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Cancelling Republican and American Culture

Republicans and like-minded American voters are going to have to stand up to protect their voice in the public square. It should be a priority to ensure that Republican voices and ideas are seriously considered.

Democrats and Washington elitists are determined to remove Republicans and like-minded voters from sharing and preventing ideas. Cancel culture has become a major media narrative and there are some very highly organized forces supporting and driving it. The only way that your ideas, philosophy, and way of life are going to be seriously considered is if you publicly support them as well as businesses and media who voice views similar to your own.

Some  of the activities to cancel Republican culture are behind the scenes in media, initiatives, and processes where working Americans don't normally go. To give you an idea what is being said about you and is being done to remove your voice here is some of what happened during the 2020 election and what is happening now.

Take time to learn what is being done and said. Be prepared to defend your positions and to argue for sensible legislation, policies and ideas. But you must also voice support for like-minded voters and thinkers and take action to prevent cancel culture.

Cancelling Republican and American Culture


Prior Stories from 2021-2022 on Cancelling Republicans

Nov 18, 2023, Video Shows Capitol Officers Uncuffing J6 Protestor, Giving Fist Bump to Him, Truth Press

Nov 17, 2023, LeVar Burton Accused of Threatening Physical Violence Against Moms Group at Book Awards Ceremony, Fox News

Sept 9, 2023, North Dakota Man Who Ran Over, Killed Conservative Teen Given Light Sentence, Truth Press

Aug 18, 2023, Major Donor-Advised Fund Manager Allegedly Blocked Funds to Conservative Organizations, Complaint Says, Daily Signal

Mar 23, 2023, New York DA's Trump Case Shattered by Uncovered Letter - 5 year-old Letter Could End the Crusade,  PJ Letter

[Michael Cohen's lawyers stated that Cohen used his personal funds to pay Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels nor was the Trump Organization party to the payment nor did the Trump Organization reimburse Cohen]

Mar 2, 2023, Global Charity Organization OxFam Discourages use of father, mother, headquarters in Newspeak Guide, Frontline News

Mar 22, 2023, Newsmax Announces Its Back on DirectTV, Daily Caller

Feb 9, 2023, Another New Jersey Republican Council Member Shot Dead in a Week, Western Journal

Feb 9, 2023,  Disinformation Inc: Meet the Groups Hauling in Cash to Secretly Blacklist Conservative Groups, Washington Examiner

Feb 9, 2023,  Ex-FBI Agents Detail 'Politicization' of Agency Ahead of Bombshell Hearings, Washington Examiner

Feb 8, 2023, FBI Document Cites Southern Poverty Law Center on 'Radical-Traditionalist Catholic Theology', Daily Signal

Jan 13, 2023, Matt Taibibi Drops New Twitter Files on Russiagate Coverup, Truth Press

News Literacy Project

A nonpartisan national education nonprofit, provides programs and resources for educators and the public to teach, learn and share the abilities needed to be smart, active consumers of news and information and equal and engaged participants in a democracy. In existence for 13 years as of 2021. Has active media collaborators. Receiving millions from Democrat donors and supported by CNN, NYT, LA Times (Chandlers), and foundations. Based in a high-dollar location on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington, D.C.

Plan to complete 4-year plan by 2022 to create community of 20,000 news literacy practitioners teaching 3 million students annually

Created Checkology Virtual Classroom for students.

Publish weekly blogs and podcasts

Publish NewsLit Week Newsletter for Use in the Classroom. Here's the January 28, 2021 teaser for NewsLit Week to stop conspiracy theorists:

"In Texas, an air conditioning repairman is run off the road and assaulted by a former police captain trying to find forged presidential election ballots. Closer to home, you learn your cousin is convinced of widespread voter fraud. A suicide bomber detonates a massive explosion in downtown Nashville, possibly targeting the AT&T building over 5G . . ."

2020 Election Year Disrupt Disinformation Initiatives

Protocol. Election Integrity Partnership and Disinfo Defense League. Partnership of more than 100 researchers from multiple higher education institutions to protect people from falsehoods that could compromised their vote.

October 25-26, 2020, Global Exchange International Human Rights Organization  Week of Action in U.S. Election

[teamed with MediaJustice, Common Cause Education Fund, and Election Protection Coalition]

Oct 26, 2020, The Anatomy of An Election Disinformation Campaign, WBUR [NPR's Boston Affiliate]

Oct 22, 2020, Next Week: Black and Brown-led Disruption Disinformation Events to Combat Racialized Disinfo Ahead of Election Day,

Oct 20, 2020, How Brands Can Be Used to Disrupt Disinformation in the U.S. Elections, Global Disinformation Index

[UK firm that creates rating of reliability of news to direct brands to away from "non-reliable" (conservative and Republican) news sources to deny them financial support and ultimately result in their closure. This is completely out of sight of most working Americans.]

May 1, 2020, Technology Once Used to Combat ISIS Propaganda Messaging is Used by Democratic Group to Counter Trump's Coronavirus Messaging, Washington Post

[Former U.S. 4-star General Stanley McChrystal is enlisted to interact with 3.4 million online influencers to counter Trump's messaging]

Social Science in Humanitarian Action Platform

Provides online Information, Mis- and Disinformation in the Context of COVID-19 [an example of a social media influencer countering U.S. Government information during the 2020 election used by former General Stanley McChrystal]

Scholarly Review of Disinformation Disruption

Dec 2, 2020, Democratic Defense Against Disinformation  - In-Depth Research Report, Atlantic Council 

Nov 19, 2020, Nina Jankowicz, "How to Defeat Disinformation: An Agenda for the Biden Administration,"  Foreign Affairs (Council on Foreign Relations)

Sept 2019, Report on Government Responses to Disinformation on Social Media Platforms: Comparative Summary, Library of Congress

April 2, 2018, The Disinformation Disorder: Disruptive Communication and the Decline of Democratic Institutions, European Journal of Communication

Social Intelligence for Business

2020, Yonder and Edelman Intelligence.  Brand Information DefensePartnership between Edelman Communications and Yonder Social Media Platform to create social intelligence for communications teams. Their argument is that business is now the most trusted institution in the world and that it must protect itself from misinformation and disinformation.  With business more trusted than government, what business supports in communication becomes very important.

Business Training Trends

Feb 22, 2021, Coca-Cola Told in Online Training Seminar to 'Try to be Less White', Fox Business News

[Anti-Racism Training]

Feb 23, 2021, After Coca-Cola Backlash, LinkedIn Removed Diversity Lesson Telling Employees 'To Be Less White', Newsweek

Democrat Perspectives on Republicans and Traditional American Culture

Aug 2, 2023, Neighbor Against Neighbor: Social Media App Nextdoor Neighbor Boots Moms for Liberty Amid Leftist Attacks, Daily Signal

Aug 1, 2023, Ben Shapiro Details The Global Entities Working to 'Demonetize and Deplatform' Conservative Voices, Daily Wire

July 10, 2023, Moms For Liberty Receives Death Threats, Considered Subhuman, After Targeting By SPLC, Daily Signal

July 6, 2023, George Soros' Open Society Foundation Lays Off 40 Percent of Staff Under Sons Leadership, Associated Press

July 3, 2023, Man Swinging Stick with Transgender Flag at Moms for Liberty Event Brought to Ground by Quick Thinking Cop, Western Journal

July 2, 2023,  Prominent LGBTQ Advocacy Group Taps Celebrities for Censoring Dissenting Opinions, American Liberty

June 26, 2023, Rhode Island Democrat Arrested for Keying Car with "Biden Sucks" Bumper Sticker, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 29, 2023, Dem Governor's Spokesperson Resigns After Appearing to Post Threat Against 'Transphobes' After Nashville Church School Shooting, Daily Caller

Jan 1, 2023, Here the Hottest Hot Takes From Leftist Media in 2022, Daily Caller

Dec 29, 2022, Democratic Dark Money Juggernaut Behind Biden-Allied Group Target House GOP, Washington Examiner

[The Congressional Integrity Project managed by Arabella Advisors, the largest left-wing dark money network in the United States.]

Dec 27, 2022, Four Takeaways from the New January 6 Transcript Dump, Washington Examiner

Dec 22, 2022, Five Red Flags in Trump's Taxes, Politico

Oct 10, 2022, FBI Officials Who Briefed Facebook on Hunter Biden Laptop Are Dem Donors, Washington Free Beacon

[Social network says it censored story after briefing from government officials]

Oct 9, 2022, Trump-era DOJ Official Stunned By Effort to Prosecute Social Media Users Who Distribute Misinformation, The Republican Standard

Sept 6, 2022, California Liberal Blown Away at Trump Rally Visit - Calls Supporters 'Super-Friendly', Finds Common Ground, PJNewsletter

Aug 10, 2022, General Mark Milley's Insanely Arrogant 4-paragraph Resignation letter, Western Journal

Aug 8, 2022, Tulsi Gabbard Stands Up for Steven Bannon, Attacks Weaponized DOJ, The Liberty Revolution

May 9, 2022, Eight Times Leftists Protested Outside Conservative Homes, Daily Signal

Mar 27, 2022, Six Things You Need to Know About the Arabella Network, Daily Signal

[Left-Leaning group pushing Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court Nomination]

Dec 30, 2021, Corona, California Hillary Clinton Supporter Sentenced to 35 Years to Life in Prison For Killing Woman During 2016 Poltical Argument, Truth Press

July 2, 2021, Regnery Publisher Accuses NYT of Keeping Michael Knowles Book on Censorship off of Best Seller List, Daily Caller

June 21, 2021, What I Learned from the Bloomberg Equality Briefing on Driving Transformation in Corporate Equity, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 5, 2021, Inspector General Closes Ethics Probe of Elaine Chao, Angering Democrats, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 22, 2021, 'I Wouldn't Consider Even Walking Through the Door': Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin Blasts CPAC Attendees as Conspiracy Theorists, Daily Caller

[It is not conspiracy theory if there IS as conspiracy - read the left-hand column]

Republican Perspectives and Responses

June 28, 2021, RightForge Offers Internet Solutions With a Promise to Protect Your Free Expression, Daily Signal

Feb 24, 2021, Republican Witness Hits Media Coverage of Antifa and Far-left Violence at House Domestic Terrorism Hearing, Washington Examiner

Feb 23, 2021, Only 4 Percent of Trump Supporters Hold a Favorable View of QAnon, Plurality Have Never Heard of It, The National Pulse

[Suffolk University Poll Results; these results undermine the conclusions of Senator Durbin and other Democrat and Media who believe them]

Threats to Democracy Arguments

Mar 4, 2021, House Cancels Scheduled Votes After Report of Threat to Capitol, Senate to Stay in Session, Daily Caller

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