Fact Checks

Fact Checks - Democrats

Mar 3, 2021, CNN Tried to 'Fact-Check' Mike Pence's Op-Ed on HR 1. It backfired, PJ Media

Feb 25, 2021, 'Fact-Checking' Powers Leave Biden Unchecked, Daily Signal

[CNN Aired a 'Fact Check' on Trump Every Day from June 2019 Until He Left Office, but not once on Biden]

Feb 21, 2021, Fact Checkers Love Joe Biden, Daily Signal

[At a  friendly CNN Townhall Biden dropped string of large and small untruths]

Feb 21, 2021, Fact Check: Stuart Stevens Says 'Washington Insiders" Threatened by Lincoln Project Scandal Verdict: False, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 28, 2020, Fact Check: Joe Biden 'chumps' Quote At Pennsylvania Rally Taken Out of Context, USA Today

Oct 26, 2020, Joe Biden Called Trump Supporters Chumps as Pennsylvania Rally, PolitiFact

[Fact Checking Site Says Claim in Mostly False in Context of Nearby Rallies and Confusion About What Was Intended. There was overwhelming response to protect Biden at the end of the election. Republicans rarely given benefit of context shown with this particular comment]

Oct 20, 2020, Fact Check: Biden Called "forces of Intolerance, Not Trump Supporters 'The Dregs of Society", USA Today

Fact Checks - Republicans

Mar 3, 2021, Memo to Sen Warren: In One Chart, How Much the Rich Pay in Taxes, Daily Signal

Mar 3, 2021, When Lies Matter More Than Facts, Daily Signal

Feb 25, 2021, 'Spygate' Stefan Halper's Disputed Claims about Michael Flynn a Focus of Declassified Documents, Washington Examiner

Feb 21, 2021, Trump National Security Official Says Evidence for Wuhan Lab Error 'Far Outweighs' Other Theories for Escape of Coronavirus, Daily Caller


Feb 20, 2021, Did Donald Trump Jr. Say Texas Has a Democratic Governor? Conclusion: False, Daily Caller

Fact-Checking, Misinformation, and Media

Mar 2, 2021, Use these 32 Questions to Determine Whether a Person is Left or Liberal, Daily Signal

Mar 2, 2021, Military Response Was Sprint Speed, Says Top Pentagon Officer as Military Takes Heat for U.S. Capitol Riot, Washington Post

Feb 26, 2021, CNN's Finger-Pointing on 'Misinformation' Should Be Done in Mirror, Daily Signal

Feb 23, 2021, Analysis: Are Americans 'Pro-Life' or 'Pro-Choice'? Question Wording Makes a Difference. So Does Timing., imediaethics.org 

Feb 3, 2021, Why We Should Be Skeptical of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs Poll, imediaethics.org

Jan 19, 2021, Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List, Sharyl Attkisson

Dec 9, 2020, The 2020 Polls Were Even Worse Than We Thought, imediaethics.org 

Jan 20, 2019, The Ten Worst, Most Embarrassing Media Errors on the Trump-Russia Story, The Intercept

Feb 9, 2017, Mainstream Media Errors in the Trump Era: Guide to the Bias-Fueled Media Fest in 2017, Washington Examiner

Who Are the Fact Checkers?

Fact checking can be straightforward review of statements made by public officials or celebrities, but most often is a research question constructed with a negative answer. A problem with fact-checking is if the focus is biased in frequency, targeting particular individuals, organizations, companies, or political parties more frequently.

Wikipedia List of Fact Checking Websites

[This is an international list by country with some description. The list is incomplete especially with regard to politically conservative U.S. organizations, but offers some insight into the subject. One major missing organization is the Middle East Media Research Institute in Israel.]

American University's List of Fact Check Sites to Identify 'Fake News'

[A good  balanced list of places to go to find out about the accuracy of stories in the news]

Fact Checking Sites for Student Fact Checkers - WebLiteracy by Pressbooks

[The sites recommended for students here lean Democrat and are more likely to "fact check" Republicans]

How to Fact Check History - A Quick Guide

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