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Our commitment to you is to keep this website updated with information about the Republican Party, issues important to Virginia voters, and national issues which you can impact locally, in the Sixth Congressional District, and the State.

You can impact the direction of the Republican Party by your involvement locally, in the Sixth Congressional District, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the nation.  New leadership is selected every two years during even years in all district and local units and every four years at the state level of the Republican Party of Virginia.

Virginia has elections virtually every year.  The largest number of Virginians will vote in the presidential election every four years. But voting for statewide candidates: in tre odd year following a presidential election for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general is vital for protecting your rights and the health of the commonwealth. In odd years, Virginians will also vote for all delegates to the House of Delegates, and senators whose four year terms are up. Your participation is not only welcomed but vital to a successful outcome of the process.


There are many ways for you to become a volunteer with the Rockingham County Republican Committee.

You can become a member or associate member (non-voting privileges) of the committee particiipating in meetings and events.

You can particiipate in mass meetings, caucuses, firehouse primaries run by the party, and party conventions to select party leaders and nominees for elected office.

During special, primary, and general elections the local committee will need volunteers to help elect Republican candidates. The committee will also participate in parades, events, and activities both for the party and to support candidates and elected officials.


Financial support for your local Republican commiitee is vital for ensuring that the principles of the Virginia Republican Creed are given flesh and form by the Republican candidates for office and Republican elected officials that we help elect and support once elected.

We make a firm commitment to use the money donated to the committee in the most efficient and effective manner. Reports on how the money is used are always available from the treasurer and are presented at every monthly meeting of the committee. This is your committee and you have a right to know where the money is going.

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