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The Influence Network

There is a vast, well-funded influence network who are working fulltime to change public values, and public policy.

We want you to be aware of these influencers and how they are actively trying to change your life.

News Articles About the Influencers Network

Apr 14, 2023, Red States Turn Backs on 'Nonpartisan' Health Group Pushing Woke Policy, Washington Free Beacon

[Maine-based National Academy for State Health Policy told state health agencies that they needed to invest in anti-bias programs, etc. aligning themselves with Democratic Party policies]

Business Training Trends

Feb 22, 2021, Coca-Cola Told in Online Training Seminar to 'Try to be Less White', Fox Business News

[Anti-Racism Training]

Feb 23, 2021, After Coca-Cola Backlash, LinkedIn Removed Diversity Lesson Telling Employees 'To Be Less White', Newsweek

Sources for Research on the Influencers

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