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2019 Session

Virginia Republicans Delivered on Promises to Voters

  • Returned $1 billion in tax relief to Virginians

  • Adopted a fiscally conservative budget that focused on priorities like education and safety

  • Virginia teachers will receive a well-earned 5 percent pay raise

  • Worked in a bipartisan manner to improve the functioning of Virginia's civil and criinal justice systems

  • Passed legislation to reduce human trafficking - especially the unforgiveable offense of trafficking children for commercial sex

  • Passed legislation to ensure 750,000 criminal convictions were entered into the criminal database to ensure that employment record checks and background checks for firearms will be accurate and effective

  • Made symbolic success in keeping I-81 improvements and safety before the General Assembly, although desire funding was not secured during the 2019 session

  • During Governor Northam's Special Session on Guns the General Assembly created a committee to study the Norfolk mass shooting and turned back Democratic-sponsored bills that would have restricted gun ownership with making the public safer

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