Republicans of Faith

Faith is an important part of the lives of many Republicans. They look closely at the details of the Republican Party Platform for principles and policies they are comfortable with.

Sept 27, 202, Democratic New York Governor Kathy Hochul Says Unvaccinated 'Aren't Listening to God', Daily Caller

Sept 27, 2021, Seattle Homeless Ministry Stands Up For Religious Freedom, Asks Supreme Court for Justice, Daily Signal

[ministry would not hire an unbeliever]

July 7, 2021, Record Number of Pro-Life Bills Passed in 2021, Washington Free Beacon

July 1, 2021, Physician Assisted Suicide Group Teams Up With Planned Parenthood of Illinois Executive, Washington Free Beacon

June 22, 2021, Catholics Rally Against Dem Attacks on Church, Washington Free Beacon

June 20, 2021, Supreme Court Issues a Win for Religious Liberty, But Just Barely, Washington Examiner

[In Fulton v City of Philadelphia the U.S. Supreme Court did not fully protect religious practices]


June 18, 2021, Fourteen States Side With Christian Photographer Against NY's Public Accommodation Law, Daily Signal

June 14, 2021, The Supreme Court Has Carved Out One  Religious Exemption After Another. The Next May be a Blow to LGBTQ Rights, FiveThirtyEight

May 21, 2021, Judge Denies College of the Ozarks Request for Exemption from Policing Allowing Men to Live in Women's Dorms, Daily Signal

May 21, 2021, Church Freedom Fight Update: Victory Solidified for California Churches, Calvary Chapel Magazine

May 17, 2021, Roe in Crosshairs as US Supreme Court Takes Up Major Abortion Case, Daily Signal

[Court taking up Dobbs Vs Jackson Health Care  challenging 2018 Mississippi law prohibiting abortions after 15 weeks except in emergency cases or severe abnormality of fetus] 

May 14, 2021, In New Book, Ken Starr Warns Religious Liberty "In Crisis", Advises How We Can Protect It, Daily Signal

May 11, 2021, What You Should Know About Jack Phillips Latest Religious Liberty Case, Daily Signal

Apr 29, 2021, Republican Governors Are Signing Pro-Life Laws All Across the Country, Daily Signal

Apr 2021, Persecution Fears Rise as Biden Backs Away from Religious Freedom Abroad, Washington Free Beacon

[Blinken repudiation of Trump religious liberty policies may exacerbate human rights abuses]

Apr 9, 2021, Supreme Court Punted on Religious Protections in the Workplace - Justice Gorsuch Wasn't Having Any of It, Daily Signal

Apr 8, 2021, Christian Photographer Files Lawsuit Against NY Non-Discrimination Law - Faces Huge Fines, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 1, 2021, Sixth Circuit Court Reaches Right Conclusions on 'Preferred Pronouns', Other Courts Should Follow Suit, Daily Signal

Mar 24, 2021, Opinion: Oral Roberts University Isn't A Feel Good March Madness Story We Need, USA Today

[This opinion piece about ORU's NCAA win is reminiscent of the persistent criticism of Tim Tebow and consistent criticism of other Christian athletes]

Mar 23, 2021, Two Massachusetts Towns Create Legal Polyamorous Relationships, Daily Signal

Mar 1, 2021, Bethany Christian Will Allow LGBTQ Parents to Foster and Adopt , Christianity Today

Feb 26, 2021, House Republicans Push Bill Aimed at Balancing Rights between LGBT Rights and Religious Freedom, Washington Free Beacon

[Bill would codify LGBT, religious freedom]

Feb 26,. 2021, Planned Parenthood is Providing Fewer Breast Screenings, Wellness Checks, and More Abortions, Transgender Services, Daily Signal

Feb 18, 2021, Planned Parenthood More Involved in Transgender Revolution that You Realize, Daily Signal

Jan 21, 2021, Leading Catholic Bishop Rips BIden for Expected Abortion and Religious Liberty Actions, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 20, 2021, For Sanctity of Human Life Day, Black Pastors Speaker Out for the Voiceless Preborn, Daily Signal

Jan 13, 2021, Supreme Court Sides with Trump Administration Rule on Abortion Pills, Cannot be Sent by Mail, Daily Signal

Dec 15, 2020, Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Church, Bars Colorado From Restricting Indoor Church, Daily Signal

Dec 14, 2020, Catholic League Blasts Media Hypocrisy Over Biden's Catholic Faith, Breitbart

Dec 14, 2020, Governor Northam, It's Not Up to You To Tell People of Faith How They Can Worship, Daily Signal

Dec 13, 2020, Over 25 Black Ministers Sign Letter to Georgia Democratic Senate Warnock on Abortion, Fox News

Dec 10, 2020, Pastor Disappointed in Obama Over Comments About Evangelical Hispanic Voters, Daily Caller

Dec 9, 2020, Ninth Circuit on Casino Rule: No Dice, Family Research Council

[Nevada argued for rule to open casinos but keep churches closed, three Federal judges weren't buying the argument]

Dec 8, 2020, How Americans View Religious Freedom at the End of a Trying 2020, Daily Signal

Dec 4, 2020, Here's How COVID-19 Restrictions Curb Religious Freedom, Daily Signal

Dec 1, 2020, How the Left is Attacking Pro-Life Convictions and Why Conservative Women Must Stand Strong, Daily Signal


Nov 26, 2020, Supreme Court Blocks Cuomo's Limits On Synagogues, Church in Thanksgiving Ruling, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 24, 2020, Court Rules Texas and Louisiana Can Drop Planned Parenthood from Medicare, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 23, 2020, The War on Thanksgiving, Daily Signal

Nov 19, 2020, DC Mayor Sued Over Arrest of Advocates Who Wrote Pro-Life Messages on Sidewalk, Daily Signal

Nov 13, 2020, Seven Requirements for Churches as new Coronavirus Restrictions Start, WSLS

Nov 13, 2020, Religious Liberty on Trial in Supreme Court's Foster Care Case, Daily Signal

Nov 12, 2020, California Set to Reopen Strip Clubs Before Churches, Wash Free Beacon

Nov 12, 2020, Lib Celebrity: Giving to Democrats More Important Than Giving to Charity, Wash Free Beacon

Nov 12, 2020, Rev. Raphael Warnock's Spiritual Mentor Called for the 'Destruction of Everything White' - White Christians are 'satanic', Wash Free Beacon [Warnock is a Georgia Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator in the 2020 General Election Runoff]

Oct 27, 2020, President Trump Shares Role of Faith in His Life,  His Policies, Religious News Service

Oct 27, 2020, Playing a Rigged Legal Game, the Pro-Life Movement Looks for Small Victories in Ballot Propositions, Washington Examiner

Oct 27, 2020, Why Evangelicals Are Sticking with Trump, Washington Examiner

July 30, 2020, VIDEO LINK: VOA's Urdu Service Broadcast Biden Video posted by Politico (VOA Broadcast of the video ceased and it is no longer on the VOA Social Media site)

Oct 26, 2020, FACT CHECK: Video reported on social media to be a Biden Campaign Ad to Muslims was Recording of Livestream, Reuters

Oct 13, 2020, Politifact, FACT Check: Gateway Pundit Claim the Joe Biden Advocated Muslim Jihad Rated False

Editors Note: While Reuters and other "fact checkers"  did not address the key issues of the video: (1) statement by Joe Biden "End the Muslim ban on day one"  (2) video of Muslims marching in protest with the narrator from a Muslim voter advocacy group saying "2020 Is Our Year" and that this election year would be the "largest Muslim mobilization in America . . we got the numbers and the power."  Video and reports of demonstrations in traditional cultures do not play well and undermine U.S. efforts to promote democracy. It's a very serious error. VOA never took responsibility for their decision to broadcast an overt political advocacy video. Christians who circulated the video and were upset by its advocacy of the Muslim faith. The Biden campaign never responded to inquiries by the media.

Oct 23, 2020, The Trump Administration Delivers on Life, Family Research Council

Oct 19, 2020, Trump delivered on Supreme Court promise, but his pandemic response cost him support among Christians, USA Today

Oct 18, 2020, VIDEO, Gary Hamrick, Cornerstone Chapel, Leesburg, Virginia, "Church in America, Wake Up!" Jeremiah 6:16-19

Oct 16, 2020, Update: Evangelicals, Trump and the Election, Gallup

Oct. 15, 2020, VIDEO, Trump Says Jesus Christ Is Most Famous Person In the World Not Him - Not Even Close, North Carolina Rally

Oct 9, 2020, Is It Time for Churches to Reopen? Theological and Legal Implications of Unfair Restrictions on Churches, Family Research Council

Oct 2, 2020, Why US Evangelicals are Flocking to Trump, Financial Times

Sep 10, 2020, Trump's Overtures Struggle to Register with Religious Voters, Politico

Aug 13, 2020, God Help Us - Kamala Harris Voted Against Protecting Already Born Babies from Being Legally Murdered, Family Research Council

Aug 5, 2020, How Trump is moving heaven and earth to motivate evangelical voters, Christian Science Monitor

July 1, 2020, White Evangelical Approval of Trump Slips, but eight-in-ten say they would vote for him, Pew Research Center

Mar 12, 2020, How Different Religious Groups View Religion's Role in the Presidency, Trump's Traits, Pew Research Center

Jan 24, 2020, Trump Tells Anti-Abortion Marchers, 'Unborn Children Have Never Had a Stronger Defender in the White House', New York Times

Nov 9, 2016, How the faithful voted: A Preliminary 2016 Analysis, Pew Research Center