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New York Policies of the Democrats
What the New York Democrats and their donors are bringing to Virginia

New York is the 3rd largest U.S. state economy and would rank 10th in the world if it were a separate country. It has more economic output than all of Canada.

New Yorkers are leaving because of quality of life issues caused by government policy.  Established residents don't uproot their families and disrupt their lives without strong motivation.


"The costly living expenses, crumbling infrastructure and high tax rates are a big problem for residents. If you live in NYC, you are forced to pay exorbitant taxes. The schools, bridges, tunnels, trains, airports and hospitals are falling apart. Casually walk the streets of NYC and you’ll notice that they are crowded and dirty. It's likely that you’ll see or be confronted by homeless people who clearly display symptoms of serious yet untreated mental or physical issues. The politicians running the city feel that it's more humane to let them to live on the streets, as opposed to being treated in appropriate facilities. The crime rate has risen." Sept 2019, Forbes

"The escape from New York is fueled not only by coronavirus concerns but economic worries, school chaos, and rising crime, experts say."  - Nov 2020, Fox Business

It is important that Virginians understand the policies and political environment of the New York Democrats influencing and funding Virginia politics.


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Aug 3, 2021, Among Multiple Women, Cuomo Sexually Harassed State Trooper Assigned to Protection Detail, Probe Finds, Daily Signal

June 18, 2021, Fourteen States Side With Christian Photographer Against NY's Public Accommodation Law, Daily Signal

Apr 8, 2021, Christian Photographer Files Lawsuit Against NY Non-Discrimination Law - Faces Huge Fines, Washington Free Beacon

Mar 7, 2021, New Democratic Leaders Stewart-Cousins and Heastie Call on Cuomo to Resign, Washington Examiner

Mar 7, 2021, Cuomo Says 'there's no way I resign' After Two More Accusers Come Forward, Washington Examiner

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New York Policies By Issue

Handling of Coronavirus Pandemic

Aug 3, 2021, New York City to Become First in Nation to Require Vaccine Passports for Indoor Dining and Fitness Centers, Daily Caller

Mar 23, 2021, Why Someone Hid Accurate Death Count in New York Nursing Homes, Daily Signal

Mar 14, 2021, NY COVID Vaccine Czar Gauge County Executive Support for Gov Cuomo Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations , Daily Caller

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Jan 28, 2021, New York Undercounted Nursing Home Deaths by 50 Percent, Daily Signal

Dec 11, 2020, New NYC Coronavirus Shutdown to Prompt Restaurant Layoffs Right Before Holidays, Restauranteur Warns, Fox News

Dec 10, 2020, Last Call at Lakeside Tavern After 60 years - COVID Just Killed Us,

Dec 7, 2020, A Landmark Syracuse Tavern, One of the City's Oldest, Is Closing,

Nov 28, 2020, Justice Dept Ramps Up Investigation into NY Nursing Home Deaths Amid COVID Pandemic, NBC4

Nov 24, 2020, Five Things To Know About NY Gov Andrew Cuomo's Nursing Home Controversy, Fox News

Nov 11, 2020, NY Nursing Homes in COVID Hot Zones to Face New Rules for testing rules, visitation restrictions,

Oct 31, 2020, Governor Cuomo Announces New Guidelines Allowing Out-of-State Travellers to Test Out of 14-Day Quarantine, State of NY 

Oct 20, 2020, Fact Check: Is NY Number 46 out of 50 States in the number Nursing Home Deaths?, Austin American-Statesman

Sept 24, 2020, Inspections Found NY Nursing Home Lapse at COVID Raged, Modern Health Care

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Dec 24, 2018, Upstate New York is Rotting and Good Apples are Leaving, Natural Gas Now


Average Energy Prices for New York-Newark-Jersey City, U.S. Dept of Labor [Gasoline within 4% of national average, Electricity 50% above national average in Aug 2020]


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