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Virginia Federal Republican Voices

U.S. Representative Ben Cline


  Oct 5, 2022, Ben Cline Speaks to Area Voters,

  Oct 3, 2022, Ben Cline - Republicans Will Protect and Preserve Your Freedomss

  July 16, 2022, Ben Cline on Inflation and Higher Taxes and Government Spending

  July 15, 2022, Ben Cline on Abortion Rights

   July 1, 2022 Ben Cline on President BIden's Porous Border Policies

  Apr 18, 2022, Ben Cline Comments on Stopping Fentanyl Crossings at the Border Act

   Apr 7, 2022, Ben Cline Questioning HHS Secretary on CDC Guidelines for Schools

   Apr 1, 2022, Ben Cline on Border Policies and Cancellation of Title 42

   Sept 25, 2021, Ben Cline Speaks About Bipartisan Support for Traditional Infrastructure Bill

  Sept 24, 2021, Ben Cline Speaks for Women's Health and Against HR 3775, the Democrat's Bill Expanding Abortion and Removing Protections

 July 18, 2021, Ben Cline Opposes Back Door Effort to Implement Gun Control

  July 14, 2021, Ben Cline Fights to Secure Our Border

  July 13, 2021, If Big Tech is going to censor our speech, remove our posts, and filter our content 

  July 1, 2021, Rep Cline Urges Support for Traditional Infrastructure and Opposes Green New Deal

  July 1, 2021, Rep Cline Introduces Amendment to Declassify Wuhan Lab Leak Intelligence

  June 30, 2021, Rep Cline Opposes Green New Deal Initiatives

  June 26, 2021, Rep Cline Addresses Rising Inflation

  June 18, 2021, Rep Cline Joins Fox Business Tonight to Discuss Infrastructure

  June 27, 2021, In the President's FY22 Budget Proposal, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) will only receive a 1.6% funding increase - well below the increase slated for other agencies

Apr 22, 2021, Rep Cline Speaks in Opposition to the Green New Deal

  Apr 21, 2021, Rep Cline Speaks in Opposition to Bill Prioritizing Non-Citizens

    Apr 14, 2021, Rep Cline Standing Up for Life

    Apr 7, 2021, Rep Cline with Roanoke Valley  Morning News Host Joey Self, WFIR

]    Mar 19, 2021, Rep Cline Discusses Immigration Crisis

    Feb 27, 2019, Rep Cline Speaks Against HR 8


Oct 5, 2022, Rep. Cline Blasts Biden-Buttigieg Green Energy Handouts, The Republican Standard

July 19, 2022, Virginia GOP Congressmen Vote Against Resolution on Finland, Sweden, and NATO, Virginia Mercury

June 22, 2022, Virginia Congressmen Visit Southern Border, Press Release

May 20, 2022, Ben Cline Presented With Legislator of the Year Award by the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents, Press Release

Apr 13, 2022, Shenandoah County Farmers Share Their Concerns With US Rep Ben Cline, Northern Virginia Daily

Oct 7, 2021, Congressmen Visit Valley Ag Operations With an Eye on Farm Bill, Daily News Record


July 6, 2021, Rep Cline Names to New GOP Big Tech Task Force, Daily New Progress


July 2, 2021, Rep. Cline Introduces Amendment to Look In to Originis of COVID, NBC 12 On Your Side


May 2021, Ben Cline on Immigration Crisis


Apr 5, 2021, Bipartisan Cline Bill Signed into Law by President Biden, Daily News Record


Jan 8, 2021 Condemning Violence Cline Remained Opposed to Certifying BIden's Win, Daily News Record


Jan 5, 2021, Ben Cline will join 140 plus House Republicans in Electoral ChallengeAugusta Free Press


Nov 3, 2020, Rep. Cline Wins Reelection to Second Term, Daily News Record


Aug 27, 2020, Cline Joins Democrat on Reform Bills, Daily News Record


July 31, 2020, Ben Cline Named to Committee on Education, Daily News Record


June 28, 2020, Cline Rally Draws Crowd, Daily News Record


Oct 10, 2019, Congressmen Riggleman and Cline Host Town Hall in Bedford, WSLS


Sept 21, 2019, Ag Secretary, Ben Cline Visit Creamery and Hear Local Concerns, Daily News Record


July 24, 2019, Cline Talks Health Care, Solutions, Daily News Record


July 9, 2019, Ben Cline Talks Immigration, Health Care, Gun Control During Augusta County Town Hall, The News Leader


June 21, 2019, Cline Introduces Bankruptcy Changes Bill, Daily News Leader


June 18, 2019, Cline Hosts Rockingham County Town Hall, Daily News Record


June 14, 2019, Cline BIll Targets Rx Drug Costs, Daily News Record


Jan 3, 2019, Congressman-elect Ben Cline Hosts First Town Hall in Roanoke, Roanoke Times

Message from the Rockingham Chairman on Virginia Congressional Districts

Daryl Borgquist

Comment on Preliminary Maps prepared by Virginia Supreme Court Special Master, December 9, 2021


“The preliminary redistricting maps for U.S. congressional, Virginia senate, and Virginia House districts were thoughtfully prepared by the special masters achieving the goal of keeping communities of interest intact. We think that the preliminary maps will be favorably received by Virginia Supreme Court,” said Daryl Borgquist, Chairman, Rockingham County Republican Committee.


“Residents of the Shenandoah Valley were particularly pleased to see the intentional dilution of Republican voter strength by extending districts over the Blue Ridge Mountains after the Civil War removed after all of these years,” Borgquist said.


“The proposed districts definitely present political committees, elected officials, and candidates with new realities as some contain more than one incumbent – and some none. We have our work cut out for us, so we look forward to the Supreme Court earliest adoption of final maps,” he said.

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