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Oct 16, 2021, Democrats Call Maryland Governor Larry Hogan's Call to 'Re-Fund' the Police 'Divisive' Rhetoric Amid Baltimore Crime Spike, Daily Caller

Oct 9, 2021, Suspect at Large After Ambush Killing of Georgia Police Officer on His First Day, Daily Caller

[43-year old African American Suspect Damien Ferguson at large for Killing Dylan Harrison who leaves a wife and 6-month old behind]

Aug 10, 2021, Here Are All the Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty Since Calls to Defund the Police Began, Daily Caller

July 29, 2021, Federal Government Gives Millions to Vera Institute of Justice That Supports Defunding the Police, Washington Free Beacon

[The Vera Institute received $89M in grants and contracts in 2021]

July 22, 2021, George Soros Funnels $1M to Defund the Police as Violent Crime Surges, Washington Free Beacon

July 9, 2021, More Than Half of Virginia's State Mental Health Virginia's State-Run Mental Health Hospitals Will Be Closed to New Admissions, Virginia Mercury

July 8, 2021, Harrisonburg Police Investigates Increase in Catalytic Converter Thefts, Daily News Record

June 4, 2021, Blame Criminals, Democratic Left for Crime Wave, Daily Signal {Example of 3 Liberal Cities that Partially Defunded Police that are experiencing a crime wave]

May 26, 2021, Smyth County Sheriff Leaves Democratic Party to Join the Republican Party,  WJHL 11

May 24, 2021, Supreme Court Dodges Cases on Liability, Declining to Hear Excessive Force Claims, USA Today

Apr 28, 2021, Can Training Solve Over-Aggressive Policing?, Virginia Mercury

Apr 26, 2021, Not All Police Shootings Are Alike, And Doing So Minimizes Police Brutality, Washington Examiner

Apr 26, 2021, Three Reasonable Police Reforms Conservative Republicans Should Support after George Floyd Verdict, Washington Examiner

Apr 20, 2021, Derek Chauvin Found Guilty of Murder of George Floyd, Daily Caller

Apr 16, 2021, Windsor, Site of Viral Traffic Stop, Leans Heavily on Ticketing to Fund Its Budget, Virginia Mercury

Mar 31, 2021, Three Men Charged With Selling Firearms to Convicted Felons in Connection With Oceanfront Shootings, WAVY-TV

Mar 29, 2021, Virginia Beach Officer Told Detectives Man He Fatally Shot Had a Gun, Authorities Say, CNN

Mar 28, 2021, Thirteen Year-old Teenagers Arrested and Charged with Car Jacking in Washington, DC, Washington Examiner  [In another case, 13 and 15 year-old girls carjacked an Uber Eats driver]

Mar 28, 2021, Police Say Body Cameras were Off 'for unknown reasons' During Virginia Beach Shooting, Washington Examiner

Mar 27, 2021, Two Dead, Nine Other Injured After Shootings on Virginia Beach Oceanfront, WAVY-TV

Mar 21, 2021, Virginia's Asian-American Community Frustrated, Fearful in Wake of Georgia Killings, Virginian Pilot

Mar 21, 2021, Stanley Celebration Bluegrass for Blue Lives Honors Local Law Enforcement, Daily News Record

Mar 4, 2021, Mourners Fill Bulldog Stadium to Honor Slain Stanley Officer, Daily News Record

Mar 2, 2021, Virginia State Police Investigating Officer Death and Deputy-Involved Shooting, ABC 8 WRIC

Feb 24, 2021, Opinion: No More 'No Way' on All Police Investigative Records, Virginia Mercury

[Roger Chesley Argues for more inclusive FOIA Law]

Jan 14, 2021, Virginia Governor Northan Plans Radical Changes to Criminal Justice System, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 5, 2021, Virginia Crime Commission Recommends Eliminating All Mandatory Minimum Sentences, Virginia Mercury

Dec 24, 2020, Henrico Police Rebrand Division with Vision, Mission, and Values, Richmond TImes-Dispatch


Dec 15, 2020, All Democrats Running for Governor Say They Support Ending the Death Penalty, Virginia Mercury

Dec 9, 2020, Supervisors Hear Expansion Plan for Middle River Regional Jail, Daily News Record


Nov 28, 2020, Sheriff: Vest Saved Deputy's Life, Daily News Record

Nov 27, 2020, Virginia Sheriff's Offices Praised for Wild Animal Seizures, Winchester Star

Nov 25, 2020, Clinton Judge Sides With Leftist Groups and Stops Asylum Ban for Child Abusers and Drunk Drivers, Judicial Watch

Nov 24, 2020, Officer [Rockingham County Sheriff's Deputy] Shot During Traffic Stop, Daily News Record

Nov 11, 2020, Every Criminal Justice Reform That Passed in Virginia after George Floyd's Death, Virginia Mercury

Nov 1, 2020, Hutcheson Against Ban on No-Knock Warrants, Daily News Record


Oct 30, 2020, U.S. Marshal's Operation Recovers 27 Missing Children in Virginia, U.S. Dept of Justice Press Release

Oct 29, 2020, Wave of Violence Continues in Richmond, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Oct 27, 2020, What's behind Virginia's Increasing pedestrian death toll and how to reverse the trend, Virginia Mercury

Oct 26, 2020, Thousands of Virginia prisoners could be released early under new earned sentence credit program, Virginia Mercury

Oct 19, 2020, State Agency Issues New Report into Alleged Misconduct at Parole Board, WDBJ CBS7

Oct 6, 2020, Va. Watchdog Substantiates 6 of 7 Allegations Against Va. Parole Board, Richmond Times Dispatch

Sept 22, 2020, Va. House Committee Kills Two Senate Bills that would have Required Greater Parole Board Transparency, Richmond Times Dispatch

Sept 2, 2020, Surge in Richmond Gun Violence Continues; 24 Shootings, 11 Homicides Since Aug 15, WRIC ABC 8 News

Sept 1, 2020, Police: 23 shootings, 15 homicides over 17 days in Richmond, WTVR 6 News

Sept 2020, Murder Map: Deadliest U.S. Cities. Number 11, Richmond Virginia, The murder rate is 22.6 per 100,000, CBS News

Aug 24, 2020, Back the Blue Rally [in Harrisonburg] Draws Hundreds, Daily News Record

Aug 7, 2020, Agency: Virginia Parole Board Violated Law, Policies in Case, NBC12

May 20, 2020, Did Va. Democrats OK an early release plan for many violent inmates, Politifact [Rated Mostly True]

May 12, 2020,  Virginia Gov Rejects Call to Halt Parole for Violent Felons, WHSV

Apr 8, 2020, Dozens of Virginia felons released during Coronavirus. Advocates say not enough, Virginia Pilot


Malcolm Gladwell, Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don't Know, New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2019. (Chapter Seven - A Short Explanation of the Amanda Knox Case, Chapter Eight - Case Study: The Fraternity Party, Chapter Eleven - Case Study: The Kansas City Experiments, and Chapter Twelve - Sandra Bland)

Other News on Law Enforcement and Safety

Oct 20, 2021, Undermanned Portland Police Resort to Traffic Barrels to Stop Drive-by Shootings as Murders Soar, Washington Examiner

Oct 19, 2021, Fairfax County Virginia Rogue Prosecutor Steven Descano Cuts Sweetheart Deal With Child Molester, Daily Signal

Oct 18, 2021, Soros Drops $1Million on Anti-Police Effort in Austin, Washington Free Beacon

Aug 10, 2021, Biden Nominates Damian Williams to be Manhattan U.S. Attorney, Washington Examiner

July 26, 2021, Biden Nominates Progressive District Attorney for US Attorney in Massachusetts, The Hill

July 26, 2021, Eight US Attorney Picks By Biden Would Be Historic Firsts, Associated Press

[Historical firsts versus what the USA's will do]

June 18, 2021, Thirteen Examples of How Miami's Police Chief is Wrong On Defensive Gun Use, Daily Signal

June 16, 2021, Police: Fatal Mass Shooting in Austin Texas Arose from Teenage Feud, Associated Press

June 15, 2021, How Stand Up Virginia is Working to Hold Rogue Prosecutors Accountable, Daily Signal

June 14, 2021, U.S. Supreme Court Deals Blow to Biden Administration on Cocaine Sentencing, Washington Free Beacon

[No breaks for small time drug dealers]

June 13, 2021, Chicago's Homicide Problem Isn't Going Away, Washington Examiner

May 27, 2021, Will the Progressive Prosecutor Movement Come to Richmond?, Virginia Mercury

Apr 28, 2021, Suspect in Fatal Hit-and-Run of Cop Gave Anti-Police Rant Hours Before, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 26, 2021, Philly DA Enjoyed European Excursion as Homocides Spiked, Washington Free Beacon

[Dark Money group paid for trip to Germany and Portugal]

Apr 21, 2021, Portland Protestors Vandalize Boys and Girls Club Youth Charity, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 13, 2021, Maryland Dems Kill Crime Bill Amid Baltimore Murder Spike, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 5, 2021, Human Trafficking is the World's Fastest Growing Crime, Activist Says, Daily Signal

Apr 2, 2021, Bike Thieves Are On a Roll During Pandemic. Here's How to Protect Your Ride, NPR

Apr 2, 2021, Armstrong Williams: Society Pays When Prosecutors Fail to Punish Crime, Daily Signal

Mar 31, 2021, Antifa's Destructive Return Could Have Staying Power, Daily Signal

Mar 31, 2021, Man Charged With Brutally Beating Asian Woman in NY Is Convicted Murderer Brandon Elliott on Lifetime Parole, Daily Caller

Mar 30, 2021, CBS Airs Puff Piece on Radical Left-Wing District Attorney in Crime-Ravaged San Francisco, Washington Free Beacon

[Before his 2019 election, Chesa  Boudin was a translator for communist dictator Hugo Chavez in Venezuela]

Mar 25, 2021, What this Former NYPD Detective Has to Say About Attacks on Police, daily Signal

Mar 23, 2021, Pandemic Never Stopped Gun Violence: 2020 Was the Deadliest Gun Violence in Decades, Washington Post

Mar 22, 2021, How 'Minneapolis Effect' Explains Surge in Violence in American Cities, Daily Signal

Mar 22, 2021, Stop Politicizing Asian American Violence, Daily Signal

Mar 17, 2021, Violence is Out of Control in Portland, Maybe Defunding the Police Wasn't Such a Good Idea, Daily Signal

Mar 17, 2021, Soros-Backed DA Cut Plea Deals with Violent Criminals Represented by Campaign Donors, Washington Free Beacon

[Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner under fire for Progressive Policies amid violent crime spike]

Mar 3, 2021, PA Dem Senate Candidate Fetterman Voted to Put Murderers Back on the Street, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 1, 2021, Blowing Four Factual Holes in Biden's Gun Control Agenda, Daily Signal

Feb 26, 2021, Los Angeles DA Hire Anti-Cop Activist for Top Prosecutor Job, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 24, 2021, Police Speak Out Against 'White Supremacy' Accusations in the Wake of the U.S. Capitol Riot, Washington Examiner

Feb 24, 2021, Meet George Gascon, the Rogue Prosecutor Wreaking Havoc on Los Angeles, Daily Signal

Feb 23, 2021, Prosecutors Offer Plea Deal to NYC Lawyers Who Firebombed Police Vehicle, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 3, 2021, Christmas Eve Road Rage Incident Could Undermine Radical Prosecutor Rachael Rollins Promotion to U.S. Attorney, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 2, 2021, Defunding Police is Not Answer Say Black Mothers of Slain Children, Daily Signal

Jan 5, 2021, Editorial: They Really Are Defunding the Police and It Is Not Going Well, Washington Examiner

Jan 5, 2021, Deputy District Attorneys Sue LA's Top Prosecutor Over 'Radical' New Rules, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 24, 2020, David Bernard, Virginia Judge, Orders Portraits of White Judges Removed from Courtroom Before Black Man's Trial, Washington Times

Dec 14, 2020, Meet Steve Descano, the Rogue Prosecutor whose Policies are Wreaking Havoc in Fairfax County, Virginia, Daily Signal

Dec 10, 2020, Portland Autonomous Zone is Stockpiling Weapons, Has Armed Patrols, Police Say, Daily Signal

Dec 9, 2020, NY Post Editorial Board: NYC Staggering from Soaring Gun Crimes - that Pols have been asking for, Fox News

Dec 8, 2020, Ex-Con Hired by DC Government as a Violence Interrupter, Charged with Murder, Judicial Watch

[Cotey Wynn worked for the Cure the Streets Program]

Dec 8, 2020, Here's a List of Crimes on LA's new Prosecutor's "Do Not Prosecute List, Fox News

Dec 3, 2020, Chicago Sees Massive Spike in Police-Targeted Shootings, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 1, 2020, Seattle Set to Slash Police Funding Amid Crime Spike, Daily Signal

Nov 23, 2020, Los Angeles has now crossed 300 homicides for first time in over a decade, Fox News [32% increase in shootings]

Nov 20, 2020, Facts About Crime in the US, Pew Research

Nov 2, 2020, Meet Kim Foxx, The Rogue Prosecutor Who Is Wreaking Havoc on Chicago, Daily Signal

Oct 30, 2020, How Bolster the Blue is Standing in the Gap for Law Enforcement, Daily Signal


Oct 30, 2020, Virginia DMVs are on a nearly 5 month backlog. Visits are by appointment only - and most don't have openings until 2021, Richmond Times Dispatch

Oct 30, 2020, Shut Down DC Targets Conservative Organizations as 'Trump Boosters', Daily Signal

Oct 29, 2020, Meet Larry Krasner, The Rogue Prosecutor Wreaking Havoc in Philadelphia, Daily Signal

Oct 28, 2020, Kenosha Auto Dealer Says Insurer Won't Cover Riot Damage, Daily Signal

Oct 27, 2020, Meet Marilyn Mosby, the Rogue Prosecutor Wreaking Havoc in Baltimore, Daily Signal

Oct 15, 2020, Time for a Real Change at the FBI, Epoch Times

Sept 4, 2020, Montgomery County [MD] Police and Prosecutors 'Furious at their own Leadership' [Failure to prosecute MS-13 gang criminals], Daily Caller

Aug 28, 2020, Victims of Shooting During Kenosha Protest Engaged Gunman, Associated Press

Aug 11, 2020, Hundreds Ransack Downtown Chicago Businesses After Shooting, ABC News Wire Story