The Biden Presidency Year 2
& The Republican Response


The Second Year

May 20, 2022, Local Parents Grapple With Bare Shelves, Misinformation About Baby Formula, Daily News Record

May 17, 2022, Biden Turns to Venezuelan Dictator for Oil After Cancelling US Oil Lease Sales, Daily Caller

May 17, 2022, Biden Drops Sanctions on Two Latin American Dictatorships - Venezuela and Cuba, Washington Free Beacon

[Top Democrat  New Jersey Senator Menendez, a Cuban immigrant,  criticized the action]

May 16, 2022, As Baby Formula and Inflation Worsen, Democrats Hold UFO Hearings, Western Journal

May 14, 2022, US Responds After China Says Its Forces Surrounded Taiwan in Rehearsal, The Republican Standard

[US Navy sent USS PORT ROYAL (CG-73) On Freedom of Navigation Sail Through Taiwan Strait, China Condemned the Action]

May 13, 2022, Key Dem Rep. Charles Pascrell Calls for Firing of IRA Chief Charles Rettig After Treasury Dept IG for Tax Watchdog Agency Says He Destroyed 30 Million Documents, Daily Wire

[IRS employees could not get through backlog of filed documents, so Rettig ordered them destroyed]

May 9, 2022, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks Defends Biden's Failed Deterrence, American Liberty News

May 9, 2022, 'Out of Touch with America': Biden's Small Business Makes No Mention of Inflation, Washington Free Beacon

[Budget requests millions for 'climate crisis']

May 6, 2022, Team Biden Prescribes Use of Singular 'They" In Gender-Inclusive Policy, Daily Signal

May 6, 2022, Biden Taps Anti-Israel Activitist, CNN Spouse Karine Jean-Pierre at Press Secretary, Washington Free Beacon

[She worked for MovOn.Org and Kamala Harris]

May 6, 2022, Chief Justice Roberts Goes Nuclear, Activates Police Force Answerable Only to Itself After Leak of Draft Abortion Decision, Western Journal

Apr 30, 2022, Biden Disinformation Chief Nina Jankowicz Sang About Sex Fantasy with Dead Harry Potter, Truth Press

[Jankowicz was the lead singer in the "wizard rock band," The Moaning Myrtles, which played several such songs]

Apr 27, 2022, Career Immigration Officials Rip DHS Secretary Mayorkas' Plan, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 23, 2022, The GOP's Newest Midterm Issues: Menthol Cigarettes?, Washington Free Beacon

[Majority of Voters in Three Swing States Oppose Biden's Ban on Menthol Cigarettes]

Apr 20, 2022, Dept of Energy Touts Work with Groups That Want to Eliminate Fossil Fuels As Gas Prices Reach All Time Highs, Washington Free Beacon

[Collaborated with Queer Brown Vegan and Earth Uprising]

Apr 18, 2022, Energy Prices Set to Skyrocket as Biden Diverts More Natural Gas to Europe, Daily Caller

Apr 5, 2022, The White House is Pushing Puberty Blockers for Transgender Kids: It's Relying on a Problematic Study, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 4, 2022, After Judiciary Committee Deadlocks, Ketanji Brown Jackson Advances to Senate Vote, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 2, 2022 Dems in Actual Disarray: How Senate Democrats Fumbled Confirmation of Top Biden Labor Nominee David Weil, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 1, 2022, Biden Doubles Down on Radical 'Gender-Affirming Care' for Kids, Daily Signal

Mar 30, 2022, Biden Administration to Scrap Title 42 Border Policy Despite Warnings: Report, Truth Press

Mar 28, 2022, Biden's Regulatory Blitz a Massive Tax Hike, Especially Harming Seniors and Low Income Americans, Daily Signal

Mar 28, 2022, Here are 81 Biden Actions That Drove Prices to Historic Highs, Truth Press

Mar 28, 2022, Five Big Problems With Biden's Big- Government Budget, Daily Signal

Mar 24, 2022, Five Key Highlights from Day 4 of Judge Jackson's Supreme Court Hearing, Daily Signal

Mar 24, 2022, Jackson's Failure to Define 'Woman' Indicates She Won't Protect Females on the Supreme Court, Daily Signal

Mar 23, 2022, Biden Supreme Court Nominee Says She Does Not Remember the Basis for Massive Decision on Due Process, Western Journal

Mar 22, 2022, Seven Big Moments from Day 2 of Judge Jackson's Supreme Court Coonfirmation Hearing, Daily Signal

Mar 21, 2022, Biden: 'There's Going to be a New World Order', Daily Caller

[Biden said US would establish and lead 'New World Order' at roundtable on Russia's war on Ukraine and economy]

Mar 21, 2022, Four Key Moments on Day One of Judge Jackson's Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing, Daily Signal

Mar 21, 2022, Illegal Alien Charged with Slashing Bike-Riding Couple to Death in Daytona Beach, Florida, Truth Press

Mar 21, 2022, Read the letter Biden's SCOTUS Pick Katanji Brown Wrote Calling Boston Herald Columnist Don Feder 'Irredeemably Evil', Washington Free Beacon

Mar 16, 2022, Four in Five Voters Say Biden Should Increase Energy Production, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 16, 2022, Taxpayers Footing Bill For These Questionable Provision in $1.5Trillion Spending Law, Washington Examiner

Mar 11, 2022, 'Simply Not True': Biden Says Inflation is Not Going Up From Government Spending, Daily Caller

Mar 9, 2022, Pain at the Pump: Tracking the Biden Oil Crisis, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 2, 2022, Biden's Biggest State of the Union Blunders, Daily Signal

Mar 2, 2022, Biden Touts Police Funding, Border Security in Rebuke to Democrats, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 1, 2022, What Biden God Wrong in His State of the Union Address, Daily Signal

Mar 1, 2022, Fact-Checking Biden's First State of the Union Speech, Daily Signal

Mar 1, 2022, Here's Who Sitting with Jill Biden for the State of the Union, Truth Press

Mar 1, 2022, Seven Things You Need to Know Ahead of President Biden's First State of the Union, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 1 2022, Biden Administration's Own Report Undermines Its Case for Energy Independence, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 1, 2022, As Russia wages War, US Army  Trains Officers on Gender Identity, Washington Free Beacon

[Mandatory military training urges soldiers to undergo gender reassignment surgery]

Feb 28, 2022, Seven Major Failures of the Biden Presidency, Daily Signal

Feb 28, 2022, How Biden's Fed Nominee Could Transform Central Banking to Fit the Left's Climate Agenda, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 26, 2022, Biden's Supreme Court Pick  Katanji Brown Jackson Faces An Array of Ethics Questions, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 25, 2022, Biden Selects Katanji Brown Jackson from Left-Wing Donors Short List, Daily Signal

Feb 25, 2022, Democrats, Environmentalists Stay Silent on US Energy Independence Amid Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Daily Caller

Feb 25, 2022, Democrats Ask Biden To Tap Strategic Petroleum Reserve Again, Daily Caller

[But specifically avoid asking for increasing domestic energy production, in 2021 Russia provided US with more oil  than any other country except Canada and was the mail supplier for Europe]

Feb 24, 2022, Oil Soars Above $100 a Barrel for First Time Since 2014, Daily Caller

Feb 23, 2022, Biden Touts Chinese-backed Company at Made in America Event, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 7, 2022, Supreme Court Frontrunner Ketanji Brown Jackson Was Zealous Advocate for Guantanamo Terrorist Suspects, Washington Free Beacon

[Her advocacy resembled ideological cause lawyering and she pushed left-wing conspiracy theories about the Bush Administration]

Feb 7, 2022, Biden Administration to Fund Crack Pipe Distribution To Advance 'Racial Equality', Washington Free Beacon

[$30 million to distribute pipes to vulnerable communities]

Feb 4, 2022, Senate Dems Still Silent as Damning New Info on Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal Emerges, The Republican Standard

Feb 2, 2022, Is Biden Administration Complying with Court Ordered 'Remain in Mexico' Policy? Not So Much, Daily Signal

Feb 2, 2022, Democratic New Mexico Senator Ben Ray Lujan's Stroke Could Imperil Democrats Agenda, Daily Caller

Feb 1, 2022, Supreme Court Vacancy Could Actually Shrink Biden's Judicial Footprint, Washington Free Beacon

[Lengthy confirmation process for new justice would slow confirmation of new federal judges]

Jan 28, 2022, Bridge Collapses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Before Biden Is Set  To Speak About Infrastructure, Daily Caller

Jan 27, 2022, Fewer than 300 Asylum Seekers Enrolled in 'Remain in Mexico' After Biden Gutted Policy, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 26, 2022, Meet the Progressive Frontrunners to Replace Justice Stephen Breyer, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 21, 2022, Biden's Homeland Security Department Recruiting Journalists to Help Spin Border Crisis, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 20, 2022, Biden's Fed Nominee Lisa Cook Accused of Being Unqualified and Embellishing Her Resume, Daily Caller

Jan 20, 2022, White House Touts 'Key Wins' of Biden's First Year in Office, Says He Had 'Most Impactful' Legislative Agenda, Fox News

Jan 19, 2022, Biden Says Upcoming Elections Could Easily Be Illegitimate After Election Bills Fail, Daily Caller

Jan 19, 2022, Eight Takeaways From Biden's First Press Conference of 2022, Daily Signal

The Republican Response and Public Response


May 16, 2022, Federal Court Halts Biden Mandates Forcing Religious Employers to Pay For, Perform Irreversible Transgender Surgeries, Daily Wire

May 13, 2022, Republican Senators Introduce New Bill To Stop US Taxpayer Subsidies to the Chinese Military, American Liberty News

May 13, 2022, Miyares Slams Garland on Fox and Friends: 'Dp Your Job', The Republican Standard

May 12, 2022, Florida Republican Congresswoman Kat Cammack Alleges Government is Sending Pallets of Baby Formula to the Border While Parents Scour Empty Shelves, Western Journal

May 6, 2022, Republican AGs Battle Woke Law Enforcement, Washington Free Beacon

May 6, 2022, Republican Senator McCaskill Pushes for Answers Following Reports of US Data Being Used to Kill Afghans, American Liberty News


May 5, 2022, US Facing 'Crisis' of Nuke Deterrance Against China and Russian, Defense News

May 5, 2022, Former Obama Official Questions Legality of Student Loan Forgiveness, Daily Caller

May 5, 2022, Senate Passes Motion to Stop Gain-of-Function Research Funding in China, American Liberty

Apr 28, 2022, Republican Senator Josh Hawley Unloads on DHS Secretary Mayorkas in Letter Demanding the End of the 'Disinformation' Board, Daily Wire

Apr 27, 2022, Lawmakers to Biden: No More Secret Negotiations with Iran, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 10, 2022, Dems Join Republicans in Bipartisan Pushback on Biden Decision to End Title 42, Truth Press

Apr 1, 2022, Even the Democrats Are Speaking Out Against CDC Ending Title 42, Daily Caller

Mar 22, 2022, Republicans Want Ansers on ATF Scheme to Ban Suppressors, The Republican Standard

Mar 11, 2022, Governors Nationwide Seek State Gas Tax Suspension Amid Surging Prices, Daily Caller

Mar 10, 2022, Six Examples of Woke Projects in the Omnnibus Spending Bill, Daily Signal

Mar 2, 2022, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds Responds to President Biden's State of the Union Speech: 'Too little, too late', Daily Signal

Mar 1, 2022, Eight Things to Know About Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, Who Will Give GOP Response to Biden's State of the Union, Daily Signal

Mar 1, 2022, Twenty-five states line up against President Biden on Natural Gas Industry, Daily Caller

Mar 1, 2022, Democrats' Abortion Bill That Would Go Further Than Roe Fails on Close Vote, Truth Press

Feb 27, 2022, US Banks Prepare for Cyber Attacks Following Russian Invasion of Ukraine and Latest US Sanctions, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 24, 2022, America's Best Move Against Putin Would Be Energy Revival, Republican Senator Josh Hawley Says, Daily Signal

Feb 18, 2022, U.S. Supreme Court Could Upend This Biden Immigration Policy, Washignton Free Beacon

Jan 31, 2022, Conservative Coalition Urges Senate Rejection of Biden's FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn Over 'Questionable Ethics', Washington Free Beacon

Jan 22, 2022, Arizona Governor Sues Biden Administration Over Attempt to Wrest Back Federal Funds, Truth Press

Jan 20, 2022, Blackburn, GOP Call on GAO for Answers on Federal Abortion Funding, Daily Signal

Jan 20, 2022, GOP Demands FDA Explain Inaccurate Prenatal Tests Following Damning Report, Daily Signal

Jan 19, 2022, Senate Rejects Filibuster Change, Defeats Election Overhaul Bills in History Making Day, Daily Caller

Jan 19, 2022, Immigration Experts, Republicans Raise Alarm Over Texas Synagogue Terrorist's Visa, Washington Free Beacon