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Promise and Viability
of Green and Progressive Agendas

Green Policy

Sept 14, 2023, House Passes Bill to Protect Gas-Powered Cars Amid California's Electric Vehicle Push, Daily Signal

Sept 6, 2023, Offshore Wind Industry Facing Massive Headwinds as Enthusiasm Dwindles, Losses Mount, Daily Signal

Sept 5, 2023, The Histrionic Follies of Volcano Deniers: What Hunga Tonga Teaches About Climate Scinece, John Klar/Substack

Sept 5, 2023, Scotland Sees Pollution Increase After Imposing Climate Restrictions, Frontline News

Aug 18, 2023, Downed Powerlines Near Bird Sanctuary Likely Caused Maui Wildfires, Truth Press

Aug 17, 2023, Hawaiian Electric Focused on Promoting Green Energy Instead of Wildfire Preparedness, Daily Signal

Aug 15, 2023, Montana Judge Rules in Favor of Climate Activists in First of Its Kind Ruling, American Greatness

July 25, 2023, Experts Say Decades of Recycling Hype Have Dramatically Backfired, Science Alert

July 20, 2023, Europe Highlights False Assumptions Underlying Assumption of Mainstream Environmental Policy, Daily Signal

[Should have focused on energy independence and kept nuclear power]

July 6, 2023, Toyota Claims Battery Breakthrough That Will Lead to 745-mile Range, Inside EVs

July 6, 2023, Failed Wind Farm Site Is Biggest Land Sale in Maine This Year, Bangor Daily News

July 4, 2023, Carbon 'Capture' Tech Is Booming and Confusing,

June 28, 2023, Hydrogen Economy Get a Boost With New Low Cost Catalyst, Oil Price

June 27, 2023, Why The Wind Power Industry Has Hit Turbulence, Reuters

June 22, 2023, How Renewable Energy Prosumers Are Decentralizing the Grid, Oil Price


May 31, 2023, Debunking Another Misleading Green Energy Study, Daily Signal


May 29, 2023, Malaysian Researcher Hossein Mohammadhosseini About to Be Up to 10 Professional Journal Retractions on Sustainable Concrete, Retraction Watch 

May 22, 2023, Majority of United States Faces Elevated Risk of Summer Blackouts Amid Green Energy Push, Washington Free Beacon

May 4, 2023, Hydrogen Is Still in The Game, But Maybe Not for Cars, Hagerty Media

May 4, 2023, US' Largest Clean Energy Infrastructure Project Is Kicking Off Construction, Electrek

(SunZia windpower and electric transmission project in Southwestern US)

Apr 18, 2023, Green Energy and Equity Efforts: Where Are Infrastructure Dollars Going?, Washington Examiner

Apr 14, 2023, USPS Balks at Dem Plan to Turn Post Offices into Charging Stations, Washington Free Beacon

[USPS concerned adding stations would clog parking and slow down mail]

Apr 11, 2023, Poll: Nearly Half of Americans Say It is Unlikely Their Next Car Will Be an Electric Vehicle, CNBC

Apr 4, 2023, Green New Boondoggle: California's Power Grid Needs $9 Billion to Go Green, Washington Free Beacon

May 28, 2023, New Study Explores How Long EV Batteries Actually Last, Yahoo News

May 25, 2023, Biden Administration Announces New Restrictions on Air Conditioners, America News Nation

[This week Energy Sec Granholm announced new standards for room air cleaners and room air conditioners to take effect in 2024]

Mar 23, 2023, Women Are less Likely to Buy Electric Vehicles Than Men - Here's What's Holding Them Back, Inside Climate News

Mar 23, 2023, Inflation Reduction? Dems' Climate Spending Spree Cost $1.2 Trillion, Analysts Say, Daily Caller

Mar 13, 2023, How Biden's New Washing Machine Rules Could Ruin Laundry Day, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 12, 2023, The Real Price of Wind and Solar, Wall Street Journal

[First pay for renewables, then pay for the slack]

Mar 9, 2023, VW Reconsiders EV Battery Factory Location Lured by US$10 Billion in US Government Tax Subsidies, Notebook Check

Mar 9, 2023,  One State Generates Much, Much More Renewable Energy that Any Other State - And It's Not California, Inside Climate News

[Texas, All states are listed]

Mar 3, 2023, Tesla Did Introduce The Model 2 This Week at $26,000, But Kept It Quiet, Forbes

Mar 3, 2023, Xiaomi Makes A Big Breakthrough in Solid-state Battery Technology, Arena EV

Mar 1, 2023, California Toxic Waste Dumped in Arizona, Utah, AZ Central

Mar 1, 2023, Will Electric Car Batteries Stall California's Mandate, Cal Matters

Feb 28, 2023, How Biden's 'Green Energy Economy' is Benefiting Left-Wing Billionaires, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 27, 2023, Genetically Modified Trees Are Growing in Forests for the First Time, IFL Science

[The genetically modified trees absorb more carbon than natural trees]

Feb 27, 2023, You Apple iPhone is Charging Slowly Because Apple Wants To Fight Climate Change, Washington Free Beacon

[Apple automatically turns on feature to reduce user's 'carbon footprint']

Feb 27, 2023, Not So Clean After All: Biden's Favorite Ford F-150 Electric Truck Gets Metal From Brazilian Refinery That's Killing People, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 27, 2023, Report: Electric Vehicle Owners Face 'Logistical Nightmare' in Charging Cars, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 22, 2023, EV Battery Manufacturers Pollute to Keep Up With Demand, Jalopnik

[The Indonesian Morowali Industrial Park is polluting a paradise. Current environmental damage from mining and manufacturing of EV Batteries and their disposal which remains unknown must be weighed carefully in developing government policy moving forward]

Feb 21, 2023, University of Maryland Scientists Discover Lithium Replacement From Crabs That May Revolutionize EV Batteries: 99.7 percent efficient over 400 hours, The Cool Down

[There are now weekly articles such as this giving positive push to the EV industry, but it remains to be seen whether such technology will be developed]

Feb 13, 2023, Cummins Retiring Two Engines With New X10 Engine, Freightwaves

[Engine will meet 2027 emissions standards and run on multiple fuels]

Feb 13, 2023, 10 Most Promising EV Battery Stocks According to Analysts, Yahoo News

Jan 22, 2023, What Will the Unnamed Partner Mean for Dominion Partners, Jefferson Policy Institute

Jan 16, 2023, Meet the Green Energy Group Behind Calls to Ban Gas Stoves, Washington Free Beacon

[Rocky Mountain Institute institute partnered with China to implement 'economy-wide transformation' Away from Oil and Gas]

Jan 2, 2023, Biden Admin Quietly Reinstates "Overreaching' EPA Rule Potentially Regulating 'Puddles and Ditches', Fox Business News

[This rule allows for bureaucrats to engage in lots of mischief in rural areas]

Dec 30, 2022, Slaven: Four Questions to Ask Climate Change Alarmists, Daily Caller

Dec 28, 2022, Georgia Rivian E.V. Plant Named Worst Economic Development Deal of 2022, Reason

Dec 23, 2022, A $3.5 Billion EV Battery Plant in South Carolina Will Convert Millions of Old Batteries into New Parts, Singularity Hub

Dec 23, 2022, Green Battery Backed by Billionaires Gates, Bezos, and Branson Plans Factory in West Virginia to Reshape Energy System, Recharge

Dec 21, 2022, Groundwater Replenishes Much Faster Than Scientists Thought, PhysOrg

Dec 21, 2022,  New Method Can Break Down 95% of Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' in About 45 Minutes, Science Alert

Dec 20, 2022, Researchers at SUNY ESF Are One Step Away from Re-Populating Trees That Became Extinct Almost 100 Years Ago, New York Upstate

Dec 20, 2022, Solar Power World Record Broken in "Really Big Leap' for Solar Power, Independent (UK)

[As with all 'leaps' how adaptable is the leap to manufacturing?, how marketable in a competitive market?, and what timeline to market?]

Dec 18, 2022, Google Gobbled Up Nearly 300 Million Gallons of The Dalles, Oregon City Water Amid Drought, Tried to Keep It Secret, Truth Press

Nov 23, 2022, Ford Explains How To Make an Electric Vehicle Go Farther in the Cold, Fox News

Nov 22, 2022, How Long Do Electric Car Batteries Last? Question at the Top of EV Buyers List, US News

Nov 21, 2022, Aeromine's Cutting Edge Motionless Wind Turbine Needs No Blade, Interesting Engineering

Nov 21, 2022, Biden Agrees to Pay Climate Reparations - and China, the World's Top Carbon Emitter, Could Benefit, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 19, 2022, RV Giant Thor Industries Partners With Electric Vehicle Company, RV Travel

Nov 17, 2022, California Klamath Dam Demolition in US History Set for Western River, NPR 

[Klamath River Dams were built to control flooding after devastating flood s in the 1960s, but during recent drought years the dams appear unnecessary]

Nov 5, 2022, Electric Vehicle Push Promises Unprecedented Problems, American Liberty News

Nov 4, 2022, Biden Says Coal Plants 'All Across America' Will Be Shut Down and Replaced, Truth Press

Nov 4, 2022, The EPA's New Methane Rules Could Force Small Oil and Gas Drillers Out of Business, Daily Caller

Oct 5, 2022, Rep. Cline Blasts Biden-Buttigieg Green Energy Handouts, The Republican Standard

Sept 20,, 2022, Pink Energy Solar Company Shuts Down Suddenly Without Warning Leaving Virginia Residents Searching for Answers, WRIC

[Pink Energy was formerly known as PowerHome Solar]

Sept 20, 2022, What Virginia Wants to Do With Electric Vehicle Charging Money, Virginia Mercury

Sept 19, 2022, Don't Believe the Hype About Antarctica's Melting Glaciers, Wall Street Journal

[Two studies carefully explore the factors at play, but headlines are meant to raise alarm]

Aug 29, 2022, Nine Past Climate Change Predictions, Daily Signal

Aug 24, 2022, Renewables Subsidy Chaos Coming, The Jefferson Institute

Aug 24, 2022, 'Extremely Challenging': California Set to Ban Gas-powered Cars, Daily Caller

Aug 9, 2022, Nancy Pelosi's Son, A 'Green Technology' and 'Lithium' Investor was an 'Unnamed Guest' on Her Taiwan Trip, Daily Caller

Aug 6, 2022, Biden's Civil War on Energy is Leaving Endless Collateral Damage in its Wake, Daily Caller

Aug 6, 2022, Democratic Proposal Could Make 70 Percent of Electric Vehicles Ineligible for Tax Credit, Daily Caller

July 26, 2022, Solar Installation Hastens Loss of Virginia Farmland, The Jefferson Institute

July 19, 2022, Biden Poised to Declare Climate Emergency to Ram Through Green Agenda: Report, Daily Caller

July 15, 2022, Sri Lanka Collapses, Dutch Farmers Revolt. Blame 'Green' Policies, Daily Signal

July 11, 2022, Biggest Reason Why People Aren't Buying Electric Cars, Epoch Times

July 9, 2022, Regulators Approve $55 minimum bill for Dominion solar. It in the country the most expensive in the country, Virginia Mercury

July 1, 2022, North Dakota Rules on Bill Gates Farmland Purchase of more than 2,100 Acres, Western Journal

[Bill Gates owns more than 270,000 acres of land and is the largest owner of farmland in the United States]

July 1, 2022, Dutch Farmers Rise Up and Block Roads and Highways with Tractors Over Climate Tyranny, Western Journal

June 30, 2022, U.S. Supreme Court Delivers Massive Blow to Biden's Climate Agenda, daily Caller

[Limits authority of EPA to act unilaterally]

June 30, 2022, Virginia SCC Asked to Put Wind Failure Risk on Dominion, Not Customers, Jefferson Institute

June 29, 2022, Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) is Reminded: Ratepayers Bear All Risk of Dominion Wind Turbines, Jefferson Institute

June 17, 2022, Not One Pickup Truck With a Diesel Engine is Recommended By Consumer Reports, Motor Biscuit

May 8, 2022, Utilities Push Back Against Growth of Rooftop Solar, NBC News

May 3, 2022, Biden's Plan for 'Climate Friendly' Military Vehicles, Daily Signal

Apr 29, 2022, Earth Day Activists Ignore Big Wind's Carnage to Eagles, Daily Signal

Apr 26, 2022, Five TakeAways from Virginia's Landmark Solar Survey, Virginia Mercury

Apr 21, 2022, 18 Spectacularly Wrong Predictions Were Made Aroun d the Time of the First Earth Day, Expect More This Year, American Enterprise Institute

Apr 23, 2022, Video: Fed Up Commutters in Vancouver, Washington Drag Climate Protesters Off Highway at Ironworkers Memorial Bridge, Western Journal

Apr 20, 2022, Biden's EPA Caught Using 'Rescue Plan Funds" - Fox News Report Claims They Used Millions for Green Infrastructure Plan, Patriot Journal

Apr 7, 2022, California's Sky-high Electricity Prices Bring a Shock to Biden's EV Dream, Daily Caller

Apr 7, 2022, Three Recent Examples of Governt Environmental Extremism, Daily Signal

Apr 5, 2022, 'Relic of the Past': Democrats Cheer Biden's Fuel Economy Standards That Will Make Cars More Expensive, Daily Caller

Mar 28, 2022, Tilting at Windmills: How Biden's Green New Deal Threatens Whales, Daily Signal

Mar 19, 2022, Cost of Charging EV versus Refueling Gas Vehicles, CNBC

[Electricity prices have risen, but still cheaper to recharge electric vehicles]

Mar 10, 2022, Dominion Energy's Proposed Charge for Solar Program Is Absurdly High, Virginia Mercury

Feb 6, 2022, Are Electric Cars the New Diesel Scandal?, Daily Mail (UK)

Dec 29, 2021, Illinois Green Lights Emission-Heavy Power Plant Shortly After Passing Clean Energy Bill, Daily Caller

Dec 17, 2021, Key Permit Approved for Controversial Virginia's Mountain Valley Pipeline, The Republican Standard

Dec 13, 2021, Green Energy Push is Contributing to Forced Labor, Slavery, Daily Caller

[solar panels are made in western China with forced labor by Uighurs]

Dec 10, 2021, A Different Perspective on Global Warming, Daily Signal

Dec 8, 2021, Electric Vehicle Push is Sparking Massive Deforestation, Environmental Damage, Daily Caller

Nov 5, 2021, Dominion Offshore Wind Price Tag Jumps by $2 billion, Virginia Mercury

Nov 5, 2021, Electric Van Maker Workhorse Is Being Investigated by the Justice Department Documents Show, Wall Street Journal

Oct 27, 2021, Ten Ways Biden's 'Build Back Better' Bill Will Kill Economic Opportunity, Daily Signal

August 9, 2021, What You Need to Know About Biden's New Ill-Conceived Executive Order on Electric Vehicles, Daily Signal

June 28, 2021, Biden Administration is Skewing Carbon Numbers to Push Regulations, Daily Signal

June 25, 2021, Tough Questions About Electric Vehicles Unasked, Unanswered By the Green Left, Daily Signal

June 21, 2021, Climate Disclosures and Their Stealth Mission, Hoover Institution

May 23, 2021, Not Just Another Drought: The American West Moves from Dry to Bone Dry, Resilience

Sept 23, 2022, Fifty Years of Failed Doomsday Eco-pocalyptic Predictions, The So-Called Experts are 0-50, American Enterprise Institute

Progressive Policies


July 18, 2023, How New York City's Green 'Congestion Tax' Could Backfire, Washington Examiner

July 17, 2022, Second-Generation Dutch Dairy Farmer Forced to Cull Herd 95 Percent As A Result of New Environmental Regulations, Western Journal

May 3, 2022, Former NYC Mayor DeBlasio's Gas Stove Ban Was Intended to Help the Environment. Experts Say It Will Backfire., Washington Free Beacon

[NYC wanted to help environment and minorities, but ended up hurting both]

Apr 20, 2022, Cocaq-Cola Hosts Earth Day Environmental Cleanup Event with DC Democrat Trayon White Who Says Jews Control Weather, Washington Free Beacon

[Gaint Food joined event]


Dec 13, 2021, Democrats Push For 'Racial Equity Audits' To Cement Control of Tech Companies, Washington Free Beacon

[Audits call for abolition of standards of merit] 

Dec 9, 2021, Victor Davis Hanson: The Woke Got What They Wanted - and Then What?, Daily Signal

Nov 7, 2021, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm: Americans Should Expect to Pay More for Gas, Heat, Daily Caller

Oct 27, 2021, Former Soros Activist Explains How Progressive Policies Ruined San Francisco, Daily Signal

June 7, 2021, Stephen D. Haner, "Northam Regs Out of Step with Reality," Jefferson Policy Journal

May 19, 2021, Stephen D. Haner, "With Tax Revenue Exploding, Virginia Should Boost Standard Deduction, Index for Inflation," Jefferson Policy Journal

May 12, 2021, Northam Tax Harvest Expands Again, Jefferson Policy Journal

April 14, 2021, Stephen D. Haner, "Fuel Tax and Caps Detailed in TCI Model Rule, Now Open for Public Comment," Jefferson Policy Journal

March 31, 2021, Gary Baise, U.S. Supreme Court to Review California Standards for Animal Agriculture Imposed on Virginia, Jefferson Policy Journal

February 16 2021, Stephen D. Haner, "Legislators Shift Green Energy Costs By Taxing All Other Customers, Employers," Jefferson Policy Journal

February 13, 2021, Stephen D. Haner, "Subsidies for Electric Cars, Buses and Charging Will Accompany TCI's Taxes and Rationing," Jefferson Policy Journal

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