Post Election Voting News, Resources, and Information

With so much controversy over Election Integrity, relevant news from various states is organized here in one place for ease of review.

Congressional Action on 2020 Election


Jan 15, 2020, Four Key Points About Trump and Incitement Law, Daily Signal

Jan 15, 2020, Here's What Might Happen if Senate Decides to Hold Second Impeachment Trial, Daily Signal

Jan 15, 2021, How the Media Helped Bring About Recent Events in the Capitol, Washington Examiner

Jan 14, 2020, What You Need to Know About Democrat's Nine Impeachment Managers, Daily Signal

Jan 14, 2021 GOP Senators See Constitutional Loophole in Convicting Trump, Washington Examiner

Jan 14, 2021, BLM Activist Charged With Participation in Capitol Riot, Washington Examiner

[John Sullivan founder of Insurgence USA was present when Ashli Babbitt was shot and facilitated the ransacking of the House Speaker's Office]

Jan 14, 2021, The House Impeached Trump Again, But What About the Trial?, Washington Examiner

Jan 7, 2021, U.S. Capitol Chief to Resign, Washington Examiner

Jan 7, 2021, Chain of Command: What Went Wrong During Capitol Siege and Why Wasn't It Stopped?, Washington Examiner

Jan 6, 2021 South Carolina Senator Tim Scott to Introduce Bill to Create Committee that Would Study Potential 2020 Election Fraud, Daily Caller  

Jan 6, 2021, Pipe Bomb Found: U.S. Capitol Evacuated After Group of Trump Supporters Storm Capitol Building, Daily Caller

Jan 5, 2021, Trump Attorney Suggests Pence Rejecting the Electors is Unconstitutional, Washington Examiner

Jan 2, 20201Cruz to Lead a Group of GOP Senators in Challenge to Electoral College, Washington Examiner

Dec  29, 2020, Here's What Happens During Congress' Electoral Vote Count, Daily Caller

Dec 22, 2020, Here's Why Trump's and GOP's Challenges to Election Results in Congress Next Month Won't Work, Forbes

Dec 22, 2020, Two NC Representatives Plan to Challenge 2020 Election Results in Congress Next Month, News & Observer

Dec 14, 2020, Three Things to Know as 2020 Election Challenge Moves to Congress, Daily Signal

Electoral College

Dec 14, 2020, California Electors Push Joe Biden over 270 Electoral Threshold, Delivering Him the Presidency, Daily Caller

Dec 10, 2020, Seven Things You Need To Know About Monday's Electoral College Vote, Daily Signal

Dec 1, 2020, Its Critics Are Wrong - Electoral College is a Bulwark Against Power Grab, Daily Signal



Jan 5, 2020, GOP Presses Supreme Court to Put Lawmakers in Drivers Seat for Future Elections, Washington Free Beacon

[Dispute Over Mail-in Ballots]

Dec 30,  2020, John Lott, A Simple Test for the Extent of Vote Fraud in the 2020 Election: Georgia and Pennsylvania, SSRN

Dec  30, 2020, DOJ Advisor Says 368,000 Fraudulent "Excess Votes" Tipped Election for Joe Biden, PJ Media


Dec 28, 2020, Fact Check: Was AT&T Awarded a Contract to Audit Dominion Voting Systems Machines, CheckYour Fact

Dec 25, 2020, 'No Basis in Reality': Dominion Voting Systems Blasts Giulani's Star Witness Mellissa Carone, Daily Caller

Dec 24, 2020, Election Officials, Local Lawmakers Target of Violent Threats, Washington Times

Dec 14, 2020, 'There is no Evidence': Voting Technology Company Smartmatics Targets Fox News, Other Outlets Over Defamation, Daily Caller

Dec 11, 2020, Texas Unsuccessful Lawsuit Raises Voting Issues States Should Heed, Daily Signal

Dec 11, 2020, Supreme Court Declines to Hear Texas Case on Election Results in Four Other States, Fox News [Alito and Thomas would have heard case]

Dec 9, 2020, A Month After the Election YouTube Decided to Crackdown on Election Misinformation, Daily Caller

Dec 9, 2020, Twenty-seven House Republicans Demand Special Counsel to Investigate Election Irregularities, Daily Signal

Dec 8, 2020, Texas Lawsuit: A 2020 Election Redo in 4 States? Here are the details of the Texas Lawsuit, Daily Signal

Dec 8, 2020, Dominion Voting Systems Received $120 Million from 19 states and 133 local governments to Provide Election Services, Forbes

Dec 1, 2020, Whistleblowers: Postal Service Labeled Trump Mail 'Undeliverable,' 338,00 ballots backdated, 'disappear', Washington Examiner

Nov 30, 2020, FRAUD: Native Americans Were Bribed With Gas Cards, Vacations to Vote Bided - Soros Money Involved, National File

Nov 19, 2020, Six Big Claims By Trump Lawyers, Daily Signal

Nov 15, 2020, Election Overtime: Six States with Voting Litigation, Controversies, Daily Signal

Nov 10, 2020, Trump's Election Lawsuits: A State-by-State Guide, Washington Free Beacon


Nov 10, 2020, Here's what You Need To know About Election Litigation in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona, Daily Signal

Nov 9, 2020, 4 Things To Know About Voting Machine Company That's Causing Stir, Daily Signal


Nov 6, 2020, What You Need to Know About Litigation Across the Country to Preserve the Trump Presidency, Daily Signal

Oct 28, 2020, Supreme Court Sides with Republicans, Won't Extend States Ballot Deadline, Integrity Forum

Oct 28, 2020, Supreme Court Rebuffs Republican Requests In Swing State Election Appeals, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 28, 2020, Eight States in Voting Lawsuits with Election Day Less Than a Week Away, Daily Signal


Dec 23, 2020, Judge Won't Force Maricopa County Officials to Obey Election Subpoena from Republican Legislators, Washington Times

Dec 15, 2020, 8th Lawsuit Fails to Overturn Presidential Voting in Arizona, Associated Press

Dec 7, 2020, Arizona Legislators to Call For Decertification of Election, Daily Caller

Dec 3, 2020, Analysis: After 100 Votes Sampled, Biden's Lead May Diminish to 0.19% of Total Vote, Disappear Entirely, National File

Nov 30, 2020, Four Takeaways From Arizona's Election Fraud Hearing, Daily Signal

Nov 30, 2020, FACT CHECK: Media, Dominion, Arizona Secretary of State Issue Contradictory Messages on 'SharpieGate' As Expert Say Its Real, National File


Jan 7, 2021, Trump Legal Team Pulls Four Georgia Lawsuits Aimed at Overturning Election, Washington Examiner

Jan 6, 2020, Raphael Warnock Unseats Kelly Loeffler as Ossoff-Perdue Race Too Close to Call, Washington Examiner


Jan 5, 2020, Report: Judge Denies Trump's Request To Decertify Georgia's Election Results, Daily Caller

Jan 5, 2020, Georgia Republicans Split on Congressional Electors Challenge, Washington Examiner

Dec 29, 2020, Rapper BRS Kash Featured at Ossoff-Warnock Event Under Fire For Joking About Rape, Daily Calller

Dec 26, 2020, Unprocessed Georgia mail-in ballot for Run-Off ]Election to be treated as Next-Day Mail, Live Updates

Dec 23, 2020, Georgia Secretary of State says No-Excuse Absentee Balloting Makes No Sense, Invites Fraud, Washington Times

Dec 23, 2020, Georgia Dem Candidate Ossoff Refuses to Release Further Financial Information After Controversial Payments Surface, Washington Free Beacon [Checks from China Were Cashed]

Dec 23, 2020, Attack Ads Dominate Airwaves, Galvanize Georgia Senate Runoff, Washington Times

Dec 18, 2020, Judge Denies Georgia GOP Lawsuit that Sought to Eliminate Voting Drop Boxes During Runoff, Daily Caller

Dec 18, 2020, Georgia Has Registered 76,000 New Voters Ahead of Runoff, Daily Caller

Dec 18, 2020, Facebook Takes the Muzzle Off Georgia Elections, But Is It Too Late, Washington Examiner

Dec 7, 2020, Georgia Secretary of State Says He Is Certifying Results After Three Recounts, Daily Caller

Dec 7, 2020, Federal Judge Reportedly Tosses Sidney Powell's Lawsuit, Forbes

Dec 7, 2020, No Mystery Ballots Hidden Under Table in Fulton County, Georgia Investigator Swears in Affidavit, Fox News

Dec 6, 2020, Dershowitz explains how Supreme Court Might Become Involved in Georgia Election Challenge, Fox News

Dec 4, 2020, Georgia Secretary of State Acknowledges Ballots Were Counted Illegally and in secret, National File

Dec 4, 2020, Governor Kemp calls on Georgia Secretary of State to Conduct Signature Audit of Ballots, CBS46

Dec 4, 2020, Georgia Governor Kemp Finally Calls for Signature Verification, Still Will Not Call Special Session of  Legislature, National File

Dec 4, 2020, New Videos Appear to Show Ruby Freeman, Daughter Pass USB in Room Full of Boxes, National File

Dec 4, 2020, Georgia's GOP Secretary of State Says He Has Already Investigation 'bombshell' video presented by Rudy Giulani, Daily Mail

Dec 3, 2020, For Highlights from Georgia's Senate Fraud Hearing, Daily Signal

Dec 2, 2020, Sidney Powell Gets Expedited Appeal in Georgia Dominion Case, Washington Examiner

Dec 1, 2020, Dominion Server Crashes in Georgia's Fulton County Delaying Vote Recount, Fox News

Dec 1, 2020, VIDEO: Dominion Worker Allegedly Caught Manipulating Voter Data in Georgia, National File

Nov 30, 2020, Judge Freezes Voting Machines in Three Georgia Counties, Politico

[The suit is one of two suits filed by Sidney Powell]

Nov 30, 2020, Georgia Secretary of State Investigating Warnock-led Voter Registration Group, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 26, 2020, Sidney Powell Shoves Her Chips 'All in" With Georgia Complaint Alleging Rigged Election - Part One, Red State

Nov 17, 2020, What You Need to Know About the Georgia Recount, Daily Signal

Nov 6, 2020, Georgia Voters could determine control of the U.S. Senate, Virginia Mercury


Dec 1, 2020, Iowa Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks Won Her Congressional Race By Just Six Votes, Daily Caller


Dec 14, 2020, Michigan House Strips GOP Lawmaker of Committee Assignments For Floating Violent Electoral College Disruption, Daily Caller

Dec 14, 2020, Crucial Logs Missing from Michigan County Dominion Voting Machines, Forensics Report, Epoch Times

Dec 7, 2020, Trump Lawyer: Independent Team Got Imaging from Forensic Audit of Dominion Equipment in Michigan, Daily Caller

Dec 7, 2020, Michigan Judge Rejects GOP Attempt to Overturn Election Results, Points to Lack of Evidence, Daily Caller

Dec 6, 2020, Giulani Sees Win in Michigan Court Ruling, Newsmax

Dec 2, 2020, Detroit: Trump Uses Data Charts to Expose Bizarre Biden Vote Dumps, National File

Dec 1, 2020, Four Takeaways from the Michigan Senate's Election Fraud Hearing, Daily Signal

Dec 1, 2020, MICHIGAN: Dominion Worker Says She Saw Her Bosses Engage in Fraud at Detroit Vote Counting Location, National File

Nov 23, 2020, Michigan Certifies its Election Results, Affirms Joe Biden Victory, Daily Caller


Oct 30, 2020 Appeals Court Orders Minnesota to Separate Mail-In Ballots Arriving After Election Day, Daily Signal


Dec 4, 2020, Pro-Biden Operatives Gave Native Americans Gift Cards, Jewelry in Exchange for Votes in Nevada, Daily Caller


Dec 4, 2020, Nevada Judge Tosses Trump Campaign's Election Challenge, Review Journal

Dec 3, 2020, Judge to Rule on Friday [Dec 4] on Trump Campaign Lawsuit to Overturn State's Presidential Results, The Nevada Independent

Dec 1, 2020, Presidential Campaigns to Examine Clark County Election Equipment, Las Vegas Journal Review

Dec 1, 2020, Here's Where Trump's Nevada Election Lawsuit Stands, WHAM ABC 13

Nov 25, 2020, Fact Check: Nevada's AG Did Not Admit to Changing Signature Verification Manually in Election, USA Today

Nov 6, 2020, Federal Judge Blocks Another Attempt to Stop Use of Signature Verification Machine in Clark County, Slow Verification of Mail-in Ballots, The Nevada Independent

North Carolina

Nov 24, 2020, President Trump Officially Wins North Carolina, WSOCTV

Nov 24, 2020, North Carolina Certifies November Genderal Results, Associated Press

Oct 29, 2020, US Supreme Court Rules in North Carolina's Absentee Ballots, When They Can Be Accepted, News & Observer 

Oct 15, 2020, Federal Judge Scolds North Carolina Election Board, won't block state court settlement, Carolina Public Press

Apr 9, 2020, Judicial Watch Sues to Force North Carolina to Clean Its Voter Rolls

Sept 25, 2014, Judicial Watch and AEF File Amicus In Support of Election Integrity Measure


Jan 5, 2020, Pennsylvania Senate Requests Delay in Certifying Electoral Votes Citing 'Questionable Activities', Washington Examiner

Dec 14, 2020, Pennsylvania Sheriff Switches Party Loyalty Over COVID Lockdowns, Daily Caller

Dec 7, 2020, Changed Supreme Court Schedule Gives Hope to Republican Challenges of PA's Mail-In Voting System, CBS Pittsburgh

Dec 7, 2020, MAGA Heads to Supreme Court With a Chance to Win Pennsylvania, National File

Dec 6, 2020,  U.S. Supreme Court Moves Up Deadline in Congressman's Bid to Upend Pennsylvania Election Results, Philadelphia Inquirer

Dec 1, 2020, Whistleblower: I drove thousands of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania, PJ Media

Dec 1, 2020, Pro-Trump Lawmakers ask Supreme Court to Just Nullify Biden's Pennsylvania Win, Daily Caller

Nov 30, 2020, Trump Litigation Appears to End in Pennsylvania While Proceeding in Georgia, Yahoo News

Nov 28, 2020, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Throws Out Rep Mike Kelly's Pro-Trump Lawsuit, Daily Caller

Nov 28, 2020, Fact Check: Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Claim Mixes Primary, General Election Data, USA Today

Nov 26, 2020, Expert Testifies: During Impossible PA Ballot Spikes, Biden Outpaced Trump 557,000 to 3,200, Coal Region Canary [Note: This source was used because major media only reported on a small number of witnesses, primarily Rudy Giulani]

Nov 25, 2020, Judge Orders Halt to Pennsylvania Certification of Election Results after State Certifies Results, Daily Caller

Nov 9, 2020, GOP State AGs Urge Supreme Court to Overrule Pennsylvania Court's Election Law Changes, Daily Signal

Nov 6, 2020, Justice Alito Orders PA to set aside all absentee ballots received after elections day, Wash Free Beacon

Nov 6, 2020, Watchdog Finds 21,000 Deceased Among Registrants on PA Voter Rolls in Final Weeks of Election, Washington Free Beacon


Dec 11, 2020, Van Duyne's Race for Texas' 24th Congressional District Cast As Pelosi's Most Bitter Loss, Fox News


Nov 16, 2020, Democrat Rep. Ben McAdams Concedes to Black Republican Burgess Owens in Utah Race, Washington Examiner


Nov 23, 2020, It's in the Code: Hanky-Panky in Virginia's Votes, American Thinker


Dec 24, 2020, Appeals Court Rips Trump Attempt to Flip Wisconsin, Washington Times

Dec 14, 2020, Wisconsin Supreme Court Rejects Trump Law Suit in 4-3 Decision, Daily Caller

Dec 11, 2020, Four Big Highlights from Wisconsin's Investigative Hearing on Election Fraud Allegations, Daily Signal

Dec 11, 2020, Wisconsin Supreme Court Takes Up Trump Case After Circuit Court Dismisses, Fox News

Dec 4, 2020, Wisconsin Supreme Court Deals Trump Election Challenges 3rd Defeat in 30 Hours, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Nov 24, 2020, Trump Sues to Stop Wisconsin Certification of Votes, Associated Press

Nov 19, 2020, In Wisconsin, Long Shot Recount May Just be Prelude to Court, Associated Press

Nov 13, 2020, New Lawsuit Seeks to Challenge Votes in Three Wisconsin Counties, NBC15

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