Fact Checks,
Media Bias, and Misinformation

Who Are the Fact Checkers?

Fact checking can be straightforward review of statements made by public officials or celebrities, but most often is a research question constructed with a negative answer. A problem with fact-checking is if the focus is biased in frequency, targeting particular individuals, organizations, companies, or political parties more frequently.

Wikipedia List of Fact Checking Websites

[This is an international list by country with some description. The list is incomplete especially with regard to politically conservative U.S. organizations, but offers some insight into the subject. One major missing organization is the Middle East Media Research Institute in Israel.]

American University's List of Fact Check Sites to Identify 'Fake News'

[A good  balanced list of places to go to find out about the accuracy of stories in the news]

Fact Checking Sites for Student Fact Checkers - WebLiteracy by Pressbooks

[The sites recommended for students here lean Democrat and are more likely to "fact check" Republicans]

How to Fact Check History - A Quick Guide



Fact Checks - Democrats

Sept 30, 2021, Fact Checking the Second McAuliffe-Youngkin Gubernatorial Debate, Washington Post

Sept 24, 2021, Photographer Behind Controversial Images Says Border Patrol Agents Weren't Whipping Anyone, NBC KXAN Austin

Sept 22, 2021, Trust Index: Border Patrol Agents Did Not Use Whips When Confronting Migrants,  News4Jax

Sept 14, 2021, Democratic New York Governor Kathy Hochul Asks Facebook to Censor Pro-life 'Misinformation' About Abortion, Daily Signal

Sept 4, 2021, Why Isn't Biden to Blame for COVID-19 Deaths?, Daily Signal

Sept 3, 2021, 'Fact-Checkers' Rush to 'Correct' Grieving Gold Star Parents, Daily Signal

Sept 2, 2021, Biden's Claims of 'Enormous' Economic Leverage Over Taliban Met with Doubt, Washington Examiner

July 29, 2021, Joe Biden's Claim He One Drove an 18-wheeler Provokes Skepticism, Newsweek

July 18, 2021, Fact-Checking Six Claims at Senate Democrat's Voting Law Hearing, Daily Signal

July 13, 2021, Fact Checking Six Big Claims in Biden's Partisan-Tinged Speech on Voting, Daily Signal

July 7, 2021, Michigan Auditor General to Investigate Governor Whitmer's Role in COVID Nursing Home Deaths, Washington Free Beacon

June 22, 2021, San Francisco is the Most Racist City in American, According to Critical Race Theory, Daily Signal

June 21, 2021, ProPublica Bombshell Report Missing Donor Names, Washington Free Beacon

[ProPublica reportedly has names and tax documents of billionaire tax dodgers]

June 9, 2021, Report: Hunter Biden Used Racial  Epithets in Shocking Text Messages to Lawyer, 97.1FM Talk [Forbes Magazine published a similar report online on June 8, 2021 that was shortly removed]

June 9, 2021, Government Report Undermines Biden Claim That Trump Had Black Lives Matter Protestors Tear-Gassed, Washington Free Beacon

[Interior Dept IG Reports that Park Police Removed Protestors with Tear Gas So a Contractor Could Erect a Fence to Protect Federal Property]

June 8, 2021, Twitter Suspends Florida COVID-19 Data Scientist, DiSantis Critic, Washington Examiner

June 3, 2021, Report: US Government Officials Encouraged Cover-up of COVID-19 Origins, Daily Caller

June 2, 2021, Intel Community Warns Biden of Terror Threat on the Southern Border, Washington Free Beacon

[Classified briefing contradicts Democratic claims that border crisis does not constitute national security issue]

June 2, 2021, Biden Claimed Trump Muzzled Fauci - But Fauci Emails Said Otherwise, Daily Caller

June 1, 2021, No, ATF Nominee David Chipman Was Not Part of the Waco Seige in 1993, Politifact via Austin American Statesman

[Note: This does not necessarily clear Chipman, as ATF and FBI were engaged in an active cover-up of ATF Actions and whether the Branch Davidians or ATF Started Shooting First. The front doors of the Branch Davidian building disappeared under FBI custody. See USDOJ Report and Court Proceedings for fuller discussion of this.]

May 17, 2021, Report: Kamala Harris Keeps Enemies List of Journalists Who Don't Support Her Life Experience, Washington Free Beacon

[Binders full of racists]

May 17, 2021, Bernie Sanders' Attack on US Defense Spending Gets the Facts Wrong, Daily Signal

May 15, 2021, Study Casts Doubt on Pro-Abortion Talking Point, Washington Free Beacon

[Abortion not used for spacing children, ie. family planning, contra Planned Parenthood talking point]

May 12, 2021, Fact Check: Was Biden Right About Unemployment Benefits Having No Effect on the Jobs Report, Daily Signal

May 11, 2021, Tens of Thousands of Migrant Children Remain in Custody In HHS Shelters Across the US, Daily Caller

May 11, 2021, First Hand Accounts of Illegal Immigration Surge: Observations from the Front Lines,  Daily Caller

May 10, 2021, Migrants Held in Shelters with Little Oversight, Associated Press

May 10, 2021, How Biden's Border Policies Are Worsening the Scourge of Human Trafficking, Daily Signal

May 10, 2021, Ocasio-Cortez Berated, False Accused Border Patrol Agent, Memos Say, Daily Signal

Apr 8, 2021, Biden Gun Speech Filled With Falsehoods, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 8, 2021, Reporter Press Jen Psaki on Biden's False Claim About Background Checks at Gun Shows, Daily Caller

Apr 8, 2021, Biden Falsely Claims That At a Gun Show You Can Buy a Gun Without a Background Check, Daily Caller

Mar 23, 2021, EXPLAINER: Why is Biden halting federal oil and gas lease sales?, Associated Press

[Interesting the Associated Press feels the need to issue an "explainer" in support of Biden's policies.]

Mar 26, 2021, Journalist Glenn Greenwald Condemns CNN's 'Grotesque' Defense of Chris Cuomo Special COVID Privileges, Daily Caller

Mar 25, 2021, Even Some of Biden's Media Allies Find It Hard to Ignore the Border Crisis, Daily Signal

Mar 18, 2021, Team Biden Spreads Fake News About Trump Vaccine Record, Daily Signal

Mar 17, 2021, Washington Post Adds Lengthy Correction to Report on Trump Call to Georgia Elections Investigator,  The Hill

[In December 2020, Trump did not say 'find the fraud' and you will be a national hero, but rather scrutinize the ballots and you will find dishonesty. Georgia Secretary of State has had the audio all this time]

Mar 6, 2021, CNN's Biased 'Facts First' Can't Get HR1 or Mike Pence Straight, Daily Signal

Mar 3, 2021, CNN Tried to 'Fact-Check' Mike Pence's Op-Ed on HR 1. It backfired, PJ Media

Feb 25, 2021, 'Fact-Checking' Powers Leave Biden Unchecked, Daily Signal

[CNN Aired a 'Fact Check' on Trump Every Day from June 2019 Until He Left Office, but not once on Biden]

Feb 21, 2021, Fact Checkers Love Joe Biden, Daily Signal

[At a  friendly CNN Townhall Biden dropped string of large and small untruths]

Feb 21, 2021, Fact Check: Stuart Stevens Says 'Washington Insiders" Threatened by Lincoln Project Scandal Verdict: False, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 28, 2020, Fact Check: Joe Biden 'chumps' Quote At Pennsylvania Rally Taken Out of Context, USA Today

Oct 26, 2020, Joe Biden Called Trump Supporters Chumps as Pennsylvania Rally, PolitiFact

[Fact Checking Site Says Claim in Mostly False in Context of Nearby Rallies and Confusion About What Was Intended. There was overwhelming response to protect Biden at the end of the election. Republicans rarely given benefit of context shown with this particular comment]

Oct 20, 2020, Fact Check: Biden Called "forces of Intolerance, Not Trump Supporters 'The Dregs of Society", USA Today

Fact Checks - Republicans

Sept 27, 2021, Five Questions Congress Must Ask Austin, Milley, McKenzie about Afghanistan Pullout, Daily Signal

September 5, 2021,  Pregnant US Citizen Trapped in Afghanistan Says "Taliban Hunting Americans', Shot at as She Tried to Flee, Daily Caller

June 29, 2021, Stop Gaslighting Parents on Critical Race Theory, Daily Signal

[Critical Race Theory is so unpopular that media are attempting to define it as discussion about race]

June 28, 2021, Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: What Anti-Critical Race Theory Legislation Actually Does, Daily Signal

June 21, 2021, Judge Dismissed Claims Against Trump, Barr, and Other Officials in Clearing of Lafayette Square, Washington Examiner

May 18, 2021, The Lab Leak Hypothesis was always the most likely. Only Politics, Not New Information, Changed the Narrative, Washington Examiner

May 4, 2021, Records Contradict DOJ Nominee's Testimony on Controversial Conference, Washington Free Beacon

[Kristen Clarke Moderated Panel at Pro-Cop Killer Conference]

Apr 29, 2021, Fact-Checking Seven of Biden's Claims in His Address to Congress, Daily Signal

Apr 28, 2021, Biden's Green New Deal: Glitter, Nonsense, and Deception, Washington Examiner

Apr 28, 2021, One Simple Fact Proves the Latest Biden Tax Hike is Baseless Class Warfare, Washington Examiner

Apr 20, 2021, Fact-Checking Three Claims from Senate Hearing on Voting, Daily Signal

April 12,  2021, 'Faucian Bargain': What the Media Failed to Do In Examining Influence of Dr. Anthony Fauci, Daily Signal

Mar 31, 2021, Sorting Fact from Fiction in Georgia Voting Law Debate, Washington Examiner

Mar 30, 2021, Fact-Checking Six of Opponents' Claims About Georgia Election Law, Daily Signal

May 26, 2021, Ex-CDC Director Says He Believes Coronavirus Leaded from Chinese Lab in Wuhan, Daily Signal

May 25, 2021, Fact-Checking Five Claims Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas Made About the Border Crisis, Daily Signal

Mar 24, 2021, Debunking Six Myths About the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Daily Signal

Mar 16, 2021, Fact-Checking DHS Chief's Dishonest Statement on Border Crisis: Eight Claims by Biden Administration on Border Crisis, Daily Signal

Mar 15, 2021, Pompeo Cites Top Foreign Policy Achievements of the Trump Administration, Daily Signal

Mar 3, 2021, Memo to Sen Warren: In One Chart, How Much the Rich Pay in Taxes, Daily Signal

Mar 3, 2021, When Lies Matter More Than Facts, Daily Signal

Feb 25, 2021, 'Spygate' Stefan Halper's Disputed Claims about Michael Flynn a Focus of Declassified Documents, Washington Examiner

Feb 21, 2021, Trump National Security Official Says Evidence for Wuhan Lab Error 'Far Outweighs' Other Theories for Escape of Coronavirus, Daily Caller


Feb 20, 2021, Did Donald Trump Jr. Say Texas Has a Democratic Governor? Conclusion: False, Daily Caller

Fact-Checking, Misinformation, and Media Bias

Oct 17, 2021, The NFL Wants Fans to Believe that Out of 650,000 Emails, Only Jon Gruden's Were Offensive, Daily Caller

Oct 15, 2021, Katie Couric Edits Ginsburg Comments on National Anthem Protests to Protect Her, Daily Signal

Oct 13, 2021, Repeat Offender: Katie Couric Edits RBG Interview to Remove Criticism of NFL Protests, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 8, 2021, The Majority of American Think Misinformation is a Problem. Here's Who They Blame the Most, Daily Caller

Sept 27, 2021, Twitter Censors Daily Signal Video About Border Patrol on Horseback, Daily Signal

Sept 16, 2021, Amazon Blocks Ad for Book Investigating Black Lives Matter, Daily Signal

Sept 15, 2021, Smear Campaign Against California Republican Governor Candidate Larry Elder Reveals Fraud By Woke Media, Daily Signal


Sept 5, 2021, 'Not an Employee': Northeastern Hospital System - Sequoyah Blows Holes in Rolling Stone Story on Ivermectin Overdoses, Daily Caller

Sept 5, 2021, Rolling Stone Forced to Correct Story that Falsely Claimed Oklahoma Hospital Was Overrun With Ivermectin Overdoses, National File

Sept 1, 2021, With Smarmy Interview, Reuters Enhances Aura of Antifa, Daily Signal

Aug 13, 2021, Report: Snopes Co-Founder David Mikkelson Published More Than 50 Plagiarized Articles Under Three Bylines, Daily Caller

July 16, 2021, White House Working with Facebook to Signal 'Disinformation', Psaki Says, Daily Signal

July 10, 2021, Biggest Names on Aspen Institute's Disinformation Commission Have a Checkered Past When it Comes to Accuracy and Freedom of the Press, Daily Caller

July 2, 2021, Regnery Publisher Accuses NYT of Keeping Michael Knowles Book on Censorship off of Best Seller List, Daily Caller

June 14, 2021, Politifact Isn't Partisan? Pants on Fire, Daily Signal

June  14, 2021, Trump Park-Clearing Story Latest in Long Line of Media Narratives to Fall Apart, Daily Signal

June 3, 2021, New Liberal 'Truth Brigade' Has Ties to LinkedIn Billionaire Reid Hoffman Who Peddled Disinformation, Washington Free Beacon

[Indivisible's new project is to purge conservative disinformation from social media]

June 1, 2021, Washington Post Edits 15-month Old Headline that COVID-19 Lab-Leak Theory Was 'Already Debunked', Daily Caller

May 28, 2021, Here are the Dismissive Headlines That Got It Dead Wrong On The Possibility of  Man-Made Virus Leaked From a Lab, Daily Caller

May 26, 2021, How Media Shifted on COVID Leak Theory After Months of Dismissing It as Conspiracy Theory, Washington Examiner

May 25, 2021, Chinese Propaganda Outlet Paid Millions to American Newspapers and Magazines Records Show, Washington Free Beacon

[China Daily pays to place interviews with pro-China Quincy Institute scholar]

May 25, 2021, Why Does Twitter Allow the Left to Encourage Violence Against Rand Paul?, Washington Examiner

May 25, 2021, Child Soldiers in the Culture Wars, Washington Free Beacon

May 24, 2021, Rick Santorum was Just Dropped by CNN, but Chris Cuomo Still Has A Job, Washington Examiner

May 24, 2021, Associated Press Doubles Down on Left-Wing Rhetoric, Washington Free Beacon

[Activists demand wire service use obscure term AAPI]

May 21, 2021, Media Only Covers 'Maverick' Republicans, Not Democrats, Daily Signal

May 24, 2021, John Oliver Places Fake Sponsored Content on to Local News, The Guardian

May 22, 2021, The Rise of Politicized Fact Checkers, Real Clear Markets

May 21, 2021, The Associated Press' Empty Gesture, Washington Free Beacon

[Firing the activist Emily Wilder Won't Fix the Wire Service's Bigger Problems]

May 20, 2021, Steve Crowder is Suing YouTube, But It is Not Just About Him, Daily Signal

May 18, 2021, AP Hires Anti-Israel Activist as News Associate, Washington Free Beacon

May 18, 2021, How AP Slanted Border Coverage to Hide Crisis, Washington Free Beacon

[Wire Service ditched 'border surge' after pressure from activist groups]

May 14, 2021, Team Biden's Rigid Control of the Press, Daily Signal

May 14, 2021, Media Coverage from an Alternate Universe Where Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Matter, Washington Free Beacon

May 12, 2021, To Pundits, Every GOP Fight is a Referendum on Trump, Washington Examiner

May 12, 2021, MSNBC's Joy Reid is More Incendiary than Anything on Fox News and Sometime Flat-out Nutty, Washington Examiner

May 11, 2021, CNN's Obsession with Tucker Carlson Hits New Lows, Washington Examiner

May 4, 2021, Lincoln Project's Social Media Influence Has Plummeted, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 23, 2021, Washington Post Fact-Checkers Expose Truth of Republican Senator Tim Scott's Black Privilege in Triumph of Accountability Journalism, Washington Free Beacon

[Washington Post story lacks credible evidence. The author of the story is shown to be a person of great privilege]

Apr 21, 2021, Broadcast News Covers Biden Positively in Contrast to Trump, Study Finds, Daily Signal

Apr 13, 2021, The Media's Selective Reporting of Alleged Criminals' Race, Daily Signal

Apr 13, 2021, Military Reporters and Editors Association Protests White House Exclusion of Military Journalists at Press Conference Announcing Withdrawal from  Afghanistan, MRE Press Release

Apr 13, 2021, Facebook's Oversight Board Will Remove Posts Flagged by Users, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 12, 2021, Watch: Reporters Insist There Was No Riot in Minneapolis, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 9, 2021, Opinion: When Doctors Get Censored You Should Worry, NJ 101.5

Apr 5, 2021, CBS Smears Ron DeSantis While Giving Buttigieg the Obama Treatment from AP, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 5, 2021, NIH Grant to Lab on Bat-Based Corona Viruses Did Not Get Review, NIH Says, Daily Signal

Apr 3, 2021, CBS News Deletes Tweet Linking to Article Advising Companies on Fighting 'Georgia's Restrictive New Voting Law', Daily Caller

Apr 1, 2021, New York Times Outsources Research on Conservatives to Media Matters, Daily Signal

Mar 25, 2021, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Regrets Suppressing Hunter Biden Story, Won't Name Who Is Responsible, Daily Caller

Mar 25, 2021, Five Takeaways as Big Tech CEOs Testify on 'Misinformation', Daily Signal

Mar 24, 2021, Reddit Faces Massive User Protest for Banning Criticism of Controversial Employee, Washington Free Beacon

[Reddit has been banned criticism of former employee Aimee Challenor, an unsuccessful candidate for Parliament in 2017, who hired her father an alleged child rapist to run her campaign, and has since been convicted and is serving a 22-year sentence.]

Mar 23, 2021, Facebook and Twitter Must Do More to Combat Anti-Vaccine Misinformation: Twelve Attorneys General Demand Action from Big Tech CEOs, Washington Post

Mar 23, 2021, Grumpy Economist: Defining 'Inequality' So It Can't Be Fixed, Hoover Institution

Mar 23, 2021, Majority of Americans Grossly Overestimated COVID-19 Hospitalization Rates, The Federalist

[Actual hospitalization rate for COVID is 1-5 percent, while 41 percent of Democrats, 28 of Republicans, and 35 percent of Independents believed chances of hospitalization chances to be 50-50 in Gallup and Templeton surveys of 35,000 people. Republicans were more likely to underestimate the COVID death rate]

Mar 23, 2021, Lies, Damn Lies, and the Washington Post, Daily Signal

Mar 23, 2021, How 'Equal Pay Day' Compares Apples and Oranges, Daily Signal

Mar 19, 2021, The Social Cost of Carbon is Model Manipulation at its Finest, Daily Signal

[The “social cost of carbon” is a calculation that the Biden administration is looking to use to justify stringent regulation of carbon dioxide emissions.]

Mar 17, 2021, Journalists Abandon Crucial 'Accountability' Projects in Post-Trump Era, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 16, 2021, More Evidence Emerges that Media is on the Biden Team, Daily Signal

Mar 15, 2021, Authorities Charge Two Men for Assault on U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, Politico

[The officer was attacked with bear spray on January 6, 2021. He later died. Early reports led by the NYT said the officer was killed with a fire extinguisher.]

Mar 9, 2021, How the Media Distorts Debate and Details on HR1, Daily Signal

Mar 2, 2021, Use these 32 Questions to Determine Whether a Person is Left or Liberal, Daily Signal

Mar 2, 2021, Military Response Was Sprint Speed, Says Top Pentagon Officer as Military Takes Heat for U.S. Capitol Riot, Washington Post

Feb 26, 2021, CNN's Finger-Pointing on 'Misinformation' Should Be Done in Mirror, Daily Signal

Feb 24, 2021, Fact Check: Was Capitol Police Officer Killed by Rioters on January 6, 2021?  Verdict: Unknown, Newsweek

[It was widely reported in the media that Officer Sicknick was killed by being struck with a fire extinguisher]

Feb 23, 2021, Analysis: Are Americans 'Pro-Life' or 'Pro-Choice'? Question Wording Makes a Difference. So Does Timing., imediaethics.org 

Feb 3, 2021, Why We Should Be Skeptical of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs Poll, imediaethics.org

Jan 19, 2021, Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List, Sharyl Attkisson

Dec 9, 2020, The 2020 Polls Were Even Worse Than We Thought, imediaethics.org 

Jan 20, 2019, The Ten Worst, Most Embarrassing Media Errors on the Trump-Russia Story, The Intercept

Feb 9, 2017, Mainstream Media Errors in the Trump Era: Guide to the Bias-Fueled Media Fest in 2017, Washington Examiner