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2022 Midterm Election Information

2022 Election Dates and Voter Deadlines

New Same Day Voter Registration Law: Click here ​to read the two new 2022 laws providing extended time for certain persons to register to vote

2022 Rockingham County Voting Districts and Precincts Map

2022 Rockingham County Precinct List

The Virginia Department of Elections Online Citizen Portal has been updated with new voting districts and precincts. Check your polling location HERE.



Dec 29, 2022, Democrat Wins Arizona Attorney General Recount, Politico

[Reportedly one of the closest races in Arizona election history]

Dec 28, 2022, Kari Lake Appeals Judge's Ruling on Arizona Election Lawsuit, Truth Press

Dec 28, 2022, Arizona Judge Orders Republican Kari Lake to Pay $33,000 in Legal Fees for Democratic Opponent Katie Hobbs, Fox News

Dec 27, 2022, Musk Nails Biden to the Wall with New Twitter Evidence - Investigation Reveals While House Unhappy Not All Blacklilst Requests Honored,  PJ Newsletter

Dec 27, 2022, Arizona Judge Denies Katie Hobb's Request to Sanction Kari Lake, Truth Press

Dec 26, 2022, Democrats Move to Rewrite State Voting Laws After Midterm Wins, Truth Press

Dec 23, 2022, Arizona Judge Denies Abe Hamadeh's Election Challenge in Attorney General's Race, AZCentral

Dec 23, 2022, Kari Lake Trial: Maricopa County's Expert Witness Didn't See Even 1 Ballot in Bombshell Admission, Western Journal

Dec 23, 2022, Maricopa County Attorney Tom Liddy Goes on Bizarre Rant: 'You Reap What You Sow', Truth Press

[Liddy calls asking majority of voters to vote on election day 'political malpractice']

Dec 22, 2022, Arizona GOP AG Candidate Gets Huge News in Court, Case Allowed to Proceed on 4 Counts,  Western Journal

Dec 21, 2022, 'It Could Not Be By Accident' - Kari Lake Expert Testifies Key Problem with 42% of Ballots Caused Problem, Western Journal

Dec 21, 2022, Cybersecurity Expert in Lake Trial: Ballot Printers Must Have Been Intentionally Tampered With, Just the News

Dec 6, 2022, Sen Raphael Warnock Wins Over GOP Challenge Hershel Walker Georgia Runofff, Fox News

Dec 6, 2022, Arizona Certifies Midterm Election - Kari Lake Responds, Truth Press

Dec 5, 2022, After Spectacular Kiggans Win, Navy Officer Ken Adams Announces for Virginia-07 Senate District, The Republican Standard

Dec 4, 2022, GOP Snags California House Seat Held by Democrats for Decades, and It Was a Shocking Upset, Western Journal

[Republican John Duarte defeated Democrat Adam Gray to represent the 13th Congressional District. The outcome was decided by less than 600 votes out of 130,000.]

Dec 4, 2022, Arizona Will Certify Election Results on Monday  [Dec 5], Truth Press

Dec 4, 2022, Republicans Flip Another House Seat in Deep Blue State of California, Truth Press

Dec 3, 2022, Kari Lake's Lawyers Sanctioned Over Election Lawsuit, Truth Press

Dec 2, 2022, 'Just Enjoying all the Confusion': Elementary School Teacher Admits What the Real Agenda Is and It is Terrifying, Western Journal

[La. transgender elementary music teacher talks about what he is doing.]

Dec 1, 2022, Katie Hobbs Ultimatum to Mohave County Board: Certify Election Results of Face Felony Rap, Truth Press

Dec 1, 2022, Sabato's Crystal Ball: The New Crossover Members of the House, UVA Center for Politics

Dec 1, 2022, Chairwoman of Warnock's Church Sits on Board of Firm 'Shamelessly Profiting" off Low Incomes Tenants, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 30, 2022, New VPAP Modelling Shows Why Virginia Republicans Are Losing Elections, The Republican Standard

[Virginia west of Roanoke Remains an untapped resource for Republican and conservative grassroots modelling, 'come heres' versus 'been heres'.

Nov 30, 2022, Judge Tosses Arizona GOP AG Candidate's Lawsuit Contesting 2022 Election Results, Truth Press

[Judge Randall Murray ruled Republican Abe Hamedeh's lawsuit was filed too soon and needed to wait until election results are certified.]

Nov 27, 2022, Jason Lewis: How the Census Saved the Democrats, Daily Caller

Nov 25, 2022,  Kari Lake Arizona Election Update, Truth Press

Nov 24, 2022, Sen Lisa Murkowski Wins Reelection, Defeats Kelly Tshibaka, Daily Caller

[Final Results were 135,972 (53.7%) to 117,299 (46.3%)]

Nov 23, 2022, Kari Lake Files First Lawsuit, Issues Demand to Maricopa County Election Officials As Election  Workers Blow Lid, Western Journal

Nov 23, 2022, Zuckerberg, Soros Bankrolling Left-Wing Think Tank Conducting Racial Census of Hill Staff, Washington Free Beacon
[Org demands creation of DEI Office]


Nov 22, 2022, Stacey Abrams Political Machine is Failing in Georgia Runoff, Daily Caller

Nov 22, 2022, Sen. Warnock Steered $16 Million to Project that Benefitted Co-Owner of Church's Controversial Apartment Complex, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 21, 2022, Maricopa County's Election Dysfunction Was More Widespread Than Officials Said, Memo Claims, Daily Caller

[Tabulation and printer malfunctions caused many people to leave voting centers. Many voters left and did not return to vote it is reported resulting in voter suppression. Republican poll observers visited 60 percent of voting centers on election day.]

Nov 21, 2022, This Vietnam Veteran Paid His Past Due Rent. He Still Faces Eviction from Ebenezer Baptist's Apartment Building, Washington Free Beacon

[Sen. Raphael Warnock claims his church does not evict residents.]

Nov 19, 2022, Breaking: Arizona AG Takes Action - Ballots Reported in Black Bags - Officials Broke Election Laws - States Demands Names, Western Journal

Nov 18, 2022, Clinton Organization Funded Energy Project at Warnock's Church After He Repeatedly Defended Her, Fox News

[Clinton Foundation gave $550,000 grant to Ebenezer Baptist Church to mitigate climate change]

Nov 15, 2022, Kari Lake Responds After Hobbs Projected Winner in Arizona, Truth Press

Nov 14, 2022, Sen Josh Hawley Slams GOP Leadership for Showing in Midterm Elections, Daily Signal

Nov 14, 2022, 'We Have Rewritten the Political Map': How the GOP Turned Florida into a Red State, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 12, 2022, Dems Keep Control of the US Senate - Incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto Defeats Adam Laxalt, Daily Caller

Nov 12, 2022, 7  Fires Erupt on Election Day in Mississippi - 'Dems Scream terrorism and Voter Suppression' - Then the Suspect is Arrested, Western Journal

[Jackson Police Dept arrested 23 year-old Delvin McLaurin who is Black for all of the arsons]

Nov 11, 2022, Kari Lake Election Expert Gives Ballot Breakdown: 'No Path to Victory for Hobbs', Western Journal

Nov 10, 2022, GOP Made Massive Double-Digit Gains Among Young Blacks, Hispanics, Daily Caller

Nov 10, 2022, This Poll Predicted Republicans Would Win Among Independents - Here's What Actually Happened, Daily Caller

Nov 10, 2022, Victor Davis Hanson: Tuesday Takeaways, Daily Caller

Nov 10, 2022, 'Candidate Quality' Doesn't Explain Failed Red Wave - Here's Why, Daily Caller

Nov 9, 2022, DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney Concedes NY Seat to Republican Challenger Mike Lawler, Daily Caller

Nov 9, 2022, 'It's Not Over Yet': Arizona County Issues Apology on Voting Machines, Reveals Shocking Number of Ballots Affected, Western Journal

Nov 9, 2022, Tucker Carlson: Why Did Republicans Underperform in the Midterms, Fox News

Nov 9, 2022, 'The Night Turned Out Great': RNC Chairwoman reacts to Red Trickle in Midterms, Daily Caller

Nov 9, 2022, 'Do Not Reward mediocrity': Tucker Carlson Says GOP Needs to Replace Leadership After Frustrating Midterm Elections, Daily Caller

Nov 9, 2022, 'Republicans Paid a Price': Pollsters Are Still Untangling the Role of Abortion in the Midterms, Daily Caller

Nov 9, 2022, Hillbilly J.D. Vance Goes to Washington, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 9, 2022, Stroke of Genius: Fetterman Narrowly Defeats Oz in Pennsylvania, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 9, 2022, Kiggans Ousts Luria, but Democrats Keep Virginia Losses to a Minimum, Virginia Mercury

Nov 9, 2022, Dems Blow Near $200 Million on Perennial Losers Beto O'Rourke, Stacey Abrams, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 8, 2022, Election Issues Mount in Arizona, Republicans Lawyer Up, Truth Press

Nov 8, 2022 First Virginia Bellweather Swings to the GOP, The Republican Standard 

Nov 8, 2022, Ten Progressive Candidates to Watch in the Midterm Races, Daily Signal

Nov 7, 2022, Eight Races to Watch as Ballots Are Counted, Daily Signal

Nov 7, 2022, Prediction: Hung Cqo Will Defeat Jenny Wexton in VA-10, The Republican Standard

Nov 7, 2022, Kiggans Cruises Towards Victory in VA-02, The Republican Standard

Nov 4, 2022, POLL: Blake Masters Takes First Lead in Arizona Dead Heat Senate Race, Daily Caller

Nov 3, 2022, Kiggans Highlights Diverse Background in Final Days of Campaign, The Republican Standard

Nov 3, 2022, Vega vs. Spanberger Showdown Goes Down to the Wire, The Republican Standard

Oct 31, 2022, Cao, Kiggans, and Vega Highlight Virginia's Role in the Midterms, The Republican Standard

Oct 28, 2022, New York Gubernatorial Candidate Lee Zeldin Under Investigation,  Great American News Desk

Oct 27, 2022, NoVa to Hampton Roads, Youngkin Hits Campaign Trail for GOP Congressional Candidates, The Republican Standard

Oct 27, 2022, Dems Spend Hundreds of Thousands on Ads Attacking GOP Candidates as Traitors to Trump, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 26, 2022, Trump Backs Jensen for Minn Governor, Democrats Pounce, Associated Press

Oct 26, 2022, Even Democrat Strongholds Aren't Safe from Red Wave, Daily Caller

[California Democrat-held Seats thought safe are now toss ups]

Oct 26, 2022, Majority of House Seats Now Lean Republican, Forecaster Says, Daily Caller

Oct 26, 2022, Oregon Voters Say They've Lost Patience with Democrats on Crime and Inflation, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 26, 2022, Project Veritas Busts Mark Kelly Staffer Lying About Policy for Votes in Arizona, Truth Press

Oct 25, 2022, The Floodgates Just Opened For a Red Tsunami Analysis Finds, Daily Caller

Oct 25, 2022, Watch: Zeldin Grills Hochul in NY Gubernatorial Debate, Truth Press

Oct 25, 2022, Oz Odds of Winning PA Soar After Historic Fetterman Debate Meltdown, Truth Press

Oct 24, 2022, Marco Rubio Canvasser Brutally Attacked in Hialeah, Florida Democratic Neighborhood, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 24, 2022, Republican Candidate Hung Cao Champions Parents Rights, Closes the Gap in VA-10 Congressional Race, The Republican Standard

Oct 24, 2022, Warnock's Church Tapped One of the Nation's Leading Eviction Filers To Manage Low-Income Apartment, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 24, 2022, 'This Isn't John' Format': Fetterman's Campaign Sets Expectations for Debate Disaster, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 20, 2022, Poll Reveals Top Concerns of Latino Voters, And It Does not Look Good for Democrats, Daily Caller

Oct 18, 2022, Virginia's Younkin Hauls in Cash, Campaigns Cross-Country, Associated Press

Oct 18, 2022, Tulsi Gabbard's GOP Campaign Swing to Include Virginia, The Republican Standard

Oct 17, 2022, Tulsi Gabbard to Campaign for Kari Lake, Blake Masters in Arizona, The Hill

Oct 17, 2022, Spanberger Reportedly Chickens Out of VA-07 Debate, The Republican Standard

Oct 17, 2022, Mike Pence to Campaign for California Republican Congressman David Valadao Who Voted to Impeach Trump, Great America News Desk

Oct 16, 2022, New York Governor's Race Shifts Towards Republicans, Great American News Desk

Oct 14, 2022, Red Wave Just Crashed Hard Into Mid-Terms - In Just A Week, Republicans Double Their Generic Lead, PJ Newsletter

Oct 14, 2022, Major Blue State Oregon Hit With Secession Demands - Now 11 Counties Want to Abandon Oregon and Join Idaho, PJ Newsletter

Oct 12, 2022, Patriot Tulsi Gabbard Leaves Democratic Party and Quickly Endorses New Hampshire Trump-Backed Republican General Don Bolduc, American Greatness

[US Senate Candidate Bolduc beat the establishment-backed candidate in the September Primary]

Oct 11, 2022, Video: Tulsi Gabbard on Why She Left the Democratic Party, Interview by Sean Hannity on Fox News

Oct 11, 2022, Video: Tulsi Gabbard on Why I am Leaving the Democratic Party, Glenn Beck Interview

Oct 11, 2022, 2022 Midterms Shaken Up by News 47 Toss-ups May Be Actually Flips Against House Democrats, PJ Media

Oct 10, 2022, Veterans Pack the House to Support Cao in Virginia's 10th Congressional District, The Republican Standard

Oct 10, 2022, Election Forecaster Predicts Trump Backed Murkowski Challenger Kelly Tshibaka Will Cruise to Victory, Great America News Desk

Oct 10, 2022, Biden Drops Below 50% on All 10 of Americans' Top Priorities, Daily Wire

Oct 7, 2022, New Gallup Polling Reveals That Women Are Becoming More Liberal While Men Are Becoming More Conservative, America's News Desk

Oct 6, 2022, 'Steadily Busy': City, County Voters Begin to Cast Ballots Early, Daily News Record


Oct 5, 2022, Pennsylvania Senate Race Moved Back to Toss Up as Dr. Oz Gains New Momentum, Nightly News Link

Oct 4, 2022, Virginia Republican 10th District Candidate Hung Cao Flips The Script on Debate Moderator When Asked If Biden is President, Western Journal

Oct 4, 2022, Swing Seat GOP Challengers Tout Respectable Fundraising Hauls, The Republican Standard

Oct 2, 2022, 6th Congressional District Candidates Face Voters During Winchester Forum, Daily News Record

Oct 2, 2022, Michigan Democrat Candidate Hillary Scholten Who Claimed in Ad that She Can't Afford Air Conditioning or Kid's Shoes Makes Over $200,000 Per Year, American Liberty News

[Scholten makes 5 times the average resident's income in the congressional district she is running in]

Sept 30, 2022, Another Racism Scandal for John Fetterman, Washington Free Beacon

[Democrat who held unarmed black jogger at gunpoint in 2013 promotes TikTok video glorifying violence against Black men]

Sept 29, 2022, Florida Democratic Hopeful Annette Taddeo Illegally Omitted Stock Holdings From Her Financial Disclosure Watchdog Says, Washington Free Beacon

[Taddeo had extensive holdings in Exxon a few years ago, but now refuses to say if she owns Exxon stock while criticizing oil companies for 'price gouging']

Sept 29, 2022, Red Wave Swamps Blue State Governors Race - GOP Candidate Drazan Just Took the Lead in Oregon, PJ Newsletter

Sept 27, 2022, Republicans Are Within Striking Distance in Deep Blue Los Angeles District, Washington Free Beacon

Sept 27, 2022, Dems Scrambling as Deep Blue Washington May Lose 30-year Incumbent Patty Murray, Truth Press

[Republican newcomer Tiffany Smiley has pulled within 2 points a month ahead of Election Day]

Sept 27, 2022, Southern Virginia Republican Primary Battle Heats Up After Misdemeanor Complaint, The Republican Standard

Sept 26, 2022, Here are the Seven Senate Seats Most Likely to Flip, Truth Press


Sept 23, 2022, More Than Half the Nation Wants a Crackdown on Violent Crime Poll Says, Daily Caller

Sept 23, 2022, Angry Wives of  Border Patrol Agents Have Had Enough of Biden's Border Policies,  Take Matters Into Their Own Hands, Western Journal

[Irene Armendariz-Jackson, Mayra Flores, and Cassy Garcia are running for Congress in 2022. Flores already won special election to Texas' 34th Congressional District, but faces tough opposition in General Election]

Sept 21, 2022, More Americans Concerned About 'Socialist Left' than 'MAGA Republicans' New Poll Shows, American Liberty News

Sept 20, 2022, A New Piece of Data Spells Bad News for Democrats, Truth Press

[2022 Primary voting data shows Republicans more motivated for their candidates than Democrats]

Sept 19, 2022, Democrats Pour Over $1M Into Oregon Governor's Race, Washington Free Beacon

[Democrat Tina Kotek is locked in tight race with Republican, Independent Challengers as Blue State Becomes Toss-up]

Sept 16, 2022, Ohio Senate Poll Deals Blow to Democrats Senate Ambitions, Daily Caller

[JD Vance has pulled 4 points ahead  of Tim Ryan 53 days ahead of Nov 8 Election Day]

Sept 13, 2022, Trump, Stefanik Staffer Karoline Leavett Wins New Hampshire First District Republican Primary, Daily Caller

Sept 12, 2022, Democrats Just Turned on Their Own Midterm Candidate, - After Leaked Video, Call for South Carolina's Matthews to Drop Out, PJ Newsletter

Sept 9, 2022, The Midterm Polls Just Flipped in Southern State - Frontrunner's Lead Goes Up in Smoke, GOP's Walker Leads in Georgia By 3, PJ Newsletter

Sept 9, 2022, Biden's Dark Red Speech Has Democrats Seeing Red - New Report Claims Joe Shot the Party in the Foot With Divisive Speech, PJ Newsletter

Sept 3, 2022, Republicans Set Sights on Hispanics in Colorado, Washington Free Beacon

Sept 2, 2022, Police Association Snubs 'Defund" Dems, Favors GOP Challengers, The Republican Standard

Aug 24, 2022, House Forecast Shifts Dramatically in Favor of Democrats, American Liberty News

Aug 24, 2022, Republicans Lose Special Election in Bellweather District in New York - Underperform Elsewhere, American Liberty News

Aug 5, 2022, It's Official - Kari Lake Wins Arizona Republican Gubernatorial Primary, Truth Press

Aug 3, 2022, 'A Preview of What Is To Come': How A New York Special Election Could Boost GOP's Hopes in November, Daily Caller

Aug 3, 2022, 'An Enormouse Risk': Ex-GOP Rep Meijer of Michigan Slams Democrats for Funding Trump-Backed Primary Winners, Daily Caller

Aug 3, 2022, Arizona Primary Election Update: How many votes are left to count in Maricopa County? , AZCentral

Aug 3, 2022, Trump Endorsed Kari Lake Pulls Ahead Karrin Taylor Robson  in Arizona Republican Primary for Governor, Truth Press

Aug 3, 2022, Roe Jolts The Midterms - 5 Takeaways from a Key Primary Night, Politico

Aug 1, 2022, Federal Judge Novak Throws Out Second Redistricting Lawsuit Seeking New Virginia Elections, Virginia Mercury

[Click HERE to read opinion: 'This federal court cannot usurp the authority that the Constitution grants Virginia over its elections.']

July 29, 202, New Poll Dashed Dem's Hope Of Pro-Abortion Voters Thwarting a Red Wave, Daily Caller

July 29, 2022, Months After Democrats Launch January 6 Hearings - Americans Tell Them THat They Have Not Made a Lick of Difference, PJ Newsletter

July 22, 2022, Judge Rules Against Attempt to Force Virginia House Elections in 2022, The Republican Standard

July 21, 2022, Democrats Successfully Influence Republican Primaries in Maryland, American Liberty News

July 19, 2022, VA-02, 07, Ten Incumbents Hold Lead in Congressional Fundraising; Early Fundraising Gives Preview of 2023 General Assembly Primaries, The Republican Standard

July 19, 2022, Federal Judge Will Hear Evidence Against Use of Electronic Voting Machines in Arizona, Truth Press

July 18, 2022, AP Finds No Major Problems With Ballot Boxes in 2022, Georgia Public Broadcasting/PBS

[The article is based on a survey of election officials who would be held responsible for errors if they admitted that there was problems. The validity of the survey is questionable.]

July 16, 2022, Bombshells Undercut the 'Big 'Lie': 21 Confirmed Illegalities, Irregularities in 2020 Election, Just the News

July 13, 2022, Same-Day Voter Registration Is Coming to Virginia. Here's How It Will Work, Virginia Mercury

June 30, 2022, SCOTUS to Hear Case That Could Give State Legislatures, Not Judges, Power to Regulate Elections, Epoch Times

[Democrat Attorney Marc Elias has also condemned the Supreme Court for Accepting the case]

June 27, 2022, Kiggans Gains Support from National GOP in Virginia 2nd District, The Republican Standard

June 27, 2022, GOP Calls In FEC Over Alleged Election Violations in Colorado, Republican Informer

June 27, 2022, Democrat Abrams Sideswiped By 100 Georgia Sheriffs - They're Ditching Her and Supporting GOP Opponent, Patriot Journal News

June 10, 2022, New Lawsuit Seeks 2022 Elections for Virginia House Members, The Republican Standard

[Author Jeff Thomas argues that he and other Richmond Area Voters have had their voter strength diluted under the new maps. This lawsuit was filed two days after a 3-panel judge ruled against Goldman]

June 9, 2022, FBI Arrests GOP Michigan Gubernatorial Frontrunner Ryan Kelley on January 6-Related Charges, Truth Press

[Kelley was arrested on 4 misdemeanor charges and was not charged with entering the U.S. Capitol]

June 7, 2022, Court Panel Rules Goldman Doesn't Have Standing in Lawsuit for Force 2022 Virginia House Elections, The Republican Standard

May 12, 2022, Rockingham Voters to Receive Notification Letters, Daily News Record

[Letters will contain new voter cards]

June Virginia Republican Primary


May 6, 2022  8AM - 4PM - First Day of Early Voting at Local Registrar's Office, Rockingham County Voter Registrar's Office is located at 20 E. Gay Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22802


Voting hours in Rockingham will be 8AM - 4PM for the entire early voting period.  Voting hours in other jurisdictions may vary, for example voting hours in the City of Harrisonburg at City Hall, 409 South Main Street are from 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

May 31, 2022 - Last Day to Register to Vote or Update a Voter Registration

June 10, 2022 - Deadline for an absentee ballot to be mailed to you by your local registrar's office.

June 11, 2022 8AM - 4PM - First Day of Saturday Early Voting at the local registrar's office.

June 18, 2022 8AM - 4PM - Last Day of Saturday Early Voting at 5PM.

June 21, 2022 - 6AM to 7PM - Voting at Local Precincts (some may be new locations or new precincts after redistricting)

November General Election

September 23, 2022 8AM - 4PM - First Day of Early Voting at Local Registrar's Office.


Early voting hours will be the same for the entire early voting period. Voting hours vary in different jurisdictions, for example, voting hours in the city of Harrisonburg at City Hall, 409 South Main Street are from 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

October 17, 2022 - Last Day to register to vote or to update an existing registration

October 28, 2022 - Deadline to apply for an absentee ballot to be mailed to you. Request must be received at the local registrar's office.

October 29, 2022 8AM - 4PM - Voter registrar's office open for Saturday early voting.

November 5, 2022 8AM - 4PM - Last day of Saturday early voting.

November 8, 2022 - 6AM to 7PM - General Election at Regular Precinct Polling Locations

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2022 Rockingham County Republican Sample Ballots and Voter Information

Beginning with the 2022 Virginia General Election on November 8, 2022, there are separate ballots styles for every voting precinct in Virginia. So there are 29 different ballot styles for Rockingham County. The Rockingham County Republican Committee has not endorsed any city or town candidates for office and no endorsements were requested. So the Republican Sample Ballot only shows a filled in bubble beside Ben Cline's name for U.S. House of Representatives.

Please see the Voter Registrar's Instructions for this election and the special instructions for the 505 Stoney Run Precinct Polling Location which has moved to the Auxiliary Gym at Spotswood High School, 368 Blazer Drive, Penn Laird.

Link to Rockingham County Voter Registrar's Precinct Polling Locations

District 1 Republican Sample Ballots

District 2 Republican Sample Ballots

District 3 Republican Sample Ballots

District 4 Republican Sample Ballots

District 5 Republican Sample Ballots

2022 Rockingham County Voter Registrar's Instructions for all polling locations

505 - Stony Run Voters Instructions for New Polling Location at Spotswood High School Auxiliary Gym

Early Voting In-Person Times in Rockingham 

Nearby Jurisdictions for Fall 2022 General Election

Early Voting begins on Friday, September 23, 2022. Curbside voting is available at all locations.

Dropbox accessibility varies by jurisdiction. Call ahead for location and access hours. All drops boxes are secured promptly at 7PM Nov 8  for the General Election.

Augusta:  8-1, Closed for lunch, 2-5 Weekdays, 9-5 Sat

       Oct 29/Nov 5

        Augusta Government Center

        Voter Registrar's Office

       18 Gov Center Lane, Verona, VA 24482


Harrisonburg: 8:30-4:30 M-F,  8:30-4:30 Sat Oct 29

                         and 8:30-5 Sat Nov 5

        Harrisonburg City Hall

        Voter Registrar's Office

        409 S. Main St, Harrisonburg, VA 22801


Page: 8:30-4:30 M-F, 8:30 - 4:30 Sat Oct 29/8:30-5 Nov 5

        Voter Registrar's Office

        103 S. Court St, Suite D,  Luray, VA 22835


Rockingham: 8-4 M-F, 9-5 Sat Oct 29/Nov 5

        Rockingham County Government Center

        Voter Registrar's Office

        20 E. Gay St, Harrisonburg, VA 22802


Shenandoah: 8:30-4:30 M-F , 8:30-4:30 Sat Oct 29/

        8:30-5:00 Nov 5

        Voter Registrar's Office,

        600 N. Main St, Woodstock, VA 22835


Staunton: 9-5 M-F, 9-5 Sat Oct 29/Nov 5

        Staunton City Hall

        Voter Registrar's Office

        1st Floor; 116 W. Beverley St, Staunton, VA 24401


Waynesboro: 9-1 (Closed for Lunch 1-2), 2-5 Weekdays,

       9-5 Oct 29/Nov 5

        Voter Registrar's Office (new location Aug 24, 2022)

        Waynesboro Public Library

        605 Market St (lower level), Waynesboro, VA 22980


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