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Sixth District and State Republican Party Information

2020 Sixth District Candidates

Winners from July 11,  2020 District Convention highlighted in red.


John Massoud

Jennifer Brown

Northern Regional Vice Chairman

Dan Cullers

Randy Gilbert

Central Regional Vice Chairman

Dwight Williams

Curt Lilly

Southern Regional Vice Chairman

Steven Richards

Tori Mabry

State Central Committee

Brian Triplett

Dean Welty

Jeffrey Rowe

Kaylene Seigle

Steve "Doc" Troxel

Stephen Kurtz

RNC National Delegate

Veronica Shikoski #1

Dean Peterson #3

Wendell Walker #4

Stephen Kurtz #2

Daryl Borgquist #8

Jennifer Brown #7

Jan Lowry #6

Nancy Dye #5

Candidates receiving 1st, 2nd, and 3rd highest vote win as national delegates. Candidates receiving 4th, 5th, 6th highest vote win as alternate delegates.

Presidential Elector

Anne Taetzsch Fitzgerald

Robert Cook Jr.

Daniel Johnson

2020 Republican State Party Candidates

Winners from the August 15, 2020  Unassembled State Party Convention Are Highlighted in RED.

RPV  State Convention Information

Click here for Sample Ballot.

State Chairman

Jack Wilson


Richard Anderson


Michael Schoelwer

National Committeeman

Morton Blackwell

National Committeewoman

Jean Gannon 

Patti Lyman

Presidential Elector At Large

E. W. Jackson

John Selph

Richard Stonage

National Delegates

John Selph

Ronald Wilcox

Marissa Findlay

Kenneth Reid

Sean Spicer

Pete Snyder

Jeff Ryer

Robert Whitfield

Rob Nelson

E.W. Jackson

John Whitbeck

Alternate National Delegates:

Carol Fox

Dennis Free

Michael Theilen

David Botkins

Sergio Gor

Bryan William Horn

Diane LaMarche

Elizabeth Ann McClanahan

Mildred "Miki" S. Miller

Michael Murray

Penny Nance

Paula Steiner

Links to State Convention Call, Amendments and Bylaw changes, and letter from Republican Affiliates:

Election Results

State Party Plan Amendment 1 - No

State Party Plan Amendment 2 - No

State Party Plan Amendment 3 - No

State Party Plan Amendment 4 - Yes

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