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Republican Response to 2020 Biden Presidential Transition and Presidency

 All 50 states certified their election results after the 2020 election. In a number of states, questions remain about the integrity of the elections in the minds of many voters. Congress is expected to read and accept the results during the first week of January 2021 and the Biden Presidential Transition is in progress.

What should we do?

  • A Republican response to the Biden Presidential Transition and Presidency:

    •  He will assume office with no mandate for radical change nor a resumption of the Obama Administration in any policy area.

    • Republicans should watch for industries and organizations seeking unfair advantages at the expense of the public from a new Biden Administration.

    • Republicans should insist on a transparent administration including complete and truthful compliance with federal record-keeping laws. Illegal email practices and "false flag" user names were employed by Democrat officials across a number of federal agencies under the Obama-Biden Administration.

    • Republicans should insist on clear prohibitions on nepotism and cronyism in his administration, especially Hunter Biden and other Biden family members.

    • Republicans should get a clear commitment that a Biden Administration will not engage in revenge prosecution and harassment of President Trump and his family after he leaves office and Republicans.

    • Republicans should insist on focused and targeted policies to address the threat from COVID-19 both to serve those most at risk and to protect the economy.

  • Above all else, we should continue to strengthen the Republican Party for the 2021 Virginia election to protect our rights, our freedoms, and our economy.

  • We should continue to emphasize election integrity, especially voter identification and updated and accurate voter roles. Virginia's election integrity has been good, we should insist that other states do the same.

  • This may be the time for Virginia to change to the Congressional District Method for distributing electoral votes in the quadrennial presidential election to give more voice to voters from each congressional district of the state. Wider distribution of the electoral votes would prevent the determination of presidential elections to be given to dysfunctional and poorly managed jurisdictions in the country.

Fact Check on Stories Circulating in the National Media During the Transition

Jan 19, 2021, Eleven Big Moves Biden Could Make on His First Day as President, Daily SIgnal

Jan 18, 2021, BIden Institute at the University of Delaware Won't Release Names of Donors, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 5, 2021, FWEEDOM RIDER: The Secret Life of Kamala Harris, Washington Free Beacon

[Allegations of Extensive Plagarism from the Life of MLK Jr]


Dec 7, 2020, Biden's Shifting Story on his bin Laden Raid stance conflicts with Obama's Telling, Washington Examiner

Nov 26, 2020, FACT CHECK: Did Donald Trump Tweet that he would 'leave the country' if Joe Biden wins?, Daily Caller

Nov 25, 2020, FACT CHECK: Did the Trump Campaign Send Out an Email Offering Tickers to the 'inauguration in the historic rose garden' in exchange for donations?, Daily Caller

What do we learn from the election results? What might a Biden Presidency mean? Even if Biden does not receive the needed votes, what clues is his campaign giving us about the Democrats goals?

Jan 19, 2021, Biden Names Dr. Rachel Levine as Assistant Secretary of Health - Will Be First Transgender Official Confirmed by the Senate, Daily Caller

Jan 18, 2021, Incoming White House Climate Team Blames Systemic Racism for Climate Change, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 18, 2021, China Times Raise Questions for Biden Top Defense Post Pick Colin Kahl, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 18, 2021, Biden Bringing Back Fired Pentagon Anti-ISIS Official Christopher Maier to the Pentagon, Politico

Jan 15, 2021, There's a new bank regulation to bar discrimination. The Biden Administration Will Likely Overturn It, Washington Examiner

Jan 14, 2021, Biden's Labor Pick Funned $1.2 million into Girlfriend's Consulting Firm, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 12, 2021, Biden Pick for Civil Rights Chief Promoted Racism and Anti-Semitism at Harvard, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 7, 2021, Progressives Notch Victory in National Security Counsel, Washington Free Beacon

[Sasha Baker, Sen. Warren's Foreign Policy Advisor)

Jan 6, 2020, Liberals Press Breyer to Retire to Allow Biden Supreme Court Appointment, Fox News

Jan 6, 2020, Biden to Tap Merrick Garland for Attorney General, Politico

Jan 5, 2020, Iran Resumes Enriching Uranium to 20 Percent Purity at Fordo Facility, BBC

Jan 5, 2020, Biden Inheriting Worsening Situation on as Agents Encounter 80 Percent More Migrants on the Border, Washington Examiner

Dec 28, 2020, Statement of Acting Secretary of Defense Miller on DoD Transition Activities, DoD Press Release

Dec 22, 2020, How the Centers for Disease Control Went Woke, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 22, 2020, Future Obama Education Secretary Oversaw Creation of Critical Race Theory Class in High School, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 21, 2020, Biden Taps Liberal Billionaire's Acolyte for Top Econ Job, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 21, 2020, Here's a List of Questions the Press Should Have Been Asking Biden for Weeks, Daily Caller

Dec 19, 2020, Here's A List of Biden's Pro-Gun  Control Cabinet Picks, Daily Caller

Dec 19, 2020, President-elect Biden Introduces Climate Team, EPA Nominee Promises "Environmental Justice", Daily Caller

Dec 18, 2020, Progressives Push Biden to Tap Foreign Policy Experts with Deep Koch, Soros Ties, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 17, 2020, As Pandemic Rages, Libs Escalate Their War on Hospitals, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 17, 2020, Dem Tapped to Run Interior Smearing Covington Students, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 17, 2020, Biden to Nominate Rep Deb Haaland for Interior Secretary, News Break [Touts her being first Native American Secretary of the Interior]

Dec 16, 2020, Daniel Henninger: Joe Biden's Cabinet of Diversity, Wall Street Journal

Dec 15, 2020, Here's Everything We Know About the Hunter Biden Investigation, Daily Caller

Dec 15, 2020, Report: Biden Considering Last Minute Pick for Commerce Secretary, Daily Caller

Dec 15, 2020, Former Obama Officials Face Demoted Positions in New Administration, Daily Caller

Dec 15, 2020, Consultancy Linked to Biden Nominees Scrubs Middle East Ops From Site, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 15, 2020, Biden Fundraiser Floated as Ambassador Pick Took Millions in PPP Loans While His Law Firm Made Millions in Settlements, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 14, 2020, NY Gov Cuomo Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations, Daily Caller

Dec 8, 2020, Seven Things to Know About Biden's Radical Choice for HHS, Daily Signal

Dec 8, 2020, Neal Katyal for Attorney General: Child Slavery Advocates Deserve A Voice in Washington, Daily Signal

Dec 8, 2020, Biden's EPA Frontrunner Worked to Ban Gas-powered Cars, Washington Free Beacon

[California Democrat Drew Bipartisan Backlash Over 'Crooked' Environmentalist Agenda]

Dec 8, 2020, Biden's Black HUD Nominee Objected to Relegation of African Americans to HUD, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 6, 2020, How the Biden Administration Can Implement Effective Human Rights Initiatives, National Interest

Dec 3, 2020, Anti-Israel Groups Mobilize to Install Allies in Biden Administration, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 3, 2020, John Yoo: AG Barr Support for Special Counsel backed by Surprise Democratic author [Biden] of 1987 Law Review Article, Fox News

Dec 2 2020, Three Keys to What's Next in Probe of Why FBI Investigated Trump, Daily Signal

Nov 29, 2020, How Will John Kerry Deal with China's Carbon Lies?, Washington Examiner

Nov 29, 2020, Return to Normalcy: That time Biden's OMB Nominee [Neera Tanden] Outed a Sexual Harassment Victim, Washington Examiner

Nov 29, 2020, Biden's Return to 'Normalcy' Is Going to be Terrible, Daily Signal

Nov 28, 2020, Biden's Cabinet a Battleground for Future GOP White House Hopefuls, The Hill

Nov 28, 2020, Biden Plans Swift Moves to Protect and Advance LGBTQ Rights, Daily New Record

Nov 27, 2020, Big Labor Readies for Major Concession from Biden, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 27, 2020, Five Takeaways from Israel's Assassination of Iran's Top Nuclear Weapons Scientist, Washington Examiner

Nov 25, 2020, Biden Says His Priorities Are Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants, Overturning Trump's Executive Orders Affecting Climate, Daily Caller

Nov 25, 2020, Biden Eyes Israel Critic as White House Press Secretary, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 25, 2020, Biden Labor Candidate Oversaw Fraudulent Payments to California Prison Inmates, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 24, 2020, Joe Biden's Cabinet Picks: What We've Learned from His Choices So Far, The Guardian

Nov 24, 2020, Here's Who Joe Biden has Selected for His Cabinet, CNN

Nov 24, 2020, Biden Reloads Failed Green Jobs Proposals at Taxpayer Expense, Washington Examiner

Nov 24, 2020, Biden Taps Staffer Who Said Suicide Bombings Were 'Last Resort' for Palestinians, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 23, 2020, Biden to Nominate CNN Analyst for Secretary of State, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 16, 2020, Biden Moves Ahead with Top White House Appointments Despite Trump's Refusal to Concede, Washington Examiner

Nov 16, 2020, Biden Taps Reparations Advocate for Transition Team, Wash Free Beacon

Nov 15, 2020, This Week in Leftist Violence, Wash Free Beacon

Nov 14, 2020, Ga Dem Senate Candidate Warnock Preaches Americans Must Repent For Backing Trump and 'Worship of Whiteness', Washington Free Beacon

Nov 13, 2020, Trump Voter Hotline Bombarded with Cyberattacks and Crank Calls, Washington Examiner

Nov 13, 2020, 'Not a Fraud Case', Trump Campaign's Arizona Lawyer Rebuts 'Stop the Steal' in Case Shifted from Sharpies to 191 Votes, Washington Examiner

Nov 13, 2020, 2020 Election Results Set Republicans Up for Success in 2022 and Beyond, Washington Examiner

Nov 12, 2020, Pa. Judge Sides With Trump in Ruling, but does not impact current vote tally, AP

Nov 12, 2020, Fact Check: Did Georgia's Fulton County Identify 132,000 'Likely Ineligible' Ballots?, Daily Caller [Verdict: False]

Nov 12, 2020, Republicans Won Crucial Elections Where Trump Failed, Sometimes Outperforming the President by Wide Margins, Daily Caller

Nov 12, 2020, Military Voters Allegedly Among Trump List of " Improperly Cast" Votes, Daily Caller

Nov 12, 2020, Michigan Lawmakers Request Full Audit of Election Citing Voting Irregularities, Daily Caller

Nov 12, 2020, Historically Blue State Hawaii Makes Biggest Pro-Trump Swing Since 2016, Washington Examiner

Nov 12, 2020, Trump Supporters Planning Mass Marches in DC Protesting Stealing the Vote, Daily Caller

Nov 12, 2020, NYC Democrat Max Rose Concedes House Race to Republican Challenger, Wash Free Beacon

Nov 12, 2020, Here's What We Have Learned So Far From the 2020 Election, Daily Signal

Nov 12, 2020, Oklahoma GOP Senator Lankford Says "He'll Step In" If Biden Doesn't Get Security Briefings By the End of the Week, Slate

Nov 11, 2020, George Soros Looms Large Over Biden Transition, Wash Free Beacon

Nov 11, 2020, Leandra English, Who Pretended to Run CFPB, Leads Biden CFPB Transition, Wash Free Beacon

Nov 11, 2020, Virus Over? Not Quite, The Grumpy Economist Blog, Hoover

Nov 10, 2020, Two-Year-Olds With Hammers, Hoover [Thoughts on the policy detours and reversals a Biden Administration might take]

Nov 10, 2020, Biden Agenda Faces GOP Legal Attacks and Trump Judges, Bloomberg Law

Nov 9, 2020, With Congress Stacked Against Him, BIden Prepares for First Hundred Days, Daily Signal

Nov 9, 2020, NATO Spending Won't Be In 'Spotlight' with Biden, German Foreign Minister Says, Wash Free Beacon


Nov 9, 2020, President-Elect Biden Names COVID-19 Advisory Board Stacked with Experts, Huff Post

Nov 9, 2020, Biden's DOJ Must Determine Whether Trump Should be Prosecuted, Bloomberg

Nov 9, 2020, Top USAID Official Tells Agency Leadership: 'There is No Transition in Place,' Wash Free Beacon  [Note: Without certified  presidential election results the General Services Administration is unable to fund an administration transition]

Nov 9, 2020, Media Gush Over Biden's 'Nationwide Block Party,' Scold 'Super Spreader' Trump Rallies, Wash Free Beacon

Nov 9, 2020, Five Workforce Executive Orders President-Elect Biden Should Cancel on Jan 20, Federal Workforce Network

Nov 8, 2020, Biden Plans These 5 Executive Orders, Forbes

Nov 8, 2020, Jill Biden to prioritize education and cancer research as First Lady, Wash Examiner

Nov 8, 2020, By Keeping her teaching job, Jill Biden will make first-lady history, Yahoo News

Nov 7, 2020, Biden Plan Immediate Flurry of Executive Orders to Reverse Trump Policies, Wash Post

Aug 11, 2020, Six Former EPA Bosses Call for Agency Reset After Election, Associated Press

Republican Lawsuits to Protect the 2020 Virginia Election

Harrison v Gibbons (Lynchburg Cir Ct)

   Absentee Ballot processing, Poll watchers


Webb v Cloeter (Roanoke Co Cir Ct)

   Absentee Ballot processing


In re: Election Material Management (Chesterfield Co Cir Ct)

   Election Records, Provision Ballot Hearing


League of Women Voters v Va Dept of Elections (WDVA)

   Witness Signature


Reed v Va State Bd of Elections (Richmond City Cir Ct)

   Postmark Rule


DCCC v Va State Bd of Elections (Richmond City Cir Ct)

   Good, Freitas Cert as Nominees


Wilson v Va State Bd of Elections (Richmond City Cir Ct)

    Kanye West (problem of electors)


7th Cong District v Va Dept of Elections

    Extension of nominating process beyond deadline


Faulkner v State Board of Education (named RPV)

    Reduction of Signatures to make ballot, COVID                exemption


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