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Virginia Under Republican Leadership 2022


Governor Glenn Youngkin, Lt. Governor Winsome Sears, Attorney General Jason Miyares made a strong start in 2022 demonstrating that they were the new kinds of leaders Virginians wanted. Take a look at their progress keeping those promises to you.

Office of the Governor Website, Office of the Lt. Governor Website, Office of the Attorney General Website

WATCH VIDEO: Youngkin Inaugural Ceremony and Spirit of Community Parade January 15, 2022, Youtube

WATCH VIDEO: Governor Youngkin Speaks to Joint Assembly, January 17, 2022

Apr 4, 2022, VCDL, VAPLAN Ranks Virginia's General Assembly Legislators, The Republican Standard

Youngkin Administration - First Year

Dec 30, 2022, Virginia Announces Over $51 million in Flood Preparedness Funding, WSET ABC 13 News

Dec 30, 2022, Gov Youngkin Announces $450,000 for Retail Brewery Revitalization in Buchanan, WSET ABC 13 News

Dec 28, 2022, Youngkin Announces $875,000 in Working Farmland Preservation Grants, The Republican Standard

[Clarke, Stafford, and Fauquier Counties and Cities of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake]

Dec 27, 2022, Virginia Republicans Deliver on Grocery Tax Cut for 2023, The Republican Standard

[Tax cut takes effect January 1, 2023 removing 1.5% grocery tax for all Virginians]

Dec 23, 2022, Youngkin Emphasizes Transparency in Latest Regulatory Manual Review Update, The Republican Standard

Dec 20, 2022, Gourmeltz Owner Matt Strickland Victorious Over ABC Board, The Republican Standard


Dec 16, 2022, Youngkin Proposes $1Billion in Taxpayer Relief, The Republican Standard

Nov 17, 2022, Virginia AG Miyares Announces Creation of Special Counsel for UVA Shooting, Washington Examiner

Nov 11, 2022, Youngkin Responds to Trump's Latest Insult Against Him, Daily Caller

Nov 4, 2022, Miyares Targets Robocalls Routing in Latest Action, The Republican Standard

Oct 28, 2022, Enactment of Virginia School Transgender Policies Delayed, The Republican Standard

Oct 27, 2022 Youngkin Champions Licensing Reforms, Loosens Barriers, The Republican Standard

Oct 26, 2022, Virginia Review of School History and Social Science Standards May Be Delayed, The Republican Standard

Oct 24, 2022, Youngkin, Gilbert Oppose Adding COVID Vaccines to State List, Associated Press

Oct 14, 2022, Poll Highlights New Youngkin Approval Numbers, The Republican Standard

Oct 11, 2022, In-State Tuition For Illegal Immigrants Challenged by Virginia State Senator Bryce Reeves, The Republican Standard

Oct 3, 2022, Youngkin Appoints Three Local Residents to Boards, Daily News Record

Sept 24, 2022, Miyares Makes Decisive Move to Protect Virginia's Children, The Republican Standard

Sept 22, 2022, Youngkin Announces Support for Business Development Projects, The Republican Standard

Sept 20, 2022, Miyares, 50 State AGs Demand New Caller ID Requirements, The Republican Standard

Sept 17, 2022, Virginia Education Department Working to Replace Transgender Policies, The Republican Standard

[New policies emphasize parental rights]

Sept 8, 2022, House Speaker Gilbert Calls for Special Election in House of Delegates District 35 Following Delegate Mark Keam's Resignation, The Republican Standard

[Special Election January 10, 2023]

Sept 1, 2022, Youngkin Moves GOP Front Lines to Northern Virginia, The Republican Standard

Aug 29, 2022, Virginia Republicans Look to End Northam-Era Legislation Banning Cars By 2035, The Republican Standard

Aug 22, 2022, Youngkin Slams Northam Era Proposals Removing Benjamin Franklin from History Curriculum, The Republican Standard

Aug 10, 2022, AG Miyares Rails Against Attacks on Crisis Pregnancy Centers in New Heritage Foundation Documentary, The Republican Standard

Aug 10, 2022, Virginia AG Miyares Joins Amicus Brief Supporting Decision to Vacate Travel Mask Mandate, The Republican Standard

Aug 8, 2022, Governor Glenn Youngkin Ceremonially Signs Legislation Investing in Schools Across the Commonwealth, The Republican Standard

July 30, 2022, Governor Youngkin Announces OVer $27 Million in Affordable and Special Needs Housing Loans,  The Republican Standard

July 30, 2022, Unilock's New Campus Brings Manufacturing Jobs to Virginia, The Republcian Standard

July 28, 2022, Gov. Youngkin Announces Hardscape Manufacturer Investment of $55.6 Million in Hanover County, NBC12

July 24, 2022, Miyares Leads Letter Warning Google Against Removing Crisis Pregnancy Centers from Results for Abortion Services, The Republican Standard

July 24, 2022, Youngkin Appoints New Members to Community Colleges Board, The Republican Standard

July 21, 2022, Virginia Board Removes Bureaucratic Barriers to Cosmetology License, The Republican Standard

July 19, 2022, Youngkin Announces the Launch of New Virginia Tourism Programs Aimed At Boosting Local Economies, The Republican Standard

July 16, 2022, Youngkin Continues Push for 15-Week Abortion Ban on National Circuit, The Republican Standard

July 14, 2022, Youngkin Issues State of Emergency in Southwest Virginia, The Republican Standard

July 11, 2022, Hundreds of Virginia Employees Resign After Youngkin Brings Them Back to Work,  The Republican Standard

July 1, 2022, AG Miyares Visits Newport News to Discuss Street Violence and Community Growth, The Republican Standard

July 1, 2022, Youngkin Get Majority on Board of Education, Appoints Coalition for TJ Co-Founder, The Republican Standard

July 1, 2022, Youngkin Issues Executive Order Reforming Regulatory Process, The Republican Standard

[Created new Office of Regulatory Management]

June 30, 2022, Youngkin Breaks Virginia Community College System Stonewalling Over New Chancellor, The Republican Standard

June 29, 2022, Youngkin Calls Together GOP Lawmakers for Abortion Bill, The Republican Standard

June 28, 2022, Audit Finds VDOT Doesn't Have Enough Snow Plow Contractors For Major Snow Removal, Virginia Mercury

June 28, 2022, Youngkin Urges Defense Secretary to Indefinitely Postpone Army Guard Vaccine Mandate, The Hill

June 28, 2022, Youngkin Announces Two More Multi-Million Dollar Expansions into Virginia, The Republican Standard

June 25, 2022, Youngkin Offers Support After Vandalism at Lynchburg Crisis Pregnancy Center, The Republican Standard

June 19, 2022, Youngkin Adds More than $37.5 Million in Criminal Justic Grant Building, The Republican Standard

June 17, 2022, Youngkin Budget Amendments Include Gas Tax Holiday, Ban on Taxpayer-Funded Abortions, and Law Against Picketing Justices, The Republican Standard

June 16, 2022, Youngkin Proposes Amendment

June 16, 2022, Miyares Takes Over Criminal Case After Loudoun Circuit Judge Plowman Boots Liberal DA, The Republican Standard

June 15, 2022, Youngkin Announces $17 Million Rockingham Cooperative Expansion Program in Dayton, Daily News Record

June 15, 2022, Youngkin Lands Billion Dollar Investment from LEGO, The Republican Standard

June 13, 2022, Youngkin Joins Military Giant Boeing and Virginia Tech in Center for Transition Veterans, The Republican Standard

June 13, 2022, Virginia Budget Proposal Includes $3 Billion in Education Spending, Including Lab Schools, The Republican Standard

June 10, 2022, Virginia Governor Youngkin Receives Budget, The Republican Standard

June 7, 2022, Youngkin Announces Members of Commission to Fight Human Trafficking, The Republican Standard

June 6, 2022, Youngkin Celebrates Multi-Million Dollar Investment in Southwest Virginia, The Republican Standard

June 5, 2022, Youngkin, Emergency Management Officials Warn of Above-Average Hurricane Season. The Republican Standard

June 5, 2022, Attorney General Miyares Sets Up Group to Investigate Organized Retail Crime, The Republican Standard

June 5, 2022, Virginia Budget Deal Cuts School Choice By More Than Half, The Republican Standard

June 2, 2022, Governor Youngkin Ceremonially Signs Virginia Employment Commission Reform and Private Family Leave Legislation, The Republican Standard

June 1, 2022, Budget Proposal Includes New Marijuana Misdemeanor, Blocks Richmond Casino License For Now, The Republican Standard

June 1, 2022, After Months of Wrangling, Virginia Has A Budget Deal. What's In It?, Virginia Mercury

May 31, 2022, Youngkin Signs Law That Involves Law Enforcement in School in School Crimes, The Republican Standard

May 30, 2022, Youngkin Takes Final Action on 30 Bills, Signs Loudoun School Board Bill Without Requirement To Make Board Run Again, The Republican Standard

May 26, 2022, After Texas Shooting, Virginia Governor Youngkin Gets Briefings, Calls for More Money For School Resources Officers, The Republican Standard

May 25, 2022, Sears Threatening Fines For Any More Delays in the State Budget, The Republican Standard

May 23, 2022, Virginia Budget Negotiators Indicate That Deal Is Close, The Republican Standard

May 20, 2022, Youngkin Releases Education Report Showing Sliding Education Performance and Lower Standards in Virginia, The Republican Standard

May 18, 2022, Youngkin Offers Disabled Workers A New Path to State Employment, The Republican Standard

May 17, 2022, Virginia Lawmakers Dodge Questions on Whether Budget Might Include New Policy on Skill Games, Virginia Mercury

May 16, 2020, What's 'Reasonable and Prudent' When It Comes to Dominion's Off-Shore Wind Projects?, Virginia Mercury

May 16, 2022, Youngkin Announces New Slate of Environmental Board Appointments, Virginia Mercury

May 16, 2022, Youngkin Honors Peace Officers Memorial Day, The Republican Standard

May 16, 2022, Youngkin Assembles Virginia Task Force on Violent Crime, WTOP

May 14, 2022, Governor Youngkin: Baby Formula Shortage Shouldn't Be a Problem in the US, WTOP

May 13, 2022, Virginia Lt. Governor Winsome Earle-Sears Joins Lawsuit Protecting Race Neutral College Admissions, The Republican Standard

May 12, 2022, Attorney General Miyares Threatens Lawsuits Against Protesters at Catholic Churches, The Republican Standard

May 12, 2022, Young, Hogan Ask U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to Enforce Law About Protesting in Front of Justices Homes; Federal Prosecutor Says 'We Are Aware of the Situation', The Republican Standard

May 11, 2022, Gunshot Fired at Republican Attorney General's Office in Richmond, The Republican Standard

May 10, 2022, Youngkin Coordinating with Law Enforcement to Ensure Safety of Supreme Court Justices, The Republican Standard

May 9, 2022, Youngkin Pushes Republicans to Add More Money for Early Childhood Education, The Republican Standard

May 9, 2022, In Regent University Commencement Address, Youngkin Criticizes Higher-Ed Conformity, The Republican Standard

May 8, 2022, Virginia State AG Miyares Drops Bad News for Pro-Abortion Mobs Looking to Storm Churches, Western Journal

May 8, 2022, Youngkin Announces Commission to Combat Antisemitism, The Republican Standard

May 5, 2022, Youngkin Plans to End Most Remote Work for State Employees, Virginia Mercury

May 5, 2022, Youngkin Signs Legislation Aimed at Identifying Laws, Regulations, and Polices to Change to Address CDL Driver Shortage, The Republican Standard

May 5, 2022, School Choice About Options, Not Dismantling Public Schools, Republicans Say, The Republican Standard

May 4, 2022, Youngkin Signs Historical Bipartisan 'Literacy Act" Law, The Republican Standard

May 3, 2022, Virginia's Newest State Office Aims To Close Gaps in Oversight of Child Welfare System, Virginia Mercury

[Office of the Children's Ombudsman]

May 2, 2022, Virginia Budget Leaders Say No Public Meetings Planned, As Negotiations Enter Third Month, Virginia Mercury

May 1, 2022, Youngkin Celebrates Corrections Officer Week, The Republican Standard

Apr 30, 2022, Youngkin's Move to Force New Loudoun School Board Elections Called Troubling, Washington Post

Apr 29, 2022, Youngkin Reflects on First 100 Days in Office, The Republican Standard

Apr 26, 2022, Governor Youngkin 'Most Concerned' About Elevated Crime, 12 On Your Side

Apr 25, 2022, AG Miyares Ends Effort to Prosecute Park Police Officers, The Republican Standard

[Case involves the 2017 shooting of Bijan Ghaiser on the George Washington Parkway after stop-and-go chase]

Apr 23, 2022, Youngkin Breaks New Ground Planting Earth Day Trees, The Republican Standard

Apr 18, 2022, New Virginia Legislation To Go Into Effect to Prevent 'Farm Use' Placard Abuse, WDBJ 7 Roanoke

Apr 18, 2022, Youngkin Administration Aims to Speed Up Environmental Permitting, The Republican Standard

April 12, 2022, Youngkin Signs 700 Bills, Amends 100, and Vetoes 25, WAVY TV

Apr 9, 2022, Youngkin Signs Even More Bills Into Law, Now More Than 100, The Republican Standard

Apr 6, 2022, After Fight With Democrats, Youngkin Announces New Parole Board Picks, Virginia Mercury

Apr 4, 2022, Youngkin Signs Multiple Animal Welfare Bills Into Law, The Republican Standard

Apr 4, 2022, With No Budget Deal, Lawmakers Start Special Session With Nothing to Vote On, Virginia Mercury

Apr 2, 2022, Virginia Governor Youngkin Launches Task Force to Address Safe Placements for Foster Care Children, The Republican Standard

Apr 2, 2022, Glenn Youngkin Sends Virginia Lawmakers Back To Work For A Day To Pass Unlikely Budget, Washington Post

Apr 1, 2022, Gilbert, Obenshain Discuss Return to Richmond at Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce Legislative Breakfast, Daily News Record

Mar 31, 2022, Youngkin Adminstration Faults Aging Election Data Equipment, Washington Post

Mar 30, 2022, Youngkin to Give Virginia Tech Commencement Speech, The Republican Standard

Mar 25, 2022, Virginia Receives 'C' For Protections to Living Organ Donors, Virginia Mercury

[Virginia continues to struggle with donor organ shortages, new legislation hopes to reduce some barriers to transplants]

Mar 25, 2022, Virginia to Abandon COVID-19 Workplace Safety Standarrds Following Worker Safety Vote, The Republican Standard

Mar 23, 2022, With Another Basketball Ad, Youngkin Calls on Lawmakers to Finish State Budget, Virginia Mercury

[Youngkin calls General Assembly back on April 4]

Mar 21, 2022, Youngkin Signs Law Banning 'Carolina Squat' Trucks in Lynchburg, ABC13 News

Mar 21, 2022, As State Mental Hospitals Struggle, Virginia Lawmakers Eye The Agency Overseeing Them, Virginia Mercury

Mar 21, 2022, After Years of Failed Attempts, Virginia Is Legalizing Switchblades, Virginia Mercury

Mar 20, 2022, With the Session Over and Budget Delayed, Dems Sense Blood in the Water, The Republican Standard

Mar 17, 2022, Legislation to Crack Down on Marijuana Products, Including Synthetics, Heads to Youngkin, Virginia Mercury

Mar 16, 2022, Youngkin Calls For Emergency Three-Month Suspension of Gas Tax, Virginia Mercury

Mar 16, 2022, Conference Committee Scales Back SNAP Benefits to People Leaving Prison, Virginia Mercury

Mar 15, 2022, A Virginia Gun Bill Had Support of Gun Group and the NRA. It still failed, Virginia Mercury

[Legislature failed to tighten law against guns with destroyed serial numbers]

Mar 14, 2022, As Virginia Nets Another $74 Million, RGGI Uncertainty Lingers, Virginia Mercury

[As Republican push for repeal, Democrats Again Reject LS Power Relief Proposal]

Mar 11, 2022, Youngkin Shares Findings on Efforts to Fight CRT and Other Controversial Policies, The Republican Standards

Mar 10, 2022, Senate Democrats Block Younkin Picks for Parole Board, The Republican Standard

Mar 10, 2022, Name, Image, Likeness Legislation on the Way to the Governor, Virginia Mercury

Mar 10, 2022, One of This Year's Biggest Solar Bills is All About Farms and Forests, Virginia Mercury

Mar 9, 2022, Legislators Want to Expand Eligibility Criteria for Health Directors In Order to Fill Leadership Positions, Virginia Mercury

Mar 8, 2022, Virginia Lawmakers Pass New Regulations for Controversial Beegle Breeding Facility, Virginia Mercury

Mar 8, 2022, Bill Restricting Public Access to Police Files Advances Out of Virginia Senate, Virginia Mercurty

Mar 8, 2022, Virginia Democrats Block Bill Protecting Religious Free During Emergency Orders, The Republican Standard

Mar 8, 2022, General Assembly Passes Protections for Virginians Evicted From Assisted Living Facilities, Virginia Mercury

Mar 8, 2022, General Assembly Ends Ban on Sunday Public Lands Hunting, Virginia Mercury

Mar 7, 2022, What do Virginians Think About Tax Cuts? It Depends How You Ask the Question, Virginia Mercury

Mar 7, 2022, Virginia Legislators Expand 'safe haven' Laws Allowing Parents to Give Up Infants, Virginia Mercury

Mar 7, 2022, House Republicans Torpedo Bills Giving Virginia Tribes State Consultation Rights, Virginia Mercury

Mar 4, 2022, Youngkin Doing a Better Job Than Biden, Virginians Say, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 3, 2022, With Dem Support, Senate Panel Advances Bill Targeting Admissions as Governor's Schools, Virginia Mercury

Mar 3, 2022, Republicans Fall In Line Against Final Push To Expand Felons Rights in Virginia, Virginia Mercury

Mar 3, 2022,  The Most Boring of General Assembly Sessions, The Republican Standard

Mar 2, 2022, Bill Removing Controversial Word "Alien" From State Code Goes to Youngkin, The Republican Standard

Mar 2, 2022, Proposal to Forbid Local Gas Bans Dropped in Senate, Virginia Mercury

[May go to conference as "notice bill"]

Mar 2, 2022, From the ERA to Abortion: Five Cases Where Virginia's New Attorney General Changed the State's Legal Position, Virginia Mercury

Mar 1, 2022, Youngkin Poised to Withdraw Virginia from Multistate Climate Pact, Daily Signal

Mar 1, 2022, Youngkin Signs First Veto aimed at Policing Oversight in Arlington, Associated Press

[the bill would have allowed the board to hire an independent policing auditor instead of its county manager]

Feb 28, 2022, Youngkin Takes Matters Into His Own Hands On Ukraine, The Republican Standard

Feb 28, 2022, Bill Stripping Citizen Air and Water Boards Permitting Powers Headed to Governor, Virginia Mercury

Feb 28, 2022, House GOP Blocks Recreatinal Marijuana Sales This Year, Virginia Mercury

Feb 28, 2022, DMV Expands Appointments, Services Across the State, WAVY

Feb 28, 2022, Virginia Lawmakers Give Parents A Say on Sexually Explicite Materials, Virginia Mercury

Feb 28, 2022, Virginia Senate Democrats Top House GOP in Rush to Boost Police Funding, Virginia Mercury

Feb 28, 2022, Bill Prohibiting Insurer Discrimination Against Organ Donors Gains Bipartisan Support, Virginia Mercury

Feb 28, 2022, Biogas Bill Gains Bipartisan Support But Opposition From Environmental Groups, Virginia Mercury

Feb 28, 2022, House Panel Kills Push to Let Localities Fund Their Own School Construction Through Local Sales Tax, Virginia Mercury

Feb 27, 2022, Miyares Hires CRT Watchdog to Oversee Community Outreach in Northern Virginia, The Republican Standard

Feb 25, 2022,  Youngkin Administration Rescinds Equity Resources, Claims "Divisive' Concepts are 'Widespread' in Schools, WRIC

Feb 22, 2022, 'I am an Overcomer', Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears Says, 'Many Black People Are Overcomers', Daily Signal

Feb 21, 2022, Poll: Youngkin's Job Approval Mixed; Policy Proposals Unpopular, WTOP

Feb 18, 2022, Virginia House Passes Bill to Except Religious Organizations from Nondiscrimination Laws, The Hill

Feb 17, 2022, Youngkin Says He Sees Momentum Across Legislative Agenda, NBC 12 Richmond


Feb 14, 2022, Local Delegates Wilt and Runion Expect to Back Insurance Transparency Legislation, Daily News Record

Feb 14, 2022, General Assembly Advances Unemployment Insurance Reforms, Virginia Mercury

Feb 14, 2022, Fight Over Youngkin Nominee Andrew Wheeler Intensifies as House GOP Blocks 11 Northam Appointees and Threatens 1,000 Appointments, Virginia Mercury

Feb 14, 2022, Virginia House Sends Gov. Youngkin Bill Ending Mask Mandates, Virginia Mercury

Feb 11, 2022, Lawmakers Pivot to 'Lab Schools' as Senate Committee Kills Charter School Legislation, Virginia Mercury

Feb 9, 2022, Youngkin Will Use Emergency Powers To Expedite Bill to End Mask Mandate, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 7, 2022, Virginia House Republicans Pass Project Ceasefire Legislation, The Republican Standard

[Commonsense anti-violence legislation]

Jan 29, 2022, "We don't need a study"" Health Officials Can't Offer Evidence on Mask Order, Virginia Mercury

Jan 29, 2022, Virginia GOP Seeks to Amend State's Marijuana Law, The Hill

Jan 27, 2022, Gov. Youngkin Plans to Create 'lab school' Partnerships in Virginia, WTOP

Jan 26, 2022, Most Virginia School Districts Disobeying Governor Youngkin's Order to Mak e Masks Optional, The Hill

Jan 23, 2022, Virginia's New AG Removes Two Lawyers at Public Universities, WTOP

Jan 17, 2022, Governor Youngkin Addresses Virginia Joint Assembly, WHSV

Jan 15, 2022, VIDEO: Youngkin Inaugural Ceremony and Spirit of Unity Parade, Youtube

Jan 15, 2022, Taking Office as Virginia's 74th Governor, Youngkin Promises 'New and Better Day", Virginia Mercury

Jan 15, 2022, Republican Glenn Younkin Sworn-In at 74th Virginia Governor, Associated Press

Jan 15, 2022, Cabinet Pick Kay Cole James 'To Change the Trajectory of the Commonwealth', Virginia Mercury

[James to be Secretary of the Commonwealth]

Republican Transition 2021


Jan 14, 2022, Youngkin Names Next Virginia School Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, WTOP

Jan 12, 2022, What to Know About Glenn Youngkin's Newest Covid-19 Advisor Dr. Marty Makary, Virginia Mercury

Jan 12, 2022, Party Leaders Talk 'Kitchen Table' Priorities As Divided Government Returns to General Assembly, Virginia Mercury

Jan 10, 2022, Youngkin Taps Ex-Heritage Foundation Chief as Secretary of the Commonwealth, Daily Signal

Jan 10, 2022, Youngkin Announces John Littel as His Pick for Virginia Health Secretary, Associated Press

Jan 7, 2022, New GOP Leaders Say Virginia to Join Vax Mandate Challenges, Associated Press

Jan 7, 2022, Youngkin Policy Set for Head-on Collision With University Administrators, The Republican Standard

Jan 7, 2022, Virginia House Won't Have Mask, Vaccine Mandates This Year, WSLS NBC 10 Roanoke

Jan 7, 2022, Youngkin Names Transportation and Commerce Secretaries, Washington Post

Jan 6, 2022, Youngkin Announces Labor Secretary Pick, VEC Fix, Associated Press

Jan 6 2022, Youngkin Taps Trump's ex-EPA Head Andrew Wheeler for Virginia Secretary of the Environment, Associated Press

Dec 31, 2021, Wexton, Luria, Spanberger Cynically Hang Northam's Problems on Youngkin, The Republican Standard

Dec 31, 2021, Gilbert Ready to Take on Powerful House Speaker Job, Daily News Record

Dec 29, 2021, House Speaker Gilbert Announces New Committee Chairs, The Republican Standard

[Rockingham's Del. Wilt will chair Public Safety Committee]

Dec 25, 2021, How Virginia Schools Became 2021's Defining Issue, The Republican Standard

Dec 25, 2021, Youngkin Continues to Build Impressive Cabinet, The Republican Standard

[Stephen Edward Cummings selected for Finance Secretary]

Dec 23, 2021, Youngkin Introduces Bipartisan Plan to End Gruesome Crime, The Republican Standard

Dec 22, 2021, Glenn Youngkin Participates at Richmond Habitat for Humanity Project, Habitat for Humanity

Dec 21, 2021, Caren Merrick Selected for Virginia Secretary of Commerce, The Republican Standard

Dec 20, 2021, Youngkin Taps Guidera for Secretary of Education, The Republican Standard

Dec 20, 2021, Northam's Loaded Legacy Budget Co-Ops Youngkin - Dispenses Holiday Sugar Plums, Virginia Mercury

Dec 18, 2021, Virginia's State Schools Superintendent Stepping Down; Youngkin Names Education Secretary, Virginia Mercury

Dec 18, 2021, You Might Have Missed It, But Real Diversity Was At Play in the Parent-Led Rebellion in Virginia, Daily Caller

Dec 15, 2021, Youngkin Commended for Promise to Withdraw Virginia from Dangerous Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, The Republican Standard

Dec 10, 2021, Another Recount Ends in 91st House District - Solidifying GOP Gains, The Republican Standard

Dec 9, 2021 Youngkin Inauguration Plans Include Pricey Dinner and Musical Act, Associated Press

Dec 8, 2021, Youngkin Pledges to Pull Virginia Out of Carbon Market by Executive Order, Virginia Mercury

Dec 4, 2021, Winsome Sears' Plan to Uplift Inner Cities, The Republican Standard

Dec 4, 2021, Youngkin Makes Day One Promise for Businesses, The Republican Standard

Dec 3, 2021, Democrats' Recount Fails - Republican Takeover Official, The Republican Standard


Dec 1, 2021, Youngkin Says He Wants Virginia to the be the Most Military-Friendly State in America, Washington Examiner

Nov 29, 2021, Winsome Sears To Begin Historic New Chapter as Virginia Lieutenant Governor, The Hill

Nov 27, 2021, Youngkin Tests Activists' Patience As He Pushes Abortion and Guns Aside, Washington Post

[The WP is already trying to undermine Youngkin's grassroots support before he is inaugurated]

Nov 19, 2021, Gov-Elect Youngkin Appoints Heritage Foundation President Kay James as Transition Co-Chairman, The Republican Standard

Nov 14, 2021, Gilbert Nominated as Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates, Associated Press


Nov 13, 2021, History-Making Winsome Sears Ready to Work in Virginia, Associated Press

Nov 12, 2021, Youngkin Reveals Bipartisan Transition Team, The Republican Standard

Nov 8, 2021, Handshake Averts Republic Power Struggle Over Speaker of the House, The Republican Standard

[Del Terry Kilgore will next Speaker]

Nov 5, 2021, Virginia Republicans Outline Ambitious Agenda, The Republican Standard

Nov 5, 2021, Del. Todd Gilbert Announces Bid For House Speaker, The Republican Standard

Nov 5, 2021, Miyares Plans to Re-investigate Potential Parole Board Misconduct, Virginia Mercury

Nov 5, 2021, Virginia AG-elect Jason Miyares Seeks Legal Way to Override 'Social Justice' DAs and 'do their job for them', Fox News

Nov 5, 2021, Virginia Democrats Concede House of Delegates to GOP, Daily Wire

Nov 4, 2021, GOP Agenda Takes Shape in Richmond, Virginia Mercury

Nov 4, 2021, Youngkin, Northam Pledge Smooth Power Transition, Associated Press

Nov 3, 2021, After Victory, Youngkin Looks Ahead to Term as Governor, WTVR  6News Richmond

Nov 3, 2021, Glenn Youngkin Wins Virginia Governor's  Race, Riding Wave of Enthusiasm On Education Issues, Washington Examiner

Nov 3, 2021, Republican Winsome Sears Wins Virginia Lieutenant Governor Race, Washington Examiner

Nov 3, 2021, Winsome Sears, Virginia's Next Lieutenant Governor, Makes History as the First Black Woman to Win Statewide, Daily Signal

Democrat and Public Response to Republican Leadership

Dec 27, 2022, How Much of Youngkin's $24.7 million Industrial Revitalization Fund Is Your Town Getting?, WRIC

Sept 23, 2022, US Reps Spanberger, Good Share Heated Exchange Over Transgender Policies, The Republican Standard

Aug 22, 2022, Republicans Dismiss Cynical Claims by Democrats, The Republican Standard

[Democrats claim that Republicans are reconvening the General Assembly only to pass anti-choice legislation]

Aug 11, 2022, Arlington Residents May Not Hate Guns As Much As You Think, The Republican Standard

Aug 3, 2022, Youngkin Appointee Resigns Following Remarks on Slavery, Confederate Statues, Richmond Times-Dispatch

July 10, 2022, Even Virginia Dems Are Pushing Biden for Border Control, The Republican Standard

June 30, 2022, Most Virginia Colleges Will Freeze Tuition, Adhering to Youngkin's Request, Richmond Times Dispatch

June 9, 2022, Fairfax County Prosecutor Will Refuse To Enforce New Abortion Laws, The Republican Standard

May 9, 2022, State Supreme Court Vacancies Remain Unfilled During Standoff, Virginia Mercury

May 8, 2022, Foster Kids Are Getting Swept Up In Virginia's Mental Health Crisis, Virginia Mercury

May 2, 2022, Democrat Filler-Corn Flips Off Bystanders After Losing Democratic Leadership Vote, The Republican Standard

Apr 29, 2022, Virginia Dems Accuse Youngkin of Subverting Democracy, The Republican Standard

Apr 28, 2022, Youngkin's Gas Tax Holiday Shot Down By Dems, The Republican Standard

Apr 27, 2022, Virginia Senate Committee Votes Down Youngkin Gas-Tax Holiday Plan, Virginia Mercury

Apr 21, 2022, Virginia Supreme Court Shields Records on Suspension of Judge at Center of Parole Board Controversy, Virginia Mercury

Apr 21, 2022, Why Virginia Officials Ruled The Parole Board Leaks Don't Count As Whistleblowing, Virginia Mercury

Apr 15, 2022, Richmond Tenants Say Health Concerns Are Overlooked, Youngkin Rejects Reform, WRIC ABC 8

[New Virginia Majority immigrant community organizer alleges that longterm housing issues at The Communities at Southwood in Richmond were overlooked by Youngkin. At issue is a bipartisan bill which Youngkin vetoed because it was redundant.]

Apr 13, 2022, Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin Vetoes 26 Democratic Bills, Politico 

Apr 5, 2022, Virginia Budget Deal Stalls as Democrats Demand $3 billion in Spending, Virginia Mercury


Mar 31, 2022, Rules for 'Recontextualizing' Virginia's Confederate Statues Delayed After Opponents Object, Virginia

[Opposition to fast-tracked process could delay regulations for years]

Mar 15, 2022, Virginia Superintendent Group Didn't Consult Members Before Bashing Youngkin, The Republican Standard

Mar 15, 2022, Fake News: How One Reporter's Lie About Glenn Youngkin Became a Democratic Talking Point, Washington Free Beacon

[Washington Post eagerly promotes misinformation about Governor Youngkin. Mel Leonor's story about Virginia School Superintenents in Richmond Times-Dispatch]

Feb 26, 2022, Dominion Energy's Involvement in Governor's Race Great Than Thought, The Republican Standard

[Dominion Energy provided substantial funding to the Virginia Accountability Project to suppress Rural Republican votes through false information campaign]

Feb 9, 2022, Ten Senate Democrats Side With Republicans to End School Mask Mandates, The Republican Standard

Feb 7, 2022, Virginia Supreme Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Youngkin's Mask-Optional Order on Technical Grounds, The Washington Post

Feb 4, 2022, Judge Gives Democrats Temporary Win on Battle of Masks, The Republican Standard

Feb 4, 2022, Democrats Vote Down Key Elements of Youngkin's Agenda, The Republican Standard

Jan 29, 2022, Senate Dems Defeat Ambitious Pro-Gun Bills, The Republican Standard


Jan 26, 2022, 'Snitch Line': Virginia Educators Criticize Gov. Youngkin's Tip Line For Parents, NBC 4 Washington

Dec 22, 2021, Virginia Swing District Democrat Elaine Luria Calls Opposition to Critical Race Theory a 'Racist Dog Whistle', Washington Free Beacon

Nov 5, 2021, Liberal MSNBC Guest Call Winsome Sears 'Black Mouth' of 'White Supremacist Practices', Fox News


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