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Virginia Under Republican Leadership 2023

Chief Patron Bills Sponsored by Rockingham County General Assembly members in 2023 Session

Link to Members List in General Assembly Legislative Information System to check individual bills:

Chris S. Runion HD 25 R-Bridgewater


  • HB 1499 Absentee voting; limits availability of absentee voting in person. 

  • HB 1500 Adoption; nonrefundable tax credit for amount of qualified expenses. 

  • HB 1501 Law-enforcement civilian oversight bodies; requirements of members. 

  • HB 1930 Virginia Self-Service Storage Act; default by occupant, watercraft. 

  • HB 1932 Stationary vehicles; yielding or reducing speed for vehicles displaying hazard lights, etc. 

  • HB 1933 High school equivalency; creates tax credit. High school equivalency and employment tax credit. 

  • HB 1940 Waterworks and wastewater works operators; license reciprocity. 

  • HB 1943 Crime victim rights; notification from the attorney for the Commonwealth. Crime victim rights; notification from the attorney for the Commonwealth. 

  • HB 1956 Law-enforcement officer; magistrates to observe during training duties, etc. 

  • HB 1963 Individuals with developmental disabilities; financial flexibility, report.

  • HB 2326 Study; Department of Forestry; ecosystem services markets; report.



Tony O. Wilt HD 26 R-Harrisonburg, Rockingham


  • HB 1378 State Air Pollution Control Board; motor vehicle emissions standards. State Air Pollution Control Board; motor vehicle emissions standards.

  • HB 1459 Law-enforcement officers, retired state; retention of badge. Retired state law-enforcement officers; retention of badge.

  • HB 1660 Dairy Producer Margin Coverage Premium Assistance Program Fund; created, removes sunset provision.

  • HB 2124 School psychologists; staffing flexibility. School psychologists; staffing flexibility.  

  • HB 2125 Charitable gaming; exemptions from certain requirements for specified organizations.

  • HB 2126 Soil erosion control and stormwater management plans; Phase I Utility. 

  • HB 2127 Passing certain stopped vehicles; motorcycles.

  • HB 2128 Virginia Small Estate Act; payment or delivery of small asset; disposition and funeral expenses. 

  • HB 2130 Renewable energy portfolio standard requirements; State Corporation Commission authority, report. Renewable energy portfolio standard requirements; State Corporation Commission authority; report. 

  • HB 2132 Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act; various changes to Act. Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act. Makes various changes to the Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act. The bill (i) requires excavators to review updates in the 811 positive response system and conduct additional safety verifications before digging, (ii) allows an excavator to schedule a locate request 12 days in advance, (iii) grants stop work authority to State Corporation Commission representatives if they encounter a threat to public safety or property, (iv) creates a criminal penalty for any person who knowingly excavates in violation of the Act and fails or refuses to stop work after being requested to do so, (v) increases from $2,500 to $10,000 the maximum civil penalty for violations of the Act, and (vi) updates notification requirements.

  • HB 2133 State Fire Marshal; authority. State Fire Marshal; authority. 

  • HB 2263 Sex offenses; prohibiting proximity to children and school property, penalty.

  • HB 2265 Industrial hemp; maximum THC concentration. Industrial hemp; maximum THC concentration. 

  • HB 2267 Electric utilities; cost recovery; alternative to rate adjustment clause.

Robert B. Bell HD-58, R-Charlottesville


  • HB 1659 Students with disabilities; DBHDS, best practice standards, transition of records. 

  • HB 1673 Strangulation by blocking or obstructing the airway of another; penalty. 

  • HB 1704 Public elementary and secondary schools; reports of certain arrests and convictions, etc.

  • HB 1706 National Center for Missing and Exploited Children; dissemination of criminal history record info.

  • HB 1711 Minor's medical records; prohibits denial of parental access to records.  

  • HB 1835 Health care providers; threats made against providers, penalty. HB 1860 Guardianship or conservatorship; primary care physician of respondent. 

  • HB 1897 Protective orders; extensions and continuances, other monetary relief, penalty. 

  • HB 1954 Killing the fetus of another; guilty of manslaughter, penalties. 

  • HB 1976 Involuntary admission; temporary detention, release of detained individual.

  • HB 2303 Virginia Retirement System; school bus drivers, return to employment. 

  • HB 2339 Court-ordered treatment; expedited diversion in lieu of criminal adjudication.

  • HJ 489 Study; State Corporation Commission; tree-trimming practices of electric utilities; report. 


Emmett W. Hanger, Jr. SD 24, R-Mt. Solon


  • SB 795 Cattle Industry Board; collection and disposition of assessment by handler.

  • SB 903 Tetrahydrocannabinol; industrial hemp, regulated hemp products.

  • SB 914 Data Governance and Analytics, Office of; repeals sunset provision.

  • SB 959 Chesapeake Bay; nutrient credit calculations outside the watershed.

  • SB 1057 Farm use placards; delays requirement for vehicles claiming a farm use exemption to obtain.

  • SB 1058 Objects obstructing driver's view; dashboard cameras allowed.

  • SB 1059 Shenandoah River State Park; conveyance of easement.

  • SB 1113 Liability for sale of alcohol to an impaired customer; injury to another person.

  • SB 1122 Open-space lands preservation trust fund; use of funds, conservation easements.

  • SB 1129 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan; changes contingency for effective date.

  • SB 1169 Community services boards and behavioral health authorities; provisions of performance contracts.

  • SB 1170 Behavioral Health Commission; agency assistance, access Commission records.

  • SB 1305 Farm buildings and structures; building code exemptions.

  • SB 1332 Federally recognized Tribal Nations in the Commonwealth; consultation on permits and reviews.

  • SB 1465 Community services boards; behavioral health authorities; purpose; performance contracts.

Mark D. Obenshain SD-26, R-Rockingham


  • SB 1221 Assisted living facilities; minimum liability insurance.

  • SB 1223 Financial exploitation of vulnerable adults; venue.

  • SB 1224 Unlawful picketing or parading to obstruct or influence justice; penalty. 

  • SB 1225 Killing the fetus of another; guilty of manslaughter, penalties. 

  • SB 1226 Alcohol; liability for sale to an underage person. 

  • SB 1228 Line of Duty Act; campus police officers; contributing private institutions of higher education. 

  • SB 1229 Admission to bail; rebuttable presumptions against bail. 

  • SB 1233 Marijuana; advertising restrictions; penalties. 

  • SB 1235 Charitable gaming; exemptions from certain requirements for specified organizations. 

  • SB 1236 Firearms, etc.; control of possession by locality. 

  • SB 1237 Legal notices; online publications. Legal notices; online publications. 

  • SB 1238 Motor carriers; financial responsibility. Motor carriers; financial responsibility. 

  • SB 1239 Dairy Producer Margin Coverage Premium Assistance Program Fund; created, removes sunset provision. 

  • SB 1240 Sales and use tax; agricultural exemptions. Sales and use tax; agricultural exemptions. .

  • SB 1241 Child Pornography Registry; required information. 

  • SB 1242 Geriatric prisoners; conditional release; review hearings. 

  • SB 1245 Parolee or felon; arrest & return when serving a period of post release supervision. 

  • SB 1246 Emergency medical services agencies; ordinances or resolutions; designation as emergency response. 

  • SB 1247 Parole Board; decision requirements, annual reports. 

  • SB 1449 Judicial Retirement System; creditable service and contributions; extended absence. 

  • SJ 254 Constitutional amendment (first reference); charter schools.

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