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Election Integrity

The latest news on election integrity

May 15, 2024, Ohio Removes Numerous Non-Citizens From VOter Roles, Calls for Biden Administration to Take Action, Western Journal

May 2, 2024, 'Election Interference': Bragg Case Gag Order Puts Unprecedented Limitations on Trump Campaign, Daily Caller

Apr 9, 2024, DC Attorney General Will Not Bring Suit Against Left-Wing Dark Money Group, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 8, 2024, Ban Zuckerbucks Nationally, Washington Examiner

[Wisconsin was the 28th state to ban private funding of elections recently. Analysis showed that the Zuckerburg's $400 million to the Center for Tech and Civic Life and Center for Election Innovation and Research went exclusively to Democratic urban areas]

Apr 4, 2024, Election Vendor VOTEC Hits Texas Counties With Surcharge for Software Supporting Voter Registration Systems, Associated Press

Apr 1, 2024, RNC Files Lawsuit Over Michigan Secretary of State's Handling of Absentee Ballots, American Liberty News

Mar 30, 2024, NJ Judge Says Scrapping Controversial Ballot Design Applies Only To Democratic Primary, Not the Republican Primary, Politico

[The judge ruled in favor of a Democratic candidate who complained that the 'County Line' which has a column for party endorsed candidates. Republicans said the ruling did not apply to them. The judge agreed.]

Mar 30, 2024, Connecticut Becomes the Latest State to Approve Early Voting, The Hill

Mar 28, 2024, Election Integrity Win: Appeals Court Says Undated Pennsylvania Ballots Don't Count, Patriot Uncensored

Mar  28, 2024, Federal Courts Hand Republicans Congressional Map Wins Two Days in a Row, Western Journal

[Federal judges approved congressional maps in Florida and South Carolina that are viewed as favorable to Republicans.]

Mar 28, 2024, RNC Wins Major Election Integrity Victory in Pennsylvania, Trending Politics

[In a 2-1 decision among 3 Democrat appointed judges, they sided with Republicans on requiring verification signatures before expanding mail-in voting in Pennsylvania]

Mar 27, 2024, New Mexico Accused of Hiding More Election Records, Daily Signal

[NM Official won't disclose key information about new signature-verification equipment for putting candidates on ballot.]

Mar 26, 2024, As Election Day Nears, Trump Press Secretary Says Campaign Will Have 'Soldiers' At Polling Stations, American Liberty

Mar 22, 2024, Vote-Counting Machine Foes Hoped For A surge of Success in New Hampshire - They Barely Got a Ripple, Associated Press

Mar 21, 2024, Top Milwaukee Democrat Found Guilty in Shocking Voter Fraud Scheme, Trending Politics News

Mar 20, 2024, RNC Sues Nevada Secretary of State Over 'Impossibly High" Voter Rolls, Daily Wire

Jan 7, 2024, Is Georgia's Election System Constitutional? A Federal Judge Will Decide in Trial Set to Begin, Associated Press 

[Election activists allege that Dominion Voting System Touchscreen Machines are so flawed Georgia  Elections are unconstitutional]

Mar 14, 2024, How Election Misadministration Disenfranchised Voters in Kodiak Alaska's GOP Presidential Caucus, The Federalist

Mar 12, 2024, How Mac Warner is Fighting the Worst Election Interference in U.S. History, The Federalist

[Mac Warner is the Secretary of State for West Virginia and running as a Republican for Governor]

Mar 8, 2024, Michigan has more registered voters than eligible citizens in 53 counties, Says RNC Lawsuit, The Federalist

Feb 20, 2024, Swing State Nevada Voting Irregularity Exposed After Voters Who Sat Out Election Had their Votes Cast Anyway, Western Journal

Feb 19, 2024, Wisconsin Governor Signs New State Legislative Maps Into Law, Ending GOP Gerrymander,  NBC News

Feb 9, 2024,  Federal Judge Rules in Favor of DiSantis on Challenge to Election Law, Disantis Daily

Feb 9, 2024, Arizona Prevents Election Recount Nightmare With a Bipartisan Fix, NBC News

Feb 8, 2024, Wisconsin Republicans Urge State Supreme Court to Reject Redistricting Report's Findings, Associated Press

Jan 20, 2024, DC Bar Association Files Disciplinary Charges Against Lawyers Over Election Fraud Claims, The Hill

Jan 17, 2024, Republicans Intervene in DNC Lawsuit Over New Hampshire Election Law, American Liberty News

Dec 28, 2023, Federal Judge Signs Off on Georgia's New Republican Drawn Congressional Maps, Freespoke 

Dec 23, 2023, Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down GOP-Drawn Legislative Maps, American Liberty News

[Court sided with Democrats that Republican maps had created two-classes of voters through extreme gerrymandering]

Dec 21, 2023, Kansas Attorney General Urges County to Keep Ballots Longer Than Is Allowed to Aid Sheriff's Probe, Associated Press

Dec 19, 2023, China Meddled More Aggressively in 2022 Elections Because It Did Not Fear Biden Admin Retaliation Intel Report Finds, Daily Caller 


Dec 12, 2023, Supreme Court Allows Texas' Galveston County to Use a Map Judges Deemed a racial Gerrymander, NBC News

[Three liberal justices dissented over using 2021 map for local elections.]

Dec 9, 2023, Jack Smith Reveals Sweeping Scope of Bid To Debunk Trump Election Machine Claims, Politico

[The report raises serious questions about federal employee behavior and ethics]

Dec 6, 2023, After Democrat Wins Election By One Vote in Louisiana - Judge Makes Shock Decision Calling for New Election, PJ Media

Dec 6, 2023, Nevada AG Announces Felony Charges Against Trump 2020 Alternate Electors, Truth Press

Nov 29, 2023, Arizona Cochise County Election Officials Indicted for Allegedly Interfering in Midterm Election Count, ABC News

Oct 22, 2023, Mike Lindell Wi-Fi Monitoring Devices Banned From Kentucky Polls, Truth Press

Oct 21, 2023, Inside the Meeting of Republican Electors Who Sought to Thwart the Biden's Election Win in Georgia, AP

Oct 6, 2023, Youngkin's Elections Team Says It Mistakenly Removed 270 Voters From the Roles, Wash Post

Oct 6, 2023, New Mexico Judge Rules Against Republicans in Redistricting Case, NPR

Oct 5, 2023, Federal Court Approves Alabama Congressional Map That Could Give Dems Another Seat, Daily Caller

Oct 5, 2023, Live Oak CA Intoxicated Teacher Caught Teaching Second-Graders After Driving to Work Impaired, Law Officer

Oct 3, 2023, Wisconsin Senate Republicans Vote to Reject Commissioner Who Backed Disputed Top Elections Official, AP


Sept 27, 2023, New Mexico Republican Party Takes The State's Congressional Map to Trial, NPR

Sept 27, 2023, Bipartisan Ohio Commission Unanimously Approves New Maps That Favor Republican Legislators,  Associated Press

Sept 27, 2023, 2023 Elections Bring New Scrutiny to 'Sore Loser' Rule, Virginia Mercury

[State pushes back on Democratic Candidate's Lawsuit Seeking to Undo Primary Loss]

Sept 24, 2023, Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Wisconsin Election Chief,, Truth Press

Sept 20, 2023,  Press Release: Virginia Has Signed Agreements with Six States As Part of Improvements to Accuracy of Voter Lists, Virginia Department of Elections

[Washington, D.C.; Georgia; Ohio; South Carolina; Tennessee; and W. Virginia]

Sept 20, 2023, Republican Groups Sue New York, Governor Over Absentee Voting, The Hill

Sept 19, 2023, Pennsylvania Governor Shapiro Announces Automatic Voter Registration in Key Swing State, CBS News

Sept 19, 2023, Republicans Win a Temporary Freeze in Redistricting Win in New York, Politico

Sept 4, 2023, Mississippi Democrat Says There Was Fraud in Democratic Primary, Truth Press

Aug 1, 2023, Trump Allies in Michigan Charged With Possession of A Voting Machine, Washington Examiner

July 13, 2021, Court Rules for Democrats in Major New York Congressional Redistricting Dispute, Truth Press

July 10, 2023, Top Democratic Operatives Were Quietly Pulling Strings at a Voting Rights Group. They May Have Broken the Law, Washington Free Beacon

[Dark Money Group, Arabella Advisors, through The New Venture Fund sought to control the non-partisan group Secure Democracy]

June 27, 2023, Supreme Court Rejects Independent State Legislature Theory in North Carolina Case, Virginia Mercury

May 20, 2023, 70K Votes Not Verified, Election Must Be Set Aside: Lake Attorney's Closing Argument, Truth Press

Apr 14, 2023, Maricopa County Agrees to Pay Massive $175,000 Fine For Actions During 2022 Election Cycle, Western Journal

Apr 11, 2023, Entire Buckingham County Elections Office Resigns After Baseless Election Fraud Accusations, Virginia Mercury

Apr 5, 2023, Swiss Billionaire-backed Dark Money Group Pours Millions into Biden-allied Groups, Washington Examiner

[Hansjorg Wyss established the Wyss Foundation that funds groups such as the Berger Action Fund]

Mar 28, 2023, Report: Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Kansas Congressional Map, American Liberty

Mar 22, 2023, Kari Lake Submits Final Brief to Arizona Supreme Court Requesting Review, Star News Network

Mar 21, 2023, Ohio Latest Republican State to Drop Out of Voter Registration Initiative, Star News Network

[Florida, Missouri, West Virginia, Louisiana, Alabama]

Mar 8, 2023, Virginia Saw More than 25,000 Ballots Cast Via Same-Day Voter Registration Law, Virginia Mercury

[Convenience caused extra work for registrars]

Mar  5, 2023, Minnesota Convicted Felons Win Right to Vote: New Law Gives 55,000 Former Inmates the Right to Vote, Truth Press

Mar 4, 2023, Arizona Supreme Court Agrees to Expedite Kari Lake's Election Lawsuit, Truth Press

Feb 24, 2023, Explosive Testimony at Arizona Senate Elections and Municipal Oversight and Elections Joint Meeting Accuses Hobbs, Fontes, Runbeck, and Judges of Racketeering, Star News Network

Former Arizona Republican AG Brnovich Sat on Records Refuting 2020 Election Fraud, Associated Press

[Former Arizona AG did not find report from two investigators credible, Democrats has filed 8 bar association complaints against Brnovich]

Feb 8, 2023, 'Zuck Bucks 2.0': Liberal Group Uses Legal 'Magic Trick' to Fund Election Offices, Watchdog Groups Say, Daily Caller

[The Zuckerberg funded Center for Tech and Civic Life funded an $80 million initiative U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence which is targeting election offices with grants, training, resources, and consulting services, even in states that block public funding for election offices.]

Feb 2, 2023, Ottawa County Michigan Spurns $1.5 Million in Private Election Funding Amid Growing 'Zuckerbucks' Backlash, The Star News Network

Jan 20, 2023, The Supreme Court is Weighing a Theory That Could Upend Elections, Here's How, NPR

[Potential impact of 'independent state legislature theory']

Jan 17, 2023, Heritage Foundation Election Fraud Database Tops 1,400 Cases, Daily Signal

Jan 16, 2023, Runbeck: Election Firm Involved in Maricopa County's Alleged Chain-of-Custody  Violations, The Star News Network

Jan 2, 2023, Printer Settings Were Changes on Arizona Voting Machines on Election Day Report Finds, Liberty News

Dec 23, 2022, Democrats Rolled a New Election Law into $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill, Truth Press

Dec 23, 2022, Georgia Supreme Court Rules on 2020 Election Ballots Cases, Tells Lower Court to Reconsider, Western Journal

Dec 18, 2022, Arizona Election Officials in Maricopa County Reconcile 15,000 Vote Disparity, Truth Press

Dec 8, 2022, Biden State Dept Not Very Fired Up Over Foreign Influence in Elections that Went Well For Dems, Daily Caller

Dec 7, 2022, Supreme Court Wrestles With 'Independent State Legislature' Theory in Election Case, Washington Examiner

[Moore v Harper is a dispute between voting rights advocates and the North Carolina State Legislature over Republican gerrymander of 14 house seats and whether there should be judicial review over state legislative maps]

Nov 20, 2022, Election Results Reversed in Major Georgia County After Memory Card Found With Uncounted Votes, Truth Press

Nov 15, 2022, Nevada's Vote-by-Mail System Is A Total Disaster, Daily Signal

Nov 11, 2022 Judge Orders Two Voting Machines in NJ Opened to Retrieve Data, Truth Press

[Poll Worker Prematurely Removed Thumb Drives, machines will be opened to retrieve all of the votes]

Nov 8, 2022, Midterm Voting Mostly Problem-free in Battleground States, Voting Advocates Report, Virginia Mercury

Nov 7, 2022, These 400 Elections Over Two Years Show How 1 Voter Can Make a Difference, Daily Signal

Nov 7, 2022, Wisconsin Judge Won't Order Sequestering of Absentee Ballots, Associated Press

Nov 6, 2022, Google Is Shifting Votes On A Massive Scale, But a Solution Is At Hand, Daily Caller

Nov 6, 2022, National Guard Cybersecurity Units Have Been Activated Ahead of the Midterm Elections, Truth Press

Nov 6, 2022, Left-Wing PBS, NBC Reporter Has Been Illegally Voting in Florida, Complaint Alleges, Truth Press

Nov 5, 2022, PA Voter Database Suffers Outage As Election Day Nears, Truth Press

Nov 4, 2022, Shot Fired at Family Home of North Carolina GOP Rep Candidate Pat Harrigan in Hickory, American News Nation

Nov 4, 2022, If Republicans Win on Nov 8, Thank The Election Integrity Movement, The Federalist

Nov 3, 2022, Breaking: Milwaukee Election Official Fired for Alleged Election Fraud, Post Millenial

Nov 2, 2022, Teen Vogue Magazine Spreads Election Misinformation to Critical Voting Block, American Liberty News

Nov 2, 2022, Conservative Org Files Ethics Complaint Over John Fetterman's Land Purchases, Daily Caller

[Center for Accountability and Government Ethics - CAGE - filed complaint over alleged PA non-profit violation land purchases in Braddock, PA where he was mayor]

Nov 1, 2022, Processing of 149,000 Virginia Voter Records Delayed, The Republican Standard

[Records were stuck online between Dept of Motor Vehicles and Voter Registrars]

Oct 27, 2022, RNC Files 73 Election Integrity Lawsuits Ahead of 2022 Midterm Elections, Truth Press

Oct 27, 2022, Pennsylvania Sends Out 240,000 Unverified Ballots, Truth Press

Oct 26, 2022, Ohio Elections Chief: Precincts Cannot Take Absentee Ballots, Associated Press

Oct 24, 2022, NY Judge Declares 'Vote By Mail' Law Unconstitutional, Truth Press

Oct 24, 2022, Virginians in No. Virginia and Southwest Get Voter Notices With Incorrect Information, Daily News Record

Oct 21, 2022, Is Conservative Poll Worker Interference Really a Concern?, Wired Conservative

Oct 12, 2022, US Supreme Court Overturned Controversial Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Return Lower Court Ruling, Truth Press

[The Supreme Court invalidated a lower court ruling that mail-in ballots that lacked a mandatory date would be counted in a 2021 judicial race.]

Oct 4, 2022, Konnech CEO Eugene Yu Arrest for Theft of Personnel Data of LA County Election Workers, Truth Press

[LA County District Attorney George Gascon arrested Yu in Michigan. Gascon insists the theft had no impact on votes. The NYT Times called the allegations of data theft a conspiracy theory by election deniers.]

Oct 3, 2022, Former Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman Michael Myers Jailed For Committing Fraud to Help Democrats, Daily Wire

[Myers was sentenced to 2 years of jail after pleading guilty of conspiracy to deprive voters of civil rights, bribery, obstruction of justice, falsification of voting records, conspiring to illegally vote in a federal election, and orchestrating schemes to fraudulently stuff ballot boxes for specific democrats in 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Pennsylvania elections.]

Oct 17, 2022, New Round of Ohio Investigations Allegedly Shows 75 More Individuals Who Voted Twice in 2020, Ohio Secretary of State Press Release

[More than 630 people have been charged with alleged voter fraud in Ohio in 2020]

Oct 1, 2022, Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams Loses Election Lawsuit, Truth Press

Sept 28, 2022, Kentucky Sen Mitch  McConnell Backs Post-Jan 6 Revision to Elections Law, WLKY

[McConnell said, "The chaos that came to a head on Jan. 6 of last year certainly underscored the need for an update,"]

Sept 27, 2022, Southern Virginia Republican Primary Battle Heats Up After Misdemeanor Complaint, The Republican Standard

Sept 23, 2022, Flint Michigan Election Director Suddenly Resigns, Truth Press

Sept 22, 2022, US House Passes Bill Reforming Electoral Count Act to Stop Repeat of Jan 6, Virginia Mercury

[Senate developing separate version of legislation]

Sept 21, 2022, Democrats Have Set Their Sights on Another Key State's Voting Laws, Daily Signal

[North Carolina]

Sept 15, 2022, Delaware Judge Nathan Cook Ruled No Excuse Mail In Voting Unconstitutional, Fox News

[Judge also upheld same day voter registration law ahead of mid-term elections]

Sept 13, 2022, 'Troubling': The DOJ is Hiding Biden's Voter Registration Plan, Daily Caller

Sept 10, 2022, Miyares Turns Up the Heat on Election Integrity Enforcement, The Republican Standard

Sept 10, 2022, New Evidence of Voting Irregularities Reported in Florida Aug Primary, Truth Press

[Florida First Freedom Alliance reports that More than 1,000 Mailed in Absentee Ballots came from Undeliverable Addresses in Orange County]

Sept 9, 2022, After Biden Says 5 Red States Suppressed Vote - It Turns Out Their New Laws Boosted Voting, Daily Signal

Sept 9, 2022, Press Release: Miyares Announces New Election Integrity Unit, Office of the Attorney General

Sept 7, 2022, Former Prince William County Virginia Election Official Michelle White Indicted on Corruption Charges from 2020, Fox News

Aug 30, 2022, Colorado Democratic Judicial Chair Indicted on Felony Voter Fraud in 2020 Election, Truth Press

Aug 29, 2022, Who Has the Worst State Election Laws? These States According to Scorecard, Daily Signal

[In order of worst first: Hawaii, Nevada, California, D.C., Oregon, Vermont, Washington/New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, Nebraska]

Aug 29, 2022, FBI's Brazen Response to Zuckerberg Claim About Hunter Biden Just Makes Them Look Worse, Western Journal

Aug 27, 2022, Pennsylvania Changes Voter Registration Form, Combines With Mail-in Ballot Application, Truth Press

[Decision to change form was unannounced and comes immediately before early voting period and is already confusing voters]

Aug 26, 2022, Former Edinburg Texas Mayor Acquitted in Ballot Harvesting Voter Fraud Case, Daily Signal

Aug 25, 2022, Voting Machine Tampering Points to Concern For Fall Election, Associated Press

Aug 16, 2022, Alaska Primary Results, Fox News

[Alaska is using a ranked-choice voting process which will take time to produce its results, Sen Lisa Murkowski will advance to general election,. She is only US Senator who voted to impeach President Trump who is running for reelection.]

US Supreme Court Blocks Georgia Public Utilities Commission Election Law as Potentially 'Racially Discriminatory', Truth Press

[Lower Court may restore it before November 2022 Election]

Aug 22, 2022, New Rules Guide These Four States That Had Closest Election Margins in 2020, Daily Signal

Aug 17, 2022, Special Prosecutor and Virginia State Police Trying to Sort Out Elections Drama in Nottaway  County, Virginia Mercury

Aug 15, 2022, Radical Los Angeles Prosecutor Narrowly Dodges Recall, Washington Free Beacon

[Attorneys blame out-dated signature standards for failure of petition to oust Gascon, high incidence of failure to match addresses and names]

Aug 10, 2022, Los Angeles Rejecting Votes to Oust Radical Prosecutor at 'Shockingly' High Rate, Recall Campaign Says, Washington Free Beacon

[George Gascon recall effort up-in-the-air after campaign reveals outdated signature verification process]

Aug 3, 2022, Latest Takeover of Federal Elections Violates the Law, Daily Signal

Aug 3, 2022, Arizona Primary Election Update: How many votes are left to count in Maricopa County?, AZCentral

[Process of counting is now slower because of volume of signatures on early voting ballots that must be verified]

Aug 2, 2022, Wisconsin Clerks Refer 10 New Voter Fraud Cases from 2020 Election, Truth Press

Aug 1, 2022, Federal Judge Novak Throws Out Second Redistricting Lawsuit Seeking New Virginia Elections, Virginia Mercury

[Click HERE to read opinion: 'This federal court cannot usurp the authority that the Constitution grants Virginia over its elections.']

July 29, 2022, Florida Dem Congressional Candidate Annette Taddeo May Have Illegally Transferred Campaign Assets, Daily Caller

[Taddeo is a former gubernatorial candidate now running for U.S. Congress. The allegation is that funds from a state account were transferred to a federal account]

July 22, 2022, Prominent Conservatives Reviewed Voter Fraud Lawsuits, Concluded No Election Fraud, 

[Link to report by conservative lawyers, retired judges, and former US Senators]

July 19, 2022, Latest Election Fraud Cases Underscore the Importance of Election Integrity, Daily Signal

July 18, 2022, Prominent Conservatives Reviewed Voter Fraud Lawsuits, Concluded No Fraud in 2020 Election,

Link to Report

July 13, 2022, Same-Day Voter Registration Is Coming to Virginia. Here's How It Will Work, Virginia Mercury

[Click here to read the two new laws providing extended time for certain persons to register to vote]

July 8, 2022, Wisconsin Supreme Court Disallows Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes, Politico

[Court did not address whether anyone other than the voter can return his or her ballot by mail]

July 6, 2022, Federal Judge Upholds Georgia's Voter Integrity Law, Conservative Fighters

July 3, 2022, Virginia Ranks 43rd in Index Evaluating State Campaign and Finance Laws, The Republican Standard

June 27, 2022, NY Supreme Court Eliminates Law That Allowed 800,000 Non-Citizens to Vote, Western Journal

June 27, 2022, NY State Supreme Court Strikes Down NYC Law Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote, Daily Caller

June 23, 2022, US Supreme Court Rules That North Carolina Republicans Can Defend Photo ID Law, Washington Free Beacon

June 22, 2022, After Democrats Omar, Waters Caught Paying Family Members - Republicans Introduce Family Campaign Ban, PJNewsletter

June 13, 2022, Federal Judge Expedites Lawsuit Seeking New Virginia House Elections, US News


June 9, 2022, Behind Party Lines: Colorado Democrats Change Party Affiliation to Republican Ahead of GOP Primary, Truth Press

[Democrats plan to vote against Lauren Boebert]

June 7, 2022, More Than 8,000 Double-Registered Voters Found on New Jersey Rolls, Truth Press

June 7, 2022, Arizona Judge Rejects GOP Challenge to Mail-In Voting in Arizona, Truth Press

June 5, 2022, Georgia Recount Shows Massive Difference Between Machine Count and Hand Count, Truth Press

June 2, 2022, 19,000 Late, Invalid Ballots Were Counted in Arizona 2020 Election: Report, Truth Press

June 1, 2022, Alleged Voter Fraud Leads to Overturned Local Election for Compton California Council Election, Truth Press

May 26, 2022, Michigan GOP Governor Hopefuls Off Ballot, Court Fight Next, Associated Press

May 25, 2022, Brian Kemp, Herschel Walker Win Georgia Primary Races, Truth Press

[Hotly Contested Secretary of State Race Still Undecided]

May 20, 2022, Liberal Dark Money Group Fund for a Better Future Bankrolled By Swiss Billionaire Hansjorg Wyss Gave Millions to Stacey Abrams' Voting Non-Profit, Washington Free Beacon

May 18, 2022, Printing Error Affects At Least 21,000 Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballots, Truth Press

May 6, 2022, Judge Rules Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Qualified to Run for Re-election, Truth Press

May 6, 2022, Michigan State Police Seize Voting Machine During Investigation into 2020 Election Breaches, Truth Press

May 6, 2022, Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Oz Voted in Turkish Election, Days After Skipping US Election Records Show, Washington Free Beacon

May 5, 2022, Judge: Paul Goldman's Effort to Link Abortion to Virginia Election Case Is Patently Inappropriate, Virginia Mercury

Apr 27, 2022, New York's Highest Court Strikes Down Democrats 'Undemocratic' Gerrymandering, Washington Free Beacon

[All 7 Democrat-appointed judges vote against the redistricting plan]

Apr 26, 2022, Why Tennessee's New Residency Requirement for Congressional Candidates in Blatantly Unconstitutional, Daily Signal

Apr 24, 2022, Are Democrats and Joe Biden Up to Their Old Election Tricks?, NY Post

[Comments on Dinesh D'Souza's Documentary '2000 Mules']

Apr 21, 2022, New York's Congressional Maps Were Improperly Gerrymandered Mid-Level Court Concludes, Politico

Apr 20, 2022, Anti-Semitism Rocks Congressional Campaign in Tennessee, Washington Free Beacon

[Tennessee State Senator Frank Nicely who Successfully fought to remove Morgan Ortagus from ballot made anti-Semitic remark about his effort]

Apr 20, 2022, Tennessee Republicans Remove Trump-Backed House Candidate Morgan Ortagus and Others From Republican Primary Ballot, The Hill

[Tennessee Republican Party has a rule that candidates must have voted in last three of four GOP primaries.]

Apr 19, 2022, Left-Wing Group's Challenge Seeking to Remove Majorie Taylor Greene From Ballot Can Go Ahead, Judge Rules, Truth Press

[Free Speech for People alleges Green violated the Constitutions Disqualification Clause by allegedly participating in an insurrection on Jan 6, 2021]

Apr 18, 2022, How Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Rigged the 2020 Election to Defeat Trump, Daily Signal

Apr 18, 2022, Judge Rejects Stacey Abrams' Effort to Challenge Georgia Fundraising Law, Truth Press

Apr 13, 2022, It's Snowballing: More Zuckerberg Election Interference Exposed - Biden Counties Got 92% of Grants for Election 'Safety', Western Journal

Apr 13, 2022, Gov Youngkin Demands Chair of Hampton Electoral Board Resign After Racist Tirade, The Republican Standard

Apr 12, 2022, New York Lieutenant Governor Resigns Following Arrest for Campaign Finance Scheme, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 11, 2022, Iowa Democrat Candidate for US Senate Finkenauer Knocked Off Primary Ballot, ABC News

[Judge ruled Finkenauer did not collect enough signatures in two counties]

Apr 10, 2022, Georgia Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney: 2020 Election Records in Fulton County Georgia Must Be Preserved Indefinitely, Truth Press

Apr 4, 2022, Trump Lost AZ By 10,457 Votes But Look At Eerie Number of AZ Federal-Only Voters Who Voted Without ID, Western Journal

Apr 5, 2022, 'Smoking Gun': Special Counsel Durham Publishes Documents Showing Clinton Lawyer Sussmann Put His Lie in Writing to the FBI, Truth Press

[Link to Durham Court Filing]

Apr 2, 2022, Republicans Score Last-Minute Redistricting Victories, Truth Press

Apr 1, 2022, Judge Throws Out New York Dems' Dream Redistricting Map, Daily Caller

Mar 31, 2022, Election Watchdog True the Vote Finds 137,500 Ballots Unlawfully Trafficked in Wisconsin, Truth Press

[True the Vote presented the findings to the state Assembly's Committee on Campaigns and Elections]

Mar 28, 2022, New Peer-Reviewed Research Finds Evidence of 2020 Voter Fraud, Real Clear Politics

Mar 28, 2022, Study Raises New Questions About 2020 Election Results in Six States, Daily Signal

Mar 22, 2022, Instead of Trying to Win Election Fair and Square, Democrats in Wisconsin Are Trying to Kick Republicans Off of The Ballot Entirely, Western Journal

Mar 15, 2022, Wisconsin Commission Declines to Sanction Fake 2020 Trump Electors, Washington Examiner

Mar 12, 2022, Elections Official in Flint, Michigan Charged with Ballot Tampering in August 2020 Primary, Truth Press

[Election official intentionally broke a seal to prevent a possible recount]

Mar 8, 2022, Ten Thousand Uncounted Ballots Found in Texas' Most Populous County (Harris)in 2022 Primaries, Truth Press

Mar 3, 2022, How This Oklahoma State Senator Wants to Make Elections More Secure, Daily Signal

[Bill would require that absentee ballots have watermarks/bar code for every absentee ballot to prevent fraud]

Mar 1, 2022, Wisconsin Special Counsel Finds Mark Zuckerburg's Election Money to Five Democrat Stronghold Counties Violated Wisconsin's Bribery Laws, Truth Press

Feb 28, 2022, Arizona Senate Study Estimates 200,000 Ballots in 2020 County With Mismatched Signatures, Truth Press

Feb 14, 2022, Michigan Secretary of State Requests Inquiry Into Possible Voting Equipment Breach, Washington Examiner

Feb 10, 2022, Election Law Landscape in Constant Flux Ahead of Midterm Elections, Daily Signal

Feb 10, 2022, Biden Bureaucracy Secretly Intends to Turn Out Voters After Election Takeover Bills Fail, Daily Signal

Feb 8, 2022, Analysis: U.S. Supreme Court's Alabama Ruling Signals New Threat to Voting Rights Law, Reuters

Jan 31, 2022, Voter Registrars Want to See State Election Integrity Campaign Continue, Daily News Record

Jan 28, 2022, Pennsylvania Court Rules State's Mail-In Voting Law Is Unconstitutional, Daily Wire

Jan 26, 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Makes Smart Decision to Go After Election Crimes - Media Attacks Him, Daily Signal

Jan 25, 2022, Wisconsin Rep. Introduces Resolution to 'Reclaim' 2020 Presidential Election Ballots, Newsweek

Full Text of Wisconsin Assembly Joint Resolution 120 introduced by Wisconsin State Representative Ramthun on January 25, 2022.

Election Administration at State and Local Levels According to the National Conference of State  LegislaturesNNational Conference 

[This givess you an idea of the complexity of election administration throughout the States.]

Definition of Ballot Trafficking/Harvesting:

Ballot trafficking is an activity in which absentee ballots and votes are solicited, sometimes in exchange for money or other valuables. They are then collected through a process called “harvesting” and delivered to drop boxes by intermediaries (someone other than the voter), who are often paid a per-ballot fee by partisan actors.

Here are some of the sections of the Virginia Code Related to Ballot Fraud, Handling, Tampering.


24.2-707. How ballots marked and returned by mail. [Absentee voting] "On receipt of a mailed absentee ballot, the voter shall, in the presence of a witness, (i) open the sealed envelope marked 'ballot within' and (ii) mark and refold the ballot . . . without assistance and without making know how he marked the ballot . . ."

  "After the voter has marked his absentee ballot, he shall (a) enclose the ballot in the envelope provided for that purpose, (b) seal that envelope, (c) fill in and sign the statement printed on the back of the envelope in the presence of a witness, who shall sign the same envelope, (d) enclose the ballot envelope and any required assistance form within the envelope directed to the general registrar, and (e) seal that envelope and mail it to the office of the general registrar or deliver it personally to the general registrar. . . . For the purposes of this chapter, 'mail' shall include delivery by a commercial delivery service, but shal not include delivery by a personal courier service or another individual except as provided by Section 24.2-703.2 and 24.2-705." [Emphasis added]

24.2-1004. Illegal voting and registrations. "A. Any person who wrongfully deposits a ballot in the ballot container or case a vote on voting equipment, is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor." [Voting more than once, being registered in more than one location, state, territory]

24.2-1005. Bribery, intimidation, etc., of person receiving ballot


24.2-1005.1 Communication of false information to registered voter. [impeding a voter to vote]

24l.2-1007 Soliciting or accepting bribe to influence or procure vote. "No person shall solicit or accept directly or indirectly any money or any thing of value to influence his or another's vote in any election. Any person vilating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. This section applies to any election and to any method used by a political party for selection of its nominees and for selection of delgates to its conventions and meetings."


24.2-1008. Selling, giving away, or counterfeiting ballots. "Any person who (i) wrongfully sells or gives to any person an official ballot or copy of a facsimile of or device or plate used to reproduce such ballot or (ii) counterfeits or attempts to counterfeit the official ballot or the seal used on that ballot shall be guilty of a Class 5 felony."


24.2-1009. Stealing or tampering with ballot containers, voting or registration equipment, software, records or documents.


24.2-1012. Offenses as to absentee voters. [violation of absentee voting procedures, fraudulently signing the name of an absentee voter]


24.2-1015. Conspiracy against rights of citizens under this title.


24.2-1019 Complaints and allegation concerning election law offenses.

A National Election in the United States is really 51 ( including the District of Columbia)  separate state elections directed by each state's legislature (or D.C. government) that together produce a national election result.  Each state selects its electors under Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. What emerged in 2020 were basic issues of election integrity in certain jurisdictions or for specific processes in state elections. 


Virginia Election Integrity Actions

The Rockingham County Republican Committee had a representative for the accuracy testing of voting machines in September 2021 and was present for every day of the 2021 post-election canvas on November 3,4,5, and 8, 2021. Local voter registration records were updated monthly throughout 2021.


The State of Virginia also spent $1.5 million on an election intregrity ad campaign.

The Rockingham County Republican Committee monitored the local Risk-Limiting Audit on February 2021.  The report on statewide audit results can be found here

The purpose of conducting a Risk Limiting Audit is generally to ensure the accuracy of an election BEFORE it is certified. Normally, there are three levels: polling of samples from precincts, partial recount, and full recount as necessary to ensure accuracy of the data – all done BEFORE certification. The Virginia RLA is being done several months AFTER the certification of results to ensure machine accuracy. Any errors that may be found will have no impact on the election for which ballots were sampled.


The position of the Republican Party of Virginia is that this is an ineffective exercise that wastes taxpayer money and does not accomplish any of the tasks of a Risk Limiting Audit, which is to ensure the accuracy of election results before they are certified. Why do it at this point? Well, the only possible purpose at this point is to give the appearance of accuracy of the election process and the equipment. Logic and Accuracy testing of the equipment before the election already provides a review of election machine accuracy.



As the United States has sought to help other countries implement democratic reforms, the U.S. Agency for International Development has developed a number of resources for assisting countries with conducting elections that produce governments that have legitimate standing with its citizens. These resources include a robust toolkit as well as many examples of election processes and results which were analyzed. These are useful tools for understanding the 2020 U.S. election and making corrections for the future. Republican lawyers used these tools to challenge problematic areas.


"The most fundamental principle defining credible elections is that they must reflect the free expression of the will of the people."  - USAID

A Guide to Elections Forensics, U.S. Agency for International Development, July 28, 2017

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