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News About Higher Education

May 18, 2024, 74% of the University of Michigan's Grades are As - Other Schools Aren't Far Behind, Michigan Live

May 17, 2024, Kaitlynn Wheeler Thrown Out of California University Public Library for Saying Men Should Not Be in Women's Sports, Fox News

May 16, 2024, Harvard Ignored Its In-House Anti-Semitism Panel and Failed to Address Student Harassment, Congressional Report Finds, Washington Free Beacon

May 1, 2024, A Guide to University Statements on Anti-Israel Protests, Washington Free Beacon

May 1, 2024, UCLA's Race and Equity Director Johnathan Perkins: 'Jews Enjoy the Benefits of whiteness', Washington Free Beacon

May 1, 2024, Columbia to UCLA: How 19 Universities Have Responded to Campus Protests, Washington Examiner

Mar 31, 2024, University of Wisconsin-Madison Picked DEI Chief Accused of Felony Strangulation to Work With Students, Western Journal

Mar 28, 2024, Rutgers Joins Growing List of Schools Under GOP House Investigation for Anti-Semitism, Jerusalem Post

Mar 27, 2024, Youngkin Requests To Review Course Syllabi at George Mason, Virginia Commonwealth Universities, The Virginian-Pilot

Mar 25, 2024, Ten Best Colleges in Virginia, Stacker

Feb 26, 2024, As Doors Close and Funding Fades, Studenets Worry UT-Austin is Taking DEI BanToo Far, Texas Tribune

[Schools being cautious with new Texas law banning DEI]

Feb 16, 2024, 'Poisoned Ivies' Documentary, Daily Caller

Feb 16, 2024, A First in 80 Years: More Indians Than Americans Write GRE Test, Economic Times

Feb 13, 2024, Community College Transfer Isn't Often Successful - 'IT's Terribly Unfortunate' Expert Says,  CNBC

Feb 13, 2024,  SAT Administrator College Board Settles New York Claims It Sold High School Student Data, Reuters

Jan 10, 2024, Yale Management Professor: Harvard Board Is Guilty of 5 Key Failures - Here is How to Avoid Them, Fortune

Jan 9, 2024, Virginia Dems Call for Immediate Ban on Legacy Admissions, Virginia Mercury

Jan 6, 2024, Business Insider BIll Ackman Vows Plagarism Checks on MIT President and Faculty After Wife Pulled into Fray, Fortune

Jan 2, 2024, Claudine Gay Resigns From Harvard, Daily Caller

Jan 2, 2024, Sporting Associations Start To Crack Down on Men in Women's Sports, Daily Caller

Jan 1, 2024, Harvard President Claudine Gay Hit With Six New Charges of Plagarism, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 28, 2023, Biden Administration Puts Largest Christian University in U.S In Its Crosshairs After Already Massive Fine, Truth Press

Dec 23, 2023, Harvard Itself Unearthed New Case of Claudine Gay Plagarism Not Included in Previous Allegations - After Threatening to Sue New York Post Alleging Allegations Were 'Demonstrably False', Washington Free Beacon

Dec 19, 2023, Fresh Allegations of Plagarism Unearthed in Official Academic Complaint Against Harvard President Claudine Gay, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 18, 2023, Researchers Look At How to Help More Community College Students Gain Four-Year Degrees, Virginia Mercury

Dec 13, 2023, University of Wisconsin Regents Back GOP Deal for Funding In Exchange for Limiting Diversity Efforts, Associated Press

Dec 13, 2023, Rutgers Suspends Students for Justice in Palestine for Violating University Policies, Times of Israel

Dec 11, 2023, Surge in number of Extremely Productive Authors Concerns Scientists, Nature

[Some authors are producing new papers every five days. Data trackers suspect not all manuscripts were produced through honest labor]

Dec 11, 2023, Yale Cafeteria Drops Popular 'Israeli Salad' From Menu, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 11, 2023, 'This is definitely plagarism': Harvard University President Claudine Gay Copied Whole Paragraphs From Others' Work and Claimed Them As Her Own, Washington Free Beacon

[In 4 papers including her doctoral thesis between 1993 and 2017 Dr. Gay quoted  and paraphrased 20 authors without attribution]

Dec 9, 2023, Wisconsin University Regents Reject Deal with Republicans to Reduce DIversity Positions, Associated Press

Dec 8, 2023, University of Pennsylvania Loses $100 Million Donation After President's Testimony Before Congress, Time

Dec 7, 2023, UNLV Shooter Anthony Polito Was a Popular Eccentric East Carolina Univeristy Professor Obsessed with Las Vegas, NBC News

[Polito had applied for a job at UNLV but was turned down. He had a list of 22 targets. None of the 3 professors he killed were on his list.]

Dec 6, 2023, The College Admission Testing Gamble, Fortune

Dec 6, 2023, 32 University of Oregon Athletes File Suit Over Title IX Violations, USA Today

Dec 6, 2023, Editorial Board: The Ivory Tower's Day of Reckoning, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 5, 2023, Almost 1 in 10 College Students Threatened for Their Free Speech: Study, Fox News

Dec 5, 2023, Penn Students Sue Over 'Egregious' Antisemitism on Campuse That Is 'Emboldened' By Administration's 'tolerance and enabling', Fortune

Dec 5, 2023, Just 4 Percent of American Universities Condemned Hamas Terror Attack on Israel as Anti-Semitic, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 8, 2023, Universities Hit With Complaints Tuition Programs Illegally Discriminate on the Basis of Race, Daily Caller

Oct 25, 2023, A Spat Over Teaching Evaluations Roils JMU Economics Department, Chronicle of Higher Education

Oct 16, 2023, Virginia Universities Increasingly Eyeing Guaranteed Admissions, Virginia Mercury

[Enrollment increases cause housing issues for some universities]

Oct 6, 2023, Virginia VSU Not Underfunded, Youngkin Administration Says, Richmond Times Dispatch

Aug 31, 2023, Most Governing Boards Don't Reflect Student Diversity, Inside Higher Ed

[Washington Monthly report shows that well-aligned boards more often than not have better student outcomes and graduation rates.]

July 7, 2023,  The University of California Changed its Math Standards - Some Faculty Aren't Happy, Chronicle of Higher Education

June 26, 2023, With A Skeptical Public, Higher Education Must Do A Better Job Explaining Why College Is Worth The Investment, The Hechinger Report

May 30, 2023, Olympic Gold Medalist Daley Thompson Takes Issue With Transgender Men in Girls' and Women's Sport, Fox News

May 29, 2023, NYC Law School Commencement Speaker Calls the Law "White Supremacy', Advocates Revolution, Daily Caller

May 28, 2023, Colleges Move To Arm Officers to Combat Inner-City Crime After Calls To Defund the Police, Daily Caller

May 16, 2023, Charges Dropped Against Student Arrested for Handing Out Copies of the US Constitution on Arizona Campus, Daily Caller

May 5, 2023, Openly Gay Professor at University of the Pacific Christian College Indicted on Child Pornography Charges, Western Journal

Apr 27, 2023, Nearly 700 Professors Sign Letter in Opposition to Teaching about Constitution, America's Founding, American Greatness

[Includes 673 Professors from the University of NC Chapel Hill]

Apr 20, 2023, Win for Patriarchy: Not One Democrat Votes to Protect Girls Sports, Daily Caller

Apr 20, 2023, Riley Gaines Perfectly Dismantles Lia Thomas' Latest Statment: 'Replace that Word with Woman', Western Journal

Apr 18, 2023, UT Southwestern Teaches Med Students 'Gender is independent of physical structure, chromosones, or genes,', Fox News

Mar 23, 2023, 'I Didn't Think It Would Be This Quick':  Another Florida School Terminates It's Chief Diversity Officer, Daily Caller

[State College of Florida terminated Dr. Brenda Pinckney Brown]

Mar 22, 2023, Michigan's Grand Valley State University Holds Segregated Graduation Celebrations, Star News Network

Feb 21, 2023, Thirty Organizations Call for College Board CEO to Resign of AP African American Studies Course, The Hill

Feb 16, 2023, A Call to the College Board to Restore the Integrity of the AP African American Studies Program, Medium

Feb 13, 2023, Police Seek Motive of Gunman Who Killed 3 and Wounded 5 at Michigan State University Before Killing Himself, Associated Press

Feb 9, 2023, University of Michigan Event Calling for Destruction of Israel Broke Federal Law, Legal Group Says, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 1, 2023,  Colleges - And Students - Took an Axe to Free Speech in 2022. Here Are Some of the Worst Examples, Daily Caller

Dec 31, 2022, Universities Are Seeing An Enormous Spike in Antisemitism - Here's Why, Daily Caller

Dec 18, 2022, Judge Rules in Favor of Va. Tech Athlete Punished for Rejecting BLM, The Republican Standard

Dec 18, 2022, Federal Appeals Court for the 2nd District Rules Against Girls Challenging Trans-Inclusive Sports Policy, Truth Press

Dec 2, 2022, Systemic Racism: Students Downplay Stereotypical Asian Hobbies to Boost College Admission Odds, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 30, 2022, University of Florida Medical School Scrubs Website of Woke Information After Expose, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 25, 2022, Stanford Soccer Star's Parents Sue After Daughter's Suicide, Daily Wire

Nov 21, 2022, Report Reveals Just How Much DEI Complex Has Infiltrated Medical Education, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 20, 2022, Police: New Mexico Shooting Involved Students from Two Rival Schools, WXYZ ABC Detroit

Nov 14, 2022, Manhunt Underway for Former UVA Football Player Who Killed Three Ex Teammates, Wounded Two Others, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 5, 2022, Police: Ex-Student Fatally Shoots Dept of Hydrology Professor at University of Arizona,

Sept 30, 2022, Neighbors Weary of JMU Students' 'Late-Night Shenanigans', Daily News Record

Aug 10, 2022, American Bar Association Scraps Controversial Diversity Proposal After Blowback, Washington Free Beacon

[Law Professors warned that proposal reqiring law schools to diversify their student bodies would lead to illegal discrimination]

July 31, 2022, Trans Cheerleader Booted From Cheerleader Camp For Allegedly Choking Female Teammate: 'Called me a man with a penis', Daily Wire

[Incident involving a biological male occurred at Ranger College in Texas]

July 30, 2022, College Swimmer Reveals the Awful Truth Truth of What Was Worse Than Having to Race Against Lia Thomas, Western Journal

[Female swimmers were not told that they would be sharing a lockerroom and showers with a genetic male]

July 30, 2022, How One Medical Board Is Injecting DEI Into All Aspects of Medical Education, Washington Free Beacon

[The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation will required all doctors to answer 'health equity'  questions to keep their certification]

July 29, 2022, Medical Schools Must Go Woke, Accreditor Says, Washington Free Beacon

[The Association of American Medical Colleges releases diversity, equity, and inclusion guidelines. Click here to read the guidelines.]

July 29, 2022, Biden Administration Abandons Biology. What's Next for Parents?, Daily Signal

July 29, 2022, Area Colleges, Universities Reporting Higher Enrollment, Daily News Record

June 30, 2022, Youngkin Breaks Virginia Community College System Stonewalling Over New Chancellor, The Republican Standard

June 30, 2022, Most Virginia Colleges Will Freeze Tuition, Adhering to Youngkin's Request, Richmond Times Dispatch

June 24, 2022, Christian Student Silenced By Georgia Gwinnett College Gets Massive Payday, Daily Caller

June 24, 2022,  Inside the Investigation of Axed Princeton University Professor Joshua Katz, Washington Free Beacon

June 19, 2022, Lia Thomas Banned as FINA Votes Against Biological Males Competing Against Women, Truth Press

June 4, 2022 College Athletes Sound Alarm After Suicides, Including in Virginia, WSET ABC 13

May 25, 2022, Sears Threatens Fines for any Mores Delays in Delivering Virginia State Budget, The Republican Standard

May 24, 2022, Indiana's GOP Lawmakers Strike Down Veto, Hand Withering Defeat to Trans Movement, Western Journal

May 20, 2022, Brown University Students Extract Groveling Apology from Working Class Watering Hole, Washington Free Beacon

[Accused of racism, bar bent over backwards to appease university's diversity commissars]

May 13, 2022, Virginia Lt. Governor Winsome Earle-Sears Joins Lawsuit Protecting Race Neutral College Admissions, The Republican Standard

Apr 17, 2022, Shawnee State University in Ohio to Pay $400,000 to Professor Punished for Not Using Students Preferred Pronouns, Yahoo News

Apr 13, 2022, VMI Alumni Fight Back As Higher Ed Culture Wars Evolve, The Republican Standard

Apr 13, 2022, Under Federal Scrutiny, NYU Law School Faces Uproar over Anti-Semitism, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 8, 2022, Lawsuit Says Critical Race Theory Is Being Illegally Taught at VMI, The Republican Standard

Apr 5, 2022, 'Anti-Racist' Education Set to Become Prerequisite for Admission to California Universities, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 4, 2022, GOP Group Introduces Resolution Reconizing Emma Weyant as Rightful Winner of NCAA Swim Final Over Biological Male, The Republican Standard

Apr 1, 2022, Kentucky Swimmer Riley Gaines Who Tied with Lia Thomas for Fifth Place Says Majority of Women Not Okay With Trajectory of Women's Sports, Yahoo News

Mar 30, 2022, 'Scary for the Legal Profession': Georgetown Law Upends Traditional Legal Curriculum for New Woke Curriculum, Washington Free Beacon

[New curriculum will be model for others]

Mar 18, 2022, Jewish University of Virginia Students Thwart UVA Student Council Anti-Israel Campaign, The Republican Standard

Mar 16, 2022, Inside Qatar's 'Multimillion-Dollar Plan' to Mainstream Anti-Israel Journalists through Northwestern University, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 15, 2022, University of Texas' Push for Critical Race Theory and Ideological Conformity, Draws Overdue Pushback, Daily Signal

[The Faculty Council voted 41-5 to continue teaching critical race theory]

Mar 4, 2022, Masks Remain Required at Virginia Tech Roanoke and Blacksburg Campuses, WSLS NBC 10

Feb 28, 2022, Tenets of Critical Race Theory Reported at 23 of 25 Top US Medical Schools, The Republican Standard

Jan 29, 2022, Penn Swimmer Slams School's Handling of Lia Thomas Controversy: 'They don't actually care about women at all', Fox News

Jan 28, 2022, Cedric Wins, VMI's First Black Superintendent Blasts White Critics of Diversity and Equity Reform, Washington Post

Jan 20, 2022, NCAA Changes Transgender Participation Policy Amid Calls for Reevaluation, Fox News

Jan 11, 2022, 'VMI is in a better place': Northam Weighs In on Inclusivity at his alma mater, WSLS NBC10 News Roanoke

Jan 9, 2022, UPenn Swimmer Lia Thomas Crushed By Trans Opponent at Meet, Truth Press

Jan 7, 2022, Youngkin Policy Set for Head-on Collision With University Administrators, The Republican Standard

Dec 25, 2021, Female USA Swimming Official Cynthia Millen Quits in Protest of Lia Thomas: 'Everything Fair About Swimming is Being Destroyed', Conservative Fighters

Dec 23, 2021, Historian Xiyue Wang Says Princeton Left Him To 'Rot' in Prison While Preserving Its Relationship with Tehran, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 17, 2021, 'Don't Let Anyone Silence You': Idaho Female College Athlete Madison Kenyon Urges Penn State Swimmers to Speak Up Against Transgender Competition, Daily Wire

Dec 17, 2021, Rabbis: College Diversity Officers Promoting Irrational Hatred of Jews, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 14, 2021, Boston University Requires Faculty to Say They Should 'Intervene' If A Woman Is Encouraged to Have Children, Washington Free Beacon

[Compliments to women about their family are out of bounds]

Dec 11, 2021, Fordham University Professor Fired After Mixing Up Names of Two Black Students in Class, NY Post

Dec 10, 2021, Overwhelming Number of Diversity Officers at US Colleges Hold Anti-Israel Views, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 17, 2021, ODU Professor Dr. Allyn Walker Put on Administrative Leave After Pedophilia Comments, The Republican Standard

Oct 19, 2021, Top Scientist Resigns, Says Berkeley Excludes Scientists Based on Political Views, Daily Signal

Oct 19, 2021, Grambling University in Louisiana Cancels Classes After Second Shooting in Three Days, Washington Examiner

Oct 18, 2021, Convulsions at Yale Law School: Administrators Do Damage Control as Faculty Slam School's Dishonesty, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 14, 2021, New Database Documents Campus Cancel Culture, Daily Signal

Oct 13, 2021, Black Professor: Blacks Who Reject Critical Race Theory Being 'Erased', Daily Signal

August 23, 2021, Administrative Bloat at Universities Raises Costs Without Helping Students, Daily Signal

August 19, 2021, JMU Trains Students that Christians, White Males are 'Oppressors', Fox News

June 12, 2021, Qatar Behind Hostile Israel Statements from American Universities, Washington Free Beacon

June 11, 2021, Former Governor, Education Secretary Call For More Investment in Virginia's Historically Black Colleges, Virginia Mercury

June 9, 2021, Princeton Drops Standards in the Name of 'Equity', Here's Why That's Pernicious, Daily Signal

May 18, 2021, Eliminating the SAT Favors the Privileged, Washington Examiner

Apr 26, 2021, College of the Ozarks Stands Up to Biden's Transgender Executive Order, Daily Signal

Apr 12 2021, Meet the Man Trying to Shake Up Yale's Secretive Governing Body, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 8 2021, Biden Orders Examination of Trump Era Due Process Protections for Those Accused of Sexual Misconduct on College Campuses, Daily Caller

Mar 2, 2021, Majority of Academics Support Discriminating Against Conservatives, Study Shows, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 2, 2021, The Price Tag for Academia's ''Fake Racism', Daily Signal

[Focus on Smith College Case]

Feb 20, 2021, Yale Law Students Say Yale Law Journal is Racist. Admissions Data Suggest Otherwise, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 19, 2021, JMU Board of Visitors Approves Building Name Changes Replacing Confederate Names with Inclusive Names, Daily News Record

Jan 23, 2021, University of Richmond Warns Students Against Parties Amid Uptick of More Than 50 COVID Case this Month, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Jan 15, 2021, JMU Receives "F" Grade in Outside Board of Visitors Report for Transparency, WHSV

Jan 11, 2021, JMU Political Science Professor Clarifies that First Amendment does not Apply to Social Media, NBC29

Dec 20, 2020, Washington and Lee Law Professor Writes that Black Americans Votes Should Count Twice as a Form of Reparations, College Fix

Dec 3, 2020, Woke Culture Comes for America's High Schools, Daily Signal [Interview with Charles Fain Lehman]

Dec 2, 2020, More Than 1,000 Researchers linked to Chinese military left US after Summer Crackdown Began, DOJ Official Say, Washington Examiner

Nov 1, 2020, 'Uncomplicite' Student Artists at JMU Join​ Protests Through Visual Art, Augusta Free Press

Oct 26, 2020, 6 Cases of Chinese Infiltration of Universities and Research - and What Trump is Doing About It, Daily Signal

Oct 20, 2020, Feds say US Colleges 'massively' underreport foreign funding, AP

Oct 15, 2020, Alumni Group Fighting Back Against BC Changes, Daily News Record

Oct 14, 2020, JMU Sees Sizable Increase in Students Discontinuing, Daily News Record

Oct 14, 2020, Bridgewater College Likely to Lay Off 13 Percent of Employees, Daily News Record

Oct 14, 2020, Alternatives to Austerity, Inside Higher Ed

Other Education News

Dec 7, 2020, Chicago Teachers Union Says Reopening Schools is Racist, Washington Free Beacon  {Evidence shows closing schools disproportionately harms Black and Latino students]

Dec 7, 2020, Columbia failed to disclose 1 million in Chinese funding from Confucious Institute, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 16, 2020, US Uncovered half-dozen Chinese military researchers lying on student visas in 2020, DOJ Says, Washington Examiner

The Republican Party believes in sensible, cost-effective policies that respect your family's and our community's values and priorities. The educational environment and practices should be conducive to learning. 


Resources on Education

Dec 23, 2021, We are Doctors. Here's the Truth About Transgender Females' Bodies and Athleticism, Daily Signal

Dec 17, 2021, Biden Education Department Will Keep Trump Era Effort to Catalog Teacher Sex Crimes, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 10, 2021, Most Commonly Spoken Language in the US After English and Spanish, Visual Capitalist

[Mandarin and Cantonese in many states]

Dec 8, 2021, Jay Greene and James Paul, Study: Inclusion Delusion: The Antisemitism of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Staff at Universities, Washington, D.C.: Heritage Foundation

Dec 7, 2021, Hundreds of College Professors Blast Woke Math Movement, New York Post

Dec 7, 2021, Six Hundred Scientists, Mathematicians Rip California's Math Curriculum Plans, Daily Signal

June 28, 2021, Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: What Anti-Critical Race Theory Legislation Actually Does, Daily Signal

June 22, 2021, Is Your School Hiding Its Critical Race Theory? Here's 5 Things To Ask About, Daily Signal

June 9, 2021, Children Protected by 'Reasonable Independence' Laws in Three States, Treehugger

May 11, 2021, Hoover Institution's Education Experts Provide Solutions for Schools After COVID, Hoover Institution

Apr 29, 2021, Don't Let Public Schools Control Students Private Speech, Washington Examiner

Apr 27, 2021, Conclusions: How to Improve Our Schools in the Post-COVID Era, Hoover Institution

Mar 16, 2021, Minnesota Teacher-Diversity Bill Could Push Out 700 Hundred Minority Teachers, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 8, 2021, Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Student Punished for Religious Speech, Washington Free Beacon

[8-1 Ruling Strikes Blow Against Campus Policies Targeting Religious Expression, Chief Justice Roberts was the only dissenter]

Feb 24, 2021, Website Tracks Which Colleges Embrace Training in Critical Race Theory, Daily Signal

Feb 24, 2021, 'Hateful, Divisive, Manipulative Fraud': Chinese-American Organization Denounces Critical Race Theory, Washington Examiner

Dec 4, 2020, San Diego Required Anti-Racism Training for Teachers, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 3, 2020, Education or Indoctrination? 'Anti-Racist' Teaching Sweeps K-12 Education Targeting Whiteness, Daily Signal

Dec 1, 2020, Toward Equitable School Choice, Hoover Education Success Initiative, Hoover Institution

Healthy Buildings Research and Guidance, Harvard T.H. Chan School for Health

Nov 13, 2020, Updated Guidance for Schools and Child Care Programs

Oct 29, 2020, Updated CDC Guidelines for Operating Schools During COVID

Oct 30, 2020,  VSHL: Releases Guidelines for High School Sports, to Resume in December, when Gov Northam Eases COVID-19 Restrictions, Richmond Times Dispatch

Fall 2020, How Family Background Influences Student Achievement, Education Next

Fall 2020, How to Reduce Racial Bias in Grading, Education Next

Fall 2020, High School Exit Exams Are Tough on Crime, Education Next

Fall 2020, How the Coronavirus Crisis May Improve Teacher Quality: The Impact of Recession Hiring, Education Next

American Education in 2030: K-12 Task Force Papers, Hoover Institution

Jun 15, 2020, The Future of School Accountability, Hoover Institution

May 28, 2020, Nine Jobs for High School Graduates,

Mar 7, 2020, Top Five Skills Needed When Graduating from High School, Maximum Potential (maxpt,org)

2019 Employers Ratings of Importance of Skills and Competencies College Graduates Need to Get Hired: Evidence from the New England Region of USA, ERIC-U.S. Dept. of Education

May 3, 2020, Hiring Expectations for Recent College Graduates, The Strategic CFO

Apr 3, 2018, The Skills Gap: Employers Expect More Than What College Grads Offer, The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal

Andrew Pollack and Max Eden, Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies that Created the Parkland Shooter and Endanger America's Students, New York: Post Hill Press, 2019. Andrew Pollack's Daughter Meadow was killed by the Parkland, Florida shooter at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. He describes how an avoidable shooting became inevitable when the shooter slipped through the cracks and how the policies pioneered in the Broward County School District are in wide use in other school districts.

Dec 25, 2018, Legislative Committee Releases School Safety Report, Daily News Record

Commentary and Opinion on Education

Dec 2, 2020, Walter Williams: The Tragedy of Black Education is New. Daily Signal

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