Virginia Republicans Deliver 2021

Issues for the 2021 General Assembly Session


Jan 14, 2021, Northam Pushes For Legalization of Marijuana in State of the Commonwealth, WHSV 


Jan 14, 2021, Virginia Department of Health Issues New Guidance for Opening Schools, WHSV

Jan 4, 2021, Northam's Budget Would Guarantee Transgender Health Services for Medicaid Enrollees, Virginia Mercury

Jan 4, 2021 An Early Look at Climate and Energy Bills in Upcoming 2021 General Assembly Session, Virginia Mercury

Dec 25, 2020, Undocumented Immigrants Can Soon Drive Legally, but Mistrust, Privacy Concerns Persist, Richmond Times Dispatch

Dec 24, 2020, Lawmakers Propose Fixes for Virginia's Beleaguered Unemployment Insurance Program, Virginia Mercury

Dec 23, 2020, Wilt Bill Targeting BMPs, Tax Credits Gets Second Chance, Daily News Record

Dec 22, 2020, Northam Halts Payroll Tax Increase Tied to Pandemic Layoffs, Virginia Mercury

Dec 22, 2020, Virginia Isn't Quite Ready to Put a Ring on the Transportation and Climate Initiative, Virginia Mercury

Dec 21, 2020, Hoping to Vaccinate Millions Against COVID-19, Officials Seek to Expand Virginia's Healthcare Force, Virginia Mercury

Dec 18, 2020, Stronger Financial Incentives Spur a Big Jump in Stream Fencing Among Virginia's Livestock Farmers, Virginia Mercury

Dec 17, 2020, Northam's Sunny Budget Rewrite Roils Republicans with his Proposed Court of Appeals Expansion, Virginia Mercury

Dec 4, 2020, Legislators: 2021 Session Will Be Different, Daily News Record

Dec 3, 2020, Del Runion to File Solar, Health Care Legislation, Daily News Record

Dec 1, 2020, Valley Legislators Meet for Pre-Session Breakfast, Daily News Record

Nov 21, 2020, Eight Big Decisions Facing Virginia Lawmakers as They Debate Marijuana Legalization, Virginia Mercury

 Rockingham Republicans

Are Chief Patrons of the Following Bills

Delegate C. Todd Gilbert (15th District)

  •  HB 2205 Voting; repeals provision relating to voting after registration records close

  • HB2209 Absentee voting; signature match; provisional ballot status

  • HB 2231 Group Violence Intervention Board and Division of Group Violence Intervention; established, report

Delegate Tony Wilt (26th District)

  • HB 1763 Tax Credit, agricultural best management practices

  • HB 2182 Traumatic brain injury, definition

  • HB 2183 Small Businesses; Dept of SBSD to publish its website, a resource to assist businesses

  • HB 2184 Pandemic Remediation Task Force; established, report

  • HJ 513 Constitutional Amendment; executive power, state of emergency, special session (first reference)

Delegate Chris Runion (25th District)

  • HB 1886 Electronic titling; definition of "fleet"

  • HB 1949 County executive form of governments; local budgets

  • HB 2028 Absentee ballots; witness requirement, printed name and residence address

  • HB 2197 Individuals with intellectual and development disabilities; DMAS to study use of virtual support, etc.

  • HB 2215 Small agricultural generators; definition, manufacturers license

  • HJ 540 Commending Frank Tamberrino

  • HJ 581 Celebrating the Life of Karl David Stoltzfus, Sr.

  • HR 221 Rockingham Cooperative; commending its 100th Anniversary

Delegate Rob Bell (58th District)

  • HB 1960 Vehicle registration; special communication needs indicator

  • HB 1961 Specifial identification cards; application by guardian

  • HB 2230 Supported decision-making agreements; DBHDS to develop and implement a program, etc

  • HB233 Orders of restitution; docketed on behalf of victim, enforcment

  • HB 2236 Behavioral health docket; transfer of supervision

  • HB2277 Children with disabilities; certain, one-year high school extensions permitted

  • HB2301 Department of Medical Assistance Servivces, therapeutic day treatment

Senator Mark Obenshain (26th District)

  • SB 1104 Parole, notice and certification, monthly reports

  • SB 1123 Will contest; presumption of undue influence

  • SB 1124 Execution of wills; witnesses to a will required to be disinterested, definition

  • SB 1125 Parole Board; notice of parole of prisoner to victim

  • SB 1193 Dairy Producer Margin Coverage Premium Assistance Program; established

  • SB 1194 Produce safety; sunset

  • SB 1195 Motor vehicle insurance; underinsured motor vehicle

  • SB 1297 Emergency order for adult protective services; acts of violence, force, or threat

  • SB 1369 Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity; definitions; small business

Senator Emmett W. Hanger, Jr. (24th District)

  • SB 1162 Tax credit; agricultural best management practices

  • SB 1163 Agricultural equipment; establishes a refundable individual and corporate income tax credit

  • SB 1164 Advanced recycling; not considered solid waste management, definition

  • SB 1326 Local cigarette taxes; regional cigarette tax boards

  • SB 1354 Chesapeake Bay; wastewater treatment; Enhanced Nutrient Removal Certainty Program

  • SB 1355 Rapidan Service Authority; withdrawl of a member

  • SB 1435 Electronic execution of estate planning documents; Uniform Electronic Wills Act

  • SB 1436 Department of Health; Eligible Health Care Provider Reserve Directory

  • SB 1437 Promises to appear afer the issuance of a summons

  • SB 1438 Combined transient occupancy and food and beverage tax; technical amendments

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