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The Future of the Democratic Party

Democratic Leaders


Sept 20, 2023, Allan Bankman Lawsuit Unearths Link Between Dem Megadonor SBF, Parents, and Democratic Dark Money Behemoth Arabella Advisors, Washington Free Beacon

Sept 19, 2023, Dem Superlawyer Marc Elias Represents PAC Secretly Funded by Bit-Coin King SBF, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 4, 2023, The Powerful LGBT Group Behind California's Most Radical Laws Is setting Its Sights on Washington, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 23, 2023, Daughter of No. 2 House Dem Rep. Katherine Clark, D-Mass, Arrested after Street Battle With Police, American Liberty

[Non-binary Daughter of Rep. Clark, Riley Dowell, 23, arrested for defacing Historic Boston landmark with anti-police rhetoric - ACAB, standing for "All Police Are Bastards"]

Nov 30, 2022, Moderate No More: Spanberger Tapped as Chief Partisan for Battleground Caucus, The Republican Standard

Nov 14, 2022, The Hill Explains How Democrats Could Propel Gavin Newsom into the Presidency Without a Vote, Daily Wire

Oct 28, 2022, Virginia Democratic Rep. Don Beyer Staffer FIRED After Chinese Embassy Ties Revealed, The Republican Standard

Oct 26, 2022, Chinese Donor, Fundraiser for NYC Mayor Eric Adams Worked Closely With Chinese Influence Operations, Daily Caller

[Lu Jianshun (aka 'James Lu', president of the American Changle Assn, ran a CCP-associated police station]

Oct 11, 2022, Tulsi Gabbard Announces She Is Leaving the Democratic Party, Daily Caller

Oct 11, 2022, Powerful LA Democrat Nury Martinez Steps Down After Recording of Racist Rant, Washington Free Beacon

Aug 9, 2022, Top DiSantis Challenger Charlie Christ Paid Thousands to Gen Z Liberal Activist Facing 'Campus-wide Allegations of Sexual Assault', Washington Free Beacon

[Joe Cocchiarella was hired after college Dems chapter ousted him after troubling allegations]

Aug 9, 2022, Arizona Dem House Candidate Kirsten Engel Praised Radical Immigration Group That Harassed Arizona Dem Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Washington Free Beacon

[Arizona University Law Professor Engel had praised Living for Change in Arizona for voters registration and political activities]

Aug 2, 2022, Jules Witcover - Biden's Age, Re-Election Plan Recall Woodrow Wilson, Daily News Record (Nationally Syndicated Column)

Aug 2, 2022, Whitmer Caught Without A Plan: Local Prosecutors Can Enforce Michigan's Pre-Roe Abortion Ban, Court Rules, Daily Caller

Aug 2, 2022, Louisiana Dem Karen Carter Peterson Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud After Fueling Gambling Addiction with Campaign Cash, Daily Caller

[Peterson led the Louisiana Democratic Party from 2012 to 2020]

Aug 1, 2022, Pet Project: BLM Activist Shaun King Used Donor Funds to Buy $40,000 Thoroughbred Show Dog, Washington Free Beacon

July 1, 2022, NY Dem Governor Hochul Urges Biden to Open Up Military Bases for Abortions, Daily Caller

June 25, 2022, Leaked Audio: South Carolina Dem Senate Candidate Krystle Matthews Calls for 'Secret Sleepers' to Infiltrate the Republican Party, Truth Press

June 27, 2022, Michigan Governor Won't Stop Lying About Jobs, Washington Free Beacon

[Gov Whitmer claims 25,000 good paying auto industry jobs were added since she took office, actually several thousand were lost]

June 26, 2022, Senior Democrat Congressman Bobby Rush Used Campaign Funds to Pay wife and Ex-Con Son Thousands Records Show, Daily Caller

May 16, 2022, Democrat Senator Chris Van Hollen Suffers Stroke While Giving Speech, Expected to Recover, Daily Wire

May 13, 2022, Partners In Crime: How Abortion Activists Plan TO Subvert State Laws, Washington Free Beacon

[Packard Foundation working reduce international population growth pushes abortion pill scheme]

May 5, 2022, Was Ohio's Primary A sign Democrats Are Heading For a Midterm Massacre, Daily Caller

[Democrat turnout low and Republican turnout high for primary]

May 4, 2022, NY Democrat Implosion Blows Back on Congress - Resignation Forces 33rd House Midterm Dem Loss, Patriot Journal

[NY Gov Hockul names Rep. Antonio Delgado as Lt. Governor]

Apr 25, 2022, Virginia Dems Scramble to Replace Leadership Ahead of the Primaries, The Republican Standard

Apr 20, 2022, ANOTHER OBAMA FAILURE: Netflix Implodes Days After Release of Obama Nature Documentary, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 19, 2022, Wisconsin Dem Cited for Tax Delinquency Lectures Billionaires to Pay Their Taxes, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 18, 2022, Report: Dems Look to Elect Local Supervisors, Breitbart

[Dems Are Funding $80 Million to Run For Something created in 2016 When Trump Ran For President]

Apr 12, 2022, NY Gov Hochul Faces Tough Choices After High Profile Arrest and Resignation of Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin, Politico

Apr 10, 2022, Former Democratic Congressional Staffer for Illinois Rep Brad Schneider Pleads Guilty to Stealing $80,000 in Public Funds, Truth Press

Apr 9, 2022, Report: George Soros Funds 13 Radical Democrats Running for Congress, Truth Press

Apr 8, 2022, Democrats in Dangers of Losing Key Nevada Democratic Senate Seat, Daily Caller

[Sen Catherine Cortez Masto trailing former Nevada AG Adam Laxalt in polls]

Apr 8, 2022, Democratic Offices Across the Country Remain Closed Due to the Pandemic, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 5, 2022, Ex-Wife Accuses Warnock of Neglecting His Children, Failing to Pay Child Care Expenses, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 22, 2022, Virginia Democrat Rep. Elaine Luria Wants Living Wage for Al l Workers, Except Her Staff, The Republican Standard

Mar 22, 2022, Vulnerable Dems Seek to Get Rid of Mask Mandates as Soon as Possible, Daily Caller

Mar 16, 2022 After 2021 Losses, Swecker Looks To Retain Role As Chair of Virginia Democrats, Virginia Mercury

Mar 15, 2022, Illinois Democrat Rep Nikki Budzinski Helped Biden Cancel Keystone Pipeline, Now She Is Campaigning on US Energy Independence, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 3, 2022, As a Teacher, Florida Dem Senate Hopeful Josh Weil Slammed Student to the Ground, Washington Free Beacon

[He was suspended as a teacher, said female colleague made him uncomfortable]

Mar 11, 2022, Be 'Real People': At Annual Meeting Democrats Argue Over How To Win Back Americans as Party Faces Potential Shellacking in Midterms, Daily Caller

Mar 11, 2022, 'Five Alarm Fire for the Democrats': New WSJ Poll Spells Doom for the Midterms, Daily Caller

Mar 2, 2022, 'I'm Really Jogging My Brain Here': Wisconsin Dem Senate Candidate Mandela Barnes Can't Name His Climate Policy Accompllishments, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 28, 2022, House Ethics Chairman Rep Ted Deutch Becomes Latest Dem [31st] to Jump From Sinking Ship, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 28, 2022, New York's Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul Boosts Chines Companies Under US Sanctions, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 24, 2022, Gabbard's Message to CPAC: Can't We All Just Get Along?, Politico

Feb 23, 2022, A new Dem Bill in Maryland Would Make 'Tent Cities' Permanent Fixture on Public Lands, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 23, 2022, Law Enforcement Pins Colorado Overdose Spike on Dem-Passed Law, Washington Free Beacon

[2019 law made possession of less than 4 grams of hard drugs a misdemeanor]

Feb 21, 2022, Why is former Hawaiian Representative Tulsi Gabbard Speaking at CPAC?, Rolling Stone

Feb 13, 2022, Now Even Democrats Call For Hillary Clinton to be Investigated After Special Cunsel Durham Revealed Her Camp Hacked Trump's White House To Link Him to Russia, Daily Mail

Feb 11, 2022, Crime Spikes in Vulnerable Democrats' Congressional Districts, The Republican Standard

Feb 2, 2022, Democratic New Mexico Senator Ben Ray Lujan's Stroke Could Imperil Democrats Agenda, Daily Caller

Jan 31, 2022, White House Rages at Covid-Cautious DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison, Washington Free Beacon

[Harrison has been isolating from home since elected in 2021 and doesn't attend fundraising events]

Jan 20, 2022, Democrats Look to Regroup After Years of Setbacks, Washington Examiner

Jan 19, 2022, Wisconsin Democrats Return Money From Tech Billionaire Under Fire For Comments on Uyghurs, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 11, 2022, POLL: Just Under 40 Percent of Michigan Voters Would Reelect Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Washington Free Beacon

[48% of those polled say state on wrong track]

Jan 7, 2022, Tom Dem Operatives Reveal They Have Not Learned from 2021 Virginia Sweep, The Republican Standard

Dec 28, 2021, Former US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reeid of Nevada Dies at 82, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 25, 2021, House Democrat Henry Cueller Calls Out Kamala Harris on Border Policy, Truth Press

Dec 25, 2021, NY Democrats 'Make History' by Electing Convicted Killer to General Assembly, Truth Press

Dec 21, 2021, POLL: Biden's Economic Ratings Are So Low They Are Worse Than Jimmy Carter's in 1977, Daily Caller

Dec 20, 2021, Connecticut Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal Thought Communist Party Awards Ceremony He Attended Was 'Labor' Event, Regrets Attendance, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 17, 2021, Biden Administration Continues Dem Tradition of Coopting Celebrities for Truly Cringeworthy Memes, Daily Caller

Dec 17, 2021, White House: Biden Will Run Again with Kamala Harris By His Side, Daily Wire

Dec 17, 2021, Democrats Contemplate 2024 Obama Primary, Washington Examiner

Dec 15, 2021, Another Poll Finds Democratic Voters Fleeing the Democratic Party, Daily Caller

Dec 13, 2024, Eleven Democrats Who Could Replace Joe Biden in 2024, CNN


Dec 13, 2021, Biden and Democrats Lose Grip on Hispanic Voters, Washington Examiner

Dec 12, 2021, Last Night's Election in Deep Blue Houston Blasts Another Hole in Democrat's 2022 Boat, Team Tucker Carlson

[Two anti-CRT school board members elected in one of the nation's largest school districts]

Dec 9, 2021, These Democrats Are Livid With Their Own Party For Ignoring Crime, Daily Caller

Dec 8, 2021, New Mexico State Senator Leave Democratic Party, Cites Governor's Unconstitutional Acts, Team Tucker Carlson

Dec 5, 2021, House Democrats Wont Schedule Vote to Sanction Chinese Slave Labor, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 5, 2021, Democrats Turn to Retread Candidates Ahead of Uphill 2020 Mid-Term Elections, Washington Examiner

Dec 1, 2021, Eighteen Democratic House Members Retiring in 2022, GOP Only Needs to Win Five to Win Back Majority, Team Tucker Carlson

Nov 30, 2021, Kansas Democratic Representative Aaron Coleman Arrested Second Time for DUI, Team Tucker Carlson

Nov 28, 2021, Poll: Harris, Michelle Obama top 2024 Dem Picks If Biden Doesn't Run, New York Post


Nov 19, 2021, Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner Thinks Inflation 'Is Real', Faults Supply Chain, Federal Reserve, Daily Signal

Nov 19, 2021, DCCC Corrects False Statement about Jacob Blake Shooting, Daily Caller

[Falsely Accused Rittenhouse of Shooting Blake Who Is Black]

Nov 19, 2021, 'Moderate' Dems Break Promises with Vote on Reconciliation Bill, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 19, 2021, Top Kamala Harris Aide Ashley Etiene Resigns, Team Tucker Carlson

Nov 18, 2021, Post-Election Poll of Virginia Has Gruesome News for Democrats, The Republican Standard

Nov 18, 2021, Kamala Harris Bombs in ABC Interview with George Stephanopolis on White House Tensions, Fox News

Nov 18, 2021, DNC Weights Disaffiliation from College Dems Amid Anti-Semitism Scandal, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 18, 2021, North Carolina Congressman G.K. Butterfield Latest House Democrat to Announce Retirement Ahead of 2022 Mid-term Elections, Daily Wire

Nov 14, 2021, Democratic House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler Considering Retirement, Team Tucker Carlson

Nov 11, 2021, Michigan AG Dana Nessel Behaves Like Sloppy Freshman at Michigan Tailgate, Washington Free Beacon

[Removed in a wheelchair because of public drunkenness]

Nov 9, 2021, In Deep Blue New York, Voters Reject Democrats' Push for Election Changes, Daily Signal

Nov 8, 2021, Biden Moms Tell CNN Why They Voted Republican in Virginia, The Republican Standard

Nov 5, 2021, Prominent Democrat Rep Abigail Spanberger's Election Postmortem Gets It Exactly Right Again, The Republican Standard

Nov 3, 2021, With Terry McAuliffe's Defeat in Virginia, the Clinton Brand Means Virtually Nothing Now, Washington Examiner

Nov 2, 2021, Democrat Former NYPD Captain Eric Adams to Become New York City's Next Mayor, Daily Signal

Oct 31, 2021, The Suburban Alexandria Virginia Block That Explains How The Democrats Blow It, Politico

Oct 31, 2021, New Polls From Swing State New Hampshire Spell Doom for Joe Biden and Democrats, Team Tucker Carlson

Oct 30, 2021, A Post-Trump Test Looms for Democrats in Virginia, Associated Press

Oct 27, 2021, Jill Biden Makes Move to Remove Kamala Harris, Team Tucker Carlson

Oct 27, 2021, Long Time Clinton Operative Steve Bachar Who Ran the Clinton Initiative Charged With Felonies, Arrest Warrant Issued, Team Tucker Carlson

Oct 25, 2021, McAuliffe-Youngkin Governor's Race Tests Democrats Tenuous Hold on Virginia, USNews

Sept 8, 2021, Democrats Poised for Bitter Spending Battle Within Their Own Ranks, Washington Examiner

Sept 6, 2021, New York Democrats Ripped by their Constituents, Washington Examiner

Sept 6, 2021 GOP and Centrist Democrats Threaten Biden Pivot to Domestic Issues, Washington Examiner

Character of the Democratic Party and Philosophy

President Woodrow Wilson is the Father of modern Progressivism. Many Blacks crossed party lines to vote for him in the 1912 election only to be disappointed by his administration's unprecedented regression in racial equality. Look at his record on segregation and race.


Oct 2,  2023, Meet the Top Maryland Fundraiser Laphonza  Butler That Gov.  Newsome Tapped to Fill Feinstein's Seat, Washington Free Beacon

Sept 27, 2023, Poll: Clear Majority of Democrats Want Free Speech Restrictions, Daily Signal

Sept 2, 2023, Bill Richardson Reveled in Role of Freeland Envoy to Dictators, The New York Times


July 27, 2023, Starbucks Hired Eric Holder to Conduct a Civil Rights Audit - The Policies He Blessed Got the Coffeemaker Sued, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 4, 2023, Soft-On-Crime Wisconsin Supreme Court Nominee Janet Protasiewicz Wins Election, Washington Free Beacon

[Protasiewicz election flips the majority to 4-3 liberal with significant implications for election integrity and crime laws]

Oct 7, 2022, Democrats Suffer Earth-Shaking Poll Shift - In Just 10 years GOP Gains 65 Points With Hispanic Conservatives, PJ Newsletter

Oct 3, 2022, Gretchen Whitmer's Solution for Broken Child Welfare System: 'Sexual Orientation' and 'Gender Identity' Consulting, Washington Free Beacon

Aug 1, 2022, 'Dangerously Promoting Child Abuse':  Tulsi  Gabbard Torches Biden Administration, Daily Wire

July 5, 2022, Bill Maher on Democrats: "You're Note My Lawyer", Republican Informer

May 13, 2022, Democrats Name Latino Outreach 'Adelante' After Communist Party Slogan Popularized by Castro, Washington Free Beacon

May 5, 2022, Democrats Try to Legalize Third-Trimester Abortion in all 50 States, Daily Caller

May 5, 2022, VICE Magazine Guides Readers to Make Home-Made Abortion Pills from Horse Medicine, Truth Press

Apr 23, 2022, The GOP's Newest Midterm Issues: Menthol Cigarettes?, Washington Free Beacon

[Majority of Voters in Three Swing States Oppose Biden's Ban on Menthol Cigarettes]

Apr 13, 2022, Federal Judge Rebukes Texas Dem Ruben Ramirez for Filing Suit to Stop Ambulance Services, Washington Free Beacon

[Attorney Ramierez running for US Rep to Represent South Texas]

Mar 27, 2022, Six Things You Need to Know About the Arabella Network, Daily Signal

[Left-Leaning group pushing Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court Nomination]

Mar 26, 2022, 'Advancing Equity and Inclusion': What I  Learned at the Bloomberg Equality Summit, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 8, 2022, Happy International Women's Day! Here are 10 Sexual Harassers and Wife Beaters Still on ActBlue, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 4, 2022, Alexandria, Virginia Mayor Declares March 10 A Day To Celebrate Killing Babies, The Republican Standard

Feb 13, 2022, Clinton Campaign Paid to 'infiltrate' Trump Tower, White Houes Servers To Link Trump to Russia: Durham , Fox News

Feb 8, 2022, Democratic Donor Mike Kaplan Calls for Affirmative Racism at Aspen Ski Resort, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 1, 2022, Whoopi Goldberg Suspended from ABC's The View Over Holocaust Remarks, Daily Caller

Jan 10, 2022, Washington Post Celebrates Northam's 'Rebirth' After Racist Scandal, The Republican Standard

Jan 10, 2022, Lincoln Project Doubles Down on Nazi Symbolism, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 30, 2021, Democrat-Run States Are Pushing Laws to Target Social Media 'Misinformation', Daily Caller

Dec 20, 2021, DC Librarian Who Made Children Reenact the Holocaust is a Failed Dem Candidate, Convicted Fraudster, and Animal Abuser, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 8, 2021, NYC's Non-Citizen Voting Proposal is Another Egregious Democrat Assault on Election Integrity, Daily Caller

Dec 7, 2021, New York Democrat Supervisor Tony Arquiett Charged with DUI and Cocaine Possession After Car Accident, Washington Free Beacon

[Arquiett's arrest follows a number of similar arrests of New Democrats in 2021]

Dec 5, 2021, Wisconsin Dem Senate Frontrunner Mandela Barnes Sponsored Bill to Eliminate Cash Bail, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 4, 2021, Revealed: Jeffrey Epstein Visited Clinton White House At Least 17 Times, Team Tucker Carlson

Nov 29, 2021, Ohio Democrat Rep Tim Ryan Says He's a Champion of the Working Class. Now, He's Backing a Tax Break for Coastal Millionaires, Washington Free Beacon

[Ryan is Democratic U.S. Senate candidate who is supporting SALT breaks after earlier condemning them]

Nov 23, 2021, It's Time to Find Out if Kentucky Democratic Senate Candidate Alison Grimes Broke Campaign Ethics Laws, Daily Signal

Nov 22, 2021, Border Crossings Are at an All-Time High. The Homeland Security Department is Prioritizing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Washington Free Beacon

[DEI is being put ahead of 'customer experience' and 'cybersecurity']

Nov 19, 2021, As Fed Contemplates a Move, Democratic Led States Lag Furthest in Job in Recovery, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 12, 2021, Why Special Counsel John Durham Subpoenaed the Brookings Institution, The Federalist

[Brookings role in the Russia Collusion Hoax]

Nov 14, 2021, Democrats Have Only Themselves to Blame for Inflation Fiasco, Daily Signal

Nov 11, 2021, This SNL Joke Epitomizes Liberal Smugness, Explains Why Democrats Lost Virginia, Washington Free Beacon

[Makes fun of those who don't go to college]

Nov 5, 2021, After Crushing Loss, 'Gimmicky' Anti-Trump Strategy Draws Criticism from Virginia Democrats, Virginia Mercury

Nov 5, 2021, Democratic Governors Association Abandons Florida Ambitions - Reportedly Won't Seek Candidates to Unseat DeSantis, Daily Caller

Oct 26, 2021, George Soros Teams Up With Billionaire Reid Hoffman Who Backed Liberal Disinformation Efforts to Fund Anti-Disinformation Media Venture, Daily Signal

Oct 25, 2021, Soros Bankrolls Far-left Group - Sunrise Movement - at Heart of Anti-Semitism Scandal, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 24, 2021, Democratic Fundraising Powerhouse ActBlue Amassed Nearly $150 million from Small Donors With Misleading Sales Pitch, Daily Caller

Aug 24, 2021, Iowa Dem Christina Bohannan Scrubs Left-Wing Views from Website as She Begins Moderate Democrat Campaign, Washington Free Beacon

Aug 24, 2021, Two Pennsylvania Dems [Matt Cartwright and Susan Wild] Pushed for Taxpayer-Funded Landlord Relief. Both are Landlords, Washington Free Beacon

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