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Oct 16, 2020, Opinion: Why do Biden supporters think they have a right to conservative and Republican votes? Washington Examiner

Delegate Rob Bell Recommends a "YES" Vote on Virginia Ballot Amendment 1 to Create Redistricting Commission

"Redistricting is when the legislative district lines are redrawn for a new census.  Under current law, redistricting is handled like any other bill, which means that the party with the majority - currently the Democratic Party - completely controls the process. Amendment #1 would change this process and create a bipartisan redistricting commission to hold public hearings and draw a new map to present to the Assembly for a vote. I support Amendment # 1."

Virginia Special Session Update - 2020 Virginia State Budget and Policing

Virginia House Republicans (October 3, 2020): The focus of the ongoing special session was supposed to be addressing the $2.8 billion budget shortfall due to the economic downturn. After 44 days, Democrats in control of the House finally decided it was time to begin work on this critical issue.

The revised budget that came out of the House should make it very clear where Democrats stand. Their priorities were in plain view for everyone to see. Democrats took a series of votes that make it absolutely clear that they’re on the side of criminals, not victims and law enforcement. Republicans offered a series of simple, common sense amendments designed to encourage the further professionalization of local law enforcement, encourage measured police reform, and hold bad actors accountable. Democrats killed each effort in favor of their radical attacks on crime victims and the good men and women of law enforcement."

Delegate Tony Wilt Update on Virginia General Assembly Special Session (September 22, 2020)

"While having a balanced budget is the primary and most pressing task we are sent to Richmond to address, passing legislation that makes it harder for law enforcement to effectively do their job seems to be the priority for House leaders. Republicans have introduced our own legislation that improves accountability and professionalism is policing, while addressing many unintended consequences."

Delegate Tony Wilt on Pre-Special Session Hearings on Policing in August 2020

"Despite the rhetoric, most public safety reform efforts will require more law enforcement resources - not less. The whole notion of "defunding the police" would make communities less safe for everyone" (August 5, 2020)

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