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The Biden Presidency Year 4 &
The Republican and Public Response

Here's How the Biden Administration Started 2023:  At the beginning of 2023, the Biden Administration faced five crises that could define it: migrant surge at the southern border, recession and inflation, U.S. Supreme Court blocking student loan debt forgiveness, protracted war between Russian and Ukraine, rising socialism abroad.  The Supreme Court ruled against the administration's college debt loan relief and all of the other crises remained unresolved and grew worse.  In addition, Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, resulted in rampant anti-semitic demonstration acts across the nation, especially in schools and universities. By the end of the year, Houthis' attacks on shipping in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea stalled shipping and increased costs for western shipping 40 percent at year's end. Rampant crime in Blue Cities with Soros' backed prosecutors grew to a new crisis facing 80 percent of Americans.

The Fourth Year

Feb 22, 2024, Biden Weighs Invoking Executive Authority To Stage Border Crackdown Ahead of 2024 Election, CBS News

Feb 21, 2024, CNN: Biden's Dog Has Attacked Secret Service Many Times During His Presidency, Daily Wire

Feb 19, 2024, Federal Agencies Scramble to Finish Biden's Rules - to Protect His Legacy from Trump, Politico

Feb 5, 2024, Number of New Government Spikes to New Record as Federal. Debt Soars, Daily Signal

Jan 28, 2024, U.S. Troops Killed in Jordan in Attack By Iranian-Backed Group, American Liberty News

[3 dead, 25 injured - there have been 159 attacks on U.S. forces since mid-October]

Jan 19, 2024, Now Eyeing a Longer Haul, the US Reshuffles its Warships in the Mediterranean, Stars and Stripes

Jan 16, 2024, U.S. Department of Justice Finally Acknowledges Hunter Biden Laptop As Legitimate for the First Time, Daily Caller

Jan 9, 2024, Under Fire, Biden Admin Scraps Decision to Remove William Penn Statue from Philly Park, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 9, 2024, Mayorkas Admits that Border Patrol Releases More than 85% of Illegal Immigrants Into the U.S., Daily Caller

Jan 8, 2024, White House Unveils $1 billion in Federal Funding for Electric and Low-Emission Busses, Virginia Mercury

[Virginia is one of 37 states to receive funding]

Jan 6, 2024, Biden to Deliver Latest State of the Union in 90 Years, Associated Press

Jan 5, 2024, Biden Admin Shocker: Defense Secretary in Hospital for Days, Late Notice to the Press, Daily Wire

Jan 4, 2024, Appeals Court Smacks Down Biden Admin Rule Forcing ER Doctors to Perform Abortions, Western Journal

Jan 3, 2024, DHS Secretary Mayorkas Learns of Impeachment Proceedings on Live TV, Western Journal

Jan 3, 2024, Pentagon Study Shows Military Isn't Full of Extremists Afterall, American Liberty

Jan 2, 2024, Biden Amin Watered Down Vetting Process for Chinese Immigrants, Emails Show, Daily Caller

[In April 2023 a CPB Supervisor reduced the number of questions asked from 40 to just 5]


The Republican Response and Public Response

Feb 21, 2024, Biden's Secret Order to His Staff Slips Out - And Republicans Need to Hear It, Patriot Journal

Feb 21, 2024, Joe Biden's Brother Switched Up Story on Chhina Deal After Lawmakers Showed Him Receipts, Sources Say, Daily Caller

Feb 16, 2024, Hunter's China Work Began in 2015 Immediately After VP Biden's Christmas Party, Bobulinski Testifies, Daily Wire

[Diplomat Lincoln Bloomfield, a formerAsst. Sec State under Bush, was dispatched to tell Chinese partners to stay quiet during the election]

Feb 16, 2024, US Population Just Had Its Largest One-Year Increase In A Single Year in History, Newsweek

[3.8 million increase due to immigration]

Feb 16, 2024, Impeachment Evidence Counters Biden's Claims, Shows He Met With Many of Son's Foreign Business Associates, Just the News

[Rep. Comer Says Hunter Biden's only thing of value was his father.]

Feb 14, 2024, PACAF, Allies Plan For More Complex, Large-Scale Exercises in the Indo-Pacific, Air and Space Forces Magazine

Feb 13, 2024, American Petroleum Institute Takes Legal Action Against Biden Administration Over Unprecedented Drilling Restrictions, Western Journal

Feb 9, 2024, Gregg Abbot: Texas Set To Build More Border Wall Than Trump, American Greatness

Feb 8, 2024, Age Isn't Just a Number - It's a Profound and Growing Problem for Biden, Politico

Feb 8, 2024, The Biden Regime went All In on Diversity, Now They Are Paying the Price, Daily Caller

Feb 8, 2024, East Asian Realignment: Japan, the Philippines Move Closer, GIS Report

Feb 7, 2024, New Report Sheds Light on the Rapid Expansion of Arctic Shipping, gCaptain

[Between 2013 and 2023 Arctic shipping increased 40 percent, with greatest increase of fishing vessels]

Feb 7, 2024, Republican AG Urges Biden Administration to Restrict Foreign Land Ownership Near Major US Base, Daily Caller

Feb 6, 2024, State Department Employee Sylvia Yacoub Who Accused Biden of Genocide Still Shapes Israel Policy Today, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 6, 2024, Here are the Four House Republicans Who Voted Against Impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas, Daily Caller

[McClintock-CA, Buck-CO, Gallagher-WI, Moore-UT]

Feb 6, 2024, White House Tried to Get Amazon to Censor Books, New Conservative Post

Feb 5, 2024, Leaked Photos of Biden Classified Docs Storage Leaked in DC - These Could Doom Joe Biden's Campaign, Patriot Journal

Feb 4, 2024, As Navies Focus on Red Sea Houthis, Somali Pirates Are Making a Quiet Comeback, gCaptain

Feb 4, 2024, Fourteen GOP Governors Gather to Support Texas' Right To Protect Its Borders, Daily Caller

Feb 4, 2024,  Fed Chairman Powell: The US Is On An Unsustainable Fiscal Path, The Hill

Feb 3, 2024, Why Texas Does Not Need the Feds to Protect Its Interests, Daily Wire

Feb 2, 2024, Army Cyber Officials Retaliated Against Whistleblower Staff: IG Report, Military Times

Jan 22, 2024, Sen Tim Scott Presses Treasury Secretary Over 'Flagging' of 'Trump', 'MAGA' Transactions, Daily Wire

Jan 22, 2024, Amid Red Sea Clashes, Navy Leaders Ask 'Where are our ship lasers?', Navy Times

Jan 19, 2024, SCOTUS Set to Topple the Administrative State - And Make Trump's Promise A Whole Lot Easier, Daily Caller

Jan 18, 2024, Shark Tank Businessman: 'If Trump is Guilty, Every Developer Is Guilty', American Liberty News

Jan 17, 2024, Freshman Democrat Representative Maxwell Frost Proposes Tearing Down the Statue of Liberty In a Sad Effort to Own the GOP,  Western Journal

Jan 17, 2024, After White House Accuses Border Agents - Texas Authorities Turn the Tables On Biden's Team, Patriot Journal

Jan 17 2024, DA Fanni Willis and the Price of Arrogance and Corruption, Daily Signal

Jan 17, 2024, Gazan 'Civilians' Involved in Every Stage of Hostage Scheme, Freed Israelis Say, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 16, 2024 Supreme Court Justice Kantanji Brown Hammered with Another Investigation, Patriot Journal

Jan 11, 2024, U.S. Capitol Police Union Says Not Enough Done to Improve Security After Jan 6, Virginia Mercury

Jan 9, 2024, Fanigate Widens: Atlanta Trump Prosecutor's Alleged DA Lover Met With White House Counsel Before Indictment, ZeroHedge

Jan 9, 2024, Was it Legal to Appoint Jack Smith in the FIrst Place?, Daily Signal

[Amicus Brief filed with US v. Trump By Scherr Jaffe LLP on behalf of former Reagan AG Ed Meese and two law professors, Steven Calabresi and Gary Lawson, raised serious and fundamental issues of whether Garland had constitutional authority to appoint Smith.]

Jan 9, 2024, New Congressional Spending Deal Would Boost Spending Levels to Above  Pre-Pandemic Spending Levels, Daily Caller

Jan 9, 2024, Federal Court Throws Wrench Into Biden's War on Appliances, Daily Caller

Jan 9,2024,  'True' Unemployment Rate is Double What U.S. Government Is Telling us, Economists Say, Daily Caller

Jan 8, 2024, FBI Brags About Hunting Down 'January 6 Fugitives', Immediately Regrets it, Western Journal

Jan 8, 2024, House Republicans Call Out Cassidy Hutchinson J6 Testimony, Threaten Subpoena If She Does Not Produce Documents, Daily Caller

Jan 8, 2024, How the Biden Administration Put Race At The Center of Government Spending, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 6, 2024,  DOJ Has Shelled Out nearly Four Times As much Money on Trump Investigations Compared to Biden Probe, Daily Signal

Jan 5, 2024, Russian Got 7,500-Pound Rockets from North Korean - And Promptly Blew Up a Pair of Ukrainian Supply Bases, Forbes

Jan 5, 2024, North Korea Fires Hundreds of Artillery Rounds Towards South's Border Islands, ZeroHedge

Jan 4, 2024, Houthis Launch Sea Drone to Attack Ships Hours After US, Allies Issue Final Warning, ABC News

Jan 4, 2024, US Intelligence Confirms Hamas Used Al Shifa Hospital as Command Center, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 3, 2024, Multiple State Capitols Evacuated Due Email Bomb Threat, Great America News Desk

[Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Michigan]

Jan 3, 2024, AP Blasted for Article Labeling Plagerism as 'New Conservative Weapon' in the Wake of Harvard President Claudine Gay Resignation, Daily Wire

Jan 3, 2024, Why Saudi Arabia and the UAE May Sit Out The New US-Led Red Sea Initiatived, Breaking Defense

Jan 3, 2024, The FBI-tainted Whitmer 'Kidnap Plot' You Have Heard Next to Nothing About, Daily Signal

Jan 2, 2024, Migrants Use Fake Passports to Pose As Minors When Crossing the US Border Officials Warn, New York Post

Jan 1, 2024, Plane Detained in France Sheds Light on Nicaragua's Role in US Migrant Crisis, The Guardian

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