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Covid Policy and Developments
Federal, Sources, Virginia

Federal Policy

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May 28, 2024, COVER-0P: Anthony Fauci's COVID Team Conspired to Avoid FOIA Requests, Red State

Mar 22, 2024, FDA Settles Lawsuit Over Ivermectin Social Media Posts, Newsweek

[FDA agreed to never post again that Ivermectin was only for animals. It did not agree that Ivermectin could be used to treat humans for COVID]

Feb 22, 2024, Biggest COVID Vaccine Study Ever Finds Concerning Links, Western Journal

Feb 9, 2024, Embalmers Continue to See White, Fibrous Blood Clots in the Bodies of Vaccine Recipients, American Greatness

Feb 5, 2024, Mainstream Science Mulls 'Global Moratorium' on COVID Vaccines as Cancers Rise, Boosters Flub, JustTheNews

Jan 21, 2024, Journalist Who Tried to Cancel Novak Djokovic For Being Unvaccinated Collapses and Dies at Australian Open, Truth Press

Jan 20, 2024, CDC Drafted Alert for Myocarditis and COVID Vaccines, But Never Sent It, Truth Press

Jan 11, 2024, What COVID Vaccine Manufacturers Did Not Check, Frontline News

[Safety of Synthetic mRNA still not understood]

Jan 4, 2024, Florida Surgeon General Calls to Stop Using COVID Vaccines of DNA-Related Safety Concerns, Truth Press

Jan 2, 2024, 231 US Service Members Demand Military Leaders Be Court-Martialled Over Forced COVID Vaccines, Truth Press

Jan 2, 2024, More Evidence Emerges Confirming COVID Lab-Leak Theory, BUt Corporate Media Stay Silent, The Federalist

Dec 4, 2023, Moderna Employs Former FBI Analyst, AI to Secretly Police Covid Vaccine Misinformation. ZeroHedge

Sept 19, 2023, The Real Data Behind the New Covid Vaccines the White Houesd is Pushing, Truth Press

Sept 3, 2023, Hospital that Fired Nurses for Refusing Vaccine Now Begging them to Return, Truth Pressess

Aug 17, 2023, Pfizer Gave Australian Employees Covid Shots From Separate Batch, ZeroHedge


Aug 12, 2023, FDA Forced to Walk Back Smug Anti-Ivermectin Post - Makes Huge Admission in Court, Western Journal

July 26, 2023, Swiss Study: Heart Injuries from COVID Vaccine 300000 Greater Than Thought,  Truth Press

July 6, 2023, Explosive Email Allegedly Shows Fauci Wanted to Suppress Coviid Lab Leak Evidence, American Liberty News

July 5, 2023, Report: Analysis of Minnesota Death Certificate Data Shows CDC Repeatedly Removed COVID Vax as Cause of Death, American Greatness News

June 21, 2023, Biden Administration Misses Deadline to Declassify Critical Covid-19 Intel, Daily Caller

May 31, 2023, Over 300 COVID-Era Medical Papers Retracted Due to Scientific Errors, Ethical Concerns American Greatness

May 17, 2023, COVID-19 Most Likely Emerged From Wuhan Lab, Rubio Report Says, Washington Free Beacon

May 17, 2023, New COVID Origin Report Includes Some of the Most Chilling Revelations to Date, Truth Press

Apr 22, 2023, Young and Healthy British Doctor Dies from Severe Reaction to AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine, Coronor Reveals, Truth Press

Apr 14, 2023,  Army Trainee Karolina Stancik Had Two Heart Attacks After Covid Vaccine and Now Is Likely to Be Discharged, Truth Press 

Apr 10, 2023, Biden Signs Republican-led Bill Ending Covid-19 Emergency, Daily Caller

Mar 29, 2023, Ex-CDC Head Finally Says What We All Have Known Forever About the Origin of Covid-19, Daily Wire

Mar 21, 2023, New York Physician Assistant Fired for Reporting Covid Vaccine Adverse Effects in VAERS, Truth Press

Mar 21, 2023, Biden Signs Bill Declassifying Intel on Covid-19 Origins, Daily Signal

Mar 8, 2023, Six Takeaways as House COVID-19 Panel Investigates Chinese Lab Leak, Daily Signal

Mar 6, 2023,  How Tennis and Djokovic Are Pushing Against the US Covid Vaccination Rule, New  York Times

Mar 5, 2023, Fauci 'Prompted Drafting of Study to 'Disprove' Covid Lab Leak Theory: House Committee, Truth Press

Mar 3, 2023, Top Russian Scientist Who Created Sputnik V Covid Vaccine Found Strangled to Death With Belt, Truth Press

Feb 24, 2023, Not Enough Data To Support Multiple Annual Covid Boosters, CDC Advisers Says, Reuters

Feb 23, 2023, Congress Prepares to Investigate Covid Vaccines, Truth Press

Feb 20, 2023, Propylene Glycol Prevents Airborne Transmission of Respiratory Viruses, Medical Life Sciences News

[Use of Propylene Glycol is limited and continuous disinfection is also presents health hazards, increased ventilation and other methods only tangentially discussed]

Feb 20, 2023, COVID-19 Vaccination Associated with  fewer heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular issues, Medical and Life Sciences News

[Article is based on literature review only and does not address weakness in data collection, particularly in the US where medical professionals were required to have vaccinations, adverse data collection was discouraged, and does not address current increased trends of cardiovascular related deaths across the age spectrum.]

Feb 15, 2023, Report: California Doctors Willing to Take Newsome to Supreme Court Over Covid Misinfo Law, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 14, 2023, Report: NYC Sent Fingerprints of Unvaxxed Teachers to FBI, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 14, 2023, Republicans Demand Answers on CDC's New Database to Monitor Why Americans Did Not Take Vaccine, Daily Signal

Feb 13, 2023, The Pentagon Mandated COVID Vaccines, But Then Ignored Concerns About Adverse Effects, Whistleblowers Say, Daily Caller

Feb 10, 2023, Are there places you should still mask in, forever? Three Experts Wight In, NPR

[This NPR story is off-target as no experts in occupational health were interviewed. The utility and effectiveness of masks falls into the engineering not medical field.]

Jan 16, 2023, Mucosal IgA Antibodies in the Airways Protect Against Sars-Covid-2 Infection for at Least 8 Months, Medical Life Sciences News

Jan 16, 2023, FDA and CDC Investigate Potential Safety Concern from Pfizer/bionTech COVID-19 Vaccine, PM Live 

Jan 15, 2023, NY Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers Struck Down by NY Supreme Court Justice, WWNYTV NY 7

Jan 13, 2023, CDC, FDA Flag Early Signal of Stroke Risk With Bivalent Covid Vaccine, MedPage Today

Jan 13, 2023, Dr. Malone: mRNA Vaccines Are Being Injected into the Food Supply, Truth Press

Jan13, 2023, Oh, So That's What Moderna Forgot to Tell Us About Their Covid Vaccine, Truth Press

Jan 12, 2023, US Coast Guard Apparently Had Pre-Written Denials for Vaccine Exemption Requests, Dpcs Show, Daily Caller

Jan 12, 2023, DOJ Appoints Special Counsel to Investigate If Biden Mishandled Documents, Daily Caller

Jan 10, 2023, New Research Links COVID-19 Infection - and Vaccination - to a Debilitating Heart Condition, SciTechDaily

Jan 6, 2023, After Coast Guard Academy Excommunicated Cadets for Refusing Covid Vaccine, Pleas for Reinstatement Go Unanswered, Daily Caller

Jan 4, 2023, Health Care Workers Cry Foul on FDA Claiming That It Did Not Prohibit Ivermectin for COVID-19, Epoch Times

Jan 1, 2023, Are Vaccines Fueling New Covid Variants? The Virus Appears to Be Evolving in Ways that Evade Immunity, Wall Street Journal

Sources of Information on Covid Data, Policies and Research

Dec 27, 2022, After Democrat Leader Tries to Shut Down Twitter Files, Elon Musk Stands Up and Blasts Ted Lieu Himself, PJ Newsletter

[Lieu was removed his accusatory post against twitter after they were shown to be wrong]


Sept 26, 2022, Traditional Herbs Against COVID 19 - Back to Old Weapons To Combat New Pandemic, EurJMedRes 

Sept 8, 2022, Press Release: New CDC Statistics Confirm COVID Shots Are Not Safe For Children, Liberty Counsel

Aug 5, 2022, (Video) Victor Davis Hanson: Talking with Dr. Steven Quay about Covid-19 Virus, Hoover Institution

June 16, 2022, What You Need To Know About the Novavax Vaccine, Johns Hopkins University

Feb 16, 2022, COVID-19 and the Failure of America's Major Religions, Daily Signal

Mar 10, 2021, Medical Herbs Inhibit Inflammation Directing T-Cells to Kill Covid 19 Virus, U.S National Library of Medicine, NIH

Links to Websites

Liberty Counsel 

Legal Help for Religious Exemptions from Vaccinations, Liberty Counsel

Dec 21, 2021, Do Employers Have the Right to Question Sincerely Held Beliefs?, Liberty Counsel

Oct 26, 2021, Answering the Faulty Retort to Religious Objections Over Abortion-Derived Injections, Liberty Counsel

May 2021, Legal Memo Regarding COVID Vaccine Mandates

Video: AJ DePrienst Uncovers the Enormous Covid Bribes to Education and Hospitals by the Federal Government, BitChute  

Family Foundation Covid-19 Policy Resources

Forms and sample letters for religious exemptions from vaccines, facemasks, and more.

CDC Guidance and Research


Sep 6, 2022, Claim: Powerful New [Lab-created] Antibody Neutralizes All Known Covid Variants, SciTechDaily

Center for Disease Control Covid Data Tracker Home Page

CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Publications

CDC Guiance for COVID-19 By Audience

CDC Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in Schools

Dr. Robert Malone [Inventor of mRNA]

  Before Your Child is Injected, Watch Dr. Robert Malone's Statement on Childhood Vaccinations

America's Frontline Doctors

[a website run by physicians on up-to-date medical research, withspecial attention to covid research and protocols]

Dr. Mercola

Stephen Petty

[Industrial Hygiene, Exposure Control Expert]


  Rumble Video - Who is Stephen Petty?

 Rumble Video -How much Protection Can a Mask Provide? [Removed from You Tube]

  Rumble Video - How Dirty Does a Mask Get?

  Rumble Video - Masks vs Respirators

  Rumble Video - Children & Masks/CDC Doc Review  (Part 3 of 4)

  Rumble Video - Children & Masks/CDC Doc Review (Part 2 of 4)

   Rumble Video - Children & Masks/Efficacy and Negative Effects (Part 4 of 4)

  Rumble Video - Children & Masks/CDC Doc Review (Part 1 of 4)

  Rumble Video - What are Monoclonal Antibodies? How Can they Help? Who Can Get Them?

  Rumble Video - How Long Can Particles Stay in the Air?

  Rumble Video - How to Control Exposure to Viruses, Bacteria, and Mold

  Rumble Video - How Small is a Virus Particle (virion)?

  You Tube Video - PPE and Aerosols

  Interview on Masks as an Exposure Control

Learn the Risk

[a website that aggregates information and facts on vaccinations]

Sept 23, 2022, Covid-19 - Is There Evidence for the Use of Herbal Medicines as Adjuvant Sympthetic Therapy?, Frontiers

Books with Amazon Links

Alex Berenson, Unreported Truths About Covid-19: Death Counts, Lockdowns, Masks 2020, 2021 [Series of pamphlets by a former NYT reporter in which he summarizes research on key topics and gives cites for studies so that you can read them for yourself]


Scott Gottlieb, Uncontrolled Spread: Why Covid Crushed Us and How We Can Defeat the Next Pandemic [Physician and Former FDA Commissioner offers his insights as a Washington Insider]

Joseph Mercola, et al., The Truth About Covid-19: Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal

Sebastian Rushworth, Covid: Why Most of What You Know is Wrong [Swedish doctor and popular blogger explains covid testing, medical research, death counts, contributions of secondary illnesss on covid deaths, and the Swedish covid policy experience]

Virginia and Other States Policy

Mar 25, 2022, Virginia to Abandon COVID-19 Workplace Safety Standarrds Following Worker Safety Vote, The Republican Standard

Feb 9, 2022, Youngkin Will Use Emergency Powers To Expedite Bill to End Mask Mandate, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 22, 2022, Virginia Businesses Grapple With Covid Policies, The Republican Standard

Jan 15, 2022, Youngkin Drops Hammer on Virginia Department of Education, The Republican Standard

Jan 10, 2022, Virginia Gov Northam Issues 30-day Emergency Order to Extend Hospital Capacity, WJLA ABC 7

Dec 31, 2021, VDH: People with Mild COVID Symptoms Should Avoid ER, Daily News Record via AP

Dec 27, 2021, Virginia Dec 27 COVID-19 Update: Case Average at Highest Point of Pandemic, Positivity Rate at 14.5, WAVY TV

Dec 25, 2021, See Where Omicron Had Hit the State the Hardest, The Republican Standard

Dec 17, 2021, State Health Commissioner Says Southwest Virginia Hospitalizations for Covid a Major Concern for Richmond, WJHL 11

Dec 15, 2021, Virginia Woman at Center of Ivermectin Fight Wins Court Battle, The Republican Standard

Dec 15, 2021, Virginia Hospital Allows COVID Patient to Receive Ivermectin After Court Holds it in Contempt, Epoch Times

Dec 12, 2021, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Down State  School Mask Mandate, Team Tucker Carlson

Dec 12, 2021, With Ivermectin in Hand, Wife Dies While Husband Begs Hospital to Administer, Team Tucker Carlson

Dec 10, 2021, Virginia Henrico Chesterfield Counties Reach Critical levels of New Covid-19 Cases, WRIC ABC 8 News

[stats from, a volunteer organization tracking covid cases nationwide to help people make informed decisions. Funding sources are not listed on their website]

Dec 7, 2021, Virginia Will Not Mandate COVID Vaccines for School Employees and Students - for Now, WRIC ABC 8

Dec 3, 2021, Top 10 Counties with the Highest Vaccination Rates, ABC News 8

June 7, 2021, Stephen D. Haner, "Northam Regs Out of Step with Reality," Jefferson Policy Journal

June 2021, Virginia Business Coalition Letter to Governor Ralph Northam Requesting Clarification of COVID-19 restrictions and  safety regulations.

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