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Getting Virginia K-12 Education
Back on Track

For Rockingham County School Board Meeting Schedule - Click HERE

To speak at a School Board Meeting, sign up on the list at the door before the meeting starts. The school board generally meets twice a month, except for June, July, and December when it meets once.

News About Educating Our Children, K-12

Education News 2021 to March 2022

Education News April to December 2022

Education News January to June 2023

Education News July to December 2023

May 18, 2024, New Mexico School Apologizes after Seizing Lakota Student's Feathered Graduation Cap, Washington Post

May 17, 2024, How a DEI Rebrand is Playing Out in K-12 Schools, Education Week

May 17, 2024, Fired Christian Teacher Wins $360,000 Lawsuit Against California School District for Anti-Rligious Bias, Daily Signal

May 17, 2024, Federal Appeals Court: Maryland Parents Cannot Opt out of K-5 Pro-LBGTQ Curriculum, American Greatness

Apr 24, 2024, Mother Credits Son's Classmates For Saving His Life From 'Transgender Sex Offender', Western Journal

Apr 22, 2024, Trans Student's 'Hit List' Exposed By Brave Girl Reveals Terrifying Details of Attack - 'You Could Have Stopped It', Western Journal

[Incident where 13-year old struck a 12-year-old with a metal cup at Pennbrooke Middle School in North Wales, Pennsylvania]

Mar 31, 2024, Schools Tap Vague Rules To Enforce Discipline and Suspend Students, USA Today

Mar 31, 2024, Why Seattle Public Schools Is Closing Its Highly Capable Cohort Program, Seattle Times

Mar 30, 2024, How A Fight Over Black Studies Turned Into A Fight For the Soul of Francis Howell Schools, St. Louis Post Dispatch

Mar 29, 2024, Virginia Board of Education Changes School Rating System, Richmond Times Dispatch

[Rating based on four categories]

Mar 29, 2024, Virginia Adopts Regulatory Changes For Special Education Amid Federal Review, Virginia Mercury

Mar 29, 2024, Central New York Private School Says They Have Cracked the Code For Improving Literacy, Central New York

Mar 29, 2024, Behavioral Problems in One NYC School, The Cut

[When your kid is the problem child in a 3rd grade classroom]

Mar 29, 2024, Rochester City School District Votes to End Partnership Between East High School and University of Rochester, ABC 13 WHAM

[District contributed $22 million, Univ of Rochester nothing]

Mar 29, 2024, Roosevelt Elementary Delenda Est, Wall Street Journal

[A Michigan School District would rather bulldoze a school than see it be used as a charter school]

Mar 28, 2024, Mother of Former North Stafford High School Student Dues for $15 Million, Potomac Local News

[Plaintiffs child was accused of making racist comments and was later attacked on at least a couple of occasions and the school failed to adequately protect her child]

Mar 28, 2024, Some Virginia Schools To Let Out Early 'Out of an Abundance of Caution' Due to Solar Eclipse, CBS 6 News Richmond

Mar 27, 2024, Arizona Bill Would Get State Involved in Discipline, AZ Capitol Times

Mar 26, 2024, LA Schools Sued for Hiding Curriculum on Transgenderism and CRT, Washington Examiner

Mar 26, 2024, LCPS Restricts Where Loudoun County Sheriff's Canines Can Search For Opioids, ABC 7 News

Mar 26, 2024, Arizona Board of Education Rejects School Voucher Rule Changes, NBC 12 News

Mar 25, 2024, Loudoun County School Board To Cut Cameras on Public Comments, WTOP

Mar 24, 2024, Transgender "Treatments' for Children 'One of the Greatest Ethical Scandals in Medical History' - French Report, Breitbart

[Report was commissioned by Republican French Senators]

Mar 23, 2024, New York Students Rise Up Against School's Transgender Bathroom Policy - Walk Out - Report, Western Journal

Mar 20, 2024, Maine Mother: 'Her Daughter was Given a Chest Binder By Her School' - Fighting The Liberal Agenda in the States, Daily Signal

[Goldwater Institute Fighting For Parental Rights]

Mar 18, 2024, High School Male Pushes Females Out of Top High Jump Honors, Daily Signal

Mar 6, 2024, Pennsylvania School Districts Preparing for Worst-Case Scenarios, WNEP ABC TV

[After many violent threats against public schools officials are preparing]

Feb 22, 2024, Roanoke City Schools Cancels Classes Thursday to Investigate Threats, WDBJ 7

Feb 21, 2024,  Roanoke's Patrick Henry High School Hold-and-Secure Is Over, WDBJ 7 CBS

[Threat found not credible]

Feb 21, 2024, Green Bay, Wisconsin School District Releases Tape of Black Superintendents's Comments That Led to His Resignation, Associated Press

Feb 21, 2024, California Substitute Teaacher Forces Class to View 'Inapropriate Images' Leaving Students in Tears, Western Journal

[Teacher was watching adult content on his phone visible to the students]

Feb 20, 2024, Oklahoma 16-year-old Dies After Reported Fight in Bathroom, Ambulance Not Called, WDBJ 7 CBS

Feb 19, 2024, Brockton School Committee Members Explain Why They Want National Guard Help at Brockton High, WCVB ABC 5

Feb 17, 2024, DeSantis Orders State to Look into Teachers Politicizing Book Challenging Process to Create False Narratives, Daily Wire

Feb 15, 2024, Prominent Trans Surgeon Admits in Unearthed Video That Complications of Genital Surgery Can Be Pretty Bad, Daily Caller

Feb 13, 2024, Virginia's First Adult High School Approved for Roanoke, WSLS NBC 10 News

Feb 9, 2024, Massachusetts Student Fights 'Two Genders' Shirt Ban, NBC News

Feb 9, 2024, Elementary Schools Across Georgia will get 'literacy coaches' to help improve reading scores, Atlanta First News

Feb 8, 2024, Dozens of Illinois Schools Have Zero Students Proficient in Math and Reading, Fox News

Feb 7, 2024, More than Half of British Girls Lack Confidence in Learning Maths, Poll Finds, The Guardian

Feb 5, 2024, Parental Rights vs. Oversight: Debate Over Proposed Homeschool Registry, Bridge Michigan

Feb 2, 2024, America is Facing and STEM and Data Education Crisis, The Hill

Feb 2, 2024, Virginia Lawmakers Consider Sweeping Changes to Special Education, Virginia Mercury

Jan 31, 2024, Who's Banning Books? So Far, Only Augusta County, News Leader

Jan 23, 2024, Virginia Senate Bill Would Allow Schools to Ban Cell Phones During School Hours, Virginia Mercury

Jan 22, 2024, Teaching Values to Our Kids Will Help Them Flourish and South Carolina is Leading the Way,  Fox News

Jan 22, 2024, Minneapolis Middle School Principal Removed After Parents Call for Leadership Change, Minneapolis Star Tribune

[Mothers cited drug use, unsecured entrances and other safety issues]

Jan 22, 2024, 'Hate Crime for Being White at a Football Game'  Leads to Legal Action, Truth Press

Jan 21, 2024, Gov Youngkin Signs Executive Order On Implementing Guidelines for Use of AI in Schools, Businesses, WTOP

Jan 21, 2024, Teacher Attacked by 270-lb Student Refuses Activists Leniency Pleas, Demands Maximum Sentence, Truth Press

Jan 20, 2024, Massive Brawls Between Blacks and Somalis Break Out at Minneapolis High School, Truth Press

Hanover County School Board Votes 'No' to Plan to Address Overcrowding, Parents Concerned for Future,  WRIC ABC New 8

Jan 18, 2024, Rockingham County School Board Makes Slight Shifts in Redistricting Proposal, Daily News Record

Jan 18, 2024, Supreme Court Shuts Down One Top Case - Court Refused to Hear Indiania AG Appeal Barring Female-Identifying Transgender Use of Boys Bathroom, Patriot Journal

Jan 17, 2024, What Happens When A School Bans Smartphones? A Dramatic Transformation, The Guardian

Jan 17, 2024, Short-Burst Tutoring in Literacy Shows Promise for Young Readers,  The 74

Jan 16, 2024, Amid Literacy Push, Many States Still Don't Prepare Teachers for Success, National Center on Teacher Quality Report Finds, The 74

Jan 15, 2024, How To Build Students Reading Stamina, Ed Week

Jan 11, 2024, County Model Policy Being Implemented Following Passage By School Board, Daily News Record

Jan 11, 2024, Virginia Department of Education Addresses Teacher Shortages with Digital Licenses, WSLS NBC 10

[Officials say there were more than 3,500 vacancies last year]

Jan 11, 2024, Florida School District Pulls Over 1600 Books For Review to be Possibly Banned - Including Dictionaries, NBC News

Jan 10, 2024, The SAT Debate Shows We Need to Rethinnk High School GPA, Forbes

[standardized tests predict college success more than grades; GPA measures the wtong thing - obedience and role adherence to org structures]

Jan 10, 2024, Temporary Removal of Books in County Contributes to National Trend, Daily News Record

Jan 10, 2024, County Teachers to Submit Nicknames for Parental Permission Folowing Passage of Model Policies, Daily News Record

Jan 9, 2024, School Officials Announce New Security Measures Planned for Charlottesville High School, Charlottesville Tomorrow

Jan 8, 2024, THe Misguided War on Standardized Tests for Admission, Forbes

Jan 6, 2024, Oklahoma School Superintendent Calls for Immediate Emergency Suspension of Teacher's Certificate After Inappropriate Conversation with 15-Year-Old, KOKO ABC New 5

Jan 4, 2024, Iowa School Shooting Suspect Dylan ButlerPosted Video on Tik-Tok Before Attack, Des Moines Register

[1 Sixth Grader Killed, 5 injured, IED foundd, suspect had shotgun and handgun; other reports alleged he was bullied and may have been gender fluid; suspect killed himself]

Jan 3, 2024, Some Loudoun School Board Members Look to Have Administrators Tutor Kids to Combat Learning Loss, ABC 7 News

Jan 2, 2024, California Schools Push Kids to Watch Films on Transgenderism That Showcase Puberty Blockers, Daily Wire

Jan 2, 2024, Florida Teachers File Federal Lawsuit over State's Anti-Groom Law, Western Journal

Let the Parents Decide

The Republican Party believes in sensible, cost-effective policies that respect your family's and our community's values and priorities. The educational environment and practices should be conducive to learning. Parental involvement is associated with successful student achievement and schools. 


Our children's futures depend upon their receiving a full education. Our expectation is that our children will receive a full education for the generous funding that the taxpayers have provided for education. The educational achievements and outcomes should be reflective of the community's expectations. Transparency in making school policy, selecting curriculum, setting instructional goals, and providing educational opportunity should be a given. 


Resources on Education

Heritage Foundation Education Freedom Report Card By State (2023)

Misinterpretation of SB1303 Regarding Mandate for Children To Wear Masks in School

Virginia for Education Freedom (School Choice)

What to do if your school celebrates a holiday that your family doesn't - Noah Webster Educational Foundation

Oct 27, 2023, The Most Spoken Language in Every State (After English and Spanish), The Visual Capitalist

How Many High Schoolers Carry a Gun? USA FACTS (Apr 2023)

May 25, 2022, Four Steps Every School Can Take to Help Prevent Shootings, Daily Signal

Dec 23, 2021, We are Doctors. Here's the Truth About Transgender Females' Bodies and Athleticism, Daily Signal

Dec 17, 2021, Biden Education Department Will Keep Trump Era Effort to Catalog Teacher Sex Crimes, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 10, 2021, Most Commonly Spoken Language in the US After English and Spanish, Visual Capitalist

[Mandarin and Cantonese in many states]

Dec 7, 2021, Hundreds of College Professors Blast Woke Math Movement, New York Post

Dec 7, 2021, Here is the Biggest Supreme Court Case No One Is Talking About, Washington Free Beacon

[Justices are expected to rule favorably on school vouchers for religious schools]

Dec 7, 2021, Six Hundred Scientists, Mathematicians Rip California's Math Curriculum Plans, Daily Signal

Nov 20, 2021, Leaked Audio Reveals How California Teachers Recruit Kids into LGBTQ Clubs, Team Tucker Carlson

Nov 9, 2021, My Son's Teacher Showed a Transgender Video in Class. Here's What I did Next, Daily Signal

Nov 9, 2021, A Healthier, Moral Way to Navigate Modern Dating and Sex Culture, Daily Signal

Oct 29, 2021, How a Mom's Group - Moms for Liberty - Could Shake-Up 2022 Election, Daily Caller

Oct 11, 2021, New Group Equips Parents with Seven Tools to Combat Wokeness in K-12 Education, Daily Caller

June 28, 2021, Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: What Anti-Critical Race Theory Legislation Actually Does, Daily Signal

June 22, 2021, Is Your School Hiding Its Critical Race Theory? Here's 5 Things To Ask About, Daily Signal

June 9, 2021, Children Protected by 'Reasonable Independence' Laws in Three States, Treehugger

May 11, 2021, Hoover Institution's Education Experts Provide Solutions for Schools After COVID, Hoover Institution

Apr 29, 2021, Expand School Choice and Provide Fiscal Relief to Districts, Hoover Institution

Apr 29, 2021, Don't Let Public Schools Control Students Private Speech, Washington Examiner

Apr 27, 2021, Conclusions: How to Improve Our Schools in the Post-COVID Era, Hoover Institution

Apr 25, 2021, Some Examples of Critical Race Theory in Schools, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 30, 2021, In a Rebuke to Teacher's Unions, School Choice is Going Gangbusters in the States, Daily Signal

Mar 25, 2021, High School Coach Fired For Using Audible Anti-Semitic Football Calls, Yahoo News

Mar 19, 2021, Massachusetts School Officials Deny Firing Football Coach Over Political Differences, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 16, 2021, Minnesota Teacher-Diversity Bill Could Push Out 700 Hundred of Minority Teachers, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 8, 2021, Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Student Punished for Religious Speech, Washington Free Beacon

[8-1 Ruling Strikes Blow Against Campus Policies Targeting Religious Expression, Chief Justice Roberts was the only dissenter]

Feb 24, 2021, Website Tracks Which Colleges Embrace Training in Critical Race Theory, Daily Signal

Feb 24, 2021, 'Hateful, Divisive, Manipulative Fraud': Chinese-American Organization Denounces Critical Race Theory, Washington Examiner

Feb 16, 2021, It's Time to Hold School Boards Accountable, Daily Signal

Why America is Free (Why Knowing Our History Matters)

Jan 26, 2021, Inside the 'Diversity Audit' Conducted at a Top US Prep School. Washington Free Beacon 

Jan 26, 2021, K-12 Education Was Broken Long Before the Pandemic. Let's Rethink It, Washington Examiner

Dec 19, 2020, School Choice Lowers Teenage Suicide: Study, Washington Examiner

2020 Demographic Report on America's 4 Million Teachers, USA Facts

Dec 7, 2020, The Education Exchange: How Online Learning is Unleashing Innovation, Hoover Institution

Dec 5, 2020, School Shutdowns Are Crushing Low-Income and Special Needs Students, Washington Examiner

Dec 4, 2020, San Diego Required Anti-Racism Training for Teachers, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 3, 2020, Education or Indoctrination? 'Anti-Racist' Teaching Sweeps K-12 Education Targeting Whiteness, Daily Signal

Dec 1, 2020, Toward Equitable School Choice, Hoover Education Success Initiative, Hoover Institution

Healthy Buildings Research and Guidance, Harvard T.H. Chan School for Health

Nov 13, 2020, Updated Guidance for Schools and Child Care Programs

Oct 29, 2020, Updated CDC Guidelines for Operating Schools During COVID

Oct 30, 2020,  VSHL: Releases Guidelines for High School Sports, to Resume in December, when Gov Northam Eases COVID-19 Restrictions, Richmond Times Dispatch

Fall 2020, How Family Background Influences Student Achievement, Education Next

Fall 2020, How to Reduce Racial Bias in Grading, Education Next

Fall 2020, High School Exit Exams Are Tough on Crime, Education Next

Fall 2020, How the Coronavirus Crisis May Improve Teacher Quality: The Impact of Recession Hiring, Education Next

American Education in 2030: K-12 Task Force Papers, Hoover Institution

Jun 15, 2020, The Future of School Accountability, Hoover Institution

May 28, 2020, Nine Jobs for High School Graduates,

Mar 7, 2020, Top Five Skills Needed When Graduating from High School, Maximum Potential (maxpt,org)

2019 Employers Ratings of Importance of Skills and Competencies College Graduates Need to Get Hired: Evidence from the New England Region of USA, ERIC-U.S. Dept. of Education

May 3, 2020, Hiring Expectations for Recent College Graduates, The Strategic CFO

Apr 3, 2018, The Skills Gap: Employers Expect More Than What College Grads Offer, The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal

Andrew Pollack and Max Eden, Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies that Created the Parkland Shooter and Endanger America's Students, New York: Post Hill Press, 2019. Andrew Pollack's Daughter Meadow was killed by the Parkland, Florida shooter at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. He describes how an avoidable shooting became inevitable when the shooter slipped through the cracks and how the policies pioneered in the Broward County School District are in wide use in other school districts.

Dec 25, 2018, Legislative Committee Releases School Safety Report, Daily News Record

Commentary and Opinion on Education

Dec 2, 2020, Walter Williams: The Tragedy of Black Education is New. Daily Signal

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