth Press

Feb 9, 2023, Poll: Half of Americans Say They Are Worse Off Than One Year Ago, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 9, 2023, State of the Union 2023: Biden's Failure to Mention Student Loan  Forgiveness Notable by its Absence, Washington Examiner

Feb 8, 2023, Fact-Checking 7 Claims in Biden's State of the Union Address, Daily Signal 

Feb 8, 2023, OB-GYN Responds to Biden's Touting Abortion During State of the Union Speech, Daily Signal

Feb 4, 2023, Pompeo: Biden's Weakness on Chinese Spy Balloon Assures China's Aggression, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 3, 2023, House Judiciary Chairman Officially Subpoena's Dept of Education Over School Boards Issued, Daily Caller

Feb 3, 2023, GOP Senator Lankford Demands Answers From Biden Administration After DCNF Exposes Major Errors in Illegal Immigration Data, Daily Caller

Feb 3, 2023, Republicans Go After Biden Sanctions Waivers That Allow Iran and Russian to Build Nuclear Infrastructure, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 3, 2023, Bill Barr Blasts New York Times for its Reporting on the Durham Probe, America's News Desk

Feb 23, 2023, Republicans Will Have Spanish Response to Biden's State of the Union, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 2, 2023, House, Senate GOP to Start 'DC Home Rule' Vote' to Block District's New Crime Law, Daily Caller

Feb 2, 2023, Finally: Congress is Investigating Kerry's Chinese Communist Climate Change Chicanery, Daily Wire

Feb 2, 2023, Biden to Receive Horrible News Hours After He Delivers State of the Union Address, Western Journal

Feb 2, 2023, Biden White House Reeling Over New Report - GAO Investigation Shows Government Failed to Take Billions in Covid Emergency Fraud Seriously, PJ Journal

Jan 20, 2023, United Airlines CEO Admits Ticket Scam Permitted by Buttigieg, The Lever

[Airlines are selling seats for flights that they can't staff]

Jan 17, 2023, FBI Had Investigative Interest in Protests Outside Supreme Court Justices' Homes, But Apparently Took No Action, Documents Indicate, Daily Signal

Jan 3, 2023, Blue State Oregon Shaken Secession Petition - Now 12 Counties Want to Join Their Red State Neighbor Idaho, Patriot Journal

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