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Biden Administration Gaffs, Scandals, and Broken Promises


The Biden Administration is a continuation of the earlier Obama Administrations using the same policies, procedures, and practices. Biden said on the campaign trail that there wasn't even a whiff of scandal in the Obama Administration. It is true that there was little reporting on scandals in large part because of its lack of transparency. See Daniel Alman's book, The Least Transparent Administration in History: 1,375 examples of Barack Obama's lies, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc. (2020, ISBN 9781724180353). This is the pattern the Biden Administration will take in the many Federal departments, agencies, commissions, and offices.

July 7, 2023, Documents Reveal Rush to Target Trump's National Security Pick in Waning Days of Obama Administration, Daily Signal 

June 27, 2023, Biden Claims Ignorance of Hunter's Business Dealings in the Face of Growing Evidence to the Contrary, Washington Free Beacon

June 22, 2023, IRS Revelations: Hunter Said Joe Was in the Room In Message Threatening Chinese Partner, Daily Caller

June 22, 2023, Durham: FBI Ignored Hillary Clinton Plot to Tie Trump to Russia, American Greatness

June 22, 2023, Whistleblowers Show Merrick Garland and IRS Commissioner Lied to Congress About Hunter Biden, GOP Reps Say

June 21, 2023, Six Takeaways from Durham's House Testimony on Trump-Russia Probe, Daily Signal

Apr 14, 2023, Obama Staffer Claims He Saw Biden Pull Strings For Hunter While He Was in Ukraine, New Conservative Post

Mar 29, 2023, As 2 AF Veterans Learned the DCCC Had Leaked Their Personal Data, the VA's Tech Chief Was Meeting With His Wife. She Heads the DCCC, Washington Free Beacon

[Kurt DelBene is Asst Sect for Dept of Vet Affairs; his wife Suzane DelBene (D-Wa) chairs the DCCC.]

Mar 29, 2023, SKIN GRAFT: 10 White Liberals Outed as Fake Minorities, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 22, 2022, FBI Informant Was Embedded in Jan 6 Defense Team, Lawyer Alleges, Daily Caller

Mar 22, 2023, Israeli Think Tank Executive Provided 'Explosive' Info to FBI on Hunter Biden Chinese Deals, Lawyer Says, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 1, 2023, Fetterman Scandal Spins Out of Control Days After Hospitalization - Family Flees and Senator Goes Silent, Patriot Journal

Feb 14, 2023, James Clapper Says Politico 'Deliberately Distorted' Letter that Flagged Hunter Biden Laptop as Russian Disinfo, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 13, 2023, Editors: Intel Official's' Fresh Laptop Baloney, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 9, 2023, Classified Documents: Biden Blames Careless Aides for Papers Turning Up  at His Home, Washington Examiner

Jan 31, 2023, Hunter Biden Paid Assistant for Virtual Sex Shows, The Postmillenial

Jan 23, 2023, Ex-Top FBI Agent Charged With Illegally Working for Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska Linked to Trump-Russia Debacle, Daily Caller

Jan 21, 2023, New Image Surfaces of Biden's Classified Documents, Truth Press

Jan 20, 2023, Biden's 'phenomenally successful' partnership with foreign-funded Penn Center Examined, Washington Examiner

Jan 18, 2023, Photos Place Hunter Biden in Corvette at Site of Classified Documents, Washington Free Beacon

[Photos suggests Hunter also had access to classified documents]

Jan 17, 2023, Ex-Intel Officer Admits He Lied About Hunter Biden's Laptop, Truth Press

Jan 16, 2023, This Overlooked Detail Suggests Biden's Classified Document Scandal Could Bring Down His Presidency, Washington Free Beacon

[Democrat Scandal Fixer Ian Sams is handling communication issues for the classified document scandal indicating how serious the Biden White House thinks it is]

Jan 12, 2023, Whistleblower Opens Eye-Opening Scenes - Claims Taxpayers Are Paying for Drinking and Debauchery, Patriot Journal Newsletter

Jan 12, 2023, Biden Claims Classified Documents were Safe in Garage Locked up With His Corvette, America's News Desk

Jan 11, 2023, Here Are the Names of 10 Other Democrats Getting Roped Up in Biden's Classified Documents Scandal, Western Journal

Oct 20, 2022, Hunter Biden's Laptop Documents at Least 459 Legal Violations, Watchdog Group Says, Daily Wire

Oct 12, 2022, Bombshell Revelation of $1M Offer to Steele Shows FBI Misled Congress About Russia Probe, Truth Press

[The offer to Steele to corroborate his report shows FBI had not been able to verify facts]

Sept 28, 2022, 30 ex-FBI Agents Stand Up to Support Whistleblower for Exposing Political Bias, New York Post

Sept 26, 2022, FBI Lied to a Judge So That It Could Bust Open Thousands of Safe Deposit Boxes in Los Angeles: LA Times Report, Truth Press

Sept 23, 2022, Biden's CDC Awarded Millions in Tax Dollars to Non-Profit Suing Florida Gov DiSantis Over Martha's Vineyard Flights, Daily Caller

Sept 21, 2022, FBI Goes After Another Whistleblower, This Time For Protesting Unjustified SWAT Raids, New Conservative Post

Sept 15, 2022, Top FBI Official Charles McGonigal in Russiagate Probe Under Scrutiny for Alleged Russia Ties: Report, Daily Caller

Sept 15, 2022, Feds Took Trump's Medical Records in Mar-a-Lago Raid, Liberty Revolution

[Mediaite reports this theft]

Sept 15, 2022, Facebook Spied on Conservatives, Fed 'Leads' To The FBI: Report, Daily Caller

Sept 13, 2022, 'Careless': Federal Government May Have Sent $2.3 Billion in Covid Relief to People in Foreign  Countries, Daily Caller 

Sep 7, 2022, Judge Orders Fauci to Produce Records for Big Tech-Government Censorship Lawsuit, Truth Press

Sep 5, 2022, Damning New Details Emerge In Ex-FBI Agent Thibault's Role in Shutting Down Hunter Biden Laptop Probe, Daily Caller

Sep 1, 2022, Biden Admin Regularly Coordinated With Facebook, Twitter to Censor Users,  Records Show, Daily Caller

Aug 31, 2022, Top FBI Official Timothy Thibault Who Quit Agency Had A Long History of Misconduct Allegations, Daily Caller

Aug 30, 2022, High Ranking FBI Officdial Timothy Thibault Out After Allegedly Attempting to Stonewall Hunter Biden Laptop Investigation, Daily Caller

Aug 25, 2022, FBI Agents Were Told Not To Look Into Hunter Biden Laptop, Whistleblowers Say, Daily Signal

Aug 24, 2022, AOC Admits She Violated Congress Rules, Refuses to Turn Over Financial Records, PJ Media

Aug 10, 2022, Is Liz Cheney Getting Rich Off Hunter Biden? The Shocking Connection No One Is Talking About, Western Journal

Aug 9, 2022, Nancy Pelosi's Son, A 'Green Technology' and 'Lithium' Investor was an 'Unnamed Guest' on Her Taiwan Trip, Daily Caller

Aug 2, 2022, Federal Lawsuit May Uncover Hidden Records on Hunter Biden Overseas Travel Records, American Liberty News

July 15, 2022, Famous Father, Infamous Sons: Joe Biden v. King Salman of Saudia Arabia, Washington Free Beacon

[In the photo used in this story President Biden is shaking the hand of the King, where just a couple of days before he withdrew his hand from the President of Israel becasuse of "new Covid policies"]

July 16, 2022, White House Withholds Docs Showing Biden Brother Peddled Mideast Connects to Score $600,000 in Loans, American Liberty News

July 13, 2022, Watch: Dad Runs Into Biden on Bike Trail, Catches 'Live Sniffing of Young Girl, Truth Press

July 8, 2022,  Secretary Buttigieg Mocks Kavanaugh for Fleeing Restaurant Amid Protests - But the Joke Blows Up in His Face, Daily Wire

[Justice Kavanaugh Left Through Back Exit of  Morton's Steakhouse in downtown DC.]

July 1, 2022, Biden Administration Sued for Keeping Top Dept of Education Officials' Ethics Waivers a Secret, Daily Caller

June 13, 2022, Former General John R. Allen Resigns As President of Left Leaning Brookings Institution After Story of FBI Investigation into Lobbying Probe Breaks, Daily Caller

June 2, 2022, Discredited Democrat 'Intelligence Experts' Now Shilling for Partisan Big Tech, American Liberty News

June 2, 2022, Hunter's Ex Relives Horrific Story: Living with Biden Was 'So Much Worse Than I Could Have Imagined', Western Journal

May 18, 2022, Over 120,000 Hunter Biden Emails Uploaded Into Searchable Database, Truth Press

May 13, 2022, Harvey Weinstein-Linked Biden Media Advisor Anita Dunn, Liberal Group Created MAGA Smear During Six-Month Research Project: Report, Daily Wire

[Wash Post says it was American Center for Progress Action Fund]

May 13, 2022, Key Dem Rep. Charles Pascrell Calls for Firing of IRA Chief Charles Rettig After Treasury Dept IG for Tax Says He Destroyed 30 Million Documents, Daily Wire

[IRS employees could not get through backlog of filed documents, so Rettig ordered them destroyed]

May 11, 2022, Media-Driven Scandal Leave Border Patrol Agents Without Critical Tool, Washington Free Beacon

[Border patrol agents cleared of whipping migrants from horseback, new policy does not allow agents use of horses to patrol border]

May 10, 2022, Nonprofit Watchdog Uncovers $350 Million In Payments to Fauci, Collins, Others at NIH, Truth Press

May 6, 2022, Biden's Disinformation Czar Has It In For Those Opposed to CRT, Daily Caller

Apr 28, 2022, More Joe Biden Links to Hunter's Shady Chinese Businesses, Dad Paid Legal Bills, The Republican Standard

Apr 23, 2022, Hunter Biden Partner Eric Schwerin Reportedly Visited Obama White House 23 Times, Daily Caller

Apr 20, 2022, Biden's EPA Caught Using 'Rescue Plan Funds" - Fox News Report Claims They Used Millions for Green Infrastructure Plan, Patriot Journal

Apr 18, 2022, Biden, Accountant Hit With IRS Whistleblower Claim That Biden Owes At Least $127,000 in Back Taxes, Truth Press

Apr 17, 2022, House Judiciary Committee Democrats Are Blocking Republican Efforts to Digitally Upload Hunter Biden's Laptop, Daily Caller

Apr 17, 2022, Secret Service Furious Biden Administration Tried to Cover-Up Biden Family Dog Major's Biting Incidents, Truth Press

Apr 17, 2022, ICE Wasted Roughly $17 Million on Hotel Rooms for Illegal Immigrants Report Finds, Truth Press

Apr 10, 2022, Texts Reveal Hunter Biden Regularly Covered Biden Family Expenses, Truth Press

Apr 9, 2022, State Department: White House Gift Records Missing for Trump, Prence, Politico

Apr 7, 2022, Despite Denials, Joe Biden Was Involved With Hunter's Wheeling and Deeling, Daily Caller

Apr 7, 2022, Biden Family Helped Shady Chinese Businessman With US Visa Issues, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 5, 2022, Ten Decadent Details of the Black Lives Matter Mansion, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 31, 2022, CIA Officer Who Signed Hunter Biden Laptop Letter Claims Credit for Trump Loss, Truth Press

[former CIA employee John Sipher was a career senior operations officer, other signers were Nick Shapiro, former aide to Former CIA Director John Brennan, John Brennan,  Russ Travers, former acting director National Terrorism Center, James Clapper, former director of National Intelli]

Mar 30, 2022, Game-Changer: Sen. Grassley Quite Literally Brings the Receipts of Foreigners Payments to Hunter Biden, Western Journal

Mar 30, 2022, FEC Fines Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton Campaign for Russian Dossier Hoax, Truth Press

Mar 28, 2022, Prosecutors Gathering Evidence About Hunter Biden's Foreign Income: Report, The Hill

Mar 25, 2022, Hunter Biden Laptop Revelations Uncover the Depth of Institutional Corruption, Daily Signal

Mar 21, 2022, The Truth About Joe Biden's Brother James Involvement in Iraq, Truth Press

Mar 21, 2022, 'Spies Who Lie': NY Post Calls Out 51 'Intelligence Experts' Who  Won't Apologize for Discrediting Hunter Biden Reports, Truth Press

Mar 19, 2022, NY Times Admits Hunter Biden Laptop Story It Discredited Was True - And So Were Hunter's Connections to Ukraine, The Republican Standard

Mar 19, 2022, Here Are The Deep State Officials Who Told Us Hunter Biden's Laptop Was 'Russian Disinformation', Truth Press

Mar 11, 2022, These Democratic Megadonors Made $108 Million Lucky Bet on Wall Street. Now Feds are Investigating Insider Trading, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 5, 2022, Durham Blasts Ex-Clinton Lawyer's Effort to Dismiss Case, Truth Press

Mar 2, 2022, Biden's Supreme Court Pick Katanji Brown Jackson Shielded Top Clinton Aides in State Department in Email Scandal, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 23, 2022, Clinton, Trump, and 6 Keys to What's Next In Special Counsel's Spying Probe, Daily Signal

Feb 20, 2022, Biden's Ambassador to Germany In Hot Water for Photo With Man Dressed as Suicide Bomber at 2006 Halloween Party at Her Home, Truth Press

Feb 19, 2022, Validity of Pentagon Findings Questioned By Families of U.S. Soldiers Slain In Kabul Airport Bombing, Daily Caller

Feb 15, 2022, Biden Had Firm at Center of Trump Hacking Scandal on Campaign Payroll, Washington Free Beacon

[Neustar Information Services executive allegedly wanted Clinton Administration post]

Feb 14, 2022, Clinton Campaign Lawyer Gave 'Sensitive' Trump Data to CIA, Special Counsel Claims, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 14, 2022, Five Things to Know About Special Counsel Durham's Finding that Clinton Campaign Spied on Trump, White House, Daily Signal

Feb 10, 2022, Connecticut Senator Blumenthal Bought Robinhood Shares As He Called on Congress to Investigate GameStop Trading Frenzy, Washington Free Beacon

[Failed to disclose in federally mandated window]

Feb 7, 2022, Biden's Top Science Advisor Eric Lander Resigns Amid Reports of Bullying, Politico

Feb 7, 2022, Biden's Top Science Advisor Eric Lander Resigns After Accusations that He Mistreated and Bullied His Colleagues,  Insider

Feb 3, 2022, U.S. Government Left As Many As 9,000 American Citizens Behind in Afghanistan Withdrawal, U.S. Senate Reveals, Daily Caller

Feb 1, 2022, Leaked Memo Reveals Biden Administration's Scramble for Afghanistan Withdrawal, Daily Caller

Jan 25, 2022, Journalist Peter Schweitzer Says Biden Received $31 million from Chinese Affiliates, Daily Caller

Jan 20, 2022, Biden's Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines Spent $12,000 on Custom Executive Office Chairs, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 14, 2022, Biden-Backed Solar Company Lied About Effectiveness of Solar Modules, Lawsuit Says, Washington Free Beacon

[Biden gave First Solar $500 Million Federal Loan in Dec 2021]

Jan 5, 2022,  Watchdog Flags Ethics Landmine for Biden Admin in Landmark Affirmative Action Case, Washington Free Beacon

[Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar has been clearned to argue in case involving her former employer]

Dec 26, 2021, Watchdog Releases Top Ethics Violators in Government in 2021, Truth Press

Dec 19, 2021, USAID Administrator Samantha Power Underreported Investments by $1 Million Ahead of Senate Confirmation, Complaint Alleges, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 6, 2021, Former Staffer Slams Kamala Harris: 'Bully' Who's Not 'Willing to the Prep and the Work', Daily Wire

Dec 4, 2021, Ethics Experts Alarmed by Nearly 100 Percent Decrease in Donations to Clinton Foundation from $250 Million High in 2009, Daily Caller

[Decrease Points to the Foundation having engaged in political corruption]

Nov 29, 2021, Biden Administration Withholds Report on Illegal Immigration, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 12, 2021, Biden Family Knew That Hunter Biden Allegedly Molested Minor Family Relative, Text Messages Show, National File

Nov 12, 2021, Swiss Billionaire Hansjorg Wyss Bankrolling Dark Money Group Pushing Biden Climate Initiative, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 11, 2021, TEXTS: Hunter Biden Described Business Deals with China and Russia, Including 'Vladmir Putin' and CCP's 'Chief of Intelligence', National File

Nov 9, 2021, The Durham Probe Just Reached into the Biden White House , Team Tucker Carlson

[Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is target]

Nov 5, 2021, Clinton Operative Charles Dolan Linked to Steele Dossier Did Not Disclose Work for Russia to Justice Department, Washington Free Beacon

[Involvement flips Democrats Russia collusion on their head]

Nov 5, 2021, New York Times, FBI Confirm Legitimacy of Ashley Biden Diary, National File

Oct 29, 2021, Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Is Charged in Forcible Touching Complaint, New York Times

Oct 26, 2021, Ashley Biden: My Marriage is Over - Diary Details Multiple Affairs Before 2020 Election, National File

Oct 26, 2021, Biden Daughter's Diary Details 'Not Appropriate' Showers With Joe as Child, National File

Oct 25, 2021, Diary Entries Show Ashley Biden's Alleged Battle with Cocaine and Hard Drugs - Whistleblower, National File

Oct 25, 2021, Biden's Daughter Ashley Resents Him for His Money, Control, Emotional Manipulation -Whistleblower, National File

Oct 19, 2021, Georgia Local Gov't Employees Took  Hundreds of Paid Leave Hours to Electi Warnock Docs Show, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 19, 2021, Biden's Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Violated Hatch Act, Watch Dog Says,  Washington Free Beacon

Oct 19, 2021, Harris Tests Her Appeal to Black Churches - and the Limits of IRS Rules, Washington Examiner

Oct 13, 2021, Former Obama Ethics Official Slams Biden White House for Avoiding Questions About Hunter Biden's Artwork, Fox News

Oct 12, 2021, Lawsuit Alleges Cronyism at Biden's EPA to "Rubber-Stamp" Green Agenda, Daily Signal

Oct 7, 2021, Durham Probes Pentagon Computer Contractors in Anti-trump Conspiracy, Real Clear Investigations

Sept 28, 2021, Taxpayer Dollars Flowed to Ozy Media Now Under FBI Investigation, Washington Free Beacon

Sept 18, 2021, Mark Milley, US General Who Stood Up to Trump Founders Over Kabul Strike, The Guardian

Sept 18, 2021, Durham Indictment Shows Clinton Likely Worked with Top Google Exec to Fabricate Russia Hoax, Google Whistleblower Says, National File

Sept 17, 2021, IG Blasts Biden's Handling of Border Crisis as Surge Overwhelms Del Rio, Washington Free Beacon

Sept 15, 2021, Illinois Dem Rep Sean Casten Pushes for 'Clean Energy' Subsidies That Would Pad His Pocket, Washington Free Beacon

Sept 13, 2021, 'Thousands' of Americans Left in Afghanistan, Blinken Testifies, Washington Examiner

Sept 10, 2021, Postal Unions Spent Big on Joe Biden,  Now They Are Exempted from Federal Vaccine Mandate, Washington Free Beacon

Sept 6, 2021, Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain Backs Green Energy Despite His Costly Role in Solyndra Scandal, Daily Signal

Sept 4, 2021, Green Activist Tara Houska Tied to Dems Can't Account for Millions Given to Her Bail Fund Freshet Collective, Washington Free Beacon

[Fund created to help Native American protestors of the Dakota Access Pipeline]

Sept 4, 2021, Pennsylvania Dem Representative Susan Wild Collected $110,000 Through Defunct Corporation, Washington Free Beacon

Sept 2, 2021, Key FBI Agent Richard Trask in Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Posted Anti-Trump Social Media Rants During Investigation, Washington Examiner

Aug 20, 2021, Taliban Fighters Now Well-Equipped for Decades, Daily Signal

Aug 19, 2021, Biden Team's 'Naive Confidence' in Taliban Led to Catastrophic Withdrawal, CIA Official Says, Daily Caller

Aug 19, 2021, Taliban Seized 40 Aircraft, Thousands of Armored Vehicles and Guns, DoD Officials Say, Daily Caller

Aug 3, 2021, Among Multiple Women, Cuomo Sexually Harassed State Trooper Assigned to Protection Detail, Probe Finds, Daily Signal

Aug 2, 2021, Pelosi Asks Biden to Extend Eviction Moratorium in Violation of Supreme Court Ruling, Daily Signal

July 27, 2021, Former Biden Official Who Won $87M Contract to House Migrants Banned From ICE Contracts, Washington Examiner

July 25, 2021, Leaked Video Appears to Show Hunter Biden Smoking Crack Cocaine with His Dead Brother's Wife, National File

July 21, 2021, Biden White House Admits to Using Big Tech to Silence Americans, Daily Signal

July 20, 2021, Nominee for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Faces Pushback Over Stonewalling Senators., Daily Signal

July 13, 2021, Biden On Track to Have the Most Expensive White House in American History, Daily Signal

July 13, 2021, Oversight Members Outline "Pattern of Ethnical Issues' In Granholm's Energy Department, Washington Free Beacon

July 7, 2021, It Increasingly Looks Like Tucker Carlson's Private Emails Were Leaked to the Media by the Government, Daily Caller

July 1, 2021, Republican Governors Excluded From White House Wildfire Meeting, Washington Free Beacon

July 1, 2021, Former Harvey Weinstein Advisor Anita Dunn Defends Vice President Kamala Harris From Charges of Staff Abuse, Washington Free Beacon

July 1, 2021, Texas Sheriffs and ICE Officers Sue Biden For Not Deporting Criminal Illegal Aliens, Washington Examiner

June 28, 2021, Big Salaries at Conservation Group Created by Congress raise Eyebrows, Daily Signal

June 14, 2021, Lobbyists for Putin's Pipeline Dodge Foreign Agent Laws, Washington Free Beacon

[State Dept label Nord Stream 2 executives as "foreign persons"]

June 12, 2021, Biden-Connected Lobbying Outfit Has Teamed up with Leading Chinese Law Firm, Washington Free Beacon

[Biden Administration has tapped  at least 11 Albright Stonebridge Alumni for key administration positions]

Jun 10, 2021, Three Federal Drug Advisors Resign Over Approval of New Ahlzeimer's Drug, New York Times

June 10, 2021, DOJ Grants Manchin Donor's Company $1 Million, Washington Free Beacon

[Grant Comes as Biden Attempts to Secure Manchin's Support for Infrastructure Bill]

June 2, 2021, DHS Inspector General Tells Senator Blackburn Considering 'Concerns' Over $86.9 Million Contract to House Illegal Immigrants, Daily Caller

June 2, 2021, Former ICE Director: Biden's Border Policies the Most Inhumane He Has Seen in 35 Years, Daily Caller

May 26, 2021, Atlantic Council Scholars Made Millions Lobbying for Putin-Backed Pipeline, Washington Free Beacon

[Conflicts of Interests abound at historically hawkish think tank]

May 25, 2021, Justice Department ,Moves to Block Full Memo on Trump Obstruction Decision From Release, NPR

May 24, 2021, Biden's Top Energy Regulator Lobbied for Admin-Approved Wind Farm, Washington Free Beacon

[FERC Chair Richard Glick now working to aid Green Energy push]

May 21, 2021, Labor Board Swats Down Biden Appointee, Washington Free Beacon

[Nurse Argues Biden Labor Prosecutor is Illegitimate]

May 21, 2021, Abuse of Power by Biden's Justice Department: Let Arizona Conduct Its Own Election Audit, Washington Examiner

May 20, 2021, NJ Democratic US Senator Menendez Received Thousands of Dollars in Wedding Gifts from Scandal-Linked Friends, Washington Examiner

May 19, 2021, Hunter Biden-Linked Legislative Group Has Partnered for Years with Chinese Propaganda Front, Washington Free Beacon

[State Legislative Leaders Foundation facilitated Hunter Biden's first trip to China]

May 19, 2021, After Fisker Automotive Lost Tens of Millions of Taxpayer Monday, Top Investors Turn to Proterra, Washington Free Beacon

[Beneficiaries of Obama's Failed Green Investments stand to profit under Biden]

[See 2013, Jun 17, Special Report: Bad Karma-How Fiskars Burned Through $1.4b on a 'Green' Car, Reuters]

May 18, 2021, Proterra Hired Obama Connected Lobbying Firm Weeks Before Biden Visit, Washington Free Beacon

May 14, 2021, Congress Investigates Biden Administration's Cancellation of Memorial Day Veteran's Event, Washington Free Beacon

May 13, 2021, Oregon Dem Quietly Scrubs Ties to Political Ally Nabbed in Sex trafficking Sting, Washington Free Beacon

May 13, 2021, Top California Democrat and Think-Tank Titans Slated to Attend Communist China Diplomacy Event, Washington Free Beacon

May 13, 2021, Easy Being Green: Biden's Clean Energy Fundraisers Reap White House Rewards, Washington Free Beacon 

May 12, 2021, Biden Labor Ally Headed to Prison, Washington Free Beacon

[Ex-UAW President sentenced to 21 months for corruption]

May 12, 2021, Biden Nominee Lee Satterfield Runs Center Funded Mostly By That Agency, Daily Signal

May 11, 2021, Feinstein's Former Staffer Helped Funnel Millions to Steele and Fusion GPS after 2016, Washington Examiner

Apr 28, 2021, 'Worse than Solyndra': Republicans Press for Information on Biden Administration's Favorite Electric Battery Company, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 28, 2021, Report: Biden Labor Secretary Walsh Stonewalled Release of Police Officer Pedophile Sex Abuse Docs, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 27, 2021, Ex-Obama Official Seth Andrew Charged with Stealing $218,000 From Charter School He Founded, Daily Caller

Apr 23, 2021, Biden SBA Pick Dilawar Sayed Serves on the Board of Anti-Israel Group, Washington Free Beacon

[Sayed Serves on Board of Muslim-American advocacy and global boycott group Emgage Action since 2017]

Apr 21, 2021, Email Shows Biden Justice Civil Rights Division Nominee Kristen Clarke Pushed  Essay Comparing Cops to KKK, Defending Cop Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, Daily Caller

Apr 21, 2021, Biden to Showcase Business Tied to Energy Secretary Granholm, Washington Free Beacon

[Granholm holds multi-million dollar stake in electric battery and car manufacturer Proterra]

Apr 13, 2021, Military Reporters and Editors Association Protests White House Exclusion of Military Journalists at Press Conference Announcing Withdrawal from  Afghanistan, MRE Press Release

Apr 5, 2021, Hunter Biden Casts Doubt on Secret Service Involvement in Gun Case, Contradicting His Own Text Messages in 2019, Daily Caller

Apr 4, 2021, 'Not That I Remember': Hunter Biden Casts Doubt that He Dropped Off Laptop at Delaware Repair Shop, Daily Caller

Apr 3, 2021, With GOP Out of Power, This Federal Law Suit is One of the Law Remaining Hopes for Solving Russian Dossier Mystery, Daily Caller

Apr 1, 2021, GOP Probes $35 Million in Tax Dollars to 'Team Biden' in California, Daily Signal

Mar 31, 2021, How Hunter Biden's Interests Overlapped with Banned Ukrainian Oligarch, Daily Signal

Mar 28, 2021, Chris Wallace Presses Psaki on Border Facility Access: 'You are Being Less Transparent than Trump Administration', Daily Caller

Mar 28, 2021, Biden Staffer Intercepts Cameras, Tries to Hide Chilling Scenes at Texas Migrant Facility, National File

Mar 26, 2021, Dem Michigan Rep Tlaib Silent as Her Top Political Consultant Accused of Sexual Harassment, Washington Free Beacon

[Five former employees accuse Michigan Democratic strategist and Vanguard Public Affairs owner T.J. Bucholz of sexual harassment]


Mar 25, 2021, Sources: Secret Service Inserted Itself into Case of Hunter Biden's Gun, Politico

[An Oct 23, 2018 case in which Hallie Biden, Joe Biden's daughter-in-law, took Hunter's gun and threw it in the trash behind a convenience store, and later returned to find it gone]

Mar 25, 2021, SCAT RACKET: Fugitive Fraudsters Behind 'Poop Theranos' Start-up uBiome are Democratic Donors, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 25, 2021, Lawmakers Investigate State Department Over $1 Billion Ransom Payment to Iran, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 19, 2021, Report: Dozens of White House Staffers Abruptly Suspended, Asked to Resign or Moved to Remote Positions, Western Journal

[According to three sources the reason was past marijuana use, although the Biden Administration said they would not disqualify staff for past use]

Mar 19, 2021, As Hunter Biden FBI Probe Rolls On, Laptop Story Resurfaces after U.S. Claims About, Newsweek

[A declassified report from the Director of National Intelligence elicited fresh debates as to whether or not Russian interference came into play]

Mar 18, 2021, Editorial Board: New Lies about Hunter Biden's Laptop and Other Commentary, New York Post

Mar 17, 2021, Journalists Abandon Crucial 'Accountability' Projects in Post-Trump Era, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 15, 2021, Why You Haven't Seen Photos from Inside Migrant Facilities, Washington Examiner

Mar 9, 2021, President of Taxpayer-Funded Antiracist Group Funneled Nearly $300,000 to Husband's Law Firm, Washington Free Beacon

[Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium has long-standing ties to U.S. Dept. of Education}

Mar 8, 2021, ActBlue Fined for Facilitating Nearly $44,000 in Illegal Contributions, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 2, 2021, ActBlue Facilitating Donations to Terror-tied Charity, Legal Group Says, Washington Free Beacon

[Platform for Democrat-aligned Groups Connected to Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) Movement]

Feb 24, 2021, 'I Am Not To Judge': Anti-Pipeline Activist Dismissed Allegations of Pedophilia Against Colleague, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 22, 2021, Gravy Train Keeps Rolling for Second Step Daughter Ella Emhoff, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 19, 2021, Top DCCC Senior Advisor on Parole in New York, Washington Free Beacon

[Gang 'triggerman' and attempted murderer Dyjuan Tatro leads Democrats' diversity and inclusion efforts]

Feb 18, 2021, Biden Muscles Out Chicago Prosecutor Hot on Heels of Powerful Democrats, Washington Free Beacon

[Lawmakers from both parties have called for John Lausch to keep his job]


Feb 15, 2021, Biden's Lawyers told Meena Harris to Stop Using Her Aunt to Boost Her Brand, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 13, 2021, White House Aide TJ Ducklo Resigns Over Threats Against Reporter, NPR

Feb 12, 2021, Biden Aide Who Threatened to 'Destroy' Reporter is Protege of Sex Pests Halperin and Lauer, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 11, 2020, Email to Hunter Biden Raises Fresh Questions About His Tax Dealings, NBC [Email obtained by NBC News indicates that the President-elect's son did not disclose $400,000 in income from Burisma Gas in his 2014 tax returns]

Nov 11, 2020, How 'Obamagate' and Hunter's 'Laptop from Hell' Fizzled, Politico

Support for Terrorism, Extremist Violence and Disorder

Jan 22, 2023, Antifa Rioters Rampage Through Atlanta, Torch Police Vehicle, Washington Free Beacon

July 3, 2022, Victor Davis Hanson, Who Are The Real Insurrectionists?, American Greatness

July 1, 2022, Iranians Caught Trying to Cross Southern Border With Migrant Caravan, Daily Caller

June 14, 2022, How Stacey Abrams Helped Funnel Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to an Israel-hating Terrorist Sympathizer, Washington Free Beacon

June 13, 2022, We Asked Every Jan 6 Committee Member When They Would Hold Hearings on the 2020 Riots. No One Had An Answer, Daily Caller

May 16, 2022, Biden To Remove Five Extremist Groups from Foreign Terrorist List, Daily Wire

[Biden Administration has been silent for a long period on this, but suddenly rushed to make the change]

Apr 18, 2022, Two Dozen People Apprehended at Southern Border in 2021 Were in Terrorist Database, Daily Caller

Mar 9, 2022, U.S. State Department Hire Elizabeth Campbell Oversaw UN Terrorist Textbook Program, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 22, 2021, Biden Administration Ignores Law to Sanction Hamas and Hezbollah for Civilian Shield Use, Lawmakers Say, Washington Free Beacon

[Bipartisan Coalition Presses Administration to Hold Terror Groups Accountable]

Dec 20, 2021, Connecticut Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal Thought Communist Party Awards Ceremony He Attended Was 'Labor' Event, Regrets Attendance, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 27, 2021, Top Pentagon Official Colin Kahl Warns ISIS-K Could Be Ready to Attack West in Six Months, Team Tucker Carlson

Oct 15, 2021, Climate Change Activists Storm Department of the Interior Building in Washington, D.C., Team Tucker Carlson

Sept 28, 2021, Anti-Semitic Attacks in 2020 Outnumbered Attacks on Muslims, Asians, and Transgender People Combined, Washington Free Beacon

Sept 6, 2021, British War Hero Retired Special Operations Staff Sgt Trevor Coult: Biden is more of a Danger to the West than the Taliban, Washington Examiner

Sept 3, 2021, Surge in Antisemitism Linked to Critical Race Theory, Daily Signal

July 29, 2021, Federal Government Gives Millions to Vera Institute of Justice That Supports Defunding the Police, Washington Free Beacon

[The Vera Institute received $89M in grants and contracts in 2021]

July 6, 2021, Biden Administration Deletes References to Palestinian Terror Incitement from Congressional Report, Washington Free Beacon

June 10, 2021, House Democrats Condemn Omar For Comparing US and Israel with Hamas and Taliban, Washington Free Beacon

May 21, 2021, Joe Biden Remains Silent on Wave of Anti-Semitic Crime in the US, Daily Caller

May 17, 2021, Dems to Hold Hearing on 'White Identity Terrorism' As Violence in Israel Mounts, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 29, 2021, Zarif Had No Knowledge of Israeli Strikes until Kerry Told Him Translation Reveals, Washington Free Beacon

Apr 26, 2021, John Kerry Denies Tipping Off Iran to Israeli Operations in Syria, Washington Examiner

Apr 20, 2021, Pelosi Defends Maxine Water's  Call for Police Protestors to Get More Confrontational, Daily Signal

Mar 17, 2021, Soros-Backed DA Cut Plea Deals with Violent Criminals Represented by Campaign Donors, Washington Free Beacon

[Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner under fire for Progressive Policies amid violent crime spike]

Mar 4, 2021, Biden Admin to Restart Palestinian Aid as Payments to Terrorists Flow, Washington Free Beacon


Mar 4, 2021, Iranian Terrorists Claim to Have Active Cells in Washington, DC, Washington Free Beacon

Broken Promises

Aug 2, 2022, Biden Promised to Restore 'Respected Leadership on the World Stage' Swing Voters Say He Has Done the Opposite, Washington Free Beacon

[85 Percent across four crucial house districts sour on the president]

Jan 19, 2022, Joe Biden, Year 1: Promise Breaker in Chief, Daily Signal

Oct 31, 2021, Experts Sound Alarm As White House Walks Back Another 'Commitment', Team Tucker Carlson

[Biden White House Walked Back Commitment to Taiwan]

Sept 14, 2021, After Biden Left Afghan Women, His Rhetoric rings Hollow, Daily Signal

Sept 3, 2021, Biden's Other Vietnam (Times Four), U.S. COVID-19 Deaths Reach Grim Milestone of 235,186, Washington Free Beacon 

August 27, 2021, FLASHBACK: Biden Said His Foreign Policy Team of Geniuses would 'Stand Up For Our Values' and "Keep Our People Safe', Washington Free Beacon

August 11, 2021, Voters Believe Biden Will Raise Taxes on Middle Class Despite Pledge, Washington Examiner

July 27, 2021, From Hunter Biden to COVID-19 Cases, White House is Tripped Up on Transparency, Washington Examiner

July 13, 2021, After Claiming Vaccine Campaign Would Be Run by 'Local' Leaders, White House Taps Angsty Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo to Kick it Off, The Federalist

June 20, 2021, Despite Campaign Promises, 60 Percent Could See Tax Hike Under Biden Proposals, Washington Examiner

May 28, 2021, Telemedicine is Here to Stay, Washington Examiner

[Remember Obama's and Biden's Promises that You can Keep your Health Plan and Your Doctor when they were selling Obamacare]

May 21, 2021, As Slew of Progressives Push Back on Israel, Biden Declares That His Country 'Still Supports' Country, Daily Caller

Mar 26, 2021, 'It Didn't Go Well For Him': Pollster Said Biden 'Torched' His Message on Unity During First Press Conference, Daily Caller

Mar 25, 2021 FLASHBACK: Kamala Stressed Importance of Free Press at Border During Trump Administration, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 23, 2021, Despite Flurry of Attention, Jill Biden is Not Leading Migrant Family Reunification, Politico

Mar 22, 2021, Child Migrants: First Photos Emerge of Biden-Era Detention Facilities, BBC

Mar 11, 2021, Party of Group Think, Washington Examiner

[Group Think Gives Lie to Bipartisanship]

Mar 10, 2021, Seven Takeaways from Senate Hearing on Supreme Court and Dark Money, Daily Signal

Feb 12, 2021, Promise Broken: Biden Gives Staffer One-Week Suspension After Abusing Reporter: Biden has said any 'disrespectful' staff would be fired on the spot, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 4, 2020, Democrats Disdain for Trump Supporters Broadens National Divide, Boston Herald

[Unity was never part of the vision]

Biden Gaffs

Dec 31, 2022, Biden Get Humiliated in 2022 Failure Roundup - Joe's Worst Flubs and Mistakes Show He's Not Competent to Be President, PJ Newsletter

Oct 17, 2022, Joe Biden Creeps Out Young Girl in Photo Op - Grabs Her By the Shoulders and Tells Her Not to Marry Until She is 30, PJ Newsletter

July 10, 2022, 'We Are Not Tacos': Hispanic Journalists Reprimand Jill Biden Over Use of Stereotype, Daily Signal

June 24, 2022, Who's Running the Country? Very Specific Cheat Sheet Tells Biden How to Act, Truth Press

May 30, 2022, Biden Claims 9mm Bullet Blows Lung Out of Body Then Says There Is No Rational Basis For High Caliber Weapons, Daily Caller

May 15, 2022, White House FINALLY Corrects False Tweet, More than 24 Hours Later, Truth Press

[WH tweeted that there were no covid vaccines available when Joe Biden took office]

May 6, 2022, Tethered to the Teleprompter: Biden Steers Clear of Oval Office for Rooms That Accommodate the Bulky Device, Washington Free Beacon

May 6, 2022, Biden White House Refuses to Condemn 'Disgusting' Efforts to Intimidate Supreme Court Justices, Daily Signal

May 5, 2022, Biden's Discomfort With Abortion Comes Under Scrutiny, The Hill

May 2, 2022, Biden Bombs at White House Dinner, Messes Up Reagan Line, Calls Trump a Plague, Patriot Journal

May 2, 2022, Biden, Senator for Delaware for 36 Years, Says No One Has Been Senator for Delaware, Western Journal

Apr 18, 2022, Watch: Easter Bunny Intervenes to Direct Biden Away from Talking About Afghanistan, Truth Press

[This video was making the rounds of the media and the internet. Tucker Carlson showed it on Fox News.]

Apr 3, 2022, White Hoeusd Forced to Clean Up New Biden Gaffe on Renewal Energy, Truth Press

[Biden said that the average family would save about $500 a month on average; White House transcript was edited to "year" instead of month]

Apr 2, 2022, Biden Says Michelle Obama was Vice President During Commissioning Ceremony for USS DELAWARE Submarine, Daily Caller

Mar 31, 2022, Biden's Gaff About Putin Could Have Serious Consequences for Ukraine, Dailly Signal

Jan 22, 2022, Joe Biden's Outrageous Claim About Martin Luther King's Assassination, Patriotic Post

Dec 27, 2021, Biden Says 'There's no Federal Solution to COVID' After Vowing 'To Shut Down the Virus' Last Year, Truth Press

Dec 26, 2021, 'Biden Seems Confused': CNN Openly Questions President Biden's Cognitive Health After Yet Another Slip-Up, Truth Press

Dec 22, 2021, 'I'm Not Supposed to Be Having This Press Conference', Biden Says As Reporters Ask Questions, Daily Caller

Dec 12, 2021, Biden Gets Caught Using Note Cards on Jimmy Fallon Late Night Show, Team Tucker Carlson

Dec 12, 2021, Biden's Speech Turns in a Moment from SNL While Music Blares While He Speaks, Team Tucker Carlson

Nov 23, 2021, White House Backs Away From Biden's 'White Supremacist' Remarks About Kyle Rittenhouse, Washington  Examiner

Nov 23, 2021, Video: Biden Loudly Repeats Every Instruction on His Teleprompter, Adds "end of quote", National File

Nov 12, 2021, 'He's Not a White Supremacist,' Kyle Rittenhouse's Mother Says Joe Biden Defamed Her Son, Daily Caller

Nov 12, 2021, Joe Biden Calls Baseball Legend Satchel Page 'Great Negro' in Veterans Day Message, OpIndia

[Another in a long line of questionable remarks about Blacks]

Oct 31, 2021, #PoopyPantsBiden: Rumor Spreads that Biden had 'Bathroom Incident' in Rome, Team Tucker Carlson

Oct 30, 2021, Footage Emerges of Biden Telling Pope Bizarre Jokes During Their Highly Anticipated Meeting, Team Tucker Carlson

Oct 25, 2021, Biden Tells New Jersey Preschooler That He Tries to Figure Out How to Avoid Answering Questions, Daily Caller

Oct 24, 2021, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace Say Biden's Town Hall Flubs Go Beyond Gaffes, Daily Caller

Oct 21, 2021, Biden Repeats Whopper That His Multi-Trillion Dollar Agenda Will Cost $0, Daily Caller

Oct 13, 2021, Kamala Harris' Top Media Gaffs, Missteps, and Debacles Since Becoming VP, Fox News

Sept 26, 2021, 'Judge, Jury, and Executioner', Former Hawaiian Democratic Rep Tulsi Gabbard Says Biden Needs to Apologize for Throwing Border Agents Under the Bus, Daily Caller

[Response to false media story circulated by media that Border Patrol Agents on horses used whips on migrant border crossers]

Sept 7, 2021, Anxious Staffer Mute Biden's Remarks: Report, Washington Examiner

[Staffers reportedly miss events to avoid hearing another gaff]

Sept 2, 2021, White House Drops Audio on Biden's Snide Remark to Reporter on Afghanistan, Newsweek

August 27, 2021, 'We will not forgive' Biden says of Deaths of 13 Americans at Kabul Airport, Nikkei Asia

August 26, 2021, Transcript of Biden Speech after Death of Americans from Bomb at Airport in Kabul, New York Times

August 19, 2021, Video of Biden Saying Taliban Would Not Take Over Afghanistan Racks Up Whopping 10 Million Views, Daily Caller

August 19, 2021, Biden Denies Military Leaders Warned Against Quick Withdrawal in Afghanistan, Daily Caller

July 30, 2021, Aide Hand Biden Note During Governors' Meeting that He Has Something On His Chin, Fox News

July 29, 2021, Joe Biden's Claim He One Drove an 18-wheeler Provokes Skepticism, Newsweek

July 26, 2021, Biden Calls Reporter 'Pain in the Neck" for Asking about Veterans Affairs COVID 19 Vaccine Mandate, Fox News

[Reporter Kelly O'Donnell asked question during media media with President Biden on Iraq]

July 19, 2021, Biden Says 'Facebook Isn't Killing People' Just Days After Appearing to Accuse Company of Doing Just That, Daily Caller

June 28, 2021, Gwen Berry, Flag-Snubbing Track and Field Star, Defended by White House, Fox News

June 14, 2021, Joe Biden Corrected by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson After Biden Interrupts Him at G7 Summit hosted by the UK, Business Insider

[Biden interrupted Johnson to tell him that he has forgotten the South African President; Johnson said that he had not; Johnson waived off Biden when he attempted to interrupt several more times]

June 11, 2021, Psaki Joins Long Line of White House Officials Who Flub Royal Titles and Protocols, Washington Examiner

June 9, 2021, Government Report Undermines Biden Claim That Trump Had Black Lives Matter Protestors Tear-Gassed, Washington Free Beacon

[Interior Dept IG Reports that Park Police Removed Protestors with Tear Gas So a Contractor Could Erect a Fence to Protect Federal Property]

June 2, 2021, 'One of the Worst Race Hoaxes': Horace Cooper Compares Biden's Tulsa Race Massacre Speech to Jussie Smollett, Daily Caller

May 23, 2021, Jill Biden and Kamala Harris Hug It Out After Reports of 'Go F*ck' Yourself Remark, Daily Caller

May 10, 2021, Biden Offers Hot Air on Wind Turbines, Washington Examiner

Apr 29, 2021, Biden's Five Blunders in Congressional Address, Daily Signal

Apr 28, 2021, Biden Threatens Political Opponents in Rambling Tirade: 'You Can't Stop Me Now', Washington Free Beacon

Apr 8, 2021, President Biden Repeatedly Refers to the 'ATF' as the 'AFT'. Daily Caller

Apr 1, 2021, Nips and Poops: Biden Dogs Cause 'Major' Headaches at the White House, Washington Examiner

[Biden's Major Infrastructure Presentation was disrupted by the discovery one of dogs pooped in the Diplomatic Reception Room; Dog 'Major' has bitten Park Service Groundkeeper and Secret Service Agent]

Mar 20, 2021, Biden's Gaffes and Stumbles Prove "He's Not in Charge' Fox News Host Says, Daily Caller

Mar 19, 2021, Biden 'just fine' After Tripping 3 Times Jogging Up Steps to Air Force One, ABC News

Apr 3, 2020, Biden Has Earned Eleven Pinocchios From Fact-Checkers During Coronavirus Crisis, Washington Free Beacon

Biden Quotes

June 2, 2021, "Get a Shot and Have a Beer": Biden Touts Free Brew, Sports Tickets, and Child Care to Boost Vaccines, Virginia Mercury

May 23, 2021, The Red Meat Issue Biden Won't Touch, Politico

Mar 26, 2021, "This is Jim Crow of the 21st Century': Biden Issues Press Statement on Georgia Election Bill, Daily Caller

Mar 18, 2021, Putin Offers Public talks After Biden Calls Him a Killer, Reuters

[White House Says Biden is 'Quite Busy' and Cannot Talk]

Mar 18, 2021, With His False Filibuster History, Biden is Playing with Fire, Washington Examiner

Mar 16, 2021, Four Buzzwords Biden Administration Officials Use to Signal the Left, Washington Examiner

Mar 4, 2021, Texas Gov Abbot Blames COVID Spread on immigrants, Criticizes Biden 'Neanderthals' Comment, CNN

Mar 2, 2021, President Biden Nears 45 Days Without a Press Conference, Daily Caller

Mar 2, 2021, 'Biden-isms': A Stumble-Prone President Battles Perceptions of His Age, Washington Examiner

Oct 28, 2021, Fact Check: Joe Biden 'chumps' Quote At Pennsylvania Rally Taken Out of Context, USA Today


Democrat Quotes

Mar 3, 2020, Biden Nominee for Top Defense Post Attacked GOP in Incendiary Quotes, Washington Free Beacon

[Colin Kahl said Republicans are "the party of ethnic cleansing"]

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