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News About Educating Our Children, K-12

Mar 3, 2021, Here are Some Books the Woke Left Would Like to Replace Dr. Seuss With, Daily Signal

Feb 28, 2021, Loudoun County Public Schools Respond to Dr. Seuss Book Ban Controversy, WDVM

[The Loudoun County controversy over Dr. Seuss' books is a return to a Massachusetts librarian's rejection of a gift of Dr. Seuss books by Melania Trump in 2017 because they were racist. Here's a link to a follow-up story with children's literature experts in USA Today that is balanced. There are political messages in Dr. Seuss' books which are described in a Wikipedia article, including some racist cartoons in the Interwar Period and during World War II - themes not generally carried into the children's books except NOT to make unfair choices. Dr. Seuss was a liberal and allowed his cartoons to be used against President Nixon.]

Feb 25, 2021, Virginia General Assembly Mandates In-Person Instruction Beginning in July, Virginia Mercury

Feb 25, 2021, Rockingham County Public Schools Announces Revisions to Current School Calendar, WHSV-3

Feb 24, 2021, Correction to Lowell Fulk Story, Daily News Record

Feb 23, 2021, County School Board Member Lowell Fulk Catches Flak for Limbaugh Comment, Daily News Record

[An online petition calling for Lowell Fulk's Resignation drew almost 1,300 signatures]

Feb 20, 2021, Entire San Francisco Bay Area School Board Resigns After Making Disparaging Comments About Parents Regarding Opening of Schools Not Realizing Meeting Was Being Broadcast, Associated Press

Feb 19, 2021, Rockingham County School Board Gets Budget Update for February Board Meeting, Daily News Record

Feb 12, 2021, Activists Outline Plan to Push Agenda of Black Lives Matter in Classroom, Daily Signal

Feb 12, 2021, CDC: Teachers Can Go Back to School Without Vaccine, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 12, 2021, CDC Issues Detailed Guidelines for Safely Opening K-12 Schools, Virginia Mercury

Feb 10, 2021, Dem Gov Hopefuls Side With Unions Over School Closures, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 9, 2021, White House Walks Back Promise To Open Schools in 100 Days, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 21, 2021, Virginia Teacher's Union Insists Students Be Vaccinated Before Schools Reopen, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 12, 2021, New Study Finds COVID Transmission in Schools is Extremely Rare, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 12, 2021, Rockingham County School Superintendent Gives Updates About School Return and Vaccinations, WHSV

Jan 5, 2021, School Divisions to Get Some SOL Testing Relief, Daily News Record

Jan 5, 2021, Virginia Beach Superintendent Changes Course, Pushes for Students to Return to School, Virginia Pilot

Dec 23, 2020, It's Christmas Vacation. Here's More Evidence the School Closers were Wrong, Washington Examiner

Dec 20, 2020, Rockingham County Explores Options for Keeping Linville-Edom Elementary School Open, Daily News Record

Dec 15, 2020, Devasting New Report on Special Education in Virginia, Virginia Mercury

Dec 11, 2020, County School Board to Make Changes to 2020-2021 Calendar, Daily New Record

Dec 11, 2020, Committees Announce Recommendations for Shenandoah County School, Mascot Names, Daily News Record

Dec 10, 2020, Virginia School District to Rename Schools Named After Founding Fathers, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 7, 2020, Richmond School Board Votes to Remain Fully Virtual Second Semester, CBS 6 News

Dec 7, 2020, Schools Monitoring Bullying in Online Learning, Daily News Record

Dec 7, 2020, VSP Charges Bridgewater Police Officer, Daily News Record [Invasion of privacy via computer]

Dec 6, 2020, Schools Confront 'Off the Rails' numbers of failing grades, Daily News Record

Dec 1, 2020, School Divisions Navigating Latest VDH Recommendations, Daily News Record

Nov 25, 2020, Online Learning Tanked Grades, Learning in Virginia's Largest Education System, Study Says, Daily Signal

Nov 19, 2020, As Virginia Routes More Students With Disabilities to Private Schools, Costs Are Soaring, Virginia Mercury

Nov 12, 2020, 65% of Households with Children Report Use of Online Learning During Pandemic - 11% had no live contact with teachers, USAFACTS

Nov 12, 2020 Teacher Shortages and Declining Enrollment: Va Education Officials Update Lawmakers on Pandemic Impacts, WRIC

Nov 7, 2020, Harrisonburg Schools to use $1.1M in CARES Act funding for technology, new jobs, WHSV

Nov 6, 2020, County Schools Prepare for More In-Person Learning, Daily News Record

Oct 28, 2020, 'Hung out to dry,': School boards, not the state, are deciding how to reopen, sparking fierce local debates, Virginia Mercury

Oct 27, 2020, Are Public School Students Prepared for the Real World?, Public School Review

Sept 24, 2019, Teens Feel Ready for College, But Not So Much for Work, Education Week

Aug 14, 2019, SOL Scores Vary Across Local School Divisions, Daily News Record

July 30, 2015, Survey: Most High School Students Feel Unprepared for College Careers, EdSource

News About Higher Education


Mar 8 2021, Biden Orders Examination of Trump Era Due Process Protections for Those Accused of Sexual Misconduct on College Campuses, Daily Caller

Mar 2, 2021, Majority of Academics Support Discriminating Against Conservatives, Study Shows, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 2, 2021, The Price Tag for Academia's ''Fake Racism', Daily Signal

[Focus on Smith College Case]

Feb 20, 2021, Yale Law Students Say Yale Law Journal is Racist. Admissions Data Suggest Otherwise, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 19, 2021, JMU Board of Visitors Approves Building Name Changes Replacing Confederate Names with Inclusive Names, Daily News Record

Jan 23, 2021, University of Richmond Warns Students Against Parties Amid Uptick of More Than 50 COVID Case this Month, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Jan 15, 2021, JMU Receives "F" Grade in Outside Board of Visitors Report for Transparency, WHSV

Jan 11, 2021, JMU Political Science Professor Clarifies that First Amendment does not Apply to Social Media, NBC29

Dec 20, 2020, Washington and Lee Law Professor Writes that Black Americans Votes Should Count Twice as a Form of Reparations, College Fix

Dec 3, 2020, Woke Culture Comes for America's High Schools, Daily Signal [Interview with Charles Fain Lehman]

Dec 2, 2020, More Than 1,000 Researchers linked to Chinese military left US after Summer Crackdown Began, DOJ Official Say, Washington Examiner

Nov 1, 2020, 'Uncomplicite' Student Artists at JMU Join​ Protests Through Visual Art, Augusta Free Press

Oct 26, 2020, 6 Cases of Chinese Infiltration of Universities and Research - and What Trump is Doing About It, Daily Signal

Oct 20, 2020, Feds say US Colleges 'massively' underreport foreign funding, AP

Oct 15, 2020, Alumni Group Fighting Back Against BC Changes, Daily News Record

Oct 14, 2020, JMU Sees Sizable Increase in Students Discontinuing, Daily News Record

Oct 14, 2020, Bridgewater College Likely to Lay Off 13 Percent of Employees, Daily News Record

Oct 14, 2020, Alternatives to Austerity, Inside Higher Ed

Other Education News

Dec 7, 2020, Chicago Teachers Union Says Reopening Schools is Racist, Washington Free Beacon  {Evidence shows closing schools disproportionately harms Black and Latino students]

Dec 7, 2020, Columbia failed to disclose 1 million in Chinese funding from Confucious Institute, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 16, 2020, US Uncovered half-dozen Chinese military researchers lying on student visas in 2020, DOJ Says, Washington Examiner

The Republican Party believes in sensible, cost-effective policies that respect your family's and our community's values and priorities. The educational environment and practices should be conducive to learning. 


Our children's futures depend upon their receiving a full education. Our expectation is that our children will receive a full education for the generous funding that the taxpayers have provided for education. The educational achievements and outcomes should be reflective of the community's expectations.

Resources on Education

Feb 24, 2021, 'Hateful, Divisive, Manipulative Fraud': Chinese-American Organization Denounces Critical Race Theory, Washington Examiner

Feb 16, 2021, It's Time to Hold School Boards Accountable, Daily Signal

Why America is Free (Why Knowing Our History Matters)

Jan 26, 2021, Inside the 'Diversity Audit' Conducted at a Top US Prep School. Washington Free Beacon 

Jan 26, 2021, K-12 Education Was Broken Long Before the Pandemic. Let's Rethink It, Washington Examiner

Dec 19, 2020, School Choice Lowers Teenage Suicide: Study, Washington Examiner

2020 Demographic Report on America's 4 Million Teachers, USA Facts

Dec 7, 2020, The Education Exchange: How Online Learning is Unleashing Innovation, Hoover Institution

Dec 5, 2020, School Shutdowns Are Crushing Low-Income and Special Needs Students, Washington Examiner

Dec 4, 2020, San Diego Required Anti-Racism Training for Teachers, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 3, 2020, Education or Indoctrination? 'Anti-Racist' Teaching Sweeps K-12 Education Targeting Whiteness, Daily Signal

Dec 1, 2020, Toward Equitable School Choice, Hoover Education Success Initiative, Hoover Institution

Healthy Buildings Research and Guidance, Harvard T.H. Chan School for Health

Nov 13, 2020, Updated Guidance for Schools and Child Care Programs

Oct 29, 2020, Updated CDC Guidelines for Operating Schools During COVID

Oct 30, 2020,  VSHL: Releases Guidelines for High School Sports, to Resume in December, when Gov Northam Eases COVID-19 Restrictions, Richmond Times Dispatch

Fall 2020, How Family Background Influences Student Achievement, Education Next

Fall 2020, How to Reduce Racial Bias in Grading, Education Next

Fall 2020, High School Exit Exams Are Tough on Crime, Education Next

Fall 2020, How the Coronavirus Crisis May Improve Teacher Quality: The Impact of Recession Hiring, Education Next

American Education in 2030: K-12 Task Force Papers, Hoover Institution

Jun 15, 2020, The Future of School Accountability, Hoover Institution

May 28, 2020, Nine Jobs for High School Graduates,

Mar 7, 2020, Top Five Skills Needed When Graduating from High School, Maximum Potential (maxpt,org)

2019 Employers Ratings of Importance of Skills and Competencies College Graduates Need to Get Hired: Evidence from the New England Region of USA, ERIC-U.S. Dept. of Education

May 3, 2020, Hiring Expectations for Recent College Graduates, The Strategic CFO

Apr 3, 2018, The Skills Gap: Employers Expect More Than What College Grads Offer, The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal

Andrew Pollack and Max Eden, Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies that Created the Parkland Shooter and Endanger America's Students, New York: Post Hill Press, 2019. Andrew Pollack's Daughter Meadow was killed by the Parkland, Florida shooter at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. He describes how an avoidable shooting became inevitable when the shooter slipped through the cracks and how the policies pioneered in the Broward County School District are in wide use in other school districts.

Dec 25, 2018, Legislative Committee Releases School Safety Report, Daily News Record

Commentary and Opinion on Education

Dec 2, 2020, Walter Williams: The Tragedy of Black Education is New. Daily Signal

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