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Getting Virginia K-12 Education
Back on Track

For Rockingham County School Board Meeting Schedule - Click HERE

To speak at a School Board Meeting, sign up on the list at the door before the meeting starts. The school board generally meets twice a month, except for June, July, and December when it meets once.

News About Educating Our Children, K-12

Education News 2021 to March 2022

Education News April to December 2022

Dec 5, 2023, Maryland Schools Under Scrutiny After Handcuffing Students, Sending them To the ER, Fox News

[Despite 2017 settlement with USDOJ umbers of children going to ER increasing]

Dec 4, 2023, Loudoun School Board Members Left in the Dark About Overdoses Despite New Hires To Increase Transparency, WJLA ABC News 7

Dec 4,2023, Jefferson County, Colorado Christian Parents Complain After 11-Year-Old Girl Forced To Share Bed With Biological Male on School Trip, Fox News

Nov 18, 2023, America's Public Schools on Their Last Legs: The Proportion of Students Attending a School With Chronic Absenteeism Has Doubled Since Pre-Pandemic Times, Fortune

Nov 17, 2023, Superintendent Says Classes at Charlottesville High School Will Resume With Added Police Patrols, Charlottesville Tomorrow

Nov 17, 2023, Portland OR Teachers Conference Lecture Declares Math Tool of Oppression, Daily Signal

Nov 16, 2023, Saturn is a New App for High School Students - Here's Why Educators Are Concerned, Education Week [Saturn is a time management app]

Nov 15, 2023, Loudoun Co. Superintendent Defends District's Response to Student Overdoses, WTOP

Nov 14, 2023, U.S. Parents Think Reading Instruction is Going Okay - Until They See National Test Results, Ed Week

Nov 14, 2023, Fairfax County Battles Increasing Student Absenteeism With Multi-Tiered Approach, WJLA ABC 7 News

Nov 13, 2023, AFT President Randi Weingarten Gets Education in Exactly Who Is Responsible for Rise in Homeschooling, Fox News

Nov 10, 2023, Conservatives Lose Steam in School Board Races, Wall Street Journal

Nov 10,  2023, What Are Dozens of Principals Leaving Fairfax Co. Schools?, WTOP

Nov 9, 2023, Denver CO Voters Send Resounding Message to DPS School Board, Denver Post

[Union-backed candidates were rejected]

Nov 9, 2023, Fairfax County School Board Votes Unanimously to Change Name of W.T. Woodson High School, WJLA ABC 7 News

[W.T. Woodson was longest serving Supt. but opposed desegregation, changing to Carter G. Woodson]

Nov 8, 2023, Where Are All the Missing Students?, The Atlantic

Nov 8, 2023, School Board Candidates Underwhelm in Minnesota, Minnesota Reformer

[Fewer than half of school board levies passed - lowest since 2006, conservatives were successful in state's largest school district]

Nov 8, 2023, Popular Health Curriculum Reportedly Creates 'Condom Hunt' Lesson, Daily Caller

Nov 8, 2023, Does Your State Use Weak Teacher Reading Tests? New Study Says Most Do, The 74

[Natl Council on Teacher Quality says most elementeary teacher reading tests are weak]

Nov 8, 2023, How Democrats Flipped Central Bucks School District in PA, WHYY PBS

Nov 7, 2023, What Happens When Educators Win School Board Seats, According to New Research, Education Week

Oct 28, 2023, Chronic Absenteeism in Schools Doubles Since Before Pandemic, Dragging Down Test Scores, The Hill

Oct 27, 2023, Fairfax School Board Candidate Disqualified Removed From Ballot, The Washington Post

[Democratic-Endorsed Candidate Marcia St. John-Cunning Removed for address error on candidacy form]

Oct 25, 2023, New Report Shows a Majority of Students Attend School With High or Extreme L:evels of Absenteeism, Fox News

Oct 23, 2023, New Research Finds a Crucial Factor in Reducing Chronic Absenteeism, Education Week

[Schools with strong ties to parents were more likely to reduce chronic absenteeism]

Oct 22, 2023, Virginia Beach School Board Adopts Youngkin's Model Policies, The Republican Standard

Oct 17, 2023, Math Disabilities Hold Many Students Back - Schools Don't Often Screen For Them, Phys.Org

Oct 17, 2023, Va Educational Workgroup Recommends Revisions to State Educational Testing, Virginia Mercury

Oct 16, 2023, Trans Access to Girls Restrooms and Other Related Gender Identity Claims Fails in Federal Court, Daily Signal

Oct 13, 2023, Sherando HS Bomb Threat Could Be Linked to String of Calls Across State, Daily News Record

Oct 11, 2023, Multiple Virginia School Districts Targeted With Hoax Bomb Threats, Virginia Mercury

Oct 10, 2023, New Jersey Librarian Shares a Trick for Librarians Fighting Censorship, The Mary Sue 

[The Librarian urges writing of resumes and reviews of challenged books to fight censorship. This is also a good method for parents and community leaders to use to inform about offensive and inappropriate content. The more reviews the better.]

Oct 6, 2023, Fairfax Coach Arrested for Embezzling Money From Event Police Say, WJLA

Oct 6 2023, I combed Through 81 Studies on School Discipline - Here's What Educators Need to Know, Education Week

[Four evidence-based considerations for closing discipline disparities]

Oct 6, 2023, Utah Author Shannon Hale's Book About Little Kitten Being Pulled From Libraries Over suggestion is is 'Sexually-suggestive', Deseret News

Oct 5, 2023,  Gretchen Whitmer's Sister Wants This Defund Police Group To Take Over School Boards, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 5, 2023, Book Bans On Rise: What is Behind the National Surge in Book Bans? A Low-tech Site Tied to Moms for Liberty, USA Today

[Instead of focusing on low reading scores and students acquiring reading skills, major news outlets are defending sexually oriented reading materials in schools]

Oct 5, 2023, Top California Teacher's Union Wants Homeless People to Sleep in Fresno School Parking Lots, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 5, 2023, Inappropriate Reading Assignment Ends Up in 8th Grade Classroom in Houston, ABC 13 Eyewitness News Houston

Oct 4, 2023, Thomas Harrison Middle School Back to Code Green After Report of Weapon on Campus, WHSV 3 TV

[No weapon found, police believe student who made report misheard that there was a weapon]

Oct 4, 2023, Planned Parenthood Is  Helping Teenagers Transition After a 30 Minute Consult. Parents and Doctors Are Sounding the Alarm, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 4, 2023, Missouri High School Teacher Placed On Leave After District Officials Discover Her Only Fans Account, USA Today

[She was performing pornography on her website to supplement her income]

Oct 3, 2023, Students Being Placed Into Advanced Math Courses Based on Standardized Test Scores, Not Grades, NY Post

Oct 3, 2023, Wisconsin Judge Blocks Kettle Moraine School District from Allowing Students to Change their Names and Pronouns Without Parental Consent, AP

Oct 2, 2023, Novel Pulled From Columbia-area Schools in SC as Committee Reviews Appropriateness, Post and Courier

Sept 29, 2023, Video: Trans Male Student Brutally Beats Girl at Oregon Middle School, Truth Press

Sept 28, 2023, Youngkin: Virginia Districts 'Really Don't Have a Choice" on Transgender Policy, The Hill

Sept 27, 2023, Virginia Dept. of Ed Eyes Zearn, Ignite Reading for for Statewide High-Impact Contract, Virginia Mercury

[State expects to deploy math tutoring services October 1]

Sept 26, 2023, Defense Department Call for Major STEM Initiative As American Math Skills Pose Threat to National Security, NY Post

Sept 26, 2023, America's Poor Math Skills Raise Alarms About Global Competitiveness, AP

Sept 25, 2023, High School Banned Cell Phones in the Classroom. Even the Students Like it, Insider

Sept 24, 2023, California Teacher Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison in 'Mr. Pickles' Child Sex Abuse Case, Truth Press

Sept 24, 2023, School Kids Are So Violent Coming Out of the Pandemic They Are Increasingly Sending Teachers To The Hospital, But An Experts Says to Resist 'Get Tough' Approaches, Fortune

[Teachers are leaving in higher numbers because of school violence, proposals in the article do not effectively address school violence]

Sept 23, 2023, District Leaders Walk a Fine Line on Cellphone Policies, Ed Week

Sept 21, 2023, Teachers Are Leaving Classrooms Feeling Undervalued - Penn State Research, WITF Org

Sept 19, 2023, Pennsylvania High School Student Organize Walkout to Protest 'Trans' Bathroom Rule: 'Compromised Our Rights', Fox News 

Sept 18, 2023, Virginia Department of Education Begins Developing New Accountability System, Virginia Mercury

[New accountability system is to increase transparency]

Sept 18, 2023, Student's LGBTQ Mural Must Be Removed Michigan School Board Says, NBC News

Sept 18, 2023, Va. Department of Education Approves AP African American History Course After Months Long Review, Inside Nova

Sept 18, 2023, 25 Bad Uses of Tech to Avoid When Teaching Math, Teachers Say, Education Week

Sept 18, 2023, As More Schools Switch to 4-Day Week, Will Teachers Stay?, Good Morning America

Sept 16, 2023, Amherst School Board Opts Against Adopting Governor's Model Transgender Policy, News and Advance

Sept 16, 2023, Texas School Districts Use Innovation Designation to By-Pass Teacher Certification and Calendar Laws, Houston Chronicle

Sept 15, 2023, Lexington SC School District Pulls 17 Books From School Book Shelves After Parent Group Complaints, Post and Courier - Columbia

Sept 14, 2023, Some Portland OR and Other School Districts Have Changed Their COVID-19 Policies, KGW 8 NBC

Sept 13, 2023, "Double Standard": Appeals Court Rules In Favor of Christian Athletic Club Booted From San Jose School District, Daily Signal

[Fellowship of Christian Athletes was derecognized after teacher made complaint about faith of students]

Sept 13, 2023, Math Professors: Incoming Students Can't Even Add Fractions, Subtract, The College Fix

Sept 12, 2023,  JLARCReport: State Test, 'Unclear' Requirements, and Costs May Be Barrier in Teacher Pipeline, Virginia Mercury

Sept 9, 2023, Few Virginia School Divisions See Bright Spots in SOL Scores, Cardinal News

[Only 18 school divisions in Virginia maintained or increased their pass rate for at least one of the five subject areas tested, compared to before the pandemic.]

Sept 8, 2023, Harrisonburg City School Board Votes In Favor To Allow Collective Bargaining, WHSV

Sept 6, 2023, Federal Judge Drops the Gavel on Controversial Rule - Georgia Decision Affects Millions of Children, Patriot Journal

[Federal Judge ruled that Georgia may resume ban on hormone replacement therapy for children; Alabama federal judge issued similar ruling in August]

Sept 6, 2023, Clark County Nevada School District Threatens to State Board over School Start Times, News 8 Now Las Vegas

[Nevada State Board setting guidelines for schools that start before 8AM, Clark County High Schools start at 7AM. State board contends start time too early for optimal student learning]

Sept 5, 2023, Pushing Calculus Past Its limits to Keep Students in Science, Technology, and Engineering Fields, USA Today

Sept 3, 2023, Facing Mounting Challenges Schools Embrace the 4-Day Week, The Hill

Sept 1, 2023, Portland Public Schools Consider Changes to Grading to Reduce Bias, KGW8 NBC

Aug 28, 2023, Papio-LaVista School Board Reject Removal of Book From Library, News 12 Wichita

Aug 21, 2023, Transgender Coach Changes in Girls Locker Room With Shocked High School Students Watching, Truth Press

Aug 15, 2023, Conversation: Arithmetic Has a Biological Origin, It Is An Express in Symbols of the 'Deep Structure' of Our Perceptions, Phys.Org

Aug 2, 2023, Houston's Plan to Convert Some Libraries to Disciplinary Centers Is Criticized, NPR

Aug 1, 2023, Commentary: If Other States Can Fix School Funding, Why Can't Virginia?, Richmond Times-Dispatch

July 26, 2023, Virginia Athletics Organization Plans No Changes To Its Policy For Transgender Athletes, AP

July 26, 2023, Some Virginia School Districts Rejecting Governor's Policy on Transgender Bathrooms, Preferred Pronouns, Fox News

July 7, 2023, Augusta County School Board Votes to Disable Comments on Social Media, News Leader

July 5, 2023, Book Details Teachers Union Internal Document Pushing Critical Race Theory in Schools, Daily Signal

July 5, 2023, Ohio Passes School Choice, Independence from District School Monopoly, Daily Signal

June 28, 2023, Interfaith Coalition of Parents Protests Maryland School's LGBTQ Opt-Out Policy, Daily Signal

June 28, 2023, Springfield, Missouri School Board Rejects LGBTQ+ Statement of Faith, Fox News

June 27, 2023, Targets on Their Backs: Moms for Liberty Pays for Extra Security Ahead of Summit After SPLC Targets Them, Daily Signal

June 26, 2023, Arizona School Superintendent, Parents Face Off Over Dual Language Program, Arizona Family

June 23, 2023, Testing in Virginia: an Overview, Great Schools

[Great Schools Guide to Standardized Testing]

June 22, 2023, American Middle School Reading and Math Scores Drop Dramatically, American Greatness

June 21, 2023, Harrisonburg Schools Implement New Safety Protocols Following Lockdown Lessons, Daily News Record

June 18, 2023, Angry Speakers Hit Roanoke School Board's Silence on Transgender Grooming at Glen Cove Elementary, Roanoke Times

May 29, 2023, Comment at Virginia Beach School Board Meeting over Transgender Policy Sparks Question About FOIA, WTKR 3 Hampton Roads

May 28, 2023, The Great American School Bus Boondoggle, Daily Caller

May 28, 2023, 'Unprecedented Push': Here Are the Red States that Have Enacted Sweeping School Choice Legislation in 2023, Daily Caller

May 28, 2023, US High School Student Defies Court and Wears Mexican Flag Sash at Graduation, Business Insider

May 26, 2023, Larry Shifflett To Serve as Next Rockingham County Superintendent, Daily News Record

May 4, 2023,  Gov Youngkin Signs 'Swatting' Bill at E.C. Glass High School, WDBJ CBS 7

Apr 26, 2023, Vermont School District Removes Male and Female From Reproductive Lesson, Fox News

Apr 26, 2023, Resident Ask Schools Where Is the Outrage, Will Revise Agreement with Forsyth Tech Over Drag Shows, Winston-Salem Journal

Apr 26, 2023, Schools Are Ditching Homework, Deadlines in Favor of Equitable Grading, Wall Street Journal

Apr 25, 2023, College Board to Revise African American Studies Program Under Pressure from Critical Rights Theorists, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 18, 2023, 2 Iowa Teens Plead Guilty in Spanish Teacher's Beating Death, Associated Press

[Killed 66-year-old high school teacher because of bad grade while she was on regular after school walk in park. Killing had been planned over two weeks. One of the students had talked with her about grade afternoon before murder.]

Apr 17, 2023, Trans Florida Teacher Worked for Weeks After She Said She Wanted to Shoot Some Students, New York Post

Apr 17, 2023, How Walmart Pushed Arkansas Public Schools to Go Woke, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 16, 2023, School Staffer, Director of Child Development Busted in Child Sex Sting in Washington County, Oregon, Truth Press

Apr 12, 2023, Loudoun County Public Schools Bans Teacher From Including Bible Verse in Email Signature, WJLA ABC 7

Apr 10, 2023, Tallahassee, Florida Middle School Teacher Accused of Organizing Fights In Her Classroom, Washington Examiner

Mar 29, 2023, Virginia Explained: The Debate over Student Expectations, Virginia Mercury 

[The battle over cut scores, student accreditation standards, and text scores]

Mar 24, 2023, NM School Boards Assn Educator: Parents Have No Rights in Public Education, The Federalist

Mar 24, 2023, Parents Groups Says Pornographic Materials Available to Minnesota Students, Star News Network

Mar 22, 2023, FBI Investigated Dozens of Parents Who Criticized School Boards, Found No Legitimate Threats, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 22, 2023, Gov. Youngkin Appoints New Superintendent for Virginia Board of Education, WRIC ABC8 News

Mar 21, 2023, Poll: Most Americans Want Schools to Inform Parents When Students Change Identity, Washington Free Beacon

[71% want legislation to inform parents, 75% want legislation to inform parents before schools assist children in the change]

Mar 20, 2023, Feds Identify 'Significant' Ongoing Concerns with Special Education, Virginia Mercury

Mar 16, 2023, In Virginia, School Boards Will Be The Primary Deciders on AP African American Studies, Virginia Mercury

Mar 11, 2023, NY State Test Scores Worse Than They Seem Analysis Finds, New York Post

[20% of students did not take test which lowers results, in schools that were highlighted by NY educators as "successful" large proportions of the students did not take the test skewing results]


Mar 10, 2023, San Diego 'Teacher of the Year' Arrested at School Charged with Child Sex Abuse, Child Pornography, Western Journal

Mar 10, 2023, Arizona High School's Policy Tells Girls to Leave their Locker Room If They Are Uncomfortable with Trans Students, Daily Caller

Mar 10, 2023, Kearney, Nebraska School Board Moving Forward with Transgender Policy Despite Overwhelming Opposition, Fox News

Mar 4, 2023, Poudre Colorado Elementary School's Private Emails Show Secret Plans to Defy Parents' Wishes on Transitioning Their Child, Fox News

[Parents told school to not use child's preferred pronouns]

Mar 3, 2023, NC High School Student Told She Is Ineligible to Play Soccer Because She Attends AP Class, Calls for Rules Change, CBS 17

Mar 3, 2023, Cat-ears-clad Washington Elementary School Board Member in Phoenix Says District Should Not Hire Teachers From Arizona Christian University, NY Post

Mar 3, 2023,  Not One Student Proficient in Math in 10 Minneapolis, St. Paul Public Schools: Report, Star News Network

Mar 3, 2023, Shocking Video Shows Multiple Violent Incidents of Black Kids Forcing White Kids to Say 'Black Lives Matter', at Springfield Ohio Elementary School, Truth Press

[Video was released by WKEF Television]

Mar 2, 2023, Community Perspective: Debbie Figliola, Lawsuit Over Keeping Harrisonburg Parents in the Dark Very Much Alive, Harrisonburg Citizen

Mar 2, 2023, Virginia K-12 Enrollment, Teacher Vacancies Increase; Homeschool Numbers Dip, Virginia Mercury

Mar 2, 2023, Ontario, Canada Trans Teacher Kayla Lemieux with Giant Prosthetic Breasts Placed on Leave, Daily Caller

[NY Post published photo showing same teacher dressed as male without breasts. Lemieux denies photo in male dress is her. NY Post stands behind story and photo]

Mar 1, 2023, School Choice Argument Greatly Misrepresented in Ohio, American Liberty

Feb 28, 2023, Group of Teachers' Complaint Against Harrisonburg City Schools Can Proceed Judge Rules, Harrisonburg Citizen

Feb 23, 2023, What the Push for Parents' rights Means for Schools, Education Week

Feb 23, 2023, Instead of Getting Non White Students Up to Speed for Honors Classes, 'Equity'-Obsessed Schools Give Up on Kids Entirely, The Federalist

Feb 19, 2023,  Stockton California School District Exemplifies Bureaucratic Waste, American Liberty News

[It should be noted that a majority of conferences are held in Las Vegas because there is a lot of conference space, airline tickets are cheaper, and it is close to California. The more accurate question is could the training be accomplished in house or more cheaply, and how would it improve education in the classroom.]

Feb 14, 2023, Minnesota Gov Waltz' Officials Pull Homeschool Reporting Requirement After Parents Complaint, The Star News Network

Feb 14, 2023, The Goldwater Institute Refutes Gov Katie Hobbs Claim that Universal ESA Will Bankrupt Arizona, The Star News Network

Feb 10, 2023, Non-binary Teacher has 'good laughs' About Hiding Kids' Gender Changes From Parents, Claims Support From Administration, Fox News

[Lane Cogdill teaches at Silver Spring Intl Middle School in Montgomery County, Maryland]

Feb 10, 2023, Controversial Utah School Training Video Removed After Substitute Teacher Raises Questions, KATU 2 ABC

Feb 9, 2023, Yes to Broadway High School Addition on County School Board Agenda, Daily News Record

Feb 8, 2023, Prominent Transgender Psychologist Backs Parents Rights in Wisconsin School Case, The Star News Network

Feb 8, 2023, Teachers Share Haunting Stories Following Shooting of Teacher by 6 year-old in Virginia, Today

Feb 7, 2023, Community Tortured by Prostitutes Soliciting Sex Outside California Catholic Elementary School, Star News Network

Feb 6, 2023, Maine Mom Demands Investigation Into School Hid Her Daughter's Gender Transition, Provided Chest Binders, Daily Caller

Feb 6, 2023, California School Club to Host Lunchtime Screening of Trans Documentary with Full Frontal Nudity, Daily Caller

Jan 25, 2023, Dan Breeden Won't Seek Another Term on Rockingham School Board, Daily News Record

Jan 23, 2023, Florida AP Teacher's Guide Proves DeSantis Right in African-American Studies Clash, National Review

Jan 17, 2023, Threat Made to Harrisonburg High School, WHSV3

Jan 11, 2023, Paris, Maine Community Ousts School Board Members For Backing Policy to Hid Kids Gender Transitions, Daily Signal

Jan 11, 2023, There's Been A Disturbing Development in the Shooting of the Richneck Elementary School Teacher in Newport News, Truth Press

Jan 9, 2023, Virginia Attorney General Extends TJ Investigation to All Fairfax Schools, Virginia Mercury

Jan 4, 2023, Meet The California Assemblyman Who Wants to Help Students Get Sex Change Operations, Washington Free Beacon

[Rick Zbur headed the LGBTQ right group Equality California from 2014 to 2021 encouraging teachers to lies to parents.]

Jan 3, 2023, Blue State Temecula Valley School Board Makes a 3-2 Decision -  They Just Banned Woke Holy Grail in California County, Patriot Journal

[Board banned DEI at its first meeting]

Jan 3, 2023, Las Vegas Nevada Parents Sue School Over Daughter's Pornographic Assignment, Daily Caller

Jan 2, 2023, The CDC - Yes, The Health Agency - Is Pushing Trans Activism on Teachers, Daily Caller

Let the Parents Decide

The Republican Party believes in sensible, cost-effective policies that respect your family's and our community's values and priorities. The educational environment and practices should be conducive to learning. Parental involvement is associated with successful student achievement and schools. 


Our children's futures depend upon their receiving a full education. Our expectation is that our children will receive a full education for the generous funding that the taxpayers have provided for education. The educational achievements and outcomes should be reflective of the community's expectations. Transparency in making school policy, selecting curriculum, setting instructional goals, and providing educational opportunity should be a given. 


Resources on Education

Heritage Foundation Education Freedom Report Card By State (2023)

Misinterpretation of SB1303 Regarding Mandate for Children To Wear Masks in School

Virginia for Education Freedom (School Choice)

What to do if your school celebrates a holiday that your family doesn't - Noah Webster Educational Foundation

Oct 27, 2023, The Most Spoken Language in Every State (After English and Spanish), The Visual Capitalist

How Many High Schoolers Carry a Gun? USA FACTS (Apr 2023)

May 25, 2022, Four Steps Every School Can Take to Help Prevent Shootings, Daily Signal

Dec 23, 2021, We are Doctors. Here's the Truth About Transgender Females' Bodies and Athleticism, Daily Signal

Dec 17, 2021, Biden Education Department Will Keep Trump Era Effort to Catalog Teacher Sex Crimes, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 10, 2021, Most Commonly Spoken Language in the US After English and Spanish, Visual Capitalist

[Mandarin and Cantonese in many states]

Dec 7, 2021, Hundreds of College Professors Blast Woke Math Movement, New York Post

Dec 7, 2021, Here is the Biggest Supreme Court Case No One Is Talking About, Washington Free Beacon

[Justices are expected to rule favorably on school vouchers for religious schools]

Dec 7, 2021, Six Hundred Scientists, Mathematicians Rip California's Math Curriculum Plans, Daily Signal

Nov 20, 2021, Leaked Audio Reveals How California Teachers Recruit Kids into LGBTQ Clubs, Team Tucker Carlson

Nov 9, 2021, My Son's Teacher Showed a Transgender Video in Class. Here's What I did Next, Daily Signal

Nov 9, 2021, A Healthier, Moral Way to Navigate Modern Dating and Sex Culture, Daily Signal

Oct 29, 2021, How a Mom's Group - Moms for Liberty - Could Shake-Up 2022 Election, Daily Caller

Oct 11, 2021, New Group Equips Parents with Seven Tools to Combat Wokeness in K-12 Education, Daily Caller

June 28, 2021, Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: What Anti-Critical Race Theory Legislation Actually Does, Daily Signal

June 22, 2021, Is Your School Hiding Its Critical Race Theory? Here's 5 Things To Ask About, Daily Signal

June 9, 2021, Children Protected by 'Reasonable Independence' Laws in Three States, Treehugger

May 11, 2021, Hoover Institution's Education Experts Provide Solutions for Schools After COVID, Hoover Institution

Apr 29, 2021, Expand School Choice and Provide Fiscal Relief to Districts, Hoover Institution

Apr 29, 2021, Don't Let Public Schools Control Students Private Speech, Washington Examiner

Apr 27, 2021, Conclusions: How to Improve Our Schools in the Post-COVID Era, Hoover Institution

Apr 25, 2021, Some Examples of Critical Race Theory in Schools, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 30, 2021, In a Rebuke to Teacher's Unions, School Choice is Going Gangbusters in the States, Daily Signal

Mar 25, 2021, High School Coach Fired For Using Audible Anti-Semitic Football Calls, Yahoo News

Mar 19, 2021, Massachusetts School Officials Deny Firing Football Coach Over Political Differences, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 16, 2021, Minnesota Teacher-Diversity Bill Could Push Out 700 Hundred of Minority Teachers, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 8, 2021, Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Student Punished for Religious Speech, Washington Free Beacon

[8-1 Ruling Strikes Blow Against Campus Policies Targeting Religious Expression, Chief Justice Roberts was the only dissenter]

Feb 24, 2021, Website Tracks Which Colleges Embrace Training in Critical Race Theory, Daily Signal

Feb 24, 2021, 'Hateful, Divisive, Manipulative Fraud': Chinese-American Organization Denounces Critical Race Theory, Washington Examiner

Feb 16, 2021, It's Time to Hold School Boards Accountable, Daily Signal

Why America is Free (Why Knowing Our History Matters)

Jan 26, 2021, Inside the 'Diversity Audit' Conducted at a Top US Prep School. Washington Free Beacon 

Jan 26, 2021, K-12 Education Was Broken Long Before the Pandemic. Let's Rethink It, Washington Examiner

Dec 19, 2020, School Choice Lowers Teenage Suicide: Study, Washington Examiner

2020 Demographic Report on America's 4 Million Teachers, USA Facts

Dec 7, 2020, The Education Exchange: How Online Learning is Unleashing Innovation, Hoover Institution

Dec 5, 2020, School Shutdowns Are Crushing Low-Income and Special Needs Students, Washington Examiner

Dec 4, 2020, San Diego Required Anti-Racism Training for Teachers, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 3, 2020, Education or Indoctrination? 'Anti-Racist' Teaching Sweeps K-12 Education Targeting Whiteness, Daily Signal

Dec 1, 2020, Toward Equitable School Choice, Hoover Education Success Initiative, Hoover Institution

Healthy Buildings Research and Guidance, Harvard T.H. Chan School for Health

Nov 13, 2020, Updated Guidance for Schools and Child Care Programs

Oct 29, 2020, Updated CDC Guidelines for Operating Schools During COVID

Oct 30, 2020,  VSHL: Releases Guidelines for High School Sports, to Resume in December, when Gov Northam Eases COVID-19 Restrictions, Richmond Times Dispatch

Fall 2020, How Family Background Influences Student Achievement, Education Next

Fall 2020, How to Reduce Racial Bias in Grading, Education Next

Fall 2020, High School Exit Exams Are Tough on Crime, Education Next

Fall 2020, How the Coronavirus Crisis May Improve Teacher Quality: The Impact of Recession Hiring, Education Next

American Education in 2030: K-12 Task Force Papers, Hoover Institution

Jun 15, 2020, The Future of School Accountability, Hoover Institution

May 28, 2020, Nine Jobs for High School Graduates,

Mar 7, 2020, Top Five Skills Needed When Graduating from High School, Maximum Potential (maxpt,org)

2019 Employers Ratings of Importance of Skills and Competencies College Graduates Need to Get Hired: Evidence from the New England Region of USA, ERIC-U.S. Dept. of Education

May 3, 2020, Hiring Expectations for Recent College Graduates, The Strategic CFO

Apr 3, 2018, The Skills Gap: Employers Expect More Than What College Grads Offer, The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal

Andrew Pollack and Max Eden, Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies that Created the Parkland Shooter and Endanger America's Students, New York: Post Hill Press, 2019. Andrew Pollack's Daughter Meadow was killed by the Parkland, Florida shooter at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. He describes how an avoidable shooting became inevitable when the shooter slipped through the cracks and how the policies pioneered in the Broward County School District are in wide use in other school districts.

Dec 25, 2018, Legislative Committee Releases School Safety Report, Daily News Record

Commentary and Opinion on Education

Dec 2, 2020, Walter Williams: The Tragedy of Black Education is New. Daily Signal

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