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11 Principles for American Renewal

These are what Republicans campaigned on during the 2020 Election.  While President Trump was not reelected for a second term, these principles remain the bedrock of the Republican Party and were favorably responded to in congressional and senate races across the country.

Constitution - Our Constitution should be preserved, valued, and honored.

Economy – We need to start growing America’s economy instead of Washington’s economy so that hard-working Americans see better wages and more opportunity.


Budget – We need to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, make government more efficient, and leave the next generation with opportunity, not debt.


Health Care – We need to start over with real healthcare reform that puts patients and their doctors in charge, not unelected bureaucrats in Washington.


Veterans – Our veterans have earned our respect and gratitude, and no veteran should have to wait in line for months or years just to see a doctor.


Security – Keeping America safe and strong requires a strong military, growing the economy, energy independence, and secure borders.


Education – Every child should have an equal opportunity to get a great education; no parent should be forced to send their child to a failing school.


Poverty – The best anti-poverty program is a strong family and a good job, so our focus should be on getting people out of poverty by lifting up all people and helping them find work.


Values – Our country should value the traditions of family, life, religious liberty, and hard work.


Energy – We should make America energy independent by encouraging investment in domestic energy, lowering prices, and creating jobs at home.


Immigration – We need an immigration system that secures our borders, upholds the law, and boosts our economy.


                                                Source: Republican National Committee,

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