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The Future of the Republican Party

Republican Leaders

Dec 21, 2022, Anonymous GOP Staff Aide Epitomizes the Swampiness of Omnibus Spending Bill, The Federalist

[staff laid down a marker for future employment among special interest groups - For ending Medicare eligibility for the pandemic emergency, Republicans had to agree to use the “savings” to permanently expand Medicaid eligibility and potentially help pay for a round of Medicare and Medicaid payment increases to doctors and hospitals.]

Feb 7, 2024, Ronna McDaniel Pumps Brakes on Departure Rumors in Private Memo to RNC Members, Daily Caller

Jan 17, 2024, National Republican Capitol Hill Club Hosts Anti-Israel Authors, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 1, 2023, Red Wave Builds in North Carolina for 2024, Washington Examiner

Nov 30, 2023, One Voter Group Will Flip Crucial Swing States - Here's Why Biden Should Start Panicking, Daily Caller

Nov 23, 2023, Top Democrat Stronghold Charleston SC Suddenly Flips to the GOP - This Win is Absolutely Historic, PJ Newsletter

July 23, 2023, 2022 Midterms: How the GOP Won the turnout battle and narrow victory last year, Pew Research

Feb 15, 2023, 'Tired of Losing': Nikki Haley Wants to Lead a New Generation of Republicans, Washington Free Beacon

['America is not past her prime']

Feb 10, 2023, The Missing GOP Agenda, Washington Free Beacon

[Voters Want Solutions, not just complaints]

Jan 26, 2023, 'We Need New Blood': DeSantis Rebukes Ronna McDaniel's RNC Leadership, Daily Caller

Jan 5, 2023, McCarthy Offers Opponents New Concessions In Bid to Break House Speaker Stalemate, Washington Examiner

Jan 4, 2023, The 20 Republicans Who Voted Against Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker, Daily Signal

Jan 3, 2023, In First House Speaker Voter NY Democrat Hakeem Jeffries Gets More Votes Than Kevin McCarthy - Just Six Votes Short of Becoming Speaker, Daily Signal

Dec 19, 2022, Trump Hosts Gala for Homosexuals at Mar-a-Lago After Biden Signs Same Sex Marriage Law, Life Blog

Dec 12, 2022, Two New Surveys Now Show Trump Leading DeSantis by Significant Margins, America's News Network

Dec 11, 2022, LIPSMAN: Republicans Can't Afford to Ignore Gen-Z Voters, The Republican Standard

Dec 7, 2022, McCarthy of Bust? House GOP Stuck in Burning Building over Speaker's Gavel, Politico

Dec 1, 2022, Trump Team Making Big Changes After Kanye West Dinner, Truth Press

Nov 29, 2022, Former MAGA Diehards Jumping Ship as Trump Missteps, Holds No Rallies, New Conservative Post

Nov 27, 2022, McConnell Sent Spinning By His Own Party - Mitch Told to Pack His Bags, Patriot Journal

Nov 27, 2022, John Bolton: Trump's 'Act is Old and Tired', Truth Press

Nov 22, 2022, Salena Zito: Trump Was Always the Result of the Populist Movement Not the Cause, Daily Caller

Nov 18, 2022, Report: Zeldin Considering Run for RNC Chair, American News Nation

Nov 16, 2022, McConnell Retains GOP Senate Leadership, Defeating Rick Scott, Daily Signal

Nov 15, 2022, Kevin McCarthy Wins GOP Nomination for Speaker of the House - Will Need More Leadership Support, Daily Caller

Nov 15, 2022, Ron DeSantis Responds to Trump Criticism, Daily Signal

Nov 5, 2022, How Republican Candidates Should Talk to Democratic Voters, Western Journal

Nov 4, 2022, Messaging on Crime Could Unlock the Suburbs for Republicans, The Republican Standard

Oct 26, 2022, Alaska GOP Declares War on Mitch McConnell for Supporting Lis Murkowski, Daily Caller

[Alaska GOP votes to condemn McDonnell for contradicting the party and issuing ads that are gross distortions of the Republican party-backed candidate]

Oct 20, 2022, Poll Reveals Top Concerns of Latino Voters, And It Does not Look Good for Democrats, Daily Caller

Oct 17, 2022, Mike Pence to Campaign for California Republican Congressman David Valadao Who Voted to Impeach Trump, Great America News Desk

Sept 23, 2022, Angry Wives of  Border Patrol Agents Have Had Enough of Biden's Border Policies,  Take Matters Into Their Own Hands, Western Journal

Sept 22, 2022, House Republicans Release Commitment to America, Daily Signal

[This is an important document that will set the stage for Republican initiatives in the new Congress in 2023]

Sept 14, 2022, The New Right? National Conservatives Are Looking to Remake the GOP, Daily Caller

Aug 16, 2022, Liz Cheney Loses Wyoming Primary, Trump-Backed Harriet Hageman Wins GOP Nomination, Axios

Aug 11, 2022, Many Republicans Won't Tell The Truth About How They Feel About Trump. Here's Why, Daily Caller

[Former U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis (R-Minn)]

Aug 11, 2022, Maryland Gov Larry Hogan Visits Iowa Amid Rumors of 2024 Run, Daily Caller

Aug 10, 2022, 'The Raid Unifies Republicans': Rep Jim Banks Describes 'Fired Up' Trump Meeting with Republicans, Daily Caller

Aug 8, 2022, DeSantis to Hit Campaign Trail for Trump-endorsed Candidates: 'Unite and Win', Fox News

Aug 8, 2022, Pro-Impeachment Washington Rep Jaime Herrera Beutler Loses to Trump- Challenger Joe Kent, Daily Caller

[Herrera Beutler was strongly supported by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's Take Back the Houesd 2022 Committee]

Aug 6, 2022, Trump Wins CPAC GOP Presidential Poll, Truth Press

[Trump 69%,  DiSantis 24%, all others 7%]

Aug 5, 2022, Federal Employee's Job Satisfaction Up Under Trump, Slipped Under Biden, Survey Finds, Daily Signal

[Annual Survey conducted by OMB]

Aug 5, 2022, Florida Just Blew Away the Competitors - New Report Says Sunshine State would Get 18% of Movers, Patriot Journal

[Many Americans are fleeing Blue States for ones with less restrictions]

Aug 1, 2022, New Poll Shows Virtual Tie Between Parties As GOP Surges Among Hispanics, Daily Wire

July 31, 2022, Book Publisher May Have Accidentally Revealed Tim Scott as First Republican Challenger for 2024 Presidential Nomination, Daily Wire

July 22, 2022, Morris: The Fake News Media Is Already Working Overtime for the Democratic Overlords for 2024, Western Journal

[Morris says the Democrats have the media creating a costly primary for 2024]

July 18, 2022, 2024 Election Prediction - Former Democratic Election Advisor Dick Morris Says Its 'Only Trump', PJ Newsletter

June 25, 2022, Youngkin Travels to Help Republicans Across the Country, The Republican Standard

June 24, 2022, Liz Cheney Begs Democrats to Re-register as Republicans and Vote For Her in Republican Primary, Truth Press

June 18, 2022, Texas GOP Senator Cornyn Backing Gun Control Legislation Gets Nasty Surprise While Taking Stage in Front on Angry Republicans, Western Journal


May 15, 2022, Other Republicans Embrace Youngkin's Approach While Running For Senate, The Republican Standard

May 9, 2022, Utah Never Trumper Evan McMullin Says He Would Vote Against Pro-Life Legislation in Senate, Breitbart

May 5, 2022, GOP Gives Roadmap to Candidates Ahead of the 2022 Midterm Elections, Daily Caller

May 4, 2022, Clean Sweep All 22 Trump-Backed Candidates in Ohio and Indiana Primaries, Truth Press

May 3, 2022, JD Vance Wins Hardfought Ohio Republican Primary, Will Face Democratic Senator Tim Ryan in November, Daily Caller

May 2, 2022, Red Wave Rising: Republican Mayra Flores Leads Dem in Deep Blue Border District, Truth Press

Apr 29, 2022, Krit Noem Said Nikki Haley Would Regret Her Remarks About Trump Regarding Jan 6, 2021, Business Insider

Apr 14, 2022, RNC Votes Unanimously to Withdraw from the Commission on Presidential Debates, Truth Press

Apr 8, 2022, US Senator Rick Scott Has Five Reason Reasons He Thinks Republicans Will Take the US Senate, Daily Caller

Apr 4, 2022, Longtime Michigan GOP Congressman Fred Upton Who Voted For Trump Impeachment Opts for Retirement Rather than Face Primary Battle, Western Journal

Apr 3, 2022, GOP Governor Larry Hogan Calls Florida Parental Rights Bill Absurd, Daily Caller

Apr 1, 2022, ANALYSIS: Key Data Point May Indicate Republican Tidal Wave in Mid-Term Elections, Daily Caller

[Republican voters are more enthusiastic about their candidates than Democratic voters]

Mar 31, 2022, New York Never Trumper Candidate Lonny Koons Seen Allegedly Forging Petition Signatures in Parking Lot in Effort To Run Against Elaine Stefanik, Daily Caller

Mar 30, 2022, Key Election Forecaster Just Delivered Good News For Republicans, Truth Press

Mar 29, 2022, Three Republican Senators Defect to Vote for State Department Nominee Barbara Leaf Accused of Lying to Congress About Terms of New Iran Nuclerar Deal, Washington Free Beacon

[Romney, Rand Paul, Rob Portman]

Mar 28, 2022, GOP House Leaders Elise Stefanik and Steve Scalise Outline GOP Agenda, Daily Signal

Mar 25, 2022, GOP Unites Behind 'Peace Through Strength' at Florida Retreat, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 21, 2022, GOP Steps Up Recruitment Efforts for Black Candidates, Voters for 2022 Midterms,  Daily Caller

Mar 21, 2022, New Rasmussen Polling: Forget Red Waves, We Are Talking Red Landslides, Everywhere, The Western Journal

Mar 16, 2022, Trump Says Pence Partnership Over As Ex-President Eyes 2024 Comeback, Truth Press

Mar 15, 2022, Poll: Minority Voters Hit Hardest by Inflation, Some Say They Will Vote Republican Now, Daily Caller

Mar 15, 2022, Here Are The 14 Senate Republicans Who Voted With Democrats To Confirm Biden Pick for OMB Director, Daily Caller

[Shalanda Young was chosen after Neera Tanden's nomination failed due to her social media posts, Young worked on House Appropriations staff and was known to legislators]

Mar 13, 2022, How Noem's Struggles at Home May Enhance White House Chances, Associated Press

Mar 8, 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Proves Conservatives Can Defeat LGBT-Obsessed Left, Daily Signal

Mar 3, 2022, Hispanic Women Emerge as Big Winners in Texas GOP Primary, Politico

Feb 27, 2022, Fourteen Highlights from America's Biggest ConservativeConference, Daily Signal

Feb 8, 2022, Billionaire Peter Thiel to Leave Facebook Board to Advance Trump Agenda, Truth Press

Feb 4, 2022, RNC Votes Overwhelmingly to Censure Cheney and Kinzinger, The Republican Standard

Feb 1, 2022, Trump Turns Up Heat on 'Political Hacks' and 'Liars', Calls For Investigations of Pence and Pelosi, Team Tucker Carlson

Jan 24, 2022, Liz Cheney Destroyed in Wyoming Straw Poll by Trump-backed Candidate, Conservative Fighter

Jan 22, 2022, Republican Party Support Surges to Highest Point Since 1995, Presidential Wire

Jan 20, 2022, Trump Claims 'Very Good Relationship' With DeSantis Despite Reports of Feud, Washington Examiner

Jan 19, 2022, Nikki Haley: Biden Admin Putting US athleetes At Risk in Chinese Olympics, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 11, 2022, Republican Who Flipped Columbia, South Carolina Where Biden Won By More Than 30 Points Sworn In at Mayor, Conservative Fighter

Jan 11, 2022, Elain Chao Meets with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan's Wife as Republicans Try to Get Him to Run for U.S. Senate, Daily Caller

Dec 30, 2021, Former NC GOP Congressman Mark Walker Faces Trump Squeeze in NC Senate Race, Politico

Dec 30, 2021, InfoWars Suggests Ron DeSantis Should replace Trump as the GOP Leader, Patriotic Post

Dec 29, 2021, The GOP WIll Probably Win in 2022, BUt It Won't Be Enough, Daily Caller

Dec 29, 2021, National Republicans Luring John James Into Michigan House Race, Politico

Dec 29, 2021, Trump Roils Alaska GOP As Price of Endorsement Climbs, Washington Examiner

Dec 29, 2021, The 10 Republicans Most Likely to Run for President in 2024, The Hill

Dec 17, 2021, Republicans Show Stronger Support for Reigning-in Big Tech Poll Shows, Daily Caller

Dec 17, 2021, 'Conservative Solutions': Nikki Haley's Christmas Gift to America, Daily Signal

Dec 17, 2021, Numerous Big Name Country Music Stars to Perform at Conservative Turning Point USA Political Conference, Daily Wire

Dec 17, 2021, GOP Blows Off trump's Bid To Oust McConnell, Politico

Dec 10, 2021, Meet Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate Jesse Sullivan Who Founded a Left-wing 'Social Justice' Magazine, Washington Free Beacon

[Currently one of four candidates, he is being funded by Silicon Valley supporters of California Democrats]

Dec 15, 2021, Poll: More Independents Choose Trump Over Biden For 2024, Daily Caller

Dec 10, 2021, 'Many Other Ethnic Groups Voted Republican': New York Councilwoman Votes Against Letting Non-Citizens Vote in Local Elections, Daily Caller

Dec 8, 2021, Poll: Democrats and Republicans Hold Equal Support Among Hispanic Voters, Daily Caller

Dec 6, 2021, Q & A: Hoover Senior Fellows David Brady and Morris Fiorina on Trump, Populism,  and the Future of the Republican Party,  Hoover Institution

Dec 6, 2021, California Rep Devin Nunes Announces Retirement Plans To Join Trump's New Media Outlet, Daily Caller

Dec 6, 2021, Haley Calls Biden's Diplomatic Olympic Boycott a Joke Because Chinese Don't Care If He Shows Up, Daily Caller

Dec 5, 2021, Trump Brokers Deal to Remake NC Senate Race in 2020 For Trump-Endorsed Ted Budd, Politico

Dec 5, 2021, David Perdue Expected to Announce Run Against Georgia Gov Brian Kemp in 2022 GOP Primary, Washington Examiner

Dec 5, 2021, WWII Hero and Former US Senator Bob Dole Dies at 98, Daily Caller

Nov 29, 2021, New Draft Redistricting Map of Florida Cuts Up Murphy's Seat, Boosts GOP, Politico

Nov 24, 2021, Celebrity Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz Equipped to Fill Void in Pennsylvania  U.S. Senate Race, Washington Examiner

Nov 23, 2021, Internal Poll Shows Trump Up In Swing States 5 Points, Daily Caller

Nov 23, 2021, Turns Out There Was More Behind that 'Never Trumpers Quit Over Tucker' Story, Team Tucker Carlson

[Fox Contributors Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes quit before it became public that their contracts were not going to be renewed]

Nov 16, 2021, Noem's Daughter Says She's Quitting Real Estate Business, Associated Press

[Daughter is Quitting Real Estate Appraisals Following Controversy that her mother influenced South Dakota regulator]

Nov 15, 2021, Youngkin's Wins in Democrat-Held Congressional Districts Highlights Trouble for Democrat Incumbents, The Republican Standard

Nov 14, 2021, GOP Holds Largest Lead in Early MidTerm Preferences in 40 Years, Poll Shows, Daily Caller

Nov 13, 2021, Trump Scores New Legal Wins As One Lawsuit Dismissed, Another Dropped, Team Tucker Carlson

Nov 12, 2021, 'Got Fed Up With It': Truck Driver Edward Durr Who Unseated Top NJ Democrat Speaks Out Against High Taxes, Lockdowns, Daily Caller

Nov 10, 2021, Grassroots Republicans See Youngkin Election as First Step for GOP Resurgence, Daily News Record

Nov 6, 2021, Here are the 13 House Republicans Who Voted for Biden's Infrastructure Bill, Daily Caller

Nov 5, 2021, Elections Show Conservatives, Not Leftists, Winning on Cultural Issues, Daily Signal

Nov 5, 2021, The Virginia Model, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 5, 2021, After Virginia, GOP Amplifies Debate Over Race and Education, Associated Press

Nov 4, 2021, Virginia Voters Hold Nothing Back When They Explain Why Biden, Dems Turned Them into Republicans, Daily Caller

Nov 3, 2021, Youngkin's Winning Formula: Trump Voters Plus Suburbs, Associated Press

Nov 3, 2021, AP VoteCast: Youngkin Win Built By Key Gains in Small Groups, Associated Press

Nov 3, 2021, Lesson from Virginia Election: Education Can Be a Winning Issue for Republicans, Daily Signal

Nov 2, 2021, GOP Inclusion Trumps Neo-Nazi Cosplay in Virginia Race to Succeed Black Democratic Governor Northam, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 29, 2021, Adam Kinzinger, One of Trump's Fiercest Critics to Quit Congress, Daily Signal

Oct 25, 2021, CNN's Brian Stelter Hosts Segment Calling for Reporters to Cover Republicans Differently than Democrats, Fox News

[Host claims that Republicans don't Want Good Government]

Oct 21, 2021, Trump Broke the Suburbs for the GOP - The Rebuilding Could Start in Virginia, Politico

Oct 20, 2021, GOP Eyes Youngkin Performance with Latinos Ahead of 2022, The Hill

Oct 20 2021, As Donald Trump's Chances for 2024 Increase, Mitch McConnell Sounds the Alarm, Newsweek

Oct 16, 2021, Republicans Take Education Fight to Voters With Congress Slow to Act, Daily Caller

Oct 13, 2021, Republican Flips Iowa State House Seat Held By Democrats for Decades, Daily Wire

Oct 11, 2021, Behind the Spicy Statements: Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale Makes His Mark on the House GOP, Washington Examiner

Oct 8, 2021, GOP 2024 Hopefuls Walk a Fine Line With Trump, Washington Examiner

Oct 7, 2021, Nikki Haley Remarks on Her Vision for the Future of the Republican Party, C-Span

Oct 6, 2021, Poll: 44 Percent of Republicans Want a Trump Presidential Bid in 2024, Daily Caller

Oct 5, 2021, GOP Candidate Ken Cuccinelli Tests School Fight Message at Leesburg Rally, djournal

Sept 30, 2021, Kristi Noem Cuts Ties with Corey Lewandowski After Two Bombshell Reports, Daily Beast

Sept 29, 2021, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Appears to Deny Having Affair with former Trump Aide Cory Lewandowski, Yahoo News

September 9, 2021, Ohio Republican Candidate for US Senate JD Vance Shreds Biden's Vaccine Mandate:, 'Only Mass Civil Disobedience Will Save Us', Daily Caller

September 7, 2021, DeSantis Knocks Speculation About 2024 Presidential Bid as 'nonsense', Washington Examiner

July 14, 2021, Michigan GOP Director Who Said Trump Blew It Resigns, Washington Examiner

July 14, 2021, Suburban Mothers Face Off in Virginia's 7th as GOP Woman Enters Race Against Spanberger, Washington Examiner

July 4, 2021, In Ohio GOP Senate Primary, Former President Trump is Kingmaker, Washington Examiner

July 2, 2021, Foes Hope Latest Investigations Will Finally Be the End of Trump, Washington Examiner

June 28, 2021, Trump Lawyer Ron Fischetti: Manhattan DA Won't Charge Former President, Politico

June 20, 2021, Florida Governor DiSantis Appears to be a Popular Lead for 2024, Straw Poll Shows, Daily Caller

June 14, 2021, Republicans Who Voted for Trump Impeachment  Face a Barrage of Pro-Trump Challengers, Fox News

June 14, 2021, McConnell Warns He's Willing to Intervene in 2022 Senate GOP Primaries to Stop an Unelectable Candidate, The Hill

June 8, 2021, Republicans Win Big in Texas Mayoral Races with Increased Hispanic Support, Daily Signal

June 6, 2021, Trump Gives Updates on Potential 2024 Run, Won't Say Whether Pence Will Be Running Mate, Daily Caller

May 27, 2021, Matt Gaetz Says He Would Run in 2024 Unless Trump Does, Daily Caller

May 21, 2021, Paul Ryan to Speak at Fundraiser for Trump Critic Rep Adam Kinzinger, Daily Caller

May 14, 2021, House Republicans Elect Elise Stefanik as Conference Chair, Daily Caller

May 13, 2021, Holocaust-Denier Among Founders of 'Principled" Never Trump Group, Washington Free Beacon

May 12, 2021, Liz Cheney Ousted from House Republican Leadership Role, Daily Caller

May 11, 2021, One Hundred Republican Ex-Officials Threaten to Leave GOP Over Trumpism, Washington Examiner

May 11, 2021, 'Rationals' vs 'Radicals': Anti-Trump Republicans Threaten Third Party, Reuters

May 11, 2021, Liz Cheney Says Trump and GOP Supporters Threaten Democracy, Associated Press

May 10, 2021, Trump Calls on House GOP to Oust Cheney from House Leadership, Put in  Elise Stephanik, Daily Caller

Apr 27, 2021, George W. Bush is a Stranger in a Strange Land in Today's GOP, Washington Examiner

Apr 22, 2021, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee Joins Republican Party-Says Former Party About Socialist Extremist Agenda, Daily Signal

Apr 11, 2021, Republicans Not Pleased By Trump's Fiery Mar-A-Lago Speech, Politico

Apr 7, 2021, For Virginia GOP Gubernatorial Hopefuls, Post-Trump Era Starts With Big Emphasis on 'Election Integrity', Virginia Mercury

Mar 26, 2021, Is Populism Going to Wither Away as George W. Bush Predicts?, Daily Signal

Mar 26, 2021, Trump is a Tough Act to Follow for 2024 Republican Hopefuls, Washington Examiner

Mar 26, 2021, Gov Noem on 'Fox and Friends' Surprised at Strength on Bill Protecting Girls Sports, Fox News

Mar 26, 2021, Kristi Noem, Who Gutted South Dakota's Transgender Sports Ban, Takes Stand on Marijuana, Newsweek

Mar 25, 2021, 'A Different World': Trump Criticizes Biden Press Conference as Full of 'Softballs', Washington Examiner

Mar 10, 2021, Trump Encourages Herschel Walker to Run for Senate in Georgia, Daily Caller

Mar 10, 2021, Senator John Barrasso Shares What He Thinks Is Really Uniting Republicans: Biden Policies, Daily Caller

Mar 8, 2021, Mike Pence's First Speaking Gig Since Leaving Office Hints at Potential 2024 Run, Daily Caller

Mar 4, 2021, Trump Tears in Wall Street Journal, Republicans, and Mitch McConnell in Lengthy Statement, Daily Caller

Mar 3, 2021, Georgia Gov Brian Kemp Says He Would Absolutely Support Trump if He is Party Nominee in 2024, Despite Personal Attacks, Daily Caller

Mar 3, 2021, The DeSantis Moment: Florida's Governor Emerges as Possible Trump Successor, Washington Examiner

Feb 25, 2021, Trump Set to Dominate CPAC, While Would-be Rivals Labor for Attention, Washington Examiner

Feb 23, 2021, Kristi Noem Gets Trump-hosted Fundraiser at Mar-A-Lago, Politico

Feb 22, 2021, Linsey Graham: Path to GOP Victory in 2022 is to Get Behind President Trump, Daily Caller

Jan 28, 2021, Voter Turnout Increased in Every U.S. State in 2020, Pew Research Center

Character of the Party and Philosophy

Dr. Carol Swaim Video - The Inconvenient truth of the Democratict Party, Praeger University

Dr. Carol Swaim Video - The Incovenient truth of the Republican Party, Praeger University

Republican Party Platform of 1856

Republican Party Platform of 1860

Republican Party Platform of 1864

Republican Party Platform of 1868

Republican Party Platform of 1872

Republican Party Platform of 1876

Republican Party Platform of 1880

Republican Party Platform of 1884

Republican Party Platform of 1888

Republican Party Platform of 1892

Republican Party Platform of 1896

Republican Party Platform of 1900

Republican Party Platform of 1904

Republican Party Platform of 1908

Republican Party Platform of 1912

Republican Party Platform of 1916

Republican Party Platform of 1920

Republican Party Platform of 1924

Republican Party Platform of 1928

Republican Party Platform of 1932

Republican Party Platform of 1936

Republican Party Platform of 1940

Republican Party Platform of 1944

Republican Party Platform of 1948

Republican Party Platform of 1952

Republican Party Platform of 1956

Republican Party Platform of 1960

Republican Party Platform of 1964

Republican Party Platform of 1968

Republican Party Platform of 1972

Republican Party Platform of 1976

Republican Party Platform of 1980

Republican Party Platform of 1984

Republican Party Platform of 1988

Republican Party Platform of 2000

Republican Party Platform of 2004

Republican Party Platform of 2008

Republican Party Platform of 2012

Republican Party Platform of 2016

[2016 platform was reissued in 2020 due to Covid]

July 1, 2022, Presidential Historian Craig Shirley Slams Liz Cheney for Attacking Republicans at Reagan Library Event, Daily Caller

[Reagan's 11th Commandment - Don't Speak Ill of Fellow Republicans]

June 18, 2022, One Year Later: Five Republicans Who Voted For Trump Impeachment Have Learned What It Cost, Truth Press

May 2, 2022, Key Leftist Icon Noam Chomsky Shocks Everyone, Points to Trump as Beacon of Reason in Current Crisis, Western Journal

May 1, 2022, 94 Percent Of Americans Concerned About Inflation, Trust Republicans to Handle It: Poll, Daily Wire

Apr 17, 2022, The Right Side of History - Book Review: The RIght: The Hundred Year War Over Conservatism, by Michael Continetti, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 3, 2022, Florida Senator Rick Scott Open to Altering Proposed GOP Agenda After Criticism from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Daily Caller

Jan 27, 2022, Herschel Walker Talks Georgia Elections, China and Radical Democratic Spending, Daily Caller

Jan 14, 2022, Black Leaders to Conservatives: If you Are Going to Talk to the Black Community, You Have To Have Something Truly Conservative to Say, Daily Signal

Dec 4, 2021, Index of Personal and Economic Freedoms, Shows Red States  at the Top, Blue States at the Bottom, Daily Wire 

Dec 2, 2021, Republicans Quietly Conduct Counter Investigation of Jan 6 and Promise to Release Report, Washington Examiner

Nov 12, 2021, History Will Grind Out the Truth on Steele Dossier and Trump Russia Collusion and Clinton Initiative to Discredit Trump, Daily Signal

Nov 9, 2021, Office of Special Counsel Probe Finds Thirteen Trump Officials Repeatedly Violated Hatch Act, Associated Press

Nov 5, 2021, Republicans Surpass Democrats in Florida Voter Registration, Daily Caller

July 2, 2021, The Left Started the Culture Wars, Tom Cotton Says, And 'Normal Americans Expect Us to Stand Up and Fight Back', Daily Caller

July 2, 2021, GOP Quiet About Obamacare Repeal Following Third Decision Upholding Law, Washington Examiner

June 11, 2021, Biden Divides Us. Here Are 12 Principles That Can Unite Us, Daily Signal

May 13, 2021, British Conservatives Offer Republicans a Populist Recipe for Success, Washington Examiner

Apr 29, 2021, Florida Leads the Way in Commonsense Occupational Licensing Reform, Daily Signal

Apr 2, 2021, The Working Class GOP: A Muddled Concept, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 26, 2021, Trump's Pollster Examines The Five 'Political Tribes' of the Republican Party, Daily Caller

Mar 17, 2021, Media Face the Music: Ron DeSantis Got it Right, Washington Examiner

[Florida's Pandemic Response Was Right Approach]

Mar 17, 2021, Trump Will Be the 'Star' in Nearly Three Dozen Post Presidency Books, Washington Examiner

Mar 7, 2021, GOP Dilemma - how to keep Trumpers and yet Regain Anti-Trumpers, Washington Examiners 

Feb 24, 2021, Raised Democrat, Rep. Lauren Boebert Discusses Her Conversion to the Right, Daily Signal

Feb 22, 2021, New Push to Expand Government's Role in Health Care. Here's How We Can Help Americans Instead, Daily Signal

Winter 2019, Christopher DeMuth, "Trumpism, Nationalism, and Conservativism: Reshaping the Right," Claremont Review of Books

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