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May 31, 2023, Over 300 COVID-Era Medical Papers Retracted Due to Scientific Errors, Ethical Concerns American Greatness

May 17, 2023, COVID-19 Most Likely Emerged From Wuhan Lab, Rubio Report Says, Washington Free Beacon

May 17, 2023, New COVID Origin Report Includes Some of the Most Chilling Revelations to Date, Truth Press

Apr 22, 2023, Young and Healthy British Doctor Dies from Severe Reaction to AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine, Coronor Reveals, Truth Press

Apr 14, 2023,  Army Trainee Karolina Stancik Had Two Heart Attacks After Covid Vaccine and Now Is Likely to Be Discharged, Truth Press 

Apr 10, 2023, Biden Signs Republican-led Bill Ending Covid-19 Emergency, Daily Caller

Mar 29, 2023, Ex-CDC Head Finally Says What We All Have Known Forever About the Origin of Covid-19, Daily Wire

Mar 21, 2023, New York Physician Assistant Fired for Reporting Covid Vaccine Adverse Effects in VAERS, Truth Press

Mar 21, 2023, Biden Signs Bill Declassifying Intel on Covid-19 Origins, Daily Signal

Mar 8, 2023, Six Takeaways as House COVID-19 Panel Investigates Chinese Lab Leak, Daily Signal

Mar 6, 2023,  How Tennis and Djokovic Are Pushing Against the US Covid Vaccination Rule, New  York Times

Mar 5, 2023, Fauci 'Prompted Drafting of Study to 'Disprove' Covid Lab Leak Theory: House Committee, Truth Press

Mar 3, 2023, Top Russian Scientist Who Created Sputnik V Covid Vaccine Found Strangled to Death With Belt, Truth Press

Feb 24, 2023, Not Enough Data To Support Multiple Annual Covid Boosters, CDC Advisers Says, Reuters

Feb 23, 2023, Congress Prepares to Investigate Covid Vaccines, Truth Press

Feb 20, 2023, Propylene Glycol Prevents Airborne Transmission of Respiratory Viruses, Medical Life Sciences News

[Use of Propylene Glycol is limited and continuous disinfection is also presents health hazards, increased ventilation and other methods only tangentially discussed]

Feb 20, 2023, COVID-19 Vaccination Associated with  fewer heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular issues, Medical and Life Sciences News

[Article is based on literature review only and does not address weakness in data collection, particularly in the US where medical professionals were required to have vaccinations, adverse data collection was discouraged, and does not address current increased trends of cardiovascular related deaths across the age spectrum.]

Feb 15, 2023, Report: California Doctors Willing to Take Newsome to Supreme Court Over Covid Misinfo Law, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 14, 2023, Report: NYC Sent Fingerprints of Unvaxxed Teachers to FBI, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 14, 2023, Republicans Demand Answers on CDC's New Database to Monitor Why Americans Did Not Take Vaccine, Daily Signal

Feb 13, 2023, The Pentagon Mandated COVID Vaccines, But Then Ignored Concerns About Adverse Effects, Whistleblowers Say, Daily Caller

Feb 10, 2023, Are there places you should still mask in, forever? Three Experts Wight In, NPR

[This NPR story is off-target as no experts in occupational health were interviewed. The utility and effectiveness of masks falls into the engineering not medical field.]

Jan 16, 2023, Mucosal IgA Antibodies in the Airways Protect Against Sars-Covid-2 Infection for at Least 8 Months, Medical Life Sciences News

Jan 16, 2023, FDA and CDC Investigate Potential Safety Concern from Pfizer/bionTech COVID-19 Vaccine, PM Live 

Jan 15, 2023, NY Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers Struck Down by NY Supreme Court Justice, WWNYTV NY 7

Jan 13, 2023, CDC, FDA Flag Early Signal of Stroke Risk With Bivalent Covid Vaccine, MedPage Today

Jan 13, 2023, Dr. Malone: mRNA Vaccines Are Being Injected into the Food Supply, Truth Press

Jan13, 2023, Oh, So That's What Moderna Forgot to Tell Us About Their Covid Vaccine, Truth Press

Jan 12, 2023, US Coast Guard Apparently Had Pre-Written Denials for Vaccine Exemption Requests, Dpcs Show, Daily Caller

Jan 12, 2023, DOJ Appoints Special Counsel to Investigate If Biden Mishandled Documents, Daily Caller

Jan 10, 2023, New Research Links COVID-19 Infection - and Vaccination - to a Debilitating Heart Condition, SciTechDaily

Jan 6, 2023, After Coast Guard Academy Excommunicated Cadets for Refusing Covid Vaccine, Pleas for Reinstatement Go Unanswered, Daily Caller

Jan 4, 2023, Health Care Workers Cry Foul on FDA Claiming That It Did Not Prohibit Ivermectin for COVID-19, Epoch Times

Jan 1, 2023, Are Vaccines Fueling New Covid Variants? The Virus Appears to Be Evolving in Ways that Evade Immunity, Wall Street Journal

Dec 29, 2022, 'Pfizer and Moderna Better Get This Clarified': Peer-Reviewed Study by German Researchers Finds Worse Antibodies After mRNA Boosters, Truth Press

[Study published in Science Immunology found booster produced increased levels of IgG4 antibodies that provided weaker immune response.]

Dec 27, 2022, Autopsies Show COVID-19 in the Brain, MedPage

Dec 26, 2022, Top German Virologist Says Covid -19 Pandemic is Over, Daily Wire

Dec 26, 2022, The Military Vaccine Mandate Has Been Overturned, But Unvaccinated Troops Still Face Reprisal, Daily Caller

Dec 26, 2022, New Twitter Files Reveal How Government Censored Debate on Covid, Truth Press

Dec 21, 2022, Australian Doctor Kerryn Phelps Injured by COID Vaccine Slams Regulators For Censuring Public Discussion, Call for More Research, The Defender (Children's Health Defense) 

Dec 20, 2022, 'We made a mistake': Omicron Origin Study Retracted After Widespread Criticism, Science

[Contamination led to conclusion that Covid-Sars2 developed slowly in Africa, authors say. Authors noticed problem before publication, but published anyway. Critics says mistake was obvious.]

Dec 20, 2022, Study Finds Increased Risk of POTS Sars-Cov2 Infection or Vaccination, Medical Life Sciences News

Dec 19, 2022, Court Blocks Covid Vaccine Mandate For Federal Contractors, Washington Free Beacon

[5th Circuit Court of Appeals voted 2-1 that Biden's unilateral decision would impose mandate on 1/5 of U.S. employees]

Dec 13, 2022, Fla Gov DeSantis to Investigate Covid -Related Injuries,  The PostMillennial

Dec 12, 2022, POTS, a debilitating heart condition, is linked to COVID, and to a Lesser Degree Vaccines, NBC News

Dec 7, 2022, The Hijacking of Pediatric Medicine, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 6, 2022, Read it: We Now Have the Full Transcript of Fauci's Testimony, Truth Press

Dec 4, 2022, Pentagon Chief Austin Reveals Plans for Covid Vaccine Mandate, Truth Press

Dec 3, 2022, Pfizer's CEO Scolded by Regulator for Making 'Misleading' Statements About Children's Vaccines, Truth Press

[Dr. Albert Bourla's statements on BBC in December 2021 breached the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry's Code of Practice]

Dec 3, 2022, Extensive 2-Year Study Pokes All Kinds of Holes in N95 Mask, Truth Press

Dec 3, 2022, Congress, White House Consider Lifting Vaccine Mandate, Daily Caller

Nov 29, 2022, Fauci Couldn't Name Any Studies Showing Masks Work Against Covid, Truth Press

Nov 27, 2022, Documents Reveal Fauci Tried to Shift the Narrative on Lab Leak Theory, Truth Press

Nov 23, 2022, Study Suggests the Behavior of a sars-CoV-2 Variant May Be Sensitive to the Immunologic and Demographic Context of Its Location, Medical and Life Sciences News

Nov 21, 2022, The Truth About Ivermectin, The Epoch Times

Nov 20, 2022, A Covid Treatment Wanes: How Monoclonal Antibodies Lost the Fight With New Variants, NPR

[However, Some doctors say monoclonal antibodies are useful for immune compromised patients]

Nov 19, 2022, Covid Vax Makes Finally Study Long-Term Heart Damage as FDA Finally Admits Bivalent Data Lacking, Truth Press

Nov 18, 2022, Novavax Spells Out Vaccine Vision for Covid and Beyond, Fierce Biotech

Nov 15, 2022, COVID-19 mRNA Boosters Induced Robust But Non-Durable Response in the Elderly, Medical and Life Sciences News

Oct 26, 2022, Court Orders New York City to Reinstate Unvaccinated Employees, Give Back Pay, Daily Caller

Oct 27, 2022, COVID Symptoms Depend on How Many Vaccine Jabs You Have Had, Major Study Says, Fortune

Oct 23, 2022, Booster Vaccinations in the Elderly Lead to Impaired Neutralization of Sars-Cov-02 and Atypical B Cells, News Medical Life Sciences

Oct 21, 2022, Three More Covid Vaccine Injuries Approved for Compensation By US Authorities, Truth Press

Oct 21, 2022, British Funeral Director Reports Mass Deaths in 'Young Jab Recipients', Truth Press

Oct 20, 2022, CDC Panel Adds COVID Shot to Kids Routine Vaccination Schedule, Daily Caller

[Panel voted 15-0 ahead of Mid-Term Elections]

Oct 12, 2022, 'Scandalous': Pfizer Exec Tells EU Lawmaker that COVID Jab Was Never Tested To Show It Blocked Transmission, Daily Wire

Oct 3, 2022,  Coast Guard Hero Praised by Biden Over Saving Lives Faces Discharge Over Refusal of Covid Vaccination, Daily Wire

Oct 2, 2022, 20-year-old Kansas Nursing Student Dies of Cardiac Arrest One Day After Being Forced to Get Covid-19 Shot, Truth Press

[Covid-19 shot was required for clinical program at Colby Community College. Regan Lewis died at Kearney Regional Medical Center in Nebraska]

Oct 1, 2022, FDA Withholding Autopsy Results on People Who Died After Getting Covid Vaccines, Truth Press

Sept 30, 2022, Dr. Fauci's Net Worth Doubled During Covid, Washington Free Beacon

Sept 25, 2022, FDA Vaccine Adviser Warns Healthy Young People Should Not Get New Covid Booster, Truth Press

Sept 20, 2022, NYC Mayor Eric Adams Ends Private Sector Vaccine Mandate, Daily Caller

Sept 16, 2022, Marine Corp Rescinds Penalties for Service Members Seeking Covid Vax Religious Accommodations, Fox News

Sept 15, 2022, Woman Escapes COVID-19 Texas Hospital Treatment Protocols in 2021, Others Not So Lucky She Says, Epoch Times

Sept 15, 2022, Denmark Bars Covid Vaccines for Almost Everyone Under Age 50, Truth Press

Sept 14, 2022, Inspector General Flags Pentagon's Vaccine Order for Potential Non-Compliance, American Liberty News

[Order is being flagged for troubling pattern of review and denial of religious exemption requests]

Sept 13, 2022, More Reports of Covid Vaccine-Related Heart Inflammation in Young Males, Truth Press

Sept 10, 2022, The Bottom is About to Fall Out for Moderna and Pfizer, Truth Press

Sept 9, 2022, Doubling Up on Covid, Flu Shots May Have A Downside, Experts Caution

Sept 5, 2022, Huge Abnormalities Found in Corpses Starting About Time of Vaccine Rollout: Embalmers, Truth Press

Aug 30, 2022, Vaccinated Making Up Higher Proportion of Covid Metrics in US, Truth Press

Aug 23, 2022, Admiral William Lescher Who Said Unvaxxed Seals Cause 'Immediate Harm'  to Navy Admitted No Operations Affected, Fox News

Aug 15, 2022, Whistleblower Report of Illegal Department of Defense Activity, Released by Sen Ron Johnson

Aug 19, 2022, Federal Judge Orders Protection for US Marines with Religious Objections to COVID Vaccine Mandates, CBN

[Judge Steven Merryday ordered  class action relief and issued a classwide preliminary injunction against DoD vaccine mandates]

Click HERE for link to Judge Merryday's injunction Issued August 18, 2022.

Aug 19, 2022, After Biden Administration Blocked Marines Religious Exemption, A Federal Judge Fights for Them, Grants Injunction Relief, PJMedia

Aug 16, 2022, UK Beats the US to Release of Latest Moderna Vaccine - It's a Pattern, Washington Free Beacon

[U.S. bureaucratic inertia has plagued pandemic response]

Aug 12, 2022, CDC Admits Scary Truths About Vaccine, Truth Press

Aug 11, 2022, CDC Revises COVID-19 Guidelines in Sweeping Overhaul, Epoch Times

[New guideline move away from social distancing and quarantines and focus on treating severe disease from the virus]

Aug 10, 2022, Virginia AG Miyares Joins Amicus Brief Supporting Decision to Vacate Travel Mask Mandate, The Republican Standard

Aug 8, 2022, 14 Young Canadian Doctors Die After Getting the Covid Vaccine, Truth Press

Aug 3, 2022, 9-Year-Old Dies Two Weeks After Covid Vaccincation, Reported in VAERS, Truth Press

[The female died after a Pfizer-Bio-N-Tech vaccination. She had 2-3 days of severe stomach aches, sore throat, and chest pain. Key data point: "United States VAERS data from Dec. 14, 2020, to July 22, 2022, show that there were 12,232 adverse events in 5- to 11-year-olds, including 313 “serious” cases and 9 deaths."]

Aug 1, 2022, House Republicans Demand Biden Administration End Vaccine Mandate for Foreign Travelers, Defend Novak Djokovic, Daily Callers

July 30, 2022, NorthShore University Health CareTo Pay Over $10 Million To Workers Who Sued Over Vaccine Mandate, Daily Wire

[Liberty Counsel Lawyers Announced Settlement]

July 30, 2022, 6 Candian Medical Doctors Die Within 2 Weeks of 4th Covid Boosters Started at One Hospital, Health Impact News

July 29, 2022, US Rules Out Summer COVID Booster To Focus on Fall Campaign, Associated Press

[the Google browser still shows recommendations for all boosters over the summer]

July 28, 2022, Ontario Hospital Mourns Three Doctors Who Died Within a Week, CTV News Toronto

[Trillium Health denies rumors that deaths were Covid-related]

July 27, 2022, Cincinnati Federal Judge Blocks Air Force, National Guard Globally from Discharging Religious Vaccine Refusers, Fox 19 Cincinnati

July 27, 2022, Virginia Attorney General Miyares Reviewing Complaints That Inova Rejected Religious Vaccine Exemption Requests, The Republican Standard

July 18, 2022, Antibodies from Vaccines Interfering Instead of NeutralizingBecause of Spike Protein Changes - Dr. Risch, Epoch Times

July 16, 2022, Court Blocks Biden Administration from PUnishing Unvaccinated Air Force Members, Truth Press

July 14, 2022, US Military Might Lose $4 Billion Due to Pentagon's Vaccine Mandate According to Rep. Gaetz, Daily Caller

July 11, 2022, US Orders 3.2 Million Doses of Novavax COVID Vaccine, Reuters

July 1, 2022, Clarence Thomas Cites Claim that Covid Vaccines 'are developed using cell lines dirived from aborted children', Politico

[Thomas made the reference in a dissenting opinion joined by Justices Alito and Gorsuch when the court majority refused to hear the religious liberty case]

June 30, 2022, Sen. Marsha Blackburn Backs 40,000 Unvaccinated National Guard Soldiers Facing Termination Over Vaccine with New Legislation, Daily Wire

June 29, 2022, Fauci Reveals 'Covid Rebound' After Taking Pfizer's Paxlovid Drug, Truth Press

[Paxlovid is a federally-approved drug to treat Covid Symptoms]

June 28, 2022, Youngkin Urges Defense Secretary to Indefinitely Postpone Army Guard Vaccine Mandate, The Hill

June 18, 2022, COVID Vaccines for Babies and Toddlers Approved by FDA, American Lberty News

June 11, 2022, Risk of Myocarditis and Pericarditis after the COVID-19 mRNA vaccination in the USA: a cohort study in claims databases, The Lancet

[Found small increased risk in databases among men 18-40 in US for myocarditis and/or pericarditis. Study result, along with benefit-risk profile, continue to support vaccination using either of the two mRNA vaccines (mRNA-1273 - Moderna and BNT162b2 - Pfizer-BioNTech)

June 5, 2022, Yet Another Conspiracy Theory Left Wing Media Loved Comes Crashing Down, Daily Caller

[Florida Inspector General Michael J. Bennett conducted internal investigation that debunks claims that Gov. DeSantis manipulated COVID-19 data during pandemic]

June 2, 2022, 'Significant' Cases of Neurologidcal Disorder Associated with AstraZenca Vaccine, Truth Press

June 1, 2022, Three Laws That Biden's Voter Registration Order Could Break, Daily Signal

June 1, 2022, Nine in Air Force Sue Over Religious Discrimination Over Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination, Daily Signal

May 30, 2022, Novavax Hopes FDA Go-Ahead Will Boost Lagging Vaccinations, The Hill

May 12, 2022, Sixteen AF Academy Cadets Told Will Not Graduate and Owe Air Force $400,000 for Education for Not Receiving Covid Vaccination, Christian News

May 10, 2022, FDA: Americans Should Treat Covid Like the Flu, Truth Press

May 9, 2022, Utah Was Warned Racial Rationing of Drugs was Illegal. It Did It Anyway, Washington Free Beacon

[Utah's program was supported by the Biden Administration in documents obtained by the WF]

May 9, 2022, US Navy COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal Separations Increase, USNI News

May 6, 2022, Wicked Unfair: Parents Bristle at Boston Schools Mask Rules, Washington Free Beacon

May 6, 2022, Fully Vaccinated Carnival Cruise Ship Carnival Spirit Hit With Covid Outbreak, Truth Press

May 5, 2022, FDA restricts Johnson & Johnson's Covid Vaccine Over Risk of Blood Clots, Truth Press

May 5, 2022, Army Lt Convicted but not Punished in First Covid-Related Court-Marshal, The Defender

May 3, 2022, CDC Tracked 20+Million US Phones to Monit COVID Lockdown Compliance, Truth Press

May 2, 2022, Union College, NY Student Advised to Skip Covid Booster Shot Over Possible Side Effects, So Her College Expelled Her, Daily Wire

Apr 30, 2022, Patients Treated With Pfizer's Pills Experience a Second Round of Covid Shortly After Recovering, Truth Press

Apr 25, 2022, US Navy COVID-19 Separations Drop as Injunction Takes Hold, USNI News

Apr 19, 2022, US Supreme Court Sides With Biden Administration, Against Air Force Officer Protesting Vaccine Mandate, Truth Press

Apr 18, 2022, Federal Mask Mandate for Public Transportation Overturned by District Judge, Daily Caller

Apr 17, 2022, Bedford Nursing Home Close to Closing Up Shop Due to Virginia Vaccine Mandates,  The Republican Standard

Apr 10, 2022, Pfizer Hired 600 Employees Due to Large Increase in Adverse Effect Reports: Document, Truth Press

Apr 8, 2022, Moderna Recalls Thousands of COVID Vaccine Boosters, Reuters

Apr 8, 2022, Air Force Cadet Seeks Relief from Shot Mandate, Liberty Counsel

Apr 4, 2022, Why Do Some People Seem Unable to Catch COVID? Scientists Are Looking For Answers, USA Today

Apr 2, 2022, Federal Judge Matthew McFarland Sides With Wright-Patterson Service Members Seeking Religious Exemptions from Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate, Cinncinati Enquirer

[Link to Judge McFarland's Opinion in Hunter Doster v Frank Kendall, March 31, 2022}

Mar 31, 2022, Explosive Report Provides New Details on Fauci's Lab-Leak Cover-up, Truth Press

Mar 30, 2022, Virginia Joins Lawsuit Against CDC to Remove Mask Requirements From Public Transportation, The Republican Standard

Mar 30, 2022, WHO Examining Potential Hearing Problems Linked to Covid Vaccines, Truth Press

Mar 28, 2022, 'Biggest Frause in a Generation': The Looting of the Covid Relief Plan Known as PPP, NBC News

Mar 28, 2022, Heart Issues Detected Months After Covid Vaccination: Study, Truth Press

[Researchers at Seattle Children's Hospital studied children under 18 years of age who suffered heart complications]

Mar 25, 2022, Supreme Court Sides With Biden, Against Navy SEALS on Vaccine Mandate, Daily Caller

Mar 20, 2022, Is Tinnitus a Rare Side Effect of  Covid Vaccines?, NBC News

[Renowned vaccine expertfor Johnson & Johnson and consultant for Moderna, Dr. Gregory Poland, developed ringing in his ears after second shot. Now he's calling for research]

Mar 20, 2022, Ten JetBlue, American, and Southwest Pilots Sue CDC Over Federal Mask Mandate, Saying it Causes Unruly Behavior, But Citing Flawed Science, BusinessInsider

Mar 18, 2022, Pfizer, Moderna Say Its Time for Another Booster, Experts Aren't Sure, NBC News

Mar 17, 2022, UK Report States that 
9 in 10 Covid Deaths Are in Vaccinated People, Truth Press

Mar 15, 2022, Senate Passes Resolution to Scrap Mask Mandate for Public Travel, Washington Examiner

Mar 15, 2022, New York Failed to Account for 4,100 Nursing Home Deaths in 2020, Audit Says, Washington Examiner

Mar 14, 2022, China Covid Spike: China Closes School, Shut Production in Shenzhen - China's Silicon Valley, CNBC

Mar 14, 2022, Moderna President: Only Older and Immunocompromised People Need 4th Covid Booster Shot, Business Insider

Mar 12, 2022, United Airlines to Let Workers Who Didn't Get Vaccine Return to Work, Truth Press

May 11, 2022, Delta-Omicron Variant Identified for the First Time, Live Science

Mar 9, 2022, 42-Year-Old Breckenridge Ski Instructor Suffers Neurological and Vascular Damage Following Moderna Vaccination in 2021, Truth Press

Mar 9, 2022, Navy Says Destroyer Is 'Out of Commission' After Florida Bars Removal of Unvaccinated Commanding Officer, USNI News

Mar 9, 2022, Virginia Supreme Court to Hear Case of West Point, Virginia Teacher Fired For Not Using Student's Preferred Pronouns, WAVY TV

Mar 9, 2022, Dr. Peter McCullough: Findings From Early Covid Vaccine Studies Potentially Alarming, Truth Press

Mar 8, 2022, New Study Confirms Ivermectin Outperforms Other Options, Epoch Times

Mar 7, 2022, The U.S. Is About to Approve a Fourth Covid Vaccine That Could Be A Silver Bullet to the Anti-Vax Crisis, Fortune

[Novavax’s protein-based vaccine uses a technology that’s been around for decades, and has long been used in flu shots and vaccinations in babies against hepatitis-B.]

Mar 7, 2022, Long Covid: Even Mild Covid is Linked to Brain Damage, Scans Show, NBC

[New British research is shows striking differences in the brain before and after covid]

Mar 4, 2022, Sen. Kaine Introduces Bill to Research Long Covid After Revealing His Diagnosis, The Republican Standard

Mar 4, 2022, Senate Conservatives Threaten to Hold Up Federal Funding Over Covid Vaccine Mandate, The Hill

Mar 4, 2022, Florida  Federal Judge Merryman Ordered the Navy to Deploy Warship with Alleged Insubordinatate Unvaxxed Captain, Slate

Mar 3, 2022, Striking New Evidencde Points to Wuhan's Seafood Market as Origin Point of Covid, NPR

Mar 2, 2022, Pfizer's Covid Vaccine Goes into Liver Cells and is Converted to DNA: Swedish Study at Lund University, Truth Press

Mar 1, 2022, Poison Control Centers Warn About Toxic Chemicals in At-Home Covid Test Kits, Truth Press

Feb 28, 2022, Novavax Expects to Apply to Full Approval of COVID Vaccine in H2, Reuters

Feb 28, 2022, Victims vs Vectors: The Ethics of Giving Covid Vaccine to Children, a Pediatrician's Perspective, Daily Signal

Feb 28, 2022, Pfizer Vaccine Was Just 12% Effective Against Omicron for Children 5 to 11, Study, CNBC

Feb 27, 2022, Studies Offer Further Evidence that Coronavirus Pandemic Began in Animals at Wuhan Market in China, CNN

Feb 25, 2022, Rep. Michael Cloud Introduces Legislation to Allow States to Buy Monoclonal Antibodies, Daily Caller

Feb 24, 2022, German Insurer Warns: More Vaccine Side Effects Than Previously Known, Truth Press

Feb 24, 2022, WHO Lauches Global Vaccine Passport, Truth Press

Feb 23, 2022, CDC Says Waiting Longer Between Pfizer, Moderna Shots May Reduce Rare Myocartitis Risk in Younger Men, CNBC

Feb 22, 2022, GAO: Federal Government's Shameful Record of Failure in Battling Covid-19, Daily Signal

Feb 22, 2022, Rural Hospitals Stave Off Mass Exodus of Workers, Politico

[Religious exemptions and vaccine education programs are credited]

Feb 21, 2022, Ivermectin, Fluvoxamine in UVA Study of Possible COVID-19 Treatments, WSET

Feb 21, 2022, CDC Isn't Publishing All the COVID Data It Collects, Daily Wire

Feb 21, 2022, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Remove All Remaining Coronavirus Restrictions in England, Daily Wire

Feb 21, 2022, The Story of Emma Burkey - Las Vegas Teenager Who Suffered Covid Vaccine Adverse Effect Strokes, FrontLineDoctors

Feb 19, 2022,  India's Drug Regulators Bar 2.8 Billion People From Pfizer's Covid Vaccine, Truth Press

[Regulators are concerned about reported side effects in other countries]

Feb 18, 2022, Republican Representatives Bishop and Mast Introduce Bill to Remove CDC's Public Transportation Mask Mandate, Daily Caller

Feb 18, 2022, Republican Senator Ron Johnson Introduces Bill That Would Bar Federal Agencies from Interfering with Doctors Right to Treat, Daily Caller

Feb 18, 2022, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, My Kids Won't Wear Masks in School When Mandates Are Lifted, CNBC

Feb 17, 2022, Canada Approves Novavax's COVID-19 Vaccine for Adults, Reuters

Feb 16, 2022, More Virus Rules Fall as CDC Hints Better Times Aheads, ABC News

Feb 15, 2022, New York City Fires More Than 1,000 Workers Over Vaccine Mandate, Washington Examiner

Feb 14, 2022, DC Businesses Won't Need to Check for Proof  of Vaccinatiion; Mask Requirements Getting Dialed Back Starting Tuesday, WTOP

Feb 13, 2022, Germans Pin Hopes on Novavax to Move Needle Among Anti-Vaxxers, Reuters

Feb 11, 2022, EU Investigates Reports of Menstrual Cycle Disorders After Covid-19 Shots, Reuters

Feb 9, 2022, What Shot Do the Legal Challenges to the Military's Covid-19  Vaccination Have?,

Feb 9, 2022, Decades-Old Drug Disulfiram May Help Protect Against Sever Covid-19 Symptoms, Epoch Times

Feb 9, 2022, New York Dr. Pierre Kory: Covid-19 is Highly Treatable, Epoch Times

Feb 9, 2022, Texas GOP Rep Chip Roy Introduces Service Restoration Act Bill to Reinstate Military Members Discharged Over Biden's Vaccine Mandate, Daily Wire

Feb 9, 2022, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Defends Continued Masking Amid Blue-State Defections, Yahoo News

Feb 8, 2022, Air Force Approve First Religious Exemptions, Air Force Times

Feb 8, 2022, COVID-19 Vaccination Production at Johnson &Johnson Quietly Suspended, The Hill

Feb 8, 2022, Alberta, Saskatchewan Move To End Covid-19 Restrictions, The Globe and Mail

Feb 7, 2022, Vitamin D Could Be a Piece of Covid-19s Complex Puzzle Israeli Scientist Says, after New study finds link in deficiency and severe illness,Business Insider

Feb 1, 2022, Frontline Care Doctor Paul Marik at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Shares How to End COVID, Epoch Times

Feb 2, 2022, Johns Hopkins Study Finds COVID-19 Lockdowns Ineffective at Saving Lives, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 28, 2022, Sweden Decides Not To Recommend Covid-19 Vaccination for Children 5-11, Daily wire

Jan 28, 2022, Marines Reject COVID Vaccine Exemptions, Accept only Three, Will Force Thousands Out of Service, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 27, 2022, Whistleblowers Share DOD Medical Data That Blows Vaccine Safety Data Wide Open, Truth Press

Jan 27, 2022, Nurse Whistleblower: Recordings Show Botched Administration of Covid Vaccine in Children, Truth Press

Jan 27, 2022, Denmark Ending Nearly All Pandemic Restrictions, Daily Wire

Jan 27, 2022, Canadians Furious After Justin Trudeau's 'Fringe Minority' Comment as Thousands of truckers Head to Capital, Daily Wire

Jan 27, 2022, Massive Truck Convoy Crosses Canada to Protest Vaccine Mandates. May Be Longest Truck Convoy Ever Recorded, Daily Wire

Jan 27, 2022, Government Expands Lists of Unvaccinated, Tracks Medical and Religious Exemptions, Daily Signal

Jan 26, 2022, Pfizer Pushes to Intervene in Lawsuit Seeking COVID Vaccine Data from FDA, Reuters

Jan 25, 2022, Who Will Get Long Covid? Study Offers Clues, NBC News

Jan 25, 2022, OSHA Pulls Private Vaccine Mandate After Supreme Court Loss,  Daily Caller

Jan 24, 2022, Republican Lawmakers Accuse Biden Administration of Targeting Federal Employees Seeking Religious Exemptions from Covid Vaccines, Daily Signal

Jan 24, 2022, Doctors Diagnose Problems With Nation's Covid Response, Daily Signal

Jan 24, 2022, NY Judge Thomas Rademacher Strikes Down Governor Hochul's Mask Mandate, Governor Vows Fight, Fox News

Jan 25, 2022, Large, Peer-Reviewed Study Shows Ivermectin Works Against Covid, Truth Press

Jan 25, 2022, FDA Restricts Use of 2 Monoclonal Antibody Treatments Against Covid, Truth Press

Jan 24, 2022, Georgia AG Joins Other State in Demanding OSHA Permanently Withdraw Vaccine Mandate, WSB-TV2 Atlanta

Jan 22, 2022, Ireland to End Most Covid Restrictions Including Covid Passport, Truth Press

Jan 22, 2022, Cornell Law Professor Suing to Stop New York's Race-Based  Covid Therapeutics Guidelines, Daily Wire

Jan 22, 2022, Walensky Says Americans Need to be Boosted to be Considered Vaccinated, Truth Press

Jan 21, 2022, Cloth Masks Useless, Experts Says in Omicron Messaging Shift, Washington Examiner

Jan 20, 2022, Israeli Researcher Calls Our Censorship After Journal Pulls Covid Vaccine Adverse Event Analysis, Truth Press

[Publisher Elsevier pulled article]

Jan 19, 2022, CDC Says Natural Immunity Outperformed Vaccines Against Delta Strain, Daily Caller

Jan 15, 2022, Eighteen More Federal Agencies Eye Making Vaccine Objector Lists, Daily Signal

Jan 14, 2022, SMS Catholic Hospital System Backs Off Race-Based Treatment After Legal Threat, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 14, 2022, Experts Accuse Govt of 'Manipulating' Vaccine Data, Claim Up to 300,000 Deaths from Vaccination, National File

Jan 14, 2022, General Electric Suspends Vaccine or Test Requirement After Supreme Court Ruling, Daily Wire

Jan 13, 2022, Unpacking Reasoning in Supreme Court Justice's Reasoning in Vaccine Mandate Decisions, Daily Signal

Jan 13, 2022, Marines Grant First Religous Exemptions in Military for Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate, CNN

Jan 13, 2022, DC Mayor Pushes Proof of Vaccine, But Members of Congress Push Back, Daily Signal

Jan 12, 2022, Study Investigates Early Claims of COVID-19 'Infordemic', The Hill

Jan 12, 2022, Biden's COVID Test Rule Could Cost Insurance Companies $20 Billion a Month, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 12, 2022, Kids' Law COVID-19 Vaccination RatesCalled a 'Gut Punch', Associated Press

Jan 11, 2022, CDC Faces Backlash After New Guidelines About 'Better Masking', Truth Press

Jan 11, 2022, Ivermectin 'Works Throughout All Phases' of COVID According to Leaked Military Documents, Truth Press

Jan 11, 2022, Biden Administration Making Lists of Religious Vaccine Objectors, Daily Signal

Jan 11, 2022, House Republicans Release Damaging Fauci Emails Suggesting Concealed Knowledge of Lab Leaks, Truth Press

Jan 11, 2022, Dr. Anthony Fauci Calls Kansas Senator Roger Marshall a 'Moron' on Hot Mic After Tense Exchange, Daily Caller

Jan 11, 2022, Senator Rand Paul Grills Dr. Fauci for Trying to Suppress Covid-19 Lab-Leak Theory, Daily Caller

Jan 11, 2022, Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor 'Fact Checked' over False Covid Claim, Truth Press

Jan 10, 2022, CDC Director Says Study of Vaccined People Shows 75% of COVID-19 Deaths 'had 4 or more comorbidies,' Washington Examiner

Jan 10, 2022, FDA Botches Updates to Prescription Authorization System, Leaving Vulnerable Americans Without Crtical Medication, Daily Signal

Jan 10, 2022, It's Illegal, Immoral, and Unconstitutional to Ration COVID-19 Treatments Based on Race, Daily Signal


Jan 10, 2022, Military Denied Every Religious Exemption from Shot Mandate, Liberty Counsel

[Florida Judge Steven Merryday Ordered Every Service to Report on Religious Exemption Status]

Jan 10, 2022, 145-Country Study Shows Increase of Transmission and Death After Introduction of COVID Vaccines, Truth Press

Jan 8, 2022, CDC Updates Are Straining Already Pressed Public State Health Departments, NBC News

Jan 8, 2022, Cyprus Reportedly Discovers a COVID Variant That Combines Omicron and Delta, CNBC

Jan 8, 2022, Over 40% of NYC's COVID Patients Admitted for Other Reasons, Truth Press

Jan 8, 2022, 14-Year-Old Girl Suffers from COVID Vaccine - Makes Video 5 Days Before Her Death, Truth Press

Jan 8, 2022, Double-Vaccinated 23-Year-Old With No Underlying Medical Condition Dies From COVID, Truth Press

Jan 3, 2022, Judge Stays Biden Vax Mandate for Dozens of Navy SEALS Seeking Exemption, Daily Wire

Jan 3, 2022, Virginia Teachers Union Makes Unbelievable Errors in COVID-19 Statement, The Republican Standard

Jan 3, 2022, Federal Court Hands Victory to Opponents of Vaccine Mandates, Daily Signal

[Head Start employees and masks for those over 2 years old]

Jan 1, 2022, Federal Judge in Texas Orders Halt to Biden Vaccine and Mask Mandates, Truth Press

Jan 1, 2022, Full Interview: Dr. Robert Malone and Joe Rogan, Truth Press

[Dr. Malone is the inventor of mRNA]

Apr 15, 2021, Three Michigan People Who Died after Vaccine Actually Had Earlier Covid, Bridge Michigan

Sources of Information on Covid Data, Policies and Research

Dec 27, 2022, After Democrat Leader Tries to Shut Down Twitter Files, Elon Musk Stands Up and Blasts Ted Lieu Himself, PJ Newsletter

[Lieu was removed his accusatory post against twitter after they were shown to be wrong]


Sept 26, 2022, Traditional Herbs Against COVID 19 - Back to Old Weapons To Combat New Pandemic, EurJMedRes 

Sept 8, 2022, Press Release: New CDC Statistics Confirm COVID Shots Are Not Safe For Children, Liberty Counsel

Aug 5, 2022, (Video) Victor Davis Hanson: Talking with Dr. Steven Quay about Covid-19 Virus, Hoover Institution

June 16, 2022, What You Need To Know About the Novavax Vaccine, Johns Hopkins University

Feb 16, 2022, COVID-19 and the Failure of America's Major Religions, Daily Signal

Mar 10, 2021, Medical Herbs Inhibit Inflammation Directing T-Cells to Kill Covid 19 Virus, U.S National Library of Medicine, NIH

Links to Websites

Liberty Counsel 

Legal Help for Religious Exemptions from Vaccinations, Liberty Counsel

Dec 21, 2021, Do Employers Have the Right to Question Sincerely Held Beliefs?, Liberty Counsel

Oct 26, 2021, Answering the Faulty Retort to Religious Objections Over Abortion-Derived Injections, Liberty Counsel

May 2021, Legal Memo Regarding COVID Vaccine Mandates

Video: AJ DePrienst Uncovers the Enormous Covid Bribes to Education and Hospitals by the Federal Government, BitChute  

Family Foundation Covid-19 Policy Resources

Forms and sample letters for religious exemptions from vaccines, facemasks, and more.

CDC Guidance and Research


Sep 6, 2022, Claim: Powerful New [Lab-created] Antibody Neutralizes All Known Covid Variants, SciTechDaily

Center for Disease Control Covid Data Tracker Home Page

CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Publications

CDC Guiance for COVID-19 By Audience

CDC Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in Schools

Dr. Robert Malone [Inventor of mRNA]

  Before Your Child is Injected, Watch Dr. Robert Malone's Statement on Childhood Vaccinations

America's Frontline Doctors

[a website run by physicians on up-to-date medical research, withspecial attention to covid research and protocols]

Dr. Mercola

Stephen Petty

[Industrial Hygiene, Exposure Control Expert]


  Rumble Video - Who is Stephen Petty?

 Rumble Video -How much Protection Can a Mask Provide? [Removed from You Tube]

  Rumble Video - How Dirty Does a Mask Get?

  Rumble Video - Masks vs Respirators

  Rumble Video - Children & Masks/CDC Doc Review  (Part 3 of 4)

  Rumble Video - Children & Masks/CDC Doc Review (Part 2 of 4)

   Rumble Video - Children & Masks/Efficacy and Negative Effects (Part 4 of 4)

  Rumble Video - Children & Masks/CDC Doc Review (Part 1 of 4)

  Rumble Video - What are Monoclonal Antibodies? How Can they Help? Who Can Get Them?

  Rumble Video - How Long Can Particles Stay in the Air?

  Rumble Video - How to Control Exposure to Viruses, Bacteria, and Mold

  Rumble Video - How Small is a Virus Particle (virion)?

  You Tube Video - PPE and Aerosols

  Interview on Masks as an Exposure Control

Learn the Risk

[a website that aggregates information and facts on vaccinations]

Sept 23, 2022, Covid-19 - Is There Evidence for the Use of Herbal Medicines as Adjuvant Sympthetic Therapy?, Frontiers

Books with Amazon Links

Alex Berenson, Unreported Truths About Covid-19: Death Counts, Lockdowns, Masks 2020, 2021 [Series of pamphlets by a former NYT reporter in which he summarizes research on key topics and gives cites for studies so that you can read them for yourself]


Scott Gottlieb, Uncontrolled Spread: Why Covid Crushed Us and How We Can Defeat the Next Pandemic [Physician and Former FDA Commissioner offers his insights as a Washington Insider]

Joseph Mercola, et al., The Truth About Covid-19: Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal

Sebastian Rushworth, Covid: Why Most of What You Know is Wrong [Swedish doctor and popular blogger explains covid testing, medical research, death counts, contributions of secondary illnesss on covid deaths, and the Swedish covid policy experience]

Virginia and Other States Policy

Mar 25, 2022, Virginia to Abandon COVID-19 Workplace Safety Standarrds Following Worker Safety Vote, The Republican Standard

Feb 9, 2022, Youngkin Will Use Emergency Powers To Expedite Bill to End Mask Mandate, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 22, 2022, Virginia Businesses Grapple With Covid Policies, The Republican Standard

Jan 15, 2022, Youngkin Drops Hammer on Virginia Department of Education, The Republican Standard

Jan 10, 2022, Virginia Gov Northam Issues 30-day Emergency Order to Extend Hospital Capacity, WJLA ABC 7

Dec 31, 2021, VDH: People with Mild COVID Symptoms Should Avoid ER, Daily News Record via AP

Dec 27, 2021, Virginia Dec 27 COVID-19 Update: Case Average at Highest Point of Pandemic, Positivity Rate at 14.5, WAVY TV

Dec 25, 2021, See Where Omicron Had Hit the State the Hardest, The Republican Standard

Dec 17, 2021, State Health Commissioner Says Southwest Virginia Hospitalizations for Covid a Major Concern for Richmond, WJHL 11

Dec 15, 2021, Virginia Woman at Center of Ivermectin Fight Wins Court Battle, The Republican Standard

Dec 15, 2021, Virginia Hospital Allows COVID Patient to Receive Ivermectin After Court Holds it in Contempt, Epoch Times

Dec 12, 2021, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Down State  School Mask Mandate, Team Tucker Carlson

Dec 12, 2021, With Ivermectin in Hand, Wife Dies While Husband Begs Hospital to Administer, Team Tucker Carlson

Dec 10, 2021, Virginia Henrico Chesterfield Counties Reach Critical levels of New Covid-19 Cases, WRIC ABC 8 News

[stats from, a volunteer organization tracking covid cases nationwide to help people make informed decisions. Funding sources are not listed on their website]

Dec 7, 2021, Virginia Will Not Mandate COVID Vaccines for School Employees and Students - for Now, WRIC ABC 8

Dec 3, 2021, Top 10 Counties with the Highest Vaccination Rates, ABC News 8

June 7, 2021, Stephen D. Haner, "Northam Regs Out of Step with Reality," Jefferson Policy Journal

June 2021, Virginia Business Coalition Letter to Governor Ralph Northam Requesting Clarification of COVID-19 restrictions and  safety regulations.

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