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Federal Policy

Presidential Records Act of 1978

Executive Order 13489 - Presidential Records January 21, 2009 (Barack Obama)


Mar 28, 2024, More Anti-Gun Groups Fabricate Mass Shooting Data, Second Amendment Foundation

Feb 28, 2024, Cable Warfare: New Undersea Threat Is Starting to Reshape Naval Wars, Naval News

Dec 20, 2023, The Full Map: All Ships Attacked by Yemen's Houthis in the Red Sea, Haaretz

Dec 7, 2023, As US Navy Bats Down Red Sea 'Threats', Analysts See Years-Old Security Problem, Breaking Defense

Nov 16, 2023, Women 'Deserve Better' than Misinformation on Chemical Abortion, Physician Says, Daily Signal

Nov  14, 2023, The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan Should Guide Our Approach to Russia, National Interest

Nov 9, 2023, A Chinese Dispute With the Philippines In a Test for America, The Economist

[China wishes to expose the U.S. as an unreliable ally]

Nov 9, 2023, Surge and Swarm: How China's Ships Control the South China Sea, Wall Street Journal

Sept 27, 2023, What We Do and Don't Know About Gender Transition Treatments on Minors, Daily Signal

Sept 7, 2023, China's New Naval Base in Cambodia Part of Global Plan to Challenge US,  American Liberty News

Sept 5, 2023, FBI Greatly Undercounts Active Shooting Incidents Stopped by Armed Citizens,  Daily Signal 

Aug 30, 2023, Pentagon's Global Train and Equip Program Plagues by Delays and Unreliable Equipment: GAO, Breaking Defense

Aug 9, 2023, Why Don't Young People Want to Join the Military?, USA Facts

June 28, 2023, Abortion Rates Skyrocketed in Post-Dobbs America, The Republican Standard

Jun 21, 2023, Which States Have the Highest Property Tax Burdens, USA Facts

June 14, 2023, An Rx for Persistent Problem of Prescription Drug Shortages, Daily Signal

May 2, 2023, Five Ways the Debit Limit Crisis Could Play Out, Washington Examiner

Apr 27, 2023, DOJ Inspector General Has No Answer for How Many In Government Can Spy on Americans Through Backdoor Searches, Daily Caller

Apr 14, 2023, That Kaiser Family Foundation Gun Study the Media Love is Garbage, The Federalist

Mar 10, 2023, More Retiree Health Plans Move Away from Traditional Medicare, New York Times

Feb 28, 2023, Which States Have the Lowest Tax Burdens?, USA FACTS

Feb 21, 2023, Two Migrants Stoned to Death by Smugglers on Southern Border, Daily Signal

Feb 21, 2023, Food Additives Banned in Europe Are Certainly Making Americans Sick: Experts, New York Post

Feb 19, 2023, Patients Are Dying in Emergency Rooms, Med Page Today

[Opinion: Call for HHS and CMS to address the issue of emergency department boarding. Board is what happens when they are no inpatient rooms and a patient waits in the halls until a room becomes available.]

Feb 19, 2023, 'Lucrative Business':  The Child Sex-Change Industry is Exploding in the US, Daily Caller

[Cross-sex changes bring massive cash influx to hospital, pharmaceutic and medical companies. The financial rewards are driving support for gender affirming care.]

Feb 16, 2023, Despite What You Might Have Heard, Wildlife Populations Are Thriving, Daily Signal

Feb 16, 2023, Dye Found in 90 Percent of Foods Has Harmful Effect on Gut: Study, New York Post

Feb 14, 2023, 2023 State of the Union in Numbers, USA Facts

Feb 10, 2023, Dozens of Hospitals Have Closed in States that Have Expanded Medicaid, Research Shows, Daily Caller

Feb 7, 2023, Most Women Who Had Abortions Say They Felt Pressure To Do So, Study Says, Daily Caller

[61% of women who admitted to having an abortion said they had external pressure to have the procedure, according to the Charlotte Lozier Institute]

Feb 6, 2023, Nine out of Ten People Hospitalized for the Flu Have at Least One Underlying Medical Condition, Medical Life Sciences News

Feb 6, 2023, Here's How Much Farmland Has Been Bought Up By China, Daily Caller

Feb 3, 2023, U.S. Health Care Reaches Record Lows After Decade of Obamacare, The Republican Standard

Feb 2, 2023, Prolific Autism Researcher Johnny Matson Has Two Dozen Research Papers Retracted by Elsevier, Spectrum News

[duplicated methodology, undisclosed conflicts of interest, and compromised peer review process]

Jan 4, 2023, Famous College Ranker Overhauls System After Law Schools Pull Out Due to Equity Concerns, The Star News Network

Dec 26, 2022, Five Places Where Companies Are Moving Their Supply Chains, Business Insider

2023 Farm Bill Primers, American Enterprise Institute

Dec 20, 2022, New Label Law Has Unintended Effect: More Sesame in Foods, Associated Press

Nov 22, 2022, From Skoliosexual to Graygender, We've Defined the Most Vexing of San Francisco's 130 Gender Options, Daily Caller

Nov 4, 2022, Biden Quietly Scrubs 5 Key Words From Nuclear Doctrine, Western Journal

Nov 3, 2022, US Capitol Police Had Live Video Feed Into Pelosi Home But Did Not Notice Break-in, Truth Press

Oct 24, 2022, Durham Exposes Missed Red Flags in Trump-Russia FBI Counterintelligence Probe, Truth Press

Oct 14, 2022, Four Myths Jon Stewart Perpetuated About Radical Gender Theory, Daily Signal

Oct 11, 2022, Fourteen Ways Marijuana Harms Users Mentally, Physically and Financially, Daily Signal

Sept 27, 2022, CIA Saw Nordstream Gas Pipeline Blasts Coming Weeks Ago, Daily Caller

[Blasts occurred underwater in the Baltic on both the parallel Nordstream 1 and parallel Nordstream 2 Lines]

Sept 17, 2022, Veterans Take Their Own Lives Far More Often Than Official Records Show Study Finds, Daily Caller

Aug 29, 2022, Nine Past Climate Change Predictions, Daily Signal

Aug 26, 2022, Major Liberal Think Tanks Able to Collect Foreign Government Cash Without Reporting It, American Liberty News

Aug 24, 2022, Why Biden's Student Loan Bailout is Unfair, Daily Signal

Aug 10, 2022, American Bar Association Scraps Controversial Diversity Proposal After Blowback, Washington Free Beacon

[Law Professors warned that proposal reqiring law schools to diversify their student bodies would lead to illegal discrimination]

Aug 7, 2022, Here's the Truth About What the Inflation Reduction Act Would Do, Daily Signal

Aug 2, 2022, Time Is Running Out to Prepare for War in the Pacific, The National Interest

Aug 1, 2022, Terrorism Experts Quickly Note Major Problem As Biden Celebrates Killing of Al Qaeda Leader, Daily Wire

Aug 1, 2022, US Intel Kills Leader of Al Qaeda Who Took Over After Bin Laden, Reports Say, Daily Wire

July 29, 2022, A Math Error Cost the Government Cost the Government $200 Billion on Student Loans. Here's How., Daily Caller

July 25, 2022, Getting Ready for a Long War With China: Dynamaics of a Protracted Conflict in the Western Pacific, American Enterprise Institute

July 11, 2022, The Koch-Soros Crackup, Washington Free Beacon

[The jointly-funded Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft fold up the appeasement think tank}

July 6, 2022, Child Smuggling Linked to Big Tech Platform Usage, Republican Informer

[Criminal organizations use social media for recruitment of minors]


June 30, 2022, Guatemalan President Says Biden's Border Confusion Is Encouraging Smugglers to Exploit Children, Daily Caller

June 5, 2022, Analyst Warns China Could Exploit US Military Weakness, American Liberty News

[China building missiles and carriers to exploit US weakness]

May 30, 2022, What Happens To Abortion State By State If Roe Is Overturned, Daily Signal

May 27, 2022, The Biden Administration is Dragging Its Feet on Transgender-Focused title IX Overhaul. Here's Why, Washington Free Beacon

[Long-awaited title IX changes may eliminate due processes, open women's spaces to biological men]

May 16, 2022, Dems Say They Want Semiconductors Manufactured in USA But Push Bill That Would Effectively Ban Their Production Here, Western Journal

May 9, 2022, Chinese Carrier Strike Group Continues Drills Near Japan, US Naval Institute News

May 6, 2022, Report to the Congress on Hypersonic Weapons, USNI News

May 6, 2022, US Spy Put Top Secret Files Online, And Left Them Exposed, American Liberty News

May 6, 2022, How A Network of Retired Lawmakers Boosts CCP Influence in Washington, Washington Free Beacon

[The Association of Former Members of Congress has hosted multiple events for the United States-China Exchange Foundation, China's leading think tank in the US. It is the only remaining organization to do so.]

May 3, 2022, Massive Chinese Fleet Seen Barreling Toward US Military Port in Japan, Daily Caller

Apr 28, 2022, How Israel Use Innovation to Beat Its Water Crisis, Israel 21C

Apr 27, 2022, Trust the Experts: Economists Across the Board Say Democrats Minimum Wage Hike Would Spike Inflation, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 22, 2022, A New Horizon for the US-Uzbekistan Relationship, Daily Signal

[An allyagainst Russia in the Central Asia region with a market-based economy]

Apr 19, 2022, U.S. Concerned After China Says It Signed Security Agreement with Soloman Islands, Reuters

Apr 18, 2022, Why Russian Tanks Are Getting their Turrets Blown Clean Off in the Ukraine, American Liberty News

[Russia has emphasized mass production for overwhelming force, but tanks with auto ammunition loading appear to be less resilient and vulnerable to vibration and shaking setting off ammunition]

Apr 15, 2022m, Ukraine SInks Russia's Third Largest and Best Defended Warship - The Moskva, American Liberty News

[Sinking of Russian Black Sea Flagship raises questions about the effectiveness of its defenses]

Apr 14, 2022, Here Are the Times Democrats Pushed Policies That RAISED Energy Prices for Americans, Daily Caller

Apr 9, 2022, China Stockpiling Nuclear Weapons At An Alarming Rate: Report, Daily Caller

Apr 8, 2022, Exposed: The Russian Companies That Will Get Billions from New Iran Nuclear Deal, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 5, 2022, Presidential Historian Larry Schweikart Explains How Six Presidents Fought the Swamp in Washington, Daily Signal

Apr 3, 2022, Russian Oligarch Says Next Step for Putin's War May Be Invasion of Baltic Countries: 'He's at War with the United States and NATO', Business Insider

Apr 3, 2022, Ukraine Identifies 600 Sites Quietly Compromised by China Just Days Before the Invasion, Western Journal

Mar 30, 2022, NFL Will Require Every Team to Hire Minority Offensive Coach for Upcoming Season, Truth Press

Mar 22, 2022, What You Need to Know About Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, Daily Signal

Mar 21, 2022, Biden's Weakness in Ukriane-Russia Has Only Emboldened China In A New Kind of War, Daily Signal

Mar 15, 2022, New Iran Nuclear Deal Will Create 'Sanctions Evasion Hub for Putin', Experts Say, Washington Free Beacon


Mar 14, 2022, How Russia's War on Ukraine Can Impact the United States, USAFacts

Mar 14, 2022, Here's Why Everyone is Talking About Ukrainian Bio-labs, Daily Caller

Mar 8, 2022, How Environmentalists Help Putin, Daily Signal

Mar 4, 2022, 'Decisive, Overwhelming Force': How China Will Learn from Russia's Invastion of Ukraine, Daily Caller

Mar 3, 2022, Analysis: How Biden's Energy Policies on Crude Oil and Natural Gas Enabled Putin's Aggression in Ukraine, Daily Caller

Mar 3, 2022, Answers to 6 Big Questions About Putin's Nuclear Threats, Daily Signal

Mar 1, 2022, 'Sophisticated' New Chinese Hacking Tool Found Spurring US Warning to Allies, Reuters via South China Morning Post

Feb 24, 2022, How Three Seas Initiative Could Be Antidote to Russia's Energy Coercion, Daily Signal

Feb 23, 2022, The Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Explained, Daily Signal

Feb 21, 2022, What Happens to Old Batteries in Electric Cars?, Consumer Reports

[More than 100 fully-electric models will be for sale in 2024]

Feb 18, 2022, Revisionist Media 'Explainer' Articles Insist That Nobody Spied on Trump, Daily Signal

Feb 16, 2022, The Weird Ideas and Shoddy Science Behind Free Government Crack Cocaine Pipes, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 12, 2022, Why Voter ID Laws Make Sense, Daily Signal

Jan 11, 2022, How Kazakhstan's Unrest Threatens America's Interests, Daily Signal

Jan 11, 2022, Congress Must Strike While Iron's Hot to Preempt Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, Daily Signal

[However Democrats in Congress who supported sanction on the pipeline are backing off]

Jan 2, 2022, Five Major issues the US Military Will Face in 2022, Washington Examiner

Dec 30, 2021, How Have State and Local Governments Used Their American Rescue Relief Funding?, Washington Examiner

Dec 27, 2021, Russia 'not bluffing' on NATO Rollback to 1997 Boundaries, Warns of 'Large Sscale Conflict in Europe; Washington Examiner

Dec 25, 2021, Here are the 2022 Risks that Official Washington is Talking About, Daily Caller

Dec 23, 2021, FDA Used Incomplete Data to Justify Deregulation of Chemical Abortion Pills, Data Shows, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 21, 2021, European Natural Gas Prices Hit Record After Russia Cuts Pipeline, Daily Caller

Dec 20, 2021, Despite What the White House Says, Obamacare is Deeply Troubled, Daily Caller

Dec 17, 2021, Biden's Many Anti-energy Policies Are Hurting Producers, Consumers Allike, Daily Signal

Dec 16, 2021, It's Official: Texas Border Wall Construction Begins, Daily Wire

[Texas begins building border wall]

Dec 16, 2021, Biden Administration Offers Bonuses to Doctors Who Implement 'Anti-Racism Plans' and Rewards for 'Trauma-Informed Care', Washington Free Beacon

Dec 14, 2021, Trashed UN Pamphlets Found in Mexico Tell Immigrants How to Get Refugee Status in the United States, National File

Dec 12, 2021, Fortenberry Indictment Raises Questions About FBI Tactics, Politico

[FBI secretly recorded Representative in probe of illegal sources from abroad]

Dec 10, 2021, Most Commonly Spoken Language in the US After English and Spanish, Visual Capitalist

[Mandarin and Cantonese in many states]

Dec 11, 2021, Why Can't We Talk About the Murder Wave?, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 10, 2021, CBO Releases New Build Back Better Analysis, Adds Trillions to Estimate If Programs Become Permanent, Daily Caller

Dec 10, 2021, Fifty-five Dead After Truck Smuggling Migrants Crashes, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 10, 2021, Inflation Hits Highest Level in 39 Years, Daily Caller

Dec 9, 2021, China Vows To Fire On US Troops That Come To Taiwan's Aid, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 9, 2021, How Trial Lawyers Team With Leftist Activists to Hurt Consumers, Daily Signal


Dec 8, 2021, House Passes Major Defense Bill, Here's What In It, Daily Caller

Dec 7, 2021, Biden Bureaucrats Quietly Increase Federal Control Over Health Care, Daily Signal

Dec 7, 2021, Deportations Plummet 90 Percent on Biden's Watch, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 6, 2021, U.S. Officials Scrambling as China Moves to Establish First Atlantic Base in Africa, Daily Wire

Dec 6, 2021, Document: Here's Why Israel Designated Six Palestinian Charities as Terrorist Groups, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 5, 2021, US Intelligence Warns of Russia Planning Massive Military Offensive Against Ukraine, Washington Examiner

Dec 1, 2021, Here are the Key Takeaways from the Supreme Court Abortion Case Hearing, Daily Signal

Nov 29, 2021, Doctors Warn New Medical School Guidance Would Lead to Unqualified Doctors and Unscientific Medicine, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 23, 2021, The Responsiveness of Medicaid Spending to Federal Subsidy, Hoover Institution

[Medicaid spending per enrollee responds to the magnitude of the federal subsidy. States that exercised the optionto expand under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) increased Medicaid spending per enrollee on enrollees who were eligible even before the ACA by approximately 15 percent.

Nov 21, 2021, Durham Instigation Intrigue: Sergei Millian, An FBI Plant?, Team Tucker Carlson

Nov 18, 2021, Supreme Court Takes Up Challenges to Near Limitless Power of EPA, Daily Signal

Nov 17, 2021, Missile Tests By Both Russia and China Should Be Wake Up Calls for Biden Administration, Experts Say, Washington Examiner

Nov 17, 2021, Surge in Fentanyl Seizures Show Cartels Taking Advantage of Lax Border Policies, DHS Officials Say, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 16, 2021,  Four Highlights from Mayorkas' Testimony on Border Crisis, Daily Signal

Nov 16, 2021, Biden's Infrastructure Bill Likely to Worsen Supply-Chain Issues, Daily Signal

Nov 15, 2021, U.S. Engagement with Indo-Pacific Requires Greater Trade and Investment, Daily Signal

Nov 12, 2021, Democrats Push Tax Credit to Incentivize Donations to Unions, Daily Signal

Nov 12, 2021, Medical Research Embraces 'Systemic Racism' as Truth, Risking Credibility, Daily Signal

Nov 9, 2021, To Protect Women, Trust the Science on Abortion, Daily Signal

Nov 5, 2021, Merrick Garland Abuses His Authority to Suppress Dissent, Daily Signal

Nov 5, 2021, Biden's Means Tested Mandate is Worse than We Thought - Here's How He is Punishing Unvaccinated Employees, Team Tucker Carlson

Nov 5, 2021, Biggest Means-Tested Welfare Increase Would Hurt Not Help Poor, Daily Signal

Nov 5, 2021, Biden White House is Bypassing Fiscal Review Process to Push Spending Bill Through - This is Irresponsible, Daily Signal

Nov 4, 2021, Biden's Botched Exit from Afghanistan Just Got Worse For Young Girls, Daily Signal [sales of child brides has increased]

Nov 2, 2021, As Russia Invests in the Arctic, America Falls Behind, Daily Signal

Nov 2, 2021, How the Doha Agreement Guaranteed US Failure in Afghanistan, Hoover Institution

Nov 2, 2021, Obama's Top Economic Chief Rips Democrats Over 'Obscene' Tax Moves That would do More for the Super Rich, Daily Wire

Oct 31, 2021, Mandate Madness in NYC: 26 Firehouses Close, Sanitation Not Picking Up Garbage, Massive Protests, Team Tucker Carlson

Oct 27, 2021, Ten Ways Biden's 'Build Back Better' Bill Will Kill Economic Opportunity, Daily Signal

Oct 24, 2021, Fauci Questioned on Cruel Beagle Experiments With Sand Flies Causing Parasites, Daily Mail

Oct 21, 2021, US Military is 'right there on the edge' - Here's What's Driving Its Marginal Status, Daily Signal

Oct 13, 2021, 'Build Back Better' Would Make Medicaid Bigger, But With Less Flexibility, Daily Signal

Oct 9, 2021, Chinese Hackers Breached Afghan Telecom Company as US Withdrew, Washington Free Beacon

[Breach could yield lots of user data]

Oct 8, 2021, Biden's Taxes Would Hit Many Americans, Daily Signal

Oct 7, 2021, Biden's Justice Department Clueless that Censorship of Parent is Sure to End Badly, Daily Signal

Oct 5, 2021, 'Build Back Better' Sets in Place a Government Option and Sets Up Single Payer Insurance, Daily Signal

Sept 29, 2021, FBI Statistics Show a 30 Percent Increase in Murder in 2020. More Evidence that Defunding the Police Wasn't a Good Idea, Daily Signal

Sept 28, 2021, Seven Takeaways as Generals Testify on Afghanistan, China Phone Calls, Daily Signal

Sept 27, 2021, Five Things You Need to Know About Paid Family Leave Program in Progressives $3.5 Trillion Spending Package, Daily Signal

Sept 26, 2021, Abandoned IDs Show  Southern Border Haitian  Refugees Held Chilean Refugee Status, Daily Caller

Sep 15, 2021, Report Calling for Troop and Retiree Cuts is Grossly Misleading, Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)

September 7, 2021, Meet the Woke Non-Profits Behind the CDC's New Inclusive Communication Guide, Washington Free Beacon

September 7, 2021, Top Medical Group Pushes Late Term Abortion with Misleading Studies, Washington Free Beacon

[American Association of Obsteticians and Gynecologists has deep ties to the abortion industry]

September 3, 2021, Texas State Senator Breaks Down the Heartbeat Act: Here's How It's Enforceable, Daily Caller

September 2, 2021, Group that Rescued Dogs in Afghanistan Said CDC Policy on Rabies Stopped Transport of K-9s from Airport, Fox News

August 17, 2021, Dictators Are Using Interpol to Shape America's Legal System. It's time to change that, Daily Signal

August 17, 2021, Here's What You Need to Know About the Situation in Afghanistan, Daily Signal

August 17, 2021, Jake Sullivan Presides Over Yet Another Foreign Policy Disaster, Washington Free Beacon

August 15, 2021, Pro-Amnesty Groups Supplied These Five Key Players on Biden's Immigration Team, Daily Signal

August 9, 2021, What You Need to Know About Biden's New Ill-Conceived Executive Order on Electric Vehicles, Daily Signal

July 19, 2021, Eleven Examples of Why Government Shouldn't Go After Lawful Gun Industry, Daily Signal

July 17, 2021, 'A Blaring Siren' for Democrats After Ruling Halts DACA, Associated Press

July 13, 2021, Federal Court Rules Over 18 but Under 21 Handgun Gun Bans Are Illegal, The Federalist

July 6, 2021, Why You Should Still Care About Big Labor's Disproportionate Clout, Daily Signal

July 2, 2021, 'Picking Winners and Losers': Here's How Congress' Anti-Trust Legislation Avoids Regulating Many Big Tech Companies, Daily Caller

June 28, 2021, Biden's Medicare Plan Spells Trouble for the Whole System, The Hill

June 28, 2021, Biden Administration is Skewing Carbon Numbers to Push Regulations, Daily Signal

June 27, 2021,  Dershowitz's Lesson in Cultivating Respect for Free Speech, Real Clear Politics via Hoover Institution

June 25, 2021, Tough Questions About Electric Vehicles Unasked, Unanswered By the Green Left, Daily Signal

June 24, 2021, Proposed Credit Reporting Requirement May Be A Precursor To Discriminatory Lending Quotas, Daily Signal


June 23, 2021, Four Keys to Understanding How Illegal Immigrants Fly to New Homes in America, Daily Signal

June 22, 2021, Millions of Blacks Emigrating to the U.S. Disapprove of Our Alleged "Systemic Racism", Daily Signal

June 21, 2021, Climate Disclosures and Their Stealth Mission, Hoover Institution

June 9, 2021, OMB Director Shalanda Young Defends Controversial 'Birthing People' Reference in Biden's Federal Budget, Washington Free Beacon

['birthing people' is woke language used with the intention of being more inclusive of those who do not have gender identities. This term replaces maternal and the role of mothers in society]

June 9, 2021, Nine Reasons Why Federal Unemployment Bonus Subsidies Need to Go, Daily Signal

June 8, 2021, Senate Report Reveals 'Widespread Breakdowns' in Intelligence, Security Around Jan 6 Riot, Daily Caller

May 29, 2021, Latest Economic Indicators Show Red States Crushing Blue States - Here's Why, Washington Examiner

May 26, 2021, Breaking Down Biden's 'Ghost Gun' Rules, Daily Signal

May 24, 2021, The Problem with the Nonbinary Trend, Washington Examiner

May 23, 2021, Not Just Another Drought: The American West Moves from Dry to Bone Dry, Resilience

May 23, 2021, Obama's Top Economist: Unemployment Benefits, Not Lack of Childcare, Could Be Harming Recovery, High Daily Caller

May 21, 2021, Analysis: The CDC's Guidance Change Can't Have Been Driven By Science, Daily Caller

May 21, 2021, Three Pitfalls of Bidenomics, Washington Examiner

May 19, 2021, Israel and Hamas are at War Again. Here's What the US Should Do about It., Daily Signal

May 18,  2021, What Americans Should Know About Interpol Abuse, Daily Signal

May 15, 2021, Biden Administration's Gender Policies are Contradictory and Unscientific, Washington Examiner

May 13, 2021, Seven Points from Homeland Secretary's Grilling on the Border, Daily Signal

May 13, 2021, Coming to America: Africans, Caribbeans Flocking to 'Systemically Racist' US, Daily Signal

May 13, 2021, Landmark Climate Study Says Melting Arctic Ice Won't Lead to More Severe Cold Weather, Washington Free Beacon

May 12, 2021, Repealing the SALT Deduction Cap Is Not The Way to Help the Middle Class,  Washington Examiner

May 11, 2021, How Biden's Tax Plan Will Harm Working Families and Small Businesses,  Washington Examiner

May 10, 2021, How Court Packing Power Grab Endangers Rights, Threatens Nations Foundations, Daily Signal

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