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The Rockingham County Republican Committee normally meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month in Harrisonburg, except August and December.

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2022 Rockingham County Voting Districts and Precincts Map

2022 Rockingham County Precinct List

The 2021 Virginia General Election was a tremendous success for state and local Republicans. To follow back through the campaign and the issues click here, to review the 2021 Virginia Democratic opposition click here, to check on post-2020 election developments check here, to check on Virginia education issues click here.


Click HERE for Virginia calendar of General Elections for upcoming 5 years.

The Rockingham County Board of Supervisors approved the new county voting districts, precincts and polling locations at their March 9, 2022 Meeting. Click here to view the polling locations.

Click here to register to vote, check your voter registration status, polling location, or to request an absentee ballot. Click here to download a voter registration form to bring to the voter registrar or to mail in. Click here to inquire online about your restoration of rights from  the Virginia Secretary of State.

Sixth Congressional District Republican Convention scheduled for May 7, 2022 CANCELED. There was only one candidate for each office. Therefore, they were deemed elected by convention and the convention is cancelled.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds Republican Response to Biden State of the Union Address, March 1, 2022


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Our Principles

May 12, 2022, Rockingham Voters to Receive Notification Letters, Daily News Record

[Letters will contain new voter cards]

May 8, 2022, Virginia State AG Miyares Drops Bad News for Pro-Abortion Mobs Looking to Storm Churches, Western Journal

Apr 21, 2022, Cook Political Report Changes VA-07 to Toss-Up, The Republican Standard

Apr 18, 2022, Report: Dems Look to Elect Local Supervisors, Breitbart

[Dems Are Funding $80 Million to Run For Something created in 2016 When Trump Ran For President]

Apr 17, 2022, Democrats Introduce Candidate for Virginia 6th District, Jennifer Lewis, Northern Virginia Daily

Apr 13, 2022, Shenandoah County Farmers Share Their Concerns With US Rep Ben Cline, Northern Virginia Daily


Apr 13, 2022, Rockingham Approves Lower Real Estate Tax Rate of $0.68 per hundred, WHSV

Apr 13, 2022, Wilt, Warner Visit State-of-the-Art Farmer Focus Poultry Plant, Daily News Record

Apr 1, 2022, Gilbert, Obenshain Discuss Return to Richmond at Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce Legislative Breakfast, Daily News Record


Mar 21, 2022, Setting New Timetable in Virginia Election Lawsuit, Federal Judge Rips State for Legal Mess, Virginia Mercury

[Judge Novak gave the two sides until mid-April to present their case as to whether Goldman has standing as a Virginia voter and House candidate to bring suit against the state. Goldman contends state could still hold primaries in September] 

Mar 9, 2022, Virginia Attorney General's Office Argues House of Delegate Elections Were Perfectly Constitutional, WRIC ABC 8 News

[Response to Democrat activist trying to force new elections]

Mar 5, 2022, Harrisonburg and Rockingham County Governing Bodies to To Hear Voter Redistricting, Revised poling Places, Daily News Record

[Rockingham County Hearing on Wednesday Mar 9]

Feb 28, 2022, Who's In, Who's Out in Harrisonburg City Races, The Harrisonburg Citizen

Feb 27, 2022, Fourteen Highlights from CPAC America's Biggest Conservative Conference, Daily Signal

Feb 16, 2022, Bill Aiming to Decrease Crowding at  Local Jails Dies in Committee, Daily News Record

Feb 2, 2022, Del. Chris Runion Remembers Bridgewater Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty, You Tube Video

Jan 26, 2022, Most Virginia School Districts Disobeying Governor Youngkin's Order to Mak e Masks Optional, The Hill

Jan 15, 2022, Republican Glenn Younkin Sworn-In at 74th Virginia Governor, Associated Press


Jan 13, 2022, Rockingham County Electoral Board Proposes Changes for County Electoral Districts, Daily News Record

Jan 10, 2022, Frederick County Resident Challenges Ben Cline, Northern Virginia Daily

Jan 8, 2022, Changes Needed to County Election District, Daily News Record


Jan 1, 2022, Texas Audit Finds Over 11,000 Potential Non-Citizens Registered to Vote, Other Problems, Truth Press

Jan 1, 2022, New Laws Taking Effect Jan 1 2022, The Bull Elephant

Dec 31, 2021, Virginia Laws Going Into Effect Jan 1, 2022, WAVY 10

Dec 30, 2021, New Redistricting Maps Pair Obenshain, Hanger Together, Daily News Record

Dec 29, 2021, Democrats Seethe as Redistricting Drama Finally Ends, The Republican Standard


Dec 10, 2021, Gerrymandering Reform Project Reviewed Virginia's Redistricting Maps, Here's What they Found, The Republican Standard

Dec 10, 2021, Another Recount Ends in 91st District - Solidifying GOP Gains, Republican Standard

Dec 8, 2021, Spanberger Stranded as Virginia Nears New Congressional Map,  Politico

Dec 8, 2021, Proposed Virginia Redistricting Map Leaves Spanberger Miles from Her District, Washington Post

Dec 3, 2021, Virginia Democrats' Recount Fails - Republican Takeover Official, The Republican Standard

Nov 23, 2021, 'Education Lifted Me Out of Poverty': Winsome Sears Wants to Reform Schools, Empower Parents, Daily Signal


Nov 22, 2021, Virginia Election Challenge Lawsuit reaches Critical Juncture, The Republican Standard

Nov 19, 2021, Virginia Supreme Court Approves New Mapmakers to Finish Redistricting, The Republican Standard

Nov 16, 2021, Virginia Supreme Court Extends Deadline for Redistricting Map Drawer Deadlines, Washington Examiner

Nov 12, 2021, Governor-Elect Youngkin Holds 'Thank You' Rally in Rockingham County, WHSV

Nov 12, 2021, Virginia Supreme Court Boots Republican Map-Makers, The Republican Standard

[Democrats complained about conflict of interests of Republicans; one Democrat also removed]

Nov 12, 2021, Dems Withdraw Concession of House, Multiple Races Lilkely Going to Recount, Team Tucker Carlson

Nov 10, 2021 Justice, Bailey Win Grottoes Town Council Seats, Daily News Record

Nov 9, 2021, Two Recounts Appear Likely in Tight Virginia Races, Associated Press

Nov 9, 2021,  Lohr Holds District 1 School Board Seat, Daily News Record

Nov 5, 2021, Virginia Democrats Concede House of Delegates to GOP, Daily Wire

Nov 5, 2021, NJ Senate President Won't Concede - '12,000 ballots recently found', Team Tucker Carlson

Nov 5, 2021, Del. Todd Gilbert Announced Bid For House Speaker, The Republican Standard

Nov 4, 2021,  Youngkin, Northam Pledge Smooth Power Transition, Associated Press

Nov 4, 2021, Cross Wins District 3 School Board Race, Lohr Pulls Ahead in District 1, Daily News Record

Nov 4, 2021, High Turnout in the Valley Helped Republicans to Statewide Victory, Daily News Record

Nov 3, 2021, Trump Election Attorney Wren Williams Defeats Dem BLM Candidate after  Unseating 7-Term Republican in Primary in 9th Virginia District, National File

Nov 3, 2021, Shocker in New Jersey: Governor's Race a Nail-biter, Politico [Dem Governor declared winner]

Nov 3, 2021, GOP on Track to Regain House, Despite Dem Wins in Northern Virginia, WTOP News Radio

Nov 3, 2021, Wildcard Democratic Senators in Line to Be Power Brokers in Divided Government, Virginia Mercury

Nov 3, 2021, McAuliffe Concedes Defeat to Youngkin, Virginia Mercury

Nov 3, 2021, Glenn Youngkin Wins Virginia Governor's  Race, Riding Wave of Enthusiasm On Education Issues, Washington Examiner

Nov 3, 2021, Republican Winsome Sears Wins Virginia Lieutenant Governor Race, Washington Examiner

Nov 3, 2021, Winsome Sears, Virginia's Next Lieutenant Governor, Makes History as the First Black Woman to Win Statewide, Daily Signal

Nov 3, 2021, Youngkin Wins Major Upset as GOP Roars Back in Virginia, Republicans also appear to have taken back House of Delegates, Virginia Mercury

Nov 3, 2021, Republicans on the Cusp of Winning Virginia House of Delegates Majority, Washington Examiner

Nov 3, 2021, Runion Defeats Kitchen for Second Time, Daily News Record

Nov 3, 2021,  Wilt Secures Another Term in 26th House District, Daily News Record

Nov 2, 2021, Democrats Disappointed As Helsley Loses 26th District Bid, Daily News Record

Nov 2, 2021, Cross Leads in District 3 School Race, District 1 Close, Daily News Record

Nov 2, 2021, Schools, Social Issues TOp of List for Some Valley Voters, Daily News Record

Nov 2, 2021, Democrats Disappointed in Helsley Loss, Daily News Record

Nov 2, 2021, Virginia Dem Caught Hours Before Election Driving on Suspended License to Steal Campaign Signs, Washington Free Beacon

Nov 1, 2021, McAuliffe Cancels Event in Virginia Beach, Youngkin Set to Hold Event in Virginia Beach Tonight, 13News

Nov 1, 2021, Helsley Seeks to Oust Wilt in 26th House Race, Daily News Record

Oct 31, 2021, Virginia Democrats Sue USPS Over Delay of 300K Ballots for Tuesday's Election, Team Tucker Carlson

Oct 29, 2021, Youngkin's Victory Boils to GOP Enthusiasm on Tuesday, The Republican Standard

Oct 29, 2021, Must See: Every Virginia Statewide Candidate and Issue on Tuesday's Ballot, The Republican Standard

Oct 29, 2021, Top Issue in Voters' Mind and Early Voting Metrics Has Campaigns on Edge, The Republican Standard

Oct 29, 2021, Youngkin Leads Or Ties With McAuliffe in Polling Trackers in Race to Become Virginia's Next Governor, Daily Caller

Oct 30, 2021, Kitchen, Runion Seeking 25th Virginia House Seat, Daily News Record

Oct 30, 2021, Scott Challenging Gilbert for 15th Virginia House Seat, Daily News Record

Oct 29, 2021, Poll: Youngkin, McAuliffe Deadlocked in Virginia Governor's Race, Politico

Oct 29, 2021, Virginia Governor's Race Now Hinges on Education, One Candidate - Youngkin -Has A Clear Edge: Poll, Fox News

[In September the economy was the top issue]

Oct 27, 2021, New Poll Shows Dem Leads in Down Ballot Races Non-Existent, The Republican Standard

Oct 25, 2021, New Poll Shows More Unsettling Numbers for Democrats, The Republican Standard

Oct 25, 2021, McAuliffe-Youngkin Governor's Race Tests Democrats Tenuous Hold on Virginia, USNews

Oct 23, 2021, Youngkin Bus Tour Begins Today, The Bull Elephant

Oct 19, 2021, Wilt, Helsley Make Pitch at JMU as Election Day Nears, Daily News Record

Oct 15, 2021, 'Razor Thin', With Tight Race, Gubernatorial Hopefuls seek too Fire up Bases, Daily News-Record

[Republican Statewide Ticket in Harrisonburg]

Oct 15, 2021, County District 1 School Board Candidate Lohr Hosts Meet-And-Great, Daily News-Record

Oct 15, 2021, Officials Sound Off on Parents' Role in What is Taught in School, Daily News Record

Oct 14, 2021, Virginia Redistricting Commission Consultants Told to Compromise on Congressional Districts, Virginia Mercury

Oct 14, 2021, Virginia Attorney General Candidates Debate in Leesburg, Loudoun Times Mirror

Oct 12, 2021, Statehouse Candidates Find Commonality in Disability Discussion, Daily News Record

Oct 8, 2021, Virginia Bipartisan Redistricting Commission Breaks Down Over Accusations of Partisan Stalemate, Washington Post

Oct 7, 2021, Ballot Blitz: City, County Voters Turning Out for Early Voting, Daily News Record

Oct 7, 2021, Six Big Moments as Democrats Seek Federal Veto of State Election Laws, Daily Signal

Oct 2, 2021, Hampton Roads Black Caucus Endorses Glenn Youngkin for Governor, WAVY TV

Sept 29, 2021, McAuliffe, Younkin Lock Horns One Last Time Before Election Day, Virginia Mercury

Sept 28, 2021, Virginia Republicans Jump to In-Person Early Voting Lead, Model Shows, Washington Free Beacon

Sept 28, 2021, Virginia Gubernatorial Candidates on Attack from Start of Debate, NBC4 News

Sept 28, 2021, Virginia Governor's Debate Interrupted by Third Party Candidate Princess Blanding, The Hill

Sept 27, 2021, Five US Supreme Court Cases to Watch in the 2021-2022 Term, Daily Signal

[Court taking up first 2nd Amendment case in 11 years]

Sept 25, 2021, Rallying Cry: Republicans Urge Early Voting as Polls Show Tight Governor's Race, Daily News Record

Sept 25, 2021, Redistricting Commission Draft Senate District Maps, via VPAP

Sept 24, 2021, Six Takeaways From Findings of Arizona's Election Audit, Daily Signal

Sept 22, 2021, Youngkin Leads McAuliffe Among Likely Voters: Poll, The Hill

Sept 20, 2021, Redistricting Commission Receives New Maps, WHSV3

Watch Video of First 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial Debate, September Sept 16, 2021

Sep 13, 2021,  Virginia Redistricting Commission Drops region-by-region approach, Expects Maps Sep 20, Virginia Mercury

Sep 14, 2021, Emily Scott Running to Unseat Gilbert in 15th House District, Daily News Record

Sep 13, 2021, Broadway Electrician Ernest Calhoun Mounting Write-In Campaign for School Board Seat, Daily News Record

Sep 9,  2021, Eighteen States Passes Election Reforms This Year. Here's What They Did, Daily Signal

September 8, 2021, Absentee, Early Voting for November Election Starts Next Week, Daily News Record

September 2, 2021, Virginia Redistricting Commission Had Its First Draft Maps . . . They Look Normal?, Virginia Mercury

August 20, 2021, Republican Candidate for Governor Visits Rockingham County Fair, Daily Advent

August 19, 2021, JMU Trains Students that Christians, White Males are 'Oppressors', Fox News

August 9, 2021, GOP Gov, Lt. Gov Hopefuls Stump in Broadway, Daily News Record

August 3, 2021, Biden Tries to Stem the Alarming Flow Minorities Away from Democrats Ahead of the Mid-Term Elections, Washington Examiner

August 2, 2021, County Republicans Host Campaign Kickoff, Daily News Record

July 31, 2021, Local Lawmakers Concerned about Special GA Session, Daily News Record

July 13, 2021, Rockingham County Parents Sound Off on Potential Transgender Policies, Daily News Record

July 6, 2021, Rep Cline Named to New GOP Big Tech Task Force, Daily New Progress

July 6, 2021, Local Delegates Wilt and Helsley Rush to the Political Middle, Harrisonburg Citizen

July 6, 2021, The Virginia Redistricting Commission is Down One GOP Member. Here's How the Vacancy Will Be Filled, Virginia Mercury

July 5, 2021, Cloverhill Parade Draws Hundreds on Independence Day, Daily News Record

June 30, 2021, Virginia Elections Board Votes to Allow Three Republicans on Ballot Despite Late Filings by Party Officials, Virginia Mercury

June 22, 2021, 'Huge Win for Democracy': GOP Blocks Federal Election Takeover, Daily Signal

June 22, 2021, Del. Dave LaRock's Spot on the Ballot in Question Over Paperwork Issue, Virginia Mercury

[Republican Legislative District Chair for 33rd House District failed to properly file paperwork]

June 16, 2021, First Debate in Race for Virginia Attorney General Highlights Ideological Differences Between Herring and Miyares, WRIC ABC 8 Richmond

June 11, 2021, Glenn Youngkin Inches Closer to Terry McAuliffe in New Poll, The Virginia Star

June 3, 2021, Campaign Finance Reports: Ayala flips on Dominion, Youngkin Self-Funds, and a Big Money of Shadowy Money Drops, Virginia Mercury

May 28, 2021, Election Officials Begin $20-29 Million Project to replace Virginia's Voting System, Virginia Mercury

May 17, 2021, With Big Money Behind Progressive Challengers, 2021 Could Be A Test Case for Charlottesville Donors' Influence, Virginia Mercury

May 14, 2021, After Chaotic Virginia GOP Convention, Democrats See 'Extreme' Ticket While Republicans Feel Relief, Virginia Mercury

May 13, 2021, Virginia GOP's Congressman Largely Silent on Cheney's Ouster For Rejecting Trump's 'Big Lie', Virginia Mercury

May 13, 2021, Judge Tosses Chase's Lawsuit Seeking to Overturn Senate Censure, Virginia Mercury

May 12, 2021, After months of refusing to say Biden won Legitimately, Youngkin say 'Of Course,' Virginia Mercury

May 12, 2021, Virginia Voters Identify as Moderate, but Support Progressive Policies Poll Finds, Virginia Mercury

May 10, 2021, Virginia GOP Picks Glenn Youngkin As Its Nominee for Governor. Here's What You Need to Know About Him, Virginia Mercury

May 8, 2021, 'Tired of Getting Whupped': GOP Convention Voters Offer Competing Visions For a Red Virginia, Virginia Mercury

May 6, 2021, Rockingham County Expects High Delegate Turnout for GOP Convention, Daily News Record

Apr 30, 2021, Rockingham County School Board Chair Renee Reed Will Not Seek Reelection, Daily News Record

Apr 28, 2021, More than 53,000 Delegates Register for Virginia GOP Convention, Virginia Mercury

Apr 28, 2021, Census Data Kicks Off Partisan Brawl in Statehouses Over U.S. House Seats, Virginia Mercury

Apr 26, 2021, Millennials are Relocating,  Shifting US Politics as They Go, Christian Science Monitor

Apr 24, 2021, Anne Seaton, Augusta County Vice Chairwoman, Killed in Killed in Car Crash, Staunton News Leader

Apr 23, 2021 GOP Hopeful Youngkin Gets Big Boost From County Resident, Daily News Record

Apr 21, 2021, Dems Lead the Way with Small Donors, Daily News Record

[Del. Runion fund raising 25ht House District]

Apr 9, 2021, How Georgia's Election Law Compares with Seven Blue, Purple States, Daily Signal

Apr 9, 2021, Democrat Filler-Corn Reports raising More Than $580k in First  Quarter with More than Record  $1.75m on Hand, Daily News Record

Apr 5, 2021, Bipartisan Cline Bill Signed into Law by President Biden, Daily News Record

Apr 5, 2021, Clean Virginia Back Carroll Foy for Governor with $500,000 Donation, Virginia Mercury

Apr 3, 2021, Northam Signs Locally Sponsored Bills Into Law, Daily News Record

Apr 1, 2021, Stricter Approach to Late Paperwork in Va. House Races Could End Three Democratic Primaries Early, Virginia Mercury

Mar 26, 2021, Republican Party Announces List of Qualified Statewide Candidates for Convention, RPV Press Release

Mar 25, 2021, County Republicans Pass Resolution Calling on RNC for Changes, Daily News Record

Mar 24, 2021, Republican Travis Hackworth Wins Virginia 38th Senate District Special Election, WJHL News 11

Mar 22, 2021, Another 38 Special: Inside the Intense fight for a Reliably Red Virginia Senate Seat, Virginia Mercury

Mar 17, 2021, One Rockingham County School Board Member Intends to Seek Reelection, Daily News Record

Mar 11, 2021, Second Democrat, Bill Helsley,  Enters 26th House Race, Daily News Record

Mar 8, 2021, The Virginia GOP's 2021 Convention is a Mess. New Virginia Law May Make them Even Harder in the Future, Virginia Mercury

Mar 6, 2021, Delegates Guzman and Davis to Debate Future of Education in Virginia at JMU Today, Daily News Record

Feb 24, 2021, Liberty University Says It Has Not Agreed to Virginia Republican Convention Parking Lot Convention, Virginia Mercury

Feb 24, 2021, A 'Convention' in the Parking Lot?, Bearing Drift

Feb 24, 2021, Liberty University Denies Any Agreement Reached with RPV Central Committee to Host Convention on Their Campus, The Bull Elephant

[TBE blames Virginia Mercury for erroneous story that Liberty University agreed to host convention]

Feb 24, 2021, Liberty University Has Not Agreed to Host Convention?, Bearing Drift

Feb 23, 2021, Virginia GOP to Select Gubernatorial Nominee at Convention in Liberty University Parking Lots, Virginia Mercury

Feb 23, GOP Nomination Process to be Decided at Tonight's State Central Committee Meeting, Bearing Drift

Feb 23, 2021, Six Highlights from Congress' First Hearing on Capitol Riot, Daily Signal

Feb 19, 2021, Chase, Who Refuses to Wear a Mask, Stressed COVID-19 Safety in Failed Lawsuit to Stop GOP Convention, Virginia Mercury

Feb 19, 2021, Trump to Give First Major Post-Presidency Speech at CPAC, Daily Caller

Feb 17, 2021, With the Return of Parler, Social Media Users Have More Choice, Daily Signal

Feb 14, 2021, NYT Quietly Updates Story About Fire Extinguisher Striking Police Officer During Capitol Riot,  Washington Examiner

[No Fire Extinguisher Was Used to Kill Capitol Police Officer]

Feb 13, 2021, Trump Acquitted During Second Impeachment Trial, Wall Street Journal

Feb 13, 2021, U.S. Senate Acquits Trump as Republicans Save Him Again, Reuters

Feb 12, 2021, Virginia (Almost Definitely) Will Not Get Census Data in Time to Redraw Maps for 2021 Elections, Virginia Mercury

Feb 10, 2021, Virginia Republican Senator Amanda Chase Sues Republican Party of Virginia over Convention Plans, WTVR CBS 6

Feb 1, 2021, Raynard Jackson: Black History Month and Republicans Support for the Civil Rights in 1960s, Daily Signal

Jan 25, 2021, Virginia Rule Allowing Late Ballots Without Postmark Was Illegal, Court Rules, Daily Caller

Jan 25, 2021, Democrat Challenging Wilt in 26th, Daily News Record

Jan 24, 2021, Virginia Republicans Stick With Convention as Messy Fight Over Nomination Method Continues, Virginia Republican

Jan 23, 2021, Virginia GOP Leaders Reaffirm Decision To Pick Nominees in a Convention, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Jan 22, 2021, Virginia Redistricting Commission Starts on Bipartisan Note, But Census Delays Add Uncertainty, Virginia Mercury

Jan 16, 2021, Virginia GOP Meeting Ends with Heated Outbursts as Members Reconsider Convention, Virginia Mercury

Jan 13, 2021, 9 Takeaways as 10 Republicans Vote to Impeach Trump Again, Daily Signal

Jan 12, 2021, RPV Condemns Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Setting Special Election for 38th Senate District on March 23 After2021 General Assembly Session Ends, RPV Press Release


Jan 8, 2021, DoD Timeline for Activation of the Natl Guard to Protect the U.S. Capitol, DoD Memorandum

Jan 8, 2021 Condemning Violence Cline Remained Opposed to Certifying BIden's Win, Daily News Record

Jan 6, 2021, Statement of the Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia on Events at the U.S. Capitol


Jan 6, 2021, Citizen Members Chosen for Virginia Redistricting Commission, Washington Post

Jan 6, 2021, Jon Ossof Wins Georgia Runoff Election, Defeating Incumbent David Perdue, Daily Caller

Jan 6, 2021, Raphael Warnock Unseats Kelly Loeffler as Ossoff-Perdue Race Too Close to Call, Washington Examiner

Jan 5, 2021, Virginia Special Election: Democrat Angelina Williams Graves Wins 90th House District Seat, 13NewsNow

Jan 5, 2021, Virginia Special Election: Democrat Candi King Wins 2nd House District Race, WTOP

Jan 5, 2021, Pennsylvania Senate Requests Delay in Certifying Electoral Votes Citing 'Questionable Activities', Washington Examiner

Jan 5, 2021, Ben Cline will join 140 plus House Republicans in Electoral ChallengeAugusta Free Press

Dec 28, 2020, Washington and Lee Law School Professor, Brandon Hasbrouck, 'The Votes of Black Americans Should Count Twice', The Nation


Dec 26, 2020, AT&T Building in Atlanta Has Connections with Dominion Voting, Breaking News

Dec 23 , 2020, Texas Breaks With CDC Vaccinating Elderly Over Police and Teachers as States Set Own Priorities for Rationing COVID Vaccination Shots, CNBC

Dec 23, 2020, Opinion: We Need More People from Southwest Virginia to Apply for the Redistricting Commission, Roanoke.co

Dec 20, 2020, Washington and Lee Law Professor Writes that Black Americans Votes Should Count Twice as a Form of Reparations, College Fix

Dec 11, 2020,  Deputy Dependable - Supervisor Dewey Ritchie Committed to Family, Community, Daily News Record

Dec 5, 2020, Amanda Chase Says She Will Run as An Independent for Governor, Rejecting GOP Convention, Virginia Mercury


Dec 5, 2020, News From the Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee Meeting, The Bull Elephant

Dec 3, 2020, Del Runion to File Solar, Health Care Legislation, Daily News Record

Dec 3, 2020, 2020 Results Give the GOP an Opening in Cities, Washington Examiner

Dec 1, 2020, Virginia Legislators Name 8 Legislators to Serve on Redistricting Commission, Virginia Mercury

Dec 1, 2020, Valley Legislators Meet for Pre-Session Breakfast, Daily News Record

Nov 29, 2020, How the 2020 Elections Signaled a Breakthrough in Multi-Ethnic Conservatism, Daily Signal

Nov 27, 2020, Biden's Win Hides a Dire Warning for Democrats in Rural U.S., Associated Press

Nov 24, 2020, Bill to Limit Governor's Authority During An Emergency Reintroduced by Wilt, Daily News Record

Nov 17, 2020, Republicans Add More Latino Voters without Running on Immigration Reform, Washington Examiner

Nov 10, 2020, Cunningham Fails to Continue Proud Tradition of Successful Dem Philanderers, Wash Free Beacon [Note: NC Result means GOP Retains at least 49 Seats in U.S. Senate]

Nov 10, 2020, South Carolina Democrat Resigns After Devastating Election Results, Wash Free Beacon [Note: Republicans successfully defended every state house and chamber majority they held going into the election and flipped both chambers of the New Hampshire legislature]

Nov 9, 2020, Virginia deserves credit for making it easier to vote, but reporting results needs work, Virginia Mercury

Nov 9, 2020, Virginia General Assembly Passes Rules For Newly Approved Redistricting Commission, Virginia Mercury

Nov 7, 2020, 'Woke' Faced the Voters - and Lost, Wash Free Beacon

Nov 6, 2020, An Embarrassing Failure for Election Pollsters, Virginia Mercury

Nov 6, 2020, Abortion Groups Pump Millions into Failed Congressional Races, Wash Free Beacon

Nov 5, 2020, Chesterfield and Lynchburg had not backed a Democrat since 1948. Biden changed that, Virginia Mercury

Nov 5, 2020, Debunking Social Media Claims, Virginia Officials Say It'll Take Time for Ordinary Voter Infor to Update, Virginia Mercury

Nov 4, 2020, In Historic Change, Virginia Voters Approve Bipartisan Commission to Handle Political Redistricting, Virginia Mercury

Nov 4, 2020, Democrats Reel After Losses, Setbacks in Congress, Virginia Mercury

Nov 4, 2020, Cline Cruises to Second Term, Daily News Record

Nov 4, 2020, Local Election Roundup, Daily News Record

Nov 4, 2020, AP: Warner Wins Third Term as US Senator, Daily News Record

Nov 2, 2020, 18 Photos of Businesses Bracing for Post-Election Violence, Daily Signal

Nov 1, 2020, Cline Makes Last Minute Push, Daily News Record

Nov 1, 2020, Trump Supporters, Protesters Clash at Lee Monument in Richmond, Daily News Record

Oct 30, 2020, Roanoke County Republican Committee Files Lawsuit Against Roanoke Voter Registrar, WDBJ 7

Oct 30, 2020, Shut Down DC Targets Conservative Organizations as 'Trump Boosters', Daily Signal

Oct 30, 2020, Lowell Barb, County's Commissioner of Revenue Dies, Daily News Record

Oct 29, 2020, Judge Rules that Virginia Can't Count Some Ballots Without Postmarks, ABC 13 News

Oct 27, 2020, U,S. Senate Candidates Visit Valley Seven Days Before Election, Daily News Record

Oct 27, 2020, Trump Goes all-in on Pennsylvania, Washington Examiner

Oct 27, 2020, Trump banks on non-stop campaigning to pull a 2016 repeat, Washington Examiner

Oct 27, 2020, Two Lexington Residents Vie to Represent Valley in U.S. House, Daily News Record

Oct 25, 2020, The Big Trump Rallies You Don't See, Washington Examiner

Oct 2020, Fiscal Policy Report Card on America's Governors 2020, CATO Institute (Governor Northam gets an "F")

Oct 22, 2020, Valley Legislators Advocate for Rail Trail, Daily News Record

Oct 22, 2020, Steak-holders: Local Beef Industry Members Have Concerns About PRIME Act, Daily News Record

Oct 21, 2020, General Assembly Session Makes Economic Recovery Harder, Jefferson Policy Journal

Oct 16, 2020, Cline Bill to Reduce Regulations on Meat Processing, Daily News Record

Oct 16, 2020, Six Topics for Final Presidential Debate Revealed, Washington Examiner

Oct 16, 2020, JMU Professor Faces Backlash Over Tweet, WHSV

Oct 14, 2020, JMU Professor Publicly Says Republican Party 'can die for all I care', JMU Breeze

Oct 14, 2020, Judge Extends Voter Registration Deadline, Daily News Record

Oct 13, 2020, Fiber Slice Disrupts Voter Registration Sysem, Daily News Record

Oct 13, 2020, Warner and Gade Spar on Health Care in Final Debate, Richmond TImes Dispatch

Oct 9, 2020, Democrat Va. Speaker Facing FInes for Response to Requests for Confederate Statue Removal Documents, WRIC ABC8

Oct 8, 2020, Watchdog Redacts More Records Related to Va. Parole Board Probe, (AP) Daily Progress

Oct 5, 2020, Warner-Gade debate full of energy and point-counterpoint, wjhl.com [2nd Senate Debate]

Oct. 5, 2020, Legislators [Sen. Obenshain and Del. Runion] Bring DMV Connect to Harrisonburg, Daily News Record

Oct 4, 2020, Virginia Senate Debate Sees Gade, Warner Clash on Trump, Race, Health Care, Fox News

Sept 29, 2020, Minneapolis Effect: Cuts in Policing Has Resulted in 710 Deaths and 2800 Shootings in US, Daily Mail

Sept 25, 2020, Party Leaders Urge Patience, Respect for Election Processes, Daily News Record

Sept 24, 2020, Lawmakers Voice Concern for Business and Public Safety During Annual Business Summit, Daily News Record


Sept 23, 2020, House Panel Kills Parole Bill, Daily News Record

Sept 22, 2020, Statement of House GOP Leader Todd Gilbert on House Democratic Votes Against Parole Board Transparency, Press Release, Virginia House GOP

Sept. 12, 2020, Obenshain's Parole Bill Passes Senate, Daily News Record

Sept. 12, 2020, Virginia Lawmakers Push to Expand Police Decertification Law, Daily News Record

Sept 11, 2020, New Campaign Highlights Election Security Initiatives, Press Release, Virginia Dept of Elections

Sept. 11, 2020, Republican Party of Virginia Headquarters in Richmond Vandalized

Sept. 10, 2020, Cline, Challenger to Answer Questions in Forum, Daily News Record

Sept. 10, 2020, Virginia Senate Approves Sweeping Police Reform, Daily News Record

Sept. 5, 2020, Virginia House Approves Sweeping Package of Police Reforms, Daily News Record

Sept. 5, 2020, Virginia Lawmakers Approve Absentee Voting Measures, Daily News Record

Sept 2, 2020, Bell Introduces Law Enforcement Legislation, Daily News Record

Sept 1, 2020, Runion, DMV Bring Services to Grottoes, Daily News Record

Sept 1, 2020, Reports of Stolen Presidential Campaign Sign a Daily Occurrence, Daily News Record

August 27, 2020, Obenshain's Parole Board BIll Advances, Daily News Record

August 27, 2020, Cline Joins Democrat on Reform Bills, Daily News Record

August 24, 2020, Back the Blue Rally Draws Large Crowd, Daily News Record

August 19, 2020, Warner Challenger Campaigns At Fairgrounds, GOP Office, Daily News Record


August 19, 2020, Back the Blue Rally Planned for Saturday, Daily News Record

August 18, 2020, Runion Bill Limits COVID-19 Lawsuits, Daily News Record

August 18, 2020, General Assembly to consider constitutional amendment of Del. Wilt on State Emergency Authority, NVDaily

August 10, 2020, State GOP Bringing Legislation to Increase Transparency of Virginia Parole Board Decisions, Richmond Times Dispatch

August 8, 2020, Warner, Gade to Debate Three Times Before Election, Daily News Record

August 8, 2020 Gooden: Third-Party Absentee Applications Valid, Daily News Record

August 4, 2020, Wilt Introduces Amendment Providing Legislative Check for Governor's Emergency Powers

July 4 2020 Clover Hill Parade Rockingham GOP marched in parade.


June 28, 2020 Cline Rally Draws Crowd Saturday, Daily News Record

June 29, 2020 Daniel Gade Challenges Mark Warner to Five Debates​ Daily News Record

June 16, 2020, Charlottesville-area delegates talk police reform ahead of General Assembly special session, NBC29

May 15 2020 Obenshain to Host Parole Spotlight Series, Daily News Record

May 6, 2020, Runion, Voterfied Launch Interactive Website, Daily News Record

February 27, 2020 Hanger, Obenshain Support Beehive Bill, Daily News Record

February 2, 2020 Wilt Ag Bills Advance Daily News Record

January 21, 2020 Bell Bill Targets Inhaler Administration, Daily News Record

January 9 2020 Obenshain  Balks at Governor Northam Talking Points, Daily News Record

January 9 2020 Editorial Bell's Bill Tough Not to Get Behind, Daily News Record

December 16, 2019 Runion Ready for His Freshman Year, Daily News Record

November 6 2020 Obenshain Elected to Fourth Term, Daily News Record

April 20, 2022

Rockingham County GOP Monthly Mtg

Rockingham County Fire Station

Hose Company 4

2654 Port Republic Road

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

(Meeting Room at the back, use the parking lot behind the building

May 7, 2022  10AM  (CANCELLED) 

Virginia Sixth District Republican Convention

May 18, 2022

Rockingham County GOP Monthly Mtg

Rockingham County Fire Station

Hose Company 4

2654 Port Republic Road

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

(Meeting Room at the back, use the parking lot behind the building

May 31, 2022 - Last Day to Register to Vote for June Primary (5PM In Person, 11:59PM Online)

June 10, 2022 5PM - Last Day to Apply for Absentee Ballot Online, Fax or Email

June 18, 2022  5PM - Last Day to Apply for Absentee Ballot in Person

June 21, 2022

Primary (if requested by political party)

June 15, 2022

Rockingham County GOP Monthly Mtg

Rockingham County Fire Station

Hose Company 4

2654 Port Republic Road

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

(Meeting Room at the back, use the parking lot behind the building

July 20, 2002

No Rockingham County GOP  meeting August 2022

August 15 -20, 2022

Rockingham County Fair

4808 S. Valley Pike

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

September 21, 2022

Rockingham County GOP Monthly Mtg

Rockingham County Fire Station

Hose Company 4

2654 Port Republic Road

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

(Meeting Room at the back, use the parking lot behind the building

September 24, 2022, Friday

First Day Early In-Person Voting at Local Registrar's Office

Oct 18 2022 - Last Day to Register to Vote for November General Election (5PM in person, 11:59PM online)

October 19, 20222

Rockingham County GOP Monthly Mtg

Rockingham County Fire Station

Hose Company 4

2654 Port Republic Road

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

(Meeting Room at the back, use the parking lot behind the building

Oct 28, 2022 5PM- Last Day to Apply for Absentee Ballot Online, Fax or Email

Nov 5, 2022 5PM - Last Day to Apply for Absentee Ballot in Person

October 29, 2022, Saturday

In-Person Early Voting at Local Registrar's Office

Nov 5, 2022, Saturday

Last Day Early In-Person Voting at Local Registrar's Office

November 8, 2022

(U.S. House of Representatives) 

November 16, 2022

Rockingham County GOP Monthly Mtg

Rockingham County Fire Station

Hose Company 4

2654 Port Republic Road

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

(Meeting Room at the back, use the parking lot behind the building

No Rockingham County GOP Meeting in December 2022

December 15, 2022

Deadline for submitting names for Electoral Board Member

Virginia Republican Creed
  • The free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice.

  • All individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilies as citizens in a free society.

  • Fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercises at all levels of government.

  • The Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations.

  • Peace is best preserved through a strong national defense.

  • Faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fiber of the Nation.