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Cancelling Republican and American Culture

Republicans and like-minded American voters are going to have to stand up to protect their voice in the public square. It should be a priority to ensure that Republican voices and ideas are seriously considered.

Democrats and Washington elitists are determined to remove Republicans and like-minded voters from sharing and preventing ideas. Cancel culture has become a major media narrative and there are some very highly organized forces supporting and driving it. The only way that your ideas, philosophy, and way of life are going to be seriously considered is if you publicly support them as well as businesses and media who voice views similar to your own.

Some  of the activities to cancel Republican culture are behind the scenes in media, initiatives, and processes where working Americans don't normally go. To give you an idea what is being said about you and is being done to remove your voice here is some of what happened during the 2020 election and what is happening now.

Take time to learn what is being done and said. Be prepared to defend your positions and to argue for sensible legislation, policies and ideas. But you must also voice support for like-minded voters and thinkers and take action to prevent cancel culture.

Cancelling Republican and American Culture

Jan 13, 2023, Matt Taibibi Drops New Twitter Files on Russiagate Coverup, Truth Press

Dec 29, 2022, January 6 Committee Withdraws Trump Subpoena, Truth Press

[Withdrawal comes during slowest news period of the year]

Dec 28, 2022, Cassidy Hutchinson Claims Mark Meadows Burned Documents in Final Weeks of Administration, America's News Desk

[While unusual and definitely not a standard practice to burn documents in the fireplace - which only one or two staff could even do - in the White House, the key claim that Meadows might have been destroying original documents has to be rated as false, since all documents are generated digitally and copies are stored in permanent digital records automatically. Cassidy was bound as a Federal employee to report potential security issues to the Security Office immediately. It is not stated that she did.]

Dec 26, 2022, After Twitter Unloads Major Evidence Against Feds - Elon Musk Claims 'Every [Conspiracy] Theory Turns Out To Be True', PJ Newsletter

Dec 24, 2022, New Report Documents Explosion of Leftist Terror Attacks on US Churches, American Liberty News

Dec 21, 2022, House Republican Expose Pelosi's Culpability in Jan 6 Riot, The Federalist

Dec 20, 2022, Trump's Income Taxes Were Often Paltry, Newly Released Records Show, Politico

Dec 12, 2022, Twitter Files Part 5: Chinese Employee Warned Twitter Against Censoring Trump, Daily Wire

Dec 12, 2022, Ratcliffe Says Only One Reason Why Top Official From Spy Office Met With Twitter, Daily Wire

Dec 11, 2022, Twitter Files Part 4 Released: The Removal of Donald Trump, January 7, Truth Press

Dec 10, 2022, 'Slippery Slope': Internal Docs Show Just One Twitter Employee Raised Serious Free Speech Concern s Over Trump Ban, Daily Caller

Dec 10, 2022, Twitter Files Part 3 Released: Elon Musk Exposes Twitter's Censorship of Donald Trump, Truth Press

Dec 7, 2022, Kirk Cameron IUs Denied Story Hour Slot in Public Libraries For His New Faith-Based Book, Fox News

[Rejected by 50 out of 50 public libraries]

Nov 21, 2022, Former AG Barr Admits 'There is a Deep State' In Interview, American News Nation

Nov 18, 2022, Trump's Mar-a-Lago Verdict Drops Days After Midterms - It Turns Out Investigators Not Worried About Donald Selling Documents, Patriot Journal

Nov 15, 2022, January 6th 'Conspiracy Theory' Turns Out to be True, Truth Press

[Reported confirmation that FBI had 8 informants in Jan 6, 2021 crowd that entered the US Capitol grounds]

Nov 7, 2022, Ex-CIA Officer Proposes Using Counterterrorism Measures Against Right-Wing Americans, American Liberty News

Oct 25, 2022, New FBI Email Reveals Answer to Establishment Efforts to Oust Trump, Truth Press

Oct 3, 2022, US Supreme Court Rejects Mike Lindell's Defamation Suit, Great American News Desk

Sept 27, 2022, Trump Scores Federal Appeals Court Defamation Suit Win Against Rape Accuser E. Jean Carroll, Truth Press

[After losing 1990s rape accusation, Carroll accused Trump of harming her business and defaming her reputation. Appeals Court denied her claim.]

Sept 27, 2022, 83 year-old Woman Shot in the Back in Ionia, Michigan While Passing Out Pro-Life Tracts in Neighborhood Pro-Life Group Says, Daily Caller

Sept 27, 2022, FBI Changes Total Number of Documents Taken in Mar-a-Lago Raid, Truth Press

Sept 26, 2022, Volunteers for Texas Gov Abbot''s Campaign Attacked and Have Car Trashed in Political Violence, Truth Press

Sept 23, 2022, 'This is Different': Alan Dershowitz Explains Why FBI's Treatment of Mike Lindell is So Scary, Daily Caller

Sept 21, 2022,  Man Reportedly Admits to Running Down Man Because He Was a Republican Extremist, Daily Caller

Sept 20, 2022, Eleven GOP Attorneys General Press Appeals Court on Mar-a-Lago Special Master, Yahoo News

Sept 14, 2022, FBI Tracks Down Mike Lindell to Seize an Item, America News Nation

[FBI agents in multiple vehicles allegedly surround Mike Lindell's car at fast food restaurant when he was returning from a hunting trip to seize his telephone]

Sept 14, 2022,  'No One Was Punished For It.':The FBI Literally Paid For Russian Disinformation Court Filing Reveals, Daily Caller

[Russian Virginia Resident Igor Danchenko was a paid FBI informant well after he was exposed for providing information]

Sept 13, 2022, FBI Turns Up on Doorstep of New Jersey Trump Supporter Lisa Gallagher Who Wasn't Even at the Capitol on January 6, Truth Press

Sept 13, 2022, Tucker Carlson Releases List of Trump Allies Subpoenaed by DOJ. Truth Press

Sept 10, 2022, At Least 50 Trump Allies Served With Search Warrants, Truth Press

Sept 5, 2022, Judge Grants Request to Appoint 'Special Master' to Review Trump Mar-a-Lago Raid Documents, Daily Caller

Sept 3, 2022, Mark Meadows Turned Over New Emails and Documents to the National Archives Within a Week of Mar-a-Lago Raid, DOJ Says

Sept 2, 2022, Former DC Intel Boss John Ratliff Blows Lid Off FBI's Trump Evidence: 'They Didn't Find What They were Looking For', PJNewsletter

Sept 2, 2022, Former FBI Assistant Director McCabe Says Biden Wasn't Forceful Enough in Speech Bashing Republicans, Daily Caller

Sept 2, 2022, Carter Page's FBI Surveillance Lawsuit Dismissed, Daily Caller

Sept 2, 2022, Over 10,000 Government Documents Without Markings Seized at Mar-a-Lago, DOJ Says, NBC News

[DOJ says it also found a 'mountain' of other documents and photos which Trump had in his possession] 

Sept 1, 2022, Ginni Thomas Emails Urged New 2020 Electors in Wisconsin, Associated Pres

Aug 29, 2022, Florida Republican Party Field Office Vandalized After Biden's Dark Rhetoric, American Liberty

Aug 28, 2022, Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Has Same Fatal Flaw as FISA Warrants, Western Journal

Aug 27, 2022, Judge  Announces 'Intent' to Grant Trump Team's Request on Mar-a-Lago Documents After FBI Seizes Documents, Truth Press

Aug 27, 2022, Trump Trolls FBI with Redacted "MAGA" Statement, Truth Press

Aug 26, 2022, Alina Habba: They're Ignoring the fact that the Presidential Records Act Protects Presidents, Fox News

Aug 26, 2022, Read Redacted Affidavit in Trump Raid, NPR

Aug 26, 2022, Trump Responds After DOJ Unseals Its Affidavit Related to Mar-a-Lago Raid, Daily Caller

Aug 26, 2022, Department of Justice Publishes Affidavit Used for FBI Raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago Resort, Great America News Desk

Aug 25, 2022, Trump Vindicated as DOJ Releases 2019 Mueller Memo on Not Prosecuting Trump, Truth Press

Aug 24, 2022, Trump Rep John Solomon: Trump Had Hundreds of Highly Classified Documents, New Conservative Post

Aug 24, 2022, Memos Show Biden White House Facilitated DOJ Probe Against Trump, Truth Press

Aug 24, 2022, Top Lawyerws Drop the Gavel on FBI Raid - They Just Claimed the FBI Warrant had Zero Legal Basis, PJ Newsletter

Aug 24, 2022, Archives Asked for Records in 2021 After Trump Lawyer Agreed That They Should Be Returned, Washington Post

Aug 20, 2022, Ex-FBI Agent Robert Cessario Pleads Guilty to Destroying  Evidence in Case of Pro-Trump Arkansas Lawmaker, Truth Press

Aug 20, 2022, FBI Unit Leading Mar-a-Lago Raid Led the Fake Russia-Trump Investigation, Truth Press

[story sourced from RealClear politics]

Aug 18, 2022, Federal Judge Considering Partial Unsealaing of Affidavit Related to Trump Raid, Daily Caller

Aug 16, 2022, 'He Is The Executive Branch': CNN Analyst Undercuts Hype Over Trump Posssessing Classified Documents, Daily Caller

Aug 16, 2022, Liberals Hated the Espionage Act - Then Used It Against Trump, Daily Caller

Aug 15, 2022, FBI is Terrified After Mar-a-Lago Raid Backfires, Now Obsessively Combing Through Social Media for 'Signs of Agitation', Western Journal

Aug 14, 2022, Trump Learns What FBI Really Took, Demands Agency Immediately Return It, Western Journal

Aug 14, 2022, Report: Shortly Before AG Garland's Raid Statement, Trump Sent Him 5 Words and a Question, Western Journal

Aug 14, 2022, Trump Probe Centers Around Several Crimes, Could  Be in Trouble Even If He Declassified Docs, Daily Wire

Aug 13, 2022, New Twist in FBI Raid: Trump Had Standing Order to Declassify Documents Taken to Residence, Truth Press

Aug 12, 2022, Trump Search Warrant Unsealed - Hear are the Details, Truth Press

Aug 11, 2022, Trump Attorney Lindsey Halligan Speaks Out on What She Saw at Mar-a-Lago Raid, Western Journal

Aug 11, 2022, Trump Responds to Attorney General Merrick Garland's Press Conference: 'They Got Way Ahead of Themselves', Western Journal

Aug 11, 2022, Lara Trump Reveals What She Knows About Mar-a-Lago 'Mole', Washington Examiner

Aug 11, 2022, FBI Was Tipped Off By Informer Close To Trump According to Report, BusinessInsider

Aug 10, 2022, DOJ Ordered by U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart to End the Silence on the Mar-a-Lago Raid, Western Journal

Aug 10, 2022, Merrick Garland Says He 'Personally Approved' Mar-a-Lago FBI Raid, Daily Caller

Aug 10, 2022, The Right Was Blamed for the Murderof 4 Muslims - Then The Suspects Identity was Revealed, Western Journal

Aug 10, 2022, One FBI Analyst Was Behind America's Biggest Political Disinformation Campaigns, The Liberty Revolution

[Report: FBI whistleblowers told Sen Chuck Grassley that Brian Auten bungled Trump/Russian Collusion probe also scuttled probe into Hunter Biden]

Aug 10, 2022, Man Who Wanted to Kill Brett Kavanaugh Wanted to Kill 3 Justices, The Liberty Revolution

Aug 10, 2022, Trump Shatters All Fundraising Rcords After Biden's FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago, Truth Press

Aug 10, 2022, FBI 'Scoured' Melania's Wardrobe at Mar-a-Lago in Search, Truth Press

Aug 10, 2022, DOJ Charges Iranian Operative Shahram Poursafi For Allegedly Plotting to Murder John Bolton, Daily Caller

Aug 9, 2022, New Details Emerge About FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago, What They Took From Property: Report, Daily Wire

Aug 9, 2022, Judge Who Approved FBI Raid Disparaged Trump, Shared 'Woke' Content on Facebook: Report, Daily Wire

Aug 9, 2022, FBI Doubles Down: Key GOP Congressman's Phone Seized in Tandem With Trump Raid, Truth Press

Aug 8, 2022, Military Almost Quit Over Trump, Wrote Biting Resignation Letter, New Book Reveals, Military Times

Aug 8, 2022, Trump Says FBI Is Raiding Mar-A-Lago, Daily Caller

Aug 5, 2022, Trump's Pre-Jan 6 Actions Demolish Democrats 'Coup' Fantasies, Daily Caller

Aug 2, 2022, Whistleblowers: As Presidential Race Tightened, FBI Bosses Raced to Discredit Hunter BIden Stories, American Liberty

Aug 2, 2022, Supporting President Trump and Jan 6 Wasn't Insurrection - Harvard Study, American Liberty News

July 30, 2022, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland Refuses to Rule Out Charging Trump Over January 6, The Republican Standard

July 30, 2022, The Search for the Supreme Court Leaker is Narrowing, Truth Press

July 29, 2022, Woke History at James Madison's Montpelier Backed By Southern Poverty Law Center, Daily Signal

July 29, 2022, Months After Democrats Launch January 6 Hearings - Americans Tell Them THat They Have Not Made a Lick of Difference, PJ Newsletter

July 29, 2022, Polls Finds Americans Want Biden to Condemn Pro-Abortion Violence, Harassment at Justices Homes, Daily Signal

July 18, 2022, James Madison's Wokepelier: How CRT Is Taking Over the Founders, The Republican Standard

July 13, 2022, New Emails Help to Further Cast Doubts on Cassidy Hutchinson's Testimoney, Truth Press

July 11, 2022, Durham Requests 30 Subpoenas In Trial Against Anti-Trump Dossier Source, Truth Press

July 8, 2022, Morton's Condemns Abortion Rights Protestors for Disrupting Kavanaugh's Freedom to 'eat dinner', The Hill

July 5, 2022, Republicans Seek nformation on Washington's New 'Global Woke Czar', American Liberty News

June 29, 2022, Ex-Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino Bulldozes Jan 6 Tale From Star Witness, Truth Press

[Former Trump White House Staffer Cassidy Hutchinson told Jan 6 commmittee that Trump lunged toward steering wheel of presidential limousine to got the US Capitol]

June 18, 2022, Six Takeaways from Jan 6 Committee on Trump's 'Pressure on Pence', Self-Reliance Central News

June 15, 2022, Jan 6 Committee is Not Happy After Capitol Police Chief Debunks One of Their Claims, Truth Press

June 14, 2022, Far-Left Group Threatens Another Supreme Court Justice - Amy Coney Barrett, The Republican Standard

June 10, 2022, Abortion Activists Waging a Kind of War on Advocates for Life, Washington Stand

[There have been 48 acts of violence against churches, pro-life organizations, and individuals in the 42 days since a draft of U.S. Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v Wade]

June 10, 2022, Six Takeaways From Democrats' Prime Time Hearing on the Capital Hill Riot, Daily Signal

June 9, 2022, The Eerie Silence Around the Kavanaugh Assassination Attempt, Daily Signal

June 9, 2022, FBI Arrests GOP Michigan Gubernatorial Frontrunner Ryan Kelley on January 6-Related Charges, Truth Press

[Kelley was arrested on 4 misdemeanor charges and was not charged with entering the U.S. Capitol]

June 9, 2022, Reporter Fired After Arizona GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Exposes His Wildly Racist Past, Truth Press

June 8, 2022, Gunman With Burglary Tools Arrested Near Brett Kavanaugh's Home, The Republican Standard

May 31, 2022, Durham Releases Statement After Verdict Finding Hillary Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussmann Not Guilty, Truth Press

May 30, 2022, Liberal Plan to Paralyze Supreme Court - Plan to Blockade Supreme Court on June 13, PJ Media

May 28, 2022, Famous You Tuber Ethan Klein Calls For Bombing NRA Annual Meeting, Daily Signal

May 18, 2022, This Is The Leftist Group Targeting Supreme Court Justices, Liberty Revolution

['Ruth Sent Us" Published Addresses of Supreme Court Justices]

May 16, 2022, FBI Got A 'Tip' From Ray Epps on Jan 6, Possible FBI Informant, Liberty News

May 13, 2022, Judge Rules Firm Clinton Camp Hired to Dig Up Dirt Must Turn Over Emails to Durham, truth Press

May 10, 2022, Key Source for 'Steele Dossier' on Trump Was Shocked at Fake News: Report, Truth Press

[Source was Charles "Chuck" Dolan, Jr.]

May 9, 2022, Justice Samuel Alito Moved to Undisclosed Location After Threats, Truth Press

May 9, 2022, Pro-Life Group's Headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin Set Ablaze, American Liberty News

May 9, 2022, Slate Magazine Was Asking Fusion GPS for Edits on Trump Hit Piece, Liberty Revolution

May 6, 2022, Biden's Disinformation Czar Nina Jankowicz Has It In For Those Opposed to CRT, Daily Caller

[In October 2021 Jankowicz called Republicans 'disinformers']

May 5, 2022, Special Counsel Durham Tells Judge That Clinton Campaign Lied About GPS Fusion Doing 'Legal Work', American Liberty

May 5, 2022, Durham Convinces Judge to Review Concealed Documents in Clinton Privilege Battle, Truth Press

May 3, 2022, Sony Loses Millions After Rejecting China's Demand to Remove Statue of Liberty from New Superman Movie, Yahoo News

Apr 30, 2022, Disney Exec Quits Following Florida Debacle After Three Months On the Job, Truth Press

Apr 27, 2022, Durham Accidentally Releases Fusion GPS Emails Meant to Be Kept Under Seal, Truth Press

Apr 17, 2022, Durham: CIA Found Clinton Campaign Lawyer's Russia-Collusion Data Was 'User Created', Truth Press

Apr 15, 2022, Defense Attorneys Say at Least 20 Federal 'Assets' at US Capitol on Jan 6, 2021; No Plot By Defendants, American Liberty

Apr 9, 2022, John Durham Demands Docs from Hillary Clinton, DNC, and Fusion GPS, Truth Press

Apr 8, 2022, Judge Rules NYC Illegally Cancelled Trump's Contract to Run Bronx Golf Course, truth Press

Apr 8, 2022, Whitmer Kidnapping Trial Collapses: Two Not Guilty, Two More Walk Free, Truth Press

Apr 4, 2022, 'Your Cookie Must Affirm Your Sexual Lifestyle': Oreo's Maker Mondelez International Takes Pro-LGBT Stance in New Ad Spot, Daily Signal

[The ad is representative of the 'Good Brands' campaign to market non-conservative ideology] I

Mar 28, 2022, FBI Made Mistakes Across Hundreds of Sensitive Political Cases, But Here's What Happened Now That Republicans Found Out, Western Journal

Mar 22, 2022, Stormy Daniels Forced to Pay Trump $300,000 In Legal Fees After Losing Defamation Suit, Daily Caller

Mar 16, 2022, Kansas GOP Senator Marshall Gives Trucker Protestor a General Tour of the US Capitol, Politico

[Senior Hill Aide calls FBI after learning of tour]

Mar 12, 2022, FBI Whistleblower Raises Questions About FBI January 6, 2022 Pipebomb Investigation at US Capitol, Truth Press

Mar 8, 2022, Dem Group Pushing to Get 100+ Trump Attorneys Banned From Practicing Law, Truth Press

Mar 7, 2022, Sleepwalking into a Chinese-Style Social Credit System, Daily Signal


Feb 26, 2022, Bill Maher Mocks Trump Voters as He Urges Democrats to Stop Mocking Trump Voters, Daily Caller

Feb 25, 2022, Bank Account Deplatforming is Cancel Culture's New Weapon, Daily Signal

Feb 24, 2022, The Woke American Medical Association, Daily Signal 

[The AMA issued a new 54-page woke guide for doctor.]

Feb 23, 2022, Clinton, Trump, and 6 Keys to What's Next In Special Counsel's Spying Probe, Daily Signal

Feb 21, 2022, Ford's Theatre, Park Service Push Story of 'Complex', 'Fallible' Lincoln, Daily Signal

Jan 31, 2022, What's Driving the Witch Hunt Against Joe Rogan, Daily Signal

Jan 10, 2022, Lincoln Project Doubles Down on Nazi Symbolism, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 9, 2022, Princeton Faculty Member Hussein Mousavian Brags About Death Threats Against Trump Admin Envoy Brian Hook, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 8, 2022, Alleged Antifa Member Targeted Florida Rally With a Bomb, More Explosives Found at His Home, Truth Press

[Targetted Right-Wing Jan 6 Rally at Pinellas County Florida Court House; recently return from Oregon]

Jan 1, 2022, Donald Trump Reaches Private Agreement with PGA, Presidential Wire

Jan 1, 2022, Ron DeSantis is Going After Woke Companies with New Investigations, Presidential Wire

Dec 31, 2021, Millions of Angry, Armed Americans Stand Ready to Seize Power in 2024 if Trump Loses, Newsweek

[This is an irresponsible article that will lead to more physical attacks on Republicans]

Dec 30, 2021, NASCAR Driver Brandon Brown Unveils 'Let's Go Brandon' Themed Car As He Finally Gets a Major Sponsor, Daily Caller

Dec 29, 2021, Former MSNBC Commenator Keith Olbermann Suggested the Males in Mitt Romney's Family Should Get Vasectomies, Commentators Fire Back, Daily Caller

[Commentators from all political spectrums called his tweet inappropriate]

Dec 29, 2021, Facebook is Punishing People for this 8-word Thomas Paine Quote, Truth Press

Dec 24, 2021, Report Show the Extent of Republican Efforts to Sabotage Democracy, The Guardian

[Article references report by States United Democracy Center, Protest Democracy, and Law Forward that 262 were introduced in 41 states. The alleged sabotage of democracy in the report comes to legislatures taking action in the conduct of elections, which is their purview under the constitution.]

Dec 21, 2021, Fox News Issues Strong Response After Fauci Calls For Jesse Waters to Be Fired, Daily Wire

Dec 20, 2021, Judge Hands Down Win to General Flynn, Will Allow His Family to Sue CNN, Team Tucker Carlson

Dec 13, 2021, Saint Louis University Threatens to Boot Student for Putting Up Conservative Speaker Flyers, Daily Caller

[Daily Wire's Matt Walsh was a speaker for an off-campus event]

Dec 8, 2021, Arrest Made After Fox News 50-Foot Christmas Tree Set Ablaze, Team Tucker Carlson

Dec 3, 2021, Former Capitol Police Chief's Congressional Testimony and Letter to Pelosi Contradict Charges Against as Many as 700 January 6 Defendants According to Lawyer, National File

[Threat and evacuation of U.S. Capitol based on pipe bombs placed at both RNC and DNC]

Nov 30, 2021, Antifa Man Get Outrageous Sentence After Attack on North Dakota Republican Senator Don Hoeven's Office in December 2020, Team Tucker Carlson

Nov 23, 2021, Kevin Hassett: Democrats Using IRS to 'go after' Conservatives, You Tube

Nov 22, 2021, FBI Raids Homes of GOP Election Officials, Colorado Activists, Team Tucker Carlson

[Materials seized from Project Veritas were already obtained and published by the New York Times who is being sued by Project Veritas]

Nov 18, 2021, DOJ Indicts Two Iranians Who Posed as Proud Boys, Sent Republicans a Fake Ballot Fraud Video and Threatened Thousands of Democrat Voters, Insider

Nov 3, 2021, The Guardian Retracts Candace Owens Headline After Conservative Harnesses Legal Pit Bulls, Daily Wire

Oct 31, 2021, Tearful Mother of Bride Confronts Leftist Activists Crashing Wedding Officiated by Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, Daily Wire

Oct 14, 2021, Democrats Erase Women Through Budget Reconciliation, Daily Signal

Oct 14, 2021, New Database Documents Campus Cancel Culture, Daily Signal

Oct 13, 2021, REPORT: NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio Getting Rid of Thomas Jefferson Statute, Daily Caller

Oct 13, 2021, Black Professor: Blacks Who Reject Critical Race Theory Being 'Erased', Daily Signal

Oct 12, 2021, The New Victim of Cancel Culture: Science, Daily Signal

Sept 28, 2021, Chad Wolf: My Home, Family Was Targeted by Protesters. This Must Stop. Daily Signal

Sept 22, 2021, Trump Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against New York Times Over Illegally Obtained Tax Records, Daily Caller

Sept 20, 2021, The Sussmann Indictment Reads Like Overt Acts in Furtherance of a Conspiracy - Because That Is What It Is, Shipwrecked

[This review of the Sussmann indictment was recommended for reading by all Republicans by Mike  Huckabee in his September 22, 2021 e-newsletter]

Sept 19, 2021, Cancel Culture Examples: 12 Conservatives Cancelled by the Left After Expressing Conservative Views, Daily Signal

July 10, 2021, Young Man Attacked by Rioters After Million MAGA March: No Word from FBI, DC Police After 7 months, 12 Million Views, National File

July 9, 2021, New Platform Gettr Says No to Cancel Culture, Yes to Free Speech, Daily Signal

July 2, 2021, The Left Started the Culture Wars, Tom Cotton Says, And 'Normal Americans Expect Us to Stand Up and Fight Back', Daily Caller

June 21, 2021, As Rebellion Against Critical Race Theory Grows, Democrats Turn to Denial and Dismissal, Daily Caller

[Virginia Dem Governor Nominee Terry McAuliff calls Republicans Response Conspiracy Theory]

June 20, 2021, Over 70 Companies Sign Progressives Letter Supporting For The People Act, Daily Caller

[For The People Act is Democrats Proposal for Reforming Voting Election Laws. Click here for letter and names.]

June 7, 2021, Conservatives Score Big Against NCAA, Daily Signal

May 23, 2021, National Guard Finally Set to Leave the US Capitol After Five Months, Daily Caller

Apr 27, 2021, What is Freedom of Association and Will the Supreme Court Protect It?, Daily Signal

Apr 5, 2021, Justice Thomas Suggests Section 230 May be Unconstitutional, Washington Free Beacon

[Thomas's concurring opinion in Biden v. Knight First Amendment Institute suggested that major social media companies could be treated as both "common carriers" and as "places of public accommodation," two designations that would restrict platforms' ability to bar certain speech.]

Apr 5, 2021, Supreme Court Erases Lower Court Ruling Against Trump Over Twitter Account, NBC

Mar 26, 2021, Six Goals in Black Lives Matter's New 'Impact Report', Daily Signal

Mar 2021, Extremism in the Military: Emerging Crisis or Political Overreaction? - Staff Report on Congressional Hearings, Association of the U.S. Navy

Mar 23, 2021, Trump Hotels Dropped by Major Luxury Hotel Travel Network Virtuoso, Washington Examiner

Mar 14, 2021, Conflating Criticism and Cancelling Culture, Real Clear Politics

Mar 7 2021, We Hear You: Cancel Culture Reaches a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Daily Signal

Feb 24, 2021, Three Highlights from House Hearings on "Disinformation and Extremism" in News Media , Daily Signal

Feb 24, 2021, Gucci Extends Trump Tower Lease, While Others Like Tiffany Pull away, Business Insider

Feb 22, 2021, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Says He is Losing $65 Million for Pushing Election Fraud Claims and It Proves He is Not Pushing Them to Make Money, Business Insider

Feb 22, 2021, House Democrats Pressure Broadcasters to Deplatform Conservatives, Daily Caller

News Literacy Project

A nonpartisan national education nonprofit, provides programs and resources for educators and the public to teach, learn and share the abilities needed to be smart, active consumers of news and information and equal and engaged participants in a democracy. In existence for 13 years as of 2021. Has active media collaborators. Receiving millions from Democrat donors and supported by CNN, NYT, LA Times (Chandlers), and foundations. Based in a high-dollar location on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington, D.C.

Plan to complete 4-year plan by 2022 to create community of 20,000 news literacy practitioners teaching 3 million students annually

Created Checkology Virtual Classroom for students.

Publish weekly blogs and podcasts

Publish NewsLit Week Newsletter for Use in the Classroom. Here's the January 28, 2021 teaser for NewsLit Week to stop conspiracy theorists:

"In Texas, an air conditioning repairman is run off the road and assaulted by a former police captain trying to find forged presidential election ballots. Closer to home, you learn your cousin is convinced of widespread voter fraud. A suicide bomber detonates a massive explosion in downtown Nashville, possibly targeting the AT&T building over 5G . . ."

2020 Election Year Disrupt Disinformation Initiatives

Protocol. Election Integrity Partnership and Disinfo Defense League. Partnership of more than 100 researchers from multiple higher education institutions to protect people from falsehoods that could compromised their vote.

October 25-26, 2020, Global Exchange International Human Rights Organization  Week of Action in U.S. Election

[teamed with MediaJustice, Common Cause Education Fund, and Election Protection Coalition]

Oct 26, 2020, The Anatomy of An Election Disinformation Campaign, WBUR [NPR's Boston Affiliate]

Oct 22, 2020, Next Week: Black and Brown-led Disruption Disinformation Events to Combat Racialized Disinfo Ahead of Election Day,

Oct 20, 2020, How Brands Can Be Used to Disrupt Disinformation in the U.S. Elections, Global Disinformation Index

[UK firm that creates rating of reliability of news to direct brands to away from "non-reliable" (conservative and Republican) news sources to deny them financial support and ultimately result in their closure. This is completely out of sight of most working Americans.]

May 1, 2020, Technology Once Used to Combat ISIS Propaganda Messaging is Used by Democratic Group to Counter Trump's Coronavirus Messaging, Washington Post

[Former U.S. 4-star General Stanley McChrystal is enlisted to interact with 3.4 million online influencers to counter Trump's messaging]

Social Science in Humanitarian Action Platform

Provides online Information, Mis- and Disinformation in the Context of COVID-19 [an example of a social media influencer countering U.S. Government information during the 2020 election used by former General Stanley McChrystal]

Scholarly Review of Disinformation Disruption

Dec 2, 2020, Democratic Defense Against Disinformation  - In-Depth Research Report, Atlantic Council 

Nov 19, 2020, Nina Jankowicz, "How to Defeat Disinformation: An Agenda for the Biden Administration,"  Foreign Affairs (Council on Foreign Relations)

Sept 2019, Report on Government Responses to Disinformation on Social Media Platforms: Comparative Summary, Library of Congress

April 2, 2018, The Disinformation Disorder: Disruptive Communication and the Decline of Democratic Institutions, European Journal of Communication

Social Intelligence for Business

2020, Yonder and Edelman Intelligence.  Brand Information DefensePartnership between Edelman Communications and Yonder Social Media Platform to create social intelligence for communications teams. Their argument is that business is now the most trusted institution in the world and that it must protect itself from misinformation and disinformation.  With business more trusted than government, what business supports in communication becomes very important.

Business Training Trends

Feb 22, 2021, Coca-Cola Told in Online Training Seminar to 'Try to be Less White', Fox Business News

[Anti-Racism Training]

Feb 23, 2021, After Coca-Cola Backlash, LinkedIn Removed Diversity Lesson Telling Employees 'To Be Less White', Newsweek

Democrat Perspectives on Republicans

Jan 1, 2023, Here the Hottest Hot Takes From Leftist Media in 2022, Daily Caller

Dec 29, 2022, Democratic Dark Money Juggernaut Behind Biden-Allied Group Target House GOP, Washington Examiner

[The Congressional Integrity Project managed by Arabella Advisors, the largest left-wing dark money network in the United States.]

Dec 27, 2022, Four Takeaways from the New January 6 Transcript Dump, Washington Examiner

Dec 22, 2022, Five Red Flags in Trump's Taxes, Politico

Oct 10, 2022, FBI Officials Who Briefed Facebook on Hunter Biden Laptop Are Dem Donors, Washington Free Beacon

[Social network says it censored story after briefing from government officials]

Oct 9, 2022, Trump-era DOJ Official Stunned By Effort to Prosecute Social Media Users Who Distribute Misinformation, The Republican Standard

Sept 6, 2022, California Liberal Blown Away at Trump Rally Visit - Calls Supporters 'Super-Friendly', Finds Common Ground, PJNewsletter

Aug 10, 2022, General Mark Milley's Insanely Arrogant 4-paragraph Resignation letter, Western Journal

Aug 8, 2022, Tulsi Gabbard Stands Up for Steven Bannon, Attacks Weaponized DOJ, The Liberty Revolution

May 9, 2022, Eight Times Leftists Protested Outside Conservative Homes, Daily Signal

Mar 27, 2022, Six Things You Need to Know About the Arabella Network, Daily Signal

[Left-Leaning group pushing Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court Nomination]

Dec 30, 2021, Corona, California Hillary Clinton Supporter Sentenced to 35 Years to Life in Prison For Killing Woman During 2016 Poltical Argument, Truth Press

July 2, 2021, Regnery Publisher Accuses NYT of Keeping Michael Knowles Book on Censorship off of Best Seller List, Daily Caller

June 21, 2021, What I Learned from the Bloomberg Equality Briefing on Driving Transformation in Corporate Equity, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 5, 2021, Inspector General Closes Ethics Probe of Elaine Chao, Angering Democrats, Washington Free Beacon

Feb 22, 2021, 'I Wouldn't Consider Even Walking Through the Door': Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin Blasts CPAC Attendees as Conspiracy Theorists, Daily Caller

[It is not conspiracy theory if there IS as conspiracy - read the left-hand column]

Republican Perspectives and Responses

June 28, 2021, RightForge Offers Internet Solutions With a Promise to Protect Your Free Expression, Daily Signal

Feb 24, 2021, Republican Witness Hits Media Coverage of Antifa and Far-left Violence at House Domestic Terrorism Hearing, Washington Examiner

Feb 23, 2021, Only 4 Percent of Trump Supporters Hold a Favorable View of QAnon, Plurality Have Never Heard of It, The National Pulse

[Suffolk University Poll Results; these results undermine the conclusions of Senator Durbin and other Democrat and Media who believe them]

Threats to Democracy Arguments

Mar 4, 2021, House Cancels Scheduled Votes After Report of Threat to Capitol, Senate to Stay in Session, Daily Caller

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