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California Policies of the Democrats
What the California Democrats and their donors are bringing to Virginia

When Ronald Reagan ran for President in 1980, Republicans argued that he had the experience to be president because he had managed the fifth-largest economy in the world: California.  It still is, but it is a very different state in 2020,

Californians are leaving in droves because of its "Cost of living, crime, homelessness, crumbling infrastructure, burdensome regulations and high taxes. Add to that gross mismanagement of the pandemic response, failure to manage . . . [its] forests leading to catastrophic fires and green policies that caused a shortage of electricity and rolling blackouts." Daily Breeze, August 30, 2020

It is important that Virginians understand the policies and political environment of the California Democratic Donors funding Virginia politicians.



Aug 15, 2022, Radical Los Angeles Prosecutor Narrowly Dodges Recall, Washington Free Beacon

[Attorneys blame out-dated signature standards for failure of petition to oust Gascon]

June 30, 2022, California Just Made Welfare History: it Became first State in Union to Give Welfare Stamps to Non-Citizens,  PJ Media

June 2, 2022, The Eight Most Insane Proposals in California's 492-Page Reparations Report, Washington Free Beacon

June 2, 2022, California Reparations Report Demands Tree Planting in 'Black Neighborhoods' for 'Shade Equity', Daily Signal

May 2, 2022, Opposition Mounts As Newsome's Mental Health Overhaul Clears First Hurdle, Mercury News

Jan 22, 2021, Federal Appeals Court Rules California Pandemic Gun Store Shutdowns Violated the Constitution, Truth Press

Dec 28, 2021, California Will Crack Down on Major retailers Over Plastic Bag Violations, Daily SIgnal

Dec 27, 2021, No Wonder People, Businesses Are Dumping California, Daily Signal

Dec 8, 2021, California Considers Funding Abortion Tourism As Part of A Plan to Become An Abortion 'Sanctuary' If Roe is Overturned, Daily Caller

Nov 22, 2021, Dozens of Looters Rush Nordstrom Store in Walnut Creek, California, NBC News

[employees were pepper-sprayed and attacked]

Oct 13, 2021, Walgreens Closes Five More San Francisco Stores Over 'Organized Retail Crime Wave', Washington Free Beacon


Oct 10, 2021, California Law Bans Small Off-Road Gas Engines, including Lawnmowers and Chainsaws, Washington Examiner


Sep 14, 2021, Newsom Rebounds to Beat Back Recall, Daily Signal

July 14, 2021, Two Out of Three Californians to Get Stimulus Checks: Officials, KTLA News


July 13, 2021, California to Issue More Stimulus Checks as Part of $100 Billion Recovery Program,. Yahoo News

July 8, 2021, San Francisco's Leaders Out of Touch as City Descends into Lawlessness, Daily Signal

July 6, 2021, Clocks Ticking for California Recall Candidates Hoping to Oust Newsome, Politico

July 1, 2021, California Sets Date for Recall Election Targeting Governor Gavin Newsome, Associated Press

July 1, 2021, New, Earlier Recall Date Puts Republicans at a Disadvantage in California Recall, NPR

July 1, 2021, Poll: 40% of San Francisco Residents Plan to Leave Due To Quality of Life, Washington Examiner

June 29, 2021, 'People are Afraid to Go into These Stores': Shoplifting is Plaguing Stores, Residents in San Francisco, Daily Signal

June 28, 2021, California Lawmakers Craft New Legislation to Speed Up Gavin Newsome Recall, Sacramento Bee [The effort is perceived as an attempt to help Newsome retain office]

May 29, 2021, Newsome's Wildfire Prevention Plan Won't Help Californians, Washington Examiner

May 20, 2021, Facing Recall, California Governor Blows Out the State Budget, Hoover Institution

Apr 26, 2021, Enough Verified Signatures Submitted to Qualify for Recall of California Gov. Gavin Newsome, Washington Examiner

Apr 14, 2021, Supreme Court Slams California's Authoritarianism Again, Washington Examiner

Mar 30, 2021, Los Angeles is Failing California, ZoCaloPublicSquare

[The County's Pandemic Failures Point to L.A.'s Long-Term Problems, and the Statewide—And National—Urgency of Fixing Them]

Mar 12, 2021, Beyond California's Pandemic Response, Questions of Government Mismanagement, Hoover Institution

Jan 17, 2021, Recall Petition: Stop the Spread of Newsom, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 20, 2020, Recall Effort Against California Governor an Attempt To Destabilize Political System, Analysts Say, NBC News

Oct 4, 2020, Record-breaking California Fires Surpass 4 Million Acres, KUSI - San Diego

Sept 8, 2020, Golden State Considers Increased Taxes: California Legislative Update, Baker Botts

Aug 30, 2020, One-Party Rule in California is Backfiring, Daily Breeze

Aug 19, 2020, Kamala Harris Embodies the Corrupt Marriage Between Labor and the Left, California Globe

June 18, 2019, California: America's First Third-World State, National Review

Dec 12, 2019, California's Accounting System Cost Taxpayers $1.1 Billion and Still Can't Produce a Checkbook, Forbes

Fall 2009, Who Killed California?, National Affairs

Corruption Is a Staple of California Dem Politics

Dec 9, 2020, Companies Part of Group Founded by Governor Newsom Collectively Received $3 Million in PPP Loans intended for Small Business, ABC7 News San Francisco

Dec 9, 2020, Dem. Rep Eric Swalwell Suggests Trump Behind Blockbuster Axios Report, Fox News

Dec 8, 2020, Suspected Chinese Spy Targeted California Democrats in Espionage Operation, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 8, 2020, Biden's EPA Frontrunner Worked to Ban Gas-powered Cars, Washington Free Beacon

[California Democrat Drew Bipartisan Backlash Over 'Crooked' Environmentalist Agenda]weredCars, Washington Free Beacon

[California Democrat Drew Bipartisan Backlash Over 'Crooked' onmentalist Ag

Dec 1, 2020, California's Highest Paid Government Employee Worked for Organization Tied to Chinese Espionage, Washington Free Beacon

June 22, 2020, LA County's 'corridor of corruption', CalMatters

Oct 11, 2020, Which US State is most corruption prone?, Quartz [Reviews study by anti-corruption NGO Coalition for Integrity, which rates North Dakota and Wyoming worst, but California's high rating is more a measure of technical standards rather than reality]

Jan 20, 2020, The California Legislature: A Parliament of Whores, Global Gaming Business News

July 11, 2019, Gavin Newsom, most state lawmakers took money from convicted felon PG&E, ABC10

August 23, 2018, California Focus: Just How Rampant is Corruption in  State Government, Ukiah Daily Journal

August 2018, Los Angeles County Plagued by Local Corruption, Public CEO

June 20, 2018, Corruption at the Assembly Committee Gutted California's Net Neutrality, Electronic Frontier Foundation

March 3, 2018, Corruption Scandals Haven't Curbed Lavish Gift-Giving to California Lawmakers, Los Angeles Times

June 21, 2016, Former California State Senator Pleads Guilty to Corruption Charge, Reuters

June 12, 2015, California Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye Implicated in California Court Corruption Epidemic, Sacramento Family Court News

Apr 16, 2015, The Most Corrupt State in the Country Is, NPR [Monmouth Poll ranking of states in order: NY, CA, IL, NJ, TX]

Apr 9, 2014, California's Recent Legislative Corruption Simply Cannot Continue, The Bottom Line UC Santa Barbara

Apr 6, 2014, California Senate: Inside the Corrupt Reality of Government, Reason

 California Policies by Issue

California's Handling of the Pandemic

July 23, 2021, How This California Pastor Resisted Government and Kept His Church Open Through the Pandemic,  Daily Signal

Mar 10, 2021, Los Angeles, Orange Counties Allowed to Reopen Theme Parks and Movie Theaters This Weekend, Per Newsome Announcement, Deadline

Feb 20, 2021, Two Democratic Governors See Stars Dimmed by Virus Woes, Associated Press

Jan 19, 2021, California official calls for Pause of Moderna Batch of COVID Vaccine Due to Possible Allergic Reactions, Fox11 Los Angeles

Jan 14, 2021, NFL Star Aaron Rogers Slams Gavin Newsom's COVID Hypocrisy, Washington Free Beacon

Jan 14, 2021, Take Out Only - How California Elites Crushed Los Angeles' Local Restaurants, Daily Caller

Dec 21, 2020, Gov. Newsom says California stay-at-home orders will likely be extended, SFGate

Dec 20, 2020, With Coronavirus Spreading in LA County Supermarkets, Here are Some Tips for Shopping Safely, Los Angeles Times

Dec 19, 2020, California Appeals Court Order Allowing Strip Clubs to Remain Open During Pandemic, The Hill

Dec 15, 2020, California Govern Gavin Newsom Explains New COVID-19 Guidelines for Youth, Prep Sports, The Mercury

Dec 12, 2020, An Entire Region (San Joaquin Valley) of California is Out of ICU Beds as COVID Surges, NY Post

Dec 11, 2020, Priest Prevails Over California as Judge Suspends COVID Restrictions, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 7, 2020, California Restaurants Sue Governor Over Lockdown Order, Daily Signal

Dec 6, 2020, California Sheriffs Reject Newsom's Lockdown Order, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 5, 2020, California Chef Andrew Gruel Refuses to Close Restaurants, Calls Newsome an "A -hole", New York Post

Dec 2, 2020, San Francisco Mayor Attends Indoor Dinner Party, Flouting Her Coronavirus Guidelines, Washington Free Beacon

Dec 1, 2020, California's COVID Economic Recovery Task Force Provides Political Cover but Little Else, Hoover Institution

Nov 19, 2020, California County to Sue Governor Over COVID Restrictions, Washington Free Beacon [San Bernardino County argues "one size fits all" restrictions don't fit many communities]

Aug 26, 2020, California the First State to Hit 600,000 cases of Coronavirus - California See-sawed through policies, NY Times

June 30, 2020, There's not one reason California's covid-19 cases are soaring - there are many, MIT Technology Review [Latino population accounts for unusually large proportion of cases per capita]

California's Population Exodus

Dec 18, 2020, A California Plan to Chase Away the Rich, Then Keep Stalking Them, Wall Street Journal

Dec 11, 2020, Oracle Moving from California, Joins Tesla and Hewlett-Packard, Fox Business

Nov 17, 2020, California Exodus Roared On Even Before Coronavirus Hit, BizJournals

Oct 23 2020, All of California's Exes are Moving to Texas: The California Exodus, Stanford Review

Oct 23, 2020, How Liberal Politics, COVID-19 and a High Cost of Living are Fueling a new California Exodus, Sacramento Bee

Oct 8, 2020, Anti-California Dream Creates Boom Business, Fox Business [Many CA residents disillusioned with high cost of living and state's handling of natural disasters]

Sep 8, 2020, California Businesses Leave the State by the Thousands, Hoover Institution

California's Agriculture


July 31, 2021 Bacon May Disappear in California as Pig Welfare Rules Take Effect, Associated Press

May 23, 2021, Not Just Another Drought: The American West Moves from Dry to Bone Dry, Resilience

May 20, 2021, How Unprepared is California for the 2021 Drought?, CalMatters

Feb 18, 2020, California Agriculture in 2050: Still Feeding People, Maybe, Public Policy Institute of California [Tree and vine crops replaced annual crops]

Oct 2018, Lessons from California's 2012-2016 Drought, Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management [Water resources mismanagement adversely affected agriculture]

July 2009, Sustaining California Agriculture in an Uncertain Future, Pacific Institute

California Consumer and Business Costs

June 25, 2021, Blackouts Loom in California as Energy Prices Are 'Absolutely Exploding', Daily Signal

May 17, 2021, California Power Projections Underscore Difficulty of Biden Climate Projects, Washington Examiner

Jan 20, 2020, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Compliance Costs for business projected to reach $55 billion, Compliance Week

Aug 18, 2020, Blackouts Expose Perils and Costs of California's 'Electrify Everything' Push, Forbes

July 8, 2020, The High Cost of California Electricity is Increasing Poverty, Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity (FREOPP) [California's poverty rate is the highest in the nation. New restrictions on natural gas, will increase electricity costs, making the problem worse.]

July 29, 2019, Why Californian's Pay 50% More for Grid Power than the National Average, NeoVolta

Feb 12, 2018, Electricity Prices Rose Three Times More in 2017 Than They Did in the Rest of the United States, Environmental Progress

Electricity Rates By State,

[California's energy costs are in the highest 10 states]

Average Price of Electricity to Ultimate Customers by End-Use Sector [California's costs by sector are roughly double Virginia's costs in every sector]

June, 6, 2019, Why California Has the Highest Gasoline and Diesel Prices in the America, Foundation for Economic Education

California Average Weekly Retail Gasoline Prices

[Take a look at the weekly chart and compare what you last paid with what residents pain in California]

California's Drug Culture

California policy has favored drug production over food for several decades and the preference for drugs over food is intensifying. This is a short-sighted policy which we must not allow to take root in Virginia.

Dec 23, 2020, Roving in Caravans, Swarms of Burglars Overwhelmed California's Cannibis Industry in 2020, The Oaklandside

Dec 2, 2020, San Francisco Bans Smoking Tobacco in Apartments - But Allows Weed, Washington Free Beacon

Oct 20, 2020, How Growing Drugs Damages the Environment, EcoWatch

  • Worldwide cocaine production is at record levels

  • Cannibus production accounts for around 1% of the country's total energy consumption

  • "A single joint has a similar carbon footprint to about 6.6 pounds of potatoes"

  • "Within a single year, approximately 16.5 tons of carbon dioxide are emitted in the United States as a result of indoor cannibus production equivalent to the annual emission of 3 million cars" according to a UC Davis study.

Feb 6, 2020, Potential Business Carnage Coming for California Marijuana Industry, but stability might emerge (Part 3 of series), Marijuana Business Daily

July 16, 2015, The High Cost of Illicit Marijuana Cultivation, Yale Environment [sensitive forest areas and watersheds in No. California were destroyed]

June 25, 2015, Environment takes a big hit from water-intensive Marijuana Cultivation, Berkeley News

March/April 2014, The Landscape Scarring, Energy Sucking, Wildlife-killing Reality of Illegal Pot Farming, Mother Jones

California Education

May 3, 2022, California Could Lead Charge in Fight Against Woke Education, Daily Signal

Aug 2, 2021, California Finds LA Unified School District Illegally Kept Millions From Catholic Schools, Washington Examiner

Mar 23, 2021, California's Education Department Chooses Critical Race Theory Over 100,000 Objections, Hoover Institution

Mar 17, 2021, California Ethnic Studies Curriculum Pushes Students to Volunteer Only at Arab-American Organizations, Washington Free Beacon

[Curriculum does not encourage students to volunteer for any other ethnic groups]

Jan 20, 2021, Describing Jews as 'Privileged', Ethnic Studies Program Sparks Backlash, Washington Free Beacon


May 19, 2021, Does 'Housing First' Help Homeless? Here's What Happened in Los Angeles, Daily Signal

Nov 5, 2020, Only in California: Where "affordable" Housing Costs More Than 5-Star Luxury, Hoover Institution

California and First Amendment Rights

Mar 19, 2021, California Caves on AR-15 Registration Fight, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 23, 2020, Blaine Amendments and California Charter Schools, Orange County Register

Nov 10, 2020, California Religious Schools Granted Relief from Newsom School Closure, Jewish Journal

Aug 14, 2020, Supreme Court Blocks Teachers from Suing Church Schools for Job Discrimination, Lawyers and Settlements

Aug 18, 2020, Religious Schools Sue California Gov Gavin Newsom over School Closure Order, Christian Post

July 2020, Significant Win for Religious Schools, Religious Liberty, and the 'Ministerial Exception' at the Supreme Court, American Center for Law and Justice

July 21, 2016, California Legislation Threatens Christian Colleges, National Religious Broadcasters

May 13, 2016, Attack on California Religious Colleges, SB 1146, California Family Council

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