The Biden Presidency

& The Republican Response


Beyond the First 100 Days

June 2021, So Much for Moderation: Biden's Gun Grab is Officially Underway, Shooting Illustrated

June 13, 2021, Bidens Surprise UK Churchgoers  by Joining Them for Sunday Service, NBC

June 10, 2021, House Dems Votes to Categorize Art as Infrastructure, Washington Free Beacon

June 10, 2021, Democrats Make Abortion a Top Foreign Policy Priority, Washington Free Beacon

June 7, 2021, U.S. Supreme Court Rules Unanimously Against Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants with Temporary Protected Status, Daily Caller

June 1, 2021, Lifting Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Sanctions Creates New Crisis, The National Interest

May 29, 2021, Inflation Spiked While Personal Income Dropped in April, Key Economic Indicator Shows, Daily Caller

May 25, 2021, Israel's Netanyahu Publicly Rebuffs US Efforts to Reenter Iran Nuclear Deal in Front of Blinken, Daily Caller

May 25, 2021, Swing-District Dems Break with Biden on Unemployment, Washington Free Beacon

May 24, 2021, Space Force Support Craters After Commander's Ouster, Family Research  Council

May 18, 2021, Biden Unwisely Rescinds One of Trumps Criminal Justice Reforms, Daily Signal

May 18, 2021, Biden Moving to Improve Legal Services for Poor, Minorities, Associated Press

May 12, 2021, Biden's Middle East Failure, Washington Free Beacon

May 12, 2021, Consumer Prices Increase 4.2% to the Highest Level Since 2008, Daily Caller

May 10, 2021, This Biden Administration Plan Would Increase Bureaucrats' Control over Americans Personal Lives, Daily Signal

[American Families Plan]

President Biden's First 100 Days

(January 20 to April 30, 2021)

Apr 29, 2021, Biden's Five Blunders in Congressional Address, Daily Signal

Apr 29, 2021, Fact-Checking Seven of Biden's Claims in His Address to Congress, Daily Signal

Apr 28, 2021, Biden State Dept Nominee Demanded Bush and Cheney Prosecution for War Crimes, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 27, 2021, Biden Issued 94 Immigration Executive Orders During His First 100 Days, Daily Caller

Apr 27, 2021, What Two Democratic Power Grabs Mean For The Future of Our Government, Washington Examiner

Apr 26, 2021, Wealthiest Bluest Cities Reap Windfall from 'Stimulus', Daily Signal

Apr 23, 2021, Biden Nominee to OPM Kiran Ahuja Signals Woke-ification of the Federal Government, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 23, 2021, Biden Administration Walks Back Regulation Protecting Single-Sex Homeless Shelters, Washington Free Beacon

[The move will affect religious shelters and women's safety]

Apr 22, 2021, Four Things to Know  About Biden's New Voting Czar, Daily Signal

Apr 21, 2021, U.S. Dept of Education Proposal Would Flood Schools with Woke Curriculum, Washington Free Beacon

[Rule would funnel money to antiracist groups]

Apr 21, 2021, Biden Administration Takes Aim At Social Media Giant's Cash Cow, Washington Free Beacon

[Federal Trade Commission could soon penalize social media companies for targeted ads]

Apr 13, 2021, FDA Lifts Restrictions on Remote Prescriptions of Abortion Drugs, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 8, 2021, Biden Administration to Suggest Model 'Red Flag' Laws, Virginia Mercury

Apr 8, 2021, Over 172,000 Migrants Encountered at Southern Border in March, Daily Signal

Apr 5, 2021, Biden's Twofer 'Infrastructure' Approach Could Doom Both Bills, Washington Examiner

Apr 2, 2021, CDC Proves Incapable of Putting Together Coherent Message on COVID-19 Guidelines, Daily Caller

Apr 1, 2021, Ten Radical New Rules That Are Changing America, Daily Signal

Mar 31, 2021, Pentagon Makes Unforced Error in New Policy on Transgender Members, Daily Signal

Mar 30, 2021, Progressive Lawyers Help Biden Administration Gut DeVoss' Title IX Rules, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 28, 2021 'Vaccine Passports' are on the way, but Developing them Won't Be Easy, Washington Post [White House tries to corral more than a dozen initiatives]

Mar 26, 2021, Chinese Ship Deployment Roils South China Sea, NPR

Mar 28, 202, Defense Department Hires a 'Diversity Inclusion' Officer Who Compared Trump to Hitler, Daily Caller

Mar 27, 2021, Pressure Grows on Biden to Act on Crisis in Tibet, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 25, 2021, Biden Promises Executive Action, Legislation on Guns, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 25, 2021, Biden's First Press Conference Delivers Head-scratching Moments and Ammunition for Republicans, Washington Examiner

Mar 25, 2021, Six Takeaways from President Biden's First Press Conference, Daily Signal

Mar 25, 2021, Important Questions Joe Biden Must Answer at His First Press Conference, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 24, 2021, Mexican President Blames Biden for Border Crisis, Says He Created Expectations, Daily Caller

Mar 24, 2021, Duckworth Backs Off Vow to Block Biden Nominees Over Lack of AAPI Representation, NPR

[Change came after Biden Administration agreed to add another senior AAPI community liaison]

Mar 23, 2021, Lessons from  an American Prisoner in Iran: A Conversation with Xiyue Wang, Hoover Institution

Mar 22, 2021, The Left Quietly Puts in Place Everything it Needs for Single-Payer System, Daily Signal

Mar 19, 2021, Biden Administration Silent After Ford Ditches Ohio for Mexico, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 18, 2021, Biden Taps Controversial Ex-Senator Bill Nelson to be NASA Administrator, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 15, 2021, Deb Haaland Confirmed as Secretary of the Interior, Daily Caller

Mar 14, 2021, Reporters Cool Heels for Biden Press Conference, More White House Access, Daily Signal

[Biden has gone longer than any other President in 100 years in holding a press conference]

Mar 12, 2021 'Nothing is More Globally Important' US and Quad Allies to Produce 1B Vaccines, Washington Examiner

Mar 10, 2021, Biden's AG Pick, Merrick Garland, Confirmed with Bipartisan Support, Daily Caller

Mar 8, 2021, Biden Hires Qatari Agent as Senior Advisor, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 8, 2021, Stimulus Package Includes $86 Billion Bailout for Union Pensions, Daily Signal

Mar 6, 2021, Iranian Dissidents Slam Nominee Colin Kahl for Top Defense Post, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 4, 2021 Biden Virtue Signaling on Keystone Pipeline May Actually Harm the Environment, Daily Signal

Mar 4, 2021, Biden Attorney General Pleads Ignorance on Gun Control Limits, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 4, 2021, Oliver: The 25th Amendment, After Joe Biden, Daily Caller

Mar 4, 2021, President Biden's War Powers Are Threatened from a Bipartisan Senate Bill, Daily Caller

Mar 4, 2021, House Passes Partisan Election Bill With Zero Republican Votes, Daily Caller

Mar 4, 2021, Biden Labor Board Blocks Construction Workers Exodus, Washington Free Beacon

[Workers unanimously opted out of Carpenters Union]

Mar 3, 2021, Illegal Border Crossings Now Six Times What Obama Administration Considered 'Crisis', Daily Signal

Mar 3, 2021, Senate Committee Deadlocks on Becerra Nomination, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 3, 2021, Smugglers Push Double-Digit Groups of Families and Children, Threatening to Overwhelm Biden Agenda, Washington Examiner

Mar 2, 2021, White House Withdraws Nomination of Neera Tanden to Lead Budget Office, Washington Examiner

Feb 26, 2021, Biden's Assault on Gun Owners, Daily Signal

Feb 26, 2021, In Line for Senior Job at State, Sanders Aide Accuses Biden Administration of Illegal Military Action in Syria, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 23, 2021, If Liberals Favor Independent Agencies, Why is Biden Firing Trump Appointees?, Daily Signal

Feb 22, 2021, Seven Takeaways as Merrick Garland Gets Hearing for Attorney General Daily Signal

Feb 18, 2021, Biden Administration Says it is Ready for Negotiations with Iran, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 18, 2021, Six Key Aspects of Biden's Amnesty Bill, Daily Signal

Feb 15, 2021,  Biden Pulls 65 Pending Trump Executive Orders: Takes Sledgehammer to Immigration Agenda, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 15, 2021, The Strange Priorities of Biden's Defense Department, Daily Caller

Feb 14, 2021, Biden Pushes Gun Control on Anniversary of Parkland Florida Shooting, Daily Caller

Feb 12, 2021, Five Federal Health Care Actions States Should Expect in 2021, Daily Signal

Feb 12, 2021, Biden Makes History as First President to Punt on Contacting Israel: Doesn't List Israel as an Ally, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 11, 2021, Biden's Next Big Pipeline Decision Could Deepen the Clash Between Greens and Unions,  Washington Examiner

Feb 10, 2021, In Biden's Early Days, Trump-era Problems at the Border, AP

Feb 4, 2021, Biden Cuts ABA Out of Judicial Appointments Because Diversity Comes Before Merit, Washington Examiner

Feb 2 2021, Labor Board Dismisses Union Misconduct Complaints  After Labor Board Purge, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 28, 2021, Prioritizing Sexual and Reproductive Health in U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S. Dept of State Press Release

Jan 26, 2021, Biden Education Pick is Leading Opponent of Opening Schools, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 26, 2021, Biden Orders End to Private Prisons in Package to Achieve 'Racial Equality', Daily Signal

Jan 24, 2021, Former Iranian Chinese Hostage Freed by Trump Slams Bidens Pick for Iranian Envoy, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 24, 2021, Legendary Investory Jeremy Grantham Says Biden's $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Plan Will Make Stock Market Bubble Even Worse, Market Investor

Jan 24, 2021, Biden Signs Executive Orders on Stimulus Checks, Food Stamps, and Minimum Wage, CBS News

Jan 23, 2021, Will Biden's Policies Lead to Job Losses? Here are Possible Economic Impacts of Four of Them, Daily Signal

Jan 22, 2021, Planned Parenthood Plans for Payday Under Biden, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 22, 2021, Biden's Vaccine Pitch Relies on You Being Bad at Math, Washington Examiner

Jan 22, 2021, Biden Talks of Unity, but Already is the Lapdog of the Left, Washington Examiner

Jan 22, 2021, #BidenErasedWomen Trends After Biden Signs Transgender Order, Daily Signal

Jan 21, 2021, Biden Skips Guns in Day One Executive Orders, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 21, 2021, Biden Plans to Extend Russian Nuke Agreement for Five Years, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 21, 2021, Biden's Rash Decision to Rejoin the World Health Organization Before Securing Reforms, Daily Signal

Jan 21, 2021,  After Inaugural Rhetoric on Unity, Biden Signs Divisive Transgender Order, Daily Signal


Jan 21, 2021, Here's What We Can Expect From a Biden Administration, Daily Signal

Jan 20, 2021, Joe Biden Moves for Mass Amnesty in First Day as President, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 20, 2021, Biden Fires Labor Arbiter in 'Unprecedented' First Move, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 20, 2021, Biden Reverses on U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Twitter Name to Include West Bank and Gaza, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 20, 2021, Biden's 17 Executive Orders in Detail, New York Times

The Republican Response

May 28, 2021, As Lab Leak Theory Leaves The Realm of Conspiracy Theory, Republicans Consider Next Steps, Daily Caller

May 26, 2021, Hamas Terror Spree Sparks Republican Demand that Biden Terminate Iran Nuclear Negotiations, Washington Free Beacon

May 24, 2021, Sen. Pat Toomey Questions Fed's Racial Agenda, Daily Signal

May 22, 2021, Infrastructure Talks Hit Snag After GOP Response to Biden's Counteroffer, Daily Caller

May 18, 2021, Nineteen States' AGs Urge Biden to Reinstate Keystone Pipeline After Colonial Pipeline Hack, Daily Signal

May 18, 2021, House Republicans Target Teaching Critical Race Theory, Daily Signal

[Two bills target schools, one the military, one all federal agencies]

May 18, 2021, Biden's American Families Plan Will Do More Harm than Good, Daily Signal

May 11, 2021, Republicans Push Back as Biden Administration Remains Confident Despite Low Immigration Ratings, Daily Caller

Apr 29, 2021, Read Republican Sen Tim Scott's Powerful Response to Biden's Address to Congress, Daily Signal

Apr 28, 2021, Republican Sen Hawley Introduces Bill to Reduce American Dependence on Chinese Technology, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 28, 2021, Republicans Call for Investigation into John Kerry, Daily Caller

Apr 26, 2021, GOP Lawmakers Question CDC Mask Guidance for Kids, Europe Has Laxer Standards, Daily Signal

Apr 23, 2021, Biden's Climate Denialism, Daily Signal

Apr 23, 2021, Police Groups, Unions to Argue Against Minneapolis Police Racism Probe in Meeting with DOJ, Daily Caller

Apr 22, 2021, Biden's Business Tax Hikes Would Be a Self-Inflicted Mistake for America, Daily Signal

Apr 21, 2021, Congressional GOP Introduces Largest Package of Iran Sanctions in History, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 21, 2021, Republicans Call for Investigation into Newly Confirmed Vanita Gupta, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 13, 2021, GOP Lawmakers Aim to Force Vote on Bill to 'End Infanticide', Daily Signal

Apr 12, 2021, Biden Administration's Social Cost of Carbon and 'Intergenerational Equity' Policies Inefficient and Unfair, Daily Signal

Apr 12, 2021, Republican Attorneys General Plan to Create Legal Roadblocks to the Biden Agenda, Daily Signal

Apr 8, 2021, House Republicans Plan Legislation to Counter Biden's Climate Summit and Paris Agreement Reentrance, Washington Examiner

Apr 5, 2021, Conservatives Call Foul on Major League Baseball's Hypocrisy Over Georgia's Election Law, Daily Signal

Apr 6, 2021, Georgia Attorney General Fights for Keystone Pipeline as National Security Issue, Daily Signal

Apr 5, 2021, How Biden Could Redeem His Discarded Call for National Unity, Daily Signal

Mar 29, 2021, Republicans Narrow Their Blame on Biden,  Washington Examiner

Mar 28, 2021, Democrats Face Gun Legislation Dilemma as Support for House Background Check Bill Breaks Down, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 28, 2021, A Conservative's Crusade to Save America's Soil, Daily Signal

Mar 28, 2021, Republican Senator Pat Toomey Rips Democrats 'False Narrative' on Voting Rights: 'We are not Going to be Cowed by Being Called Racist', Daily Caller

Mar 26, 2021, Second Amendment Activists Prevail in Federal Court, Washington Free Beacon

[Appeals Court Rules Against Bump Stock Ban, Sets Up Supreme Court Showdown]

Mar 25, 2021, Cotton Bill Would Ban Critical Race Theory Training from the Armed Services, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 25, 2021, As Biden Administration Caves on Confucius Institute, Tennessee Moves to Pick Up The Slack, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 24, 2021, Thirteen States Sue Biden Administration Over Oil and Gas Leasing Ban on Federal Lands, Daily Caller

Mar 23, 2021, Republican Senator Blackburn: Cartels, Traffickers Exploiting Unfinished Border Wall Construction, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 23, 2021, Senate Republicans Unveil Bill to Weaken Federal Labor Arbiter, Washington Free Beacon

[Bill comes after Biden fired NRLB Trump Nominees]

Mar 23, 2021, Republicans Slam Biden for Neglecting Nuclear Modernization, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 23, 2021, Republican Study Committee Sends Biden Administration Letter on Obamacare Anniversary Slamming Dems for Loophole, Daily Caller

[Biden avoided paying $500,000 in taxes by creating two S-corporation an analysis of his taxes shows]

Mar 23, 2021, House Republicans Boycott 'Sham' Democratic Hearing on Bill Proposals, Washington Examiner

Mar 21, 2021, 'Highly Situational Ethics': Sen Tom Cotton Rips Democrats over Filibuster Flip-Flop, Daily Caller

Mar 19, 2021, Heartland Republicans Unite to Defend Meat Against Liberal Attack, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 18, 2021, House Republican Introduce Austerity Bill to Kill 'Zombie' Government Programs, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 16, 2021 House Republican Duo Target 3 Books of 'Poison' on Navy Professional Reading List for Sailors, Daily Signal

Mar 15, 2021, Eleven States File Motion to Intervene in Ninth Circuit Case Over Public Charge Rule, Washington Examiner

[Biden Administration removed the rule that immigrants needed to prove they could support themselves]

Mar 15, 2021, Eight Ways HR1 "For the People Act', Imperils Free and Fair Elections, Daily Signal

Mar 15, 2021, Ted Cruz Calls Out Pentagon For 'Inappropriate Attacks' on Fox Host, Daily Signal

Mar 15, 2021, Look to the Reagan Administration for the Answer to the China Challenge, Los Angeles Times

Mar 14, 2021, 'It Stinks to High Heaven': Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis Blasts COVID Relief Bill as 'Windfall' for Lockdown States, Daily Caller

Mar 14, 2021, Republican Congressman Tim Burchett Ask Attorney General, Secretary of the Treasury to Investigate Funds Raised by Charity Platform, Citing Terror Concerns, Daily Caller

Mar 13, 2021, GOP Senator Grassley Presses Biden Nominee Vanita Gupta on Investment in Company that Makes Chemical Used by Drug Cartels, Daily Caller

[Gupta is the wealthiest person nominated by Biden for a government position]

Mar 12, 2021, Biden Faces Republican Claims Coronavirus Spending Bill is Packed with Pork, Washington Examiner

Mar 11, 2021, 'Land Mines' in Democrats HR1 Could Stymie Its Progress in Senate, Washington Examiner

Mar 11, 2021, Republican Freedom Caucus Chair Rep Andy Biggs Says Follow the Science, Open the Schools, Daily Signal

Mar 10, 2021, Keeping Your Cool on the Climate Debate, Hoover Institution

Mar 10, 2021, Getting the Quadrennial Security Dialogue Right is Biden's Most Important Job, Hoover Institution

Mar 10, 2021, Republicans, Pro-Lifers Condemn 'Unconscionable' Abortion Funding in COVID Relief Bill, Daily Caller

Mar 9, 2021, Twelve States Sue Biden Administration Over Climate Policies, 'Massive Expansion' of Regulations, Daily Signal

Mar 9, 2021, Sen. Ted Cruz's Exchange With 'Far Left' Justice Department Nominee, Daily Signal

Mar 8, 2021, Sen Grassley Grills Biden USAID Nominee Samantha Powers on Push to Life Sanctions on Group Tied to Terror, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 8, 2021, Dem Senator Manchin Says He Will Block Infrastructure Bill If Republicans Aren't Included, Daily Caller

Mar 5, 2021, Biden's 'Transgender' Order Imperils Victims of Abuse, Daily Signal

Mar 4, 2021, Sen Cotton Says DOD Nominee Kahl Unfit to Make Decisions About Life and Death, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 4, 2021, Republicans Pressure Biden to Bring Home Former Marine Imprisoned by Russia, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 4, 2021, Rep. Devin Nunes Confronts Biden White House "Extreme Left-Wing Agenda", Daily Signal

Mar 3, 2021, Kissinger: Biden Must Uphold Trump Administration's 'Brilliant Success' in the Middle East, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 3, 2021, Rubio, Wilson Introduce Bill Targeting China Creep on Campus, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 1, 2021, Blowing Four Factual Holes in Biden's Gun Control Agenda, Daily Signal

Feb 26, 2021, John Durham Resigns as U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, But Remains as Special Counsel, Washington Examiner

Feb 26, 2021, New Bill Would Mandate Congress Approve Any Sanctions Relief for Iran, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 26, 2021, House Republicans Push Bill Aimed at Balancing Rights between LGBT Rights and Religious Freedom, Washington Free Beacon

[Bill would codify LGBT, religious freedom]

Feb 26, 2021, House Republicans Press Biden to Get Tough on Cuba, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 25, 2021, Republicans Push Populist Proposals as They Try to Stand Out from Pre-Trump GOP, Washington Examiner

Feb 24, 2021, Exclusive: Republicans Held Secret Climate Summit in Utah, Washington Examiner

Feb 23, 2021, Romney, Cotton Introduce Plan to Increase Minimum Wage to $10, Protect Legal Workers, Daily Caller

Feb 23, 2021, Republican Senators Push Becerra on His Abortion Record, Daily Caller

Feb 23, 2021, GOP Lawmakers Warn Biden Against Lifting Iran Sanctions, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 23, 2021, New Bill Would Block Biden Administration from Sending GITMO Terrorists to the United States, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 22, 2021, New Push to Expand Government's Role in Health Care. Here's How We Can Help Americans Instead, Daily Signal

Feb 19, 2021, How the COVID-19 Censors Killed the Truth, Daily Signal

Feb 18, 2021, GOP Lawmakers Demand Investigation into Iran's Nuclear Violations, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 12, 2021, Did the CDC Really Say You Need to Wear Two Masks? Here's What You Need to Know About Double-Masking, Daily Signal

Feb 11, 2021, Unintended Consequence of $15 minimum wage, higher child care costs, Daily Signal

[new study estimates 21% increase in child care costs]

Feb 10, 2021, Cotton, Rubio Blast Biden Over Decision on Confucius Institute's at U.S. Universities, Daily Signal


Feb 9, 2021, GOP Attorneys General Set to Check Biden, Liberals, Daily Signal

Feb 4, 2021, Majority of Republicans Now Favor Regulating Social Media and Breaking Up Big Tech, Washington Examiner

Feb 3, 2021, Montana Lawmaker Outlines Troubling Implications of Biden's Executive Actions, Daily Signal

Feb 2, 2021, House Republicans Demand Hold on Biden's Commerce Secretary Pick over Huawei Concerns, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 26, 2021, Judge Blocks Biden Deportation Freeze Following Legal Challenge By Texas, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 26, 2021, Republican Senators Press Yellen for Tough Stance on China, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 25, 2021, Manchin, Moderate Dems Defy Party's Push to Eliminate the Filibuster, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 25, 2021, Missouri Senator Hawley Pushes Ethics Probe Against Senator, including Kaine, Who Filed Complaint Against Him, Virginia Mercury

Jan 25, 2021, NY Republican Nicole Malliotakis Vows to Stand Against the Radical Agenda of the Leftist Squad - Creates House 'Freedom Force' Caucus, Daily Signal

Jan 22, 2021, Republican Senator Rubio Demands DHS Explain Deportation Freeze, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 21, 2021, Lanhee J. Chen (Hoover) If Biden Wants to Fix Healthcare, He Will Need Republicans, CNN Opinion

Jan 21, 2021, House Freedom Caucus Reintroduces Three Pro-Life Bills, Daily Signal

Jan 21, 2021, What's Next for the 1776 Commission and the Fight to Preserve US History, Daily Signal

Oct 29, 2020, Thomas Sowell: Black Education Matters, Hoover Institution